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The night was still young, the bustling streets below chatted noisily amongst its concrete surroundings.The people continued on normally with their daily routines making plans for their friday night with friends on cell phones or heading towards a club with their usual entourage.Lights illuminated the city grounds, as multitude of different hues in neon lighting above restaraunts and lounges reflected through the avenues.The air was cool and breezy.Although it hadn't been enough to bring a heavy over coat, a light jacket would have done the trick in keeping someone at a comfortable temperature.

Christian stood overlooking the crowded boulevard with his right foot leaned against the ledge of the rooftop.Earlier he had made a previous engagement by performing a quick recon of the notorious Les Assassins Silencieux HQ.As he observed the complex interior from afar he noticed an opening in a lounge room window where several of the members had been conversing.Before his departure he shot his trademark golden arrow with a small note attached onto it, that read

If you want it, come get it.

- Dead Lock

Before he left he made sure that the infamous assassins got a good look at him.He would let them know who they were now dealing with.For a few months now he had been tracking down the members of LAS, watching their every move, keeping note of all their heinous and evil deeds.They were a syndicate comprised of the most feared and skilled killers, although their actions were held in secret, they were feared by many.Christian was one of the very few who had took it upon himself to know and research their malificent acts.It was organizations and people like them which had his entire family killed, it was his obligation to eliminate threats such as LAS to avenge himself and thousands of others who had lost loved ones to establishments that accepted wicked contracts of murder.

After he had fled the perimeter he knew someone had trailed him, but Christian wasn't in  the least form of worried, in fact he had anticipated them to follow him.Dead Lock continued to overlook the city that never sleeps in his normal watchfull manner.None of them would even dare to guess what would be going on right above their heads in a few moments.The walked through the city like oblivious sheep, uknown to all the dark secrets and underground events that took place behind the scenes.Little did they know, some of them may have been targets or maybe even their loved ones.

As the sound of footsteps came to his ear, he turned around and readied himself for who and what was to come.Gripping his violet colored vibranium bow in his hand tightly, he held the weapon at his side.An array of multiple trickshot arrows filled with different abilities resting in his quiver.His sword rested on the left side of his hip in its dark purple sheath.An easy wind blew acroos his masked face.A look of seriousness and in his hazel brown eyes.He was ready for anything.