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A group of villains have launched an attempt to rob the gold reserve in Fort Knox, it's up to heroes who happened to be in the area upon the attack to prevent the villains from making off with the USA's finances. Sign up here, standard RPG rules apply, one on one battles only, no ganging up.

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I'll join

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Sounds like a cool idea, Egan.

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hummmm................when are you starting? Don't want to commit if I'm out of town.

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Think this weekend will be the start time, limit 7 villains 7 heroes to keep it neat and from falling into havok, neutral members can sign on but would need to pick a side for the battle. 2 villain spots are full, so 5 are left on the side of evil, if you want in Hawk your our first hero

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I'm dropping out of this due to unforseen lack of home web access, so anyone is free to take over