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I've been told that our little shadow has returned from his trip to New York. Our VLA Elite have been unable to attain any form of information from Noah, but he'll be arriving here shortly. Everyone seems to believe Shiho's shadow isn't acting like himself. Ugh. He just walked in. I'm gonna have to confront him..........

There wasn't any reason to push him away, especially so when his tender lips latched onto hers, smacking together in a rough introduction of lips. This wasn't like any of their previous sessions. No, this was a different breed. Their mouths fused together easily, as if they've played this game before. One of his hands trailed up her side to fiddle with her curly brown locks, while the other rested along her hip, fingers playfully caressing exposed skin.

"You like that?" Inhaling sharply, she gripped at his arms, his biceps, anything that would keep her anchored fearing that she would somehow fumble her way out of this moment and ruin it all. She kissed him back, uncertain at first, but when she accidentally bit his lip a little too hard, a deep groan was pulled out of him. "Definitely", she awkwardly retorted through parted breaths, truly bewildered by his sudden sexual appetite.


About Noah Addams. My psych evaluation proves nothing is wrong. Not a thing. He's prepared for active duty and whatever you may have planned. He's officially gotten over Clarice Michelle and wishes to dedicate all his time to our prestigious republic. You were right chancellor, this boy has tons of potential. Untapped potential........


....................and a great ass.

............Baby Jesus!


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@_strigidae_: Next stop....your status in Venezuela *ghostly voice

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Closure is hotttttttttttttttt

Don't tell Clara I said that ;]

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