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Death of Batman


The winter snow had just began to lay , Alfred had put the path lights on early, Gotham got dark so quick in the winter , It was the first Christmas in years that Dick and Tim had been to the mansion, The table would be covered in the fine china, and candles, A great turkey would be sitting on the waiting for the first cut of the night.

A snowball flew into the side of the mans head “Dick wait up” A young boy came running up behind him, You could mistake the two for brothers at a distance, Both laden with presents, The man was wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans with a red scarf, The young boy had a rain coat and to thick padded gloves.

“Took your time Tim, you getting slow “, The boy opened his mouth to replies only to get in the face with a snow ball, Present where dropped as laughter filled the Wayne mansion grounds, Two red faces made the last few steps up the drive!

It all went in slow motion from there , First Richard dropped his presents and ran to the door, where an old men lay face down, His hand gripping the door handle, Hot blood poured from the open wound on his neck, Then the Tim followed behind, All the training they had was gone, It was Alfred, The man who stitched there wounds, fixed there bruises.

Dick looked in the door, The front hall was covered in crimson, But not Christmas decorations but blood, It covered the floor and walls, Then something caught his, The clock was open, But Tim was already at it, A look of horror on his face, the red face was gone replaced with the face of death, Dick ran over To find Bruce half way down the stair case.

Dick found no pulse, Tim was rocking at the top of the stairs, The two orphan boys had lost another father, Tim ran down and started dragging the body up the stairs, Tears rolling down each check, “We got to move him, If the police find him, they will know”, Dick had gone into shock, Closing the clock behind them .

Placing the noble head of Bruce Wayne on his lap the young man let out a scream as the police sirens rolled up the drive, Just another Christmas in Gotham.

This is the opening to the DC Universe rpg. The lay out and format are the first post in the Ooc thread, any questions ask Arrow or Gambler or post them in the Ooc.

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Linda put the turkey on the table. Picking up the carving knife Wally leaned in to get the first cut. The children played with their toys at the table, usually not allowed, but Wally had a soft spot for Christmas. As he broke the skin a plu of steam rose into the air. The aroma had soon caught Iris's attention and she put down the barbie doll whos hair she had been brushing. Wally laid the succulent peice of meat onto Linda's plate Wally catching her eyes which looked deeply into his . He loved her so much. He did the same for Iris and Jai, the young girl eagerly begining her food, Jai too transfixed by his toy men to want to eat.

Linda layed out the potateos and carrots while Wally did the sprouts and gravy. Jai looked up and made a face at the vegtables being laid on his plate.

"Jai" His father said "Your Mother went to alot of bother cooking this. What do you say?"

The young boy put his head down and grumbled something like a thnk you. Linda kissed him on the cheek and ruffled his hair,

"Merry Christmas" She said lovingly.

Dinner had been nice. Probably too nice. Unfortunatley villians didnt take holidays and Wally knew it all too well. The children were outside playing the snow with Linda. Wally walked out the door flicking up his colar. Picking up snow he let it fly at Linda. Iris seeing this,

"Daddy!! Dont hit Mommy like that. Thats bold!" Her brother followed suit. It was odd although they were the same age the two year gap in their appearence made a difference in the way they acted.

Jai and Iris soon began to pelt Wally with snow balls. He laughed as he got hit over and over. Linda laughed,running over she pushed him onto the ground, snuggling him in the snow.

The two children began to laugh with their parents. Jai begining to throw snowballs at both of them.

Linda laughed in Wallys arms, kissing his tenderly.

"AARRRGGGH" Jai spluttered, making fake throwing up sounds. Soon the two youngsters had lost interest in their parents and began to build a snow man.

"Sweet arent they" Linda giggled in Wallys arms.

"You have no idea" He laughed rusffling snow into her hair. Outraged she threw a handfull of snow at him.

The West family. Playing in the snow.

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As soon as the key hit the lock, two guards had there weapons drawn.

Now lets not make this difficult. We’re just gonna take you to the cafeteria for a nice holiday meal k?

They braced themselves, unsure of what was to come. Springing up from the bed, the inmate turned and faced the guards, the light barley showing his sinister grin that stretched the length of his face.

“Now now, whats that supposed to mean. We’re all friends here right. I mean, whats the holidays if you cant…….smile hahahahaaaaaaaa”

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Oliver pulls back the bowstring. He focus is unparalled, his eyes were sharp. He was calm and collected. Time seemed to slow and he chose his target. The arm, perfect he thought. He released the bowstring and the arrow zoomed through the air, headed for it's target. The thief hollered in pain as the arrow pierced his skin. Oliver was on him at once, reliqueshing him of the bag of money.

"Sir, be honest, did you really expect to escape me?" he says. Oliver smiles, content with his capture.

Green Arrow was off into the night, leaving the lowly theif for police to take in.

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Another Christmas alone, Helena thought ruefully. That suited her right down to the ground. She was on call, she always took Christmas Day so Babs could be with her family and everyone got the night off for once. Hell, Oracle had even given up control of th mighty Delphi for the night so Huntress propped her feet up on the computer desk and started scanning the frequencies.

There was a disturbance in Gotham. One of the multibillionnaires had got himself killed. Leaning forward, she called up the info on it and was about to do something when there was a sound behind her and the door swung opened.

"Okay, I got eggnog and mince-pies," came the familiar voice of their long-time pilot. "And I got first dibs on the gingerbread."

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The police entered the house, Dick mind was racing, Nethier him or tim had called the police , They had not had time to look for clues, Or to clear up the hints that the body had been moved, "ON THE FLOOR NOW"

Three GPD police had there gun raised and aimed , Tim looked ready to explode, "I said on the floor", "Tim do it" Grayon bent down to one knee and placed his hands behind his head before lying down , Bruces blood was on the floor next to his face, Tim had no more tears as the police cuffed him and placed him in a seperate cat.

The officer in the front called it in, "Two murders commited and two suspects in custody, One Richard Grayson and a Timothy Drake better get the comishner it's at the wayne Mansion it will be a feeding frenzy when the press here about this", Dick lowerd his head, Bab's Oh god, Bab's what will this do to her!

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Post Deleted.

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Gotham Swamp

I sit on the edge of this vile place wondering. Why is it my mind is intact this time yet my way of speaking is still lacking.

Solomon Grundy strains with his speech and all he could muster was "Grundy...."


Solomon grabs the base of a nearby tree and pulls it from its roots, tossing it into the swamp in front of me.

How long will i need to go before i will be restored and once again become powerful

A voices can be heard off in the distance. I want peace and quiet! Dammit why cant it ever be quiet for me?

Grundy steps up from his sitting position and makes his way towards the voices.

"Cletus did you hear that? Sounded a loud roar."

"Van do you ever keep quiet we will never get this body dumped if you keep your yapping. Now shut the f$#$ up and lift his legs we toss him in on the count of three...one...two...three."

The two men toss the body into the air in the direction of the swamp but the body stops mid air as if hovering. And a low growl can be heard.

This is how i was dealt with so long ago...i cant let this happen to someone else no matter who they are.


Grundy had the body in one hand and glared at the two would be mafia men.

They both trembled in the pressence of someone like Grundy.

"What do we do? Its just standing their."


Solomon stands unflinching, his anger taking control of him once again.

He sets the body down and clutches the men in both hands. He squeezes until their heads pop the blood trickling down his hands.

He leaves the bodies in unmarked graves beside the swamp while he carries the covered body off into the distance of the woods.

I wonder who this poor soul was? He uncovers the body and is shocked to find its a pregnant woman, lifeless and beautiful.

He again feels the rage within him swell but he calms himself. And begins to dig a grave, and marking it with a cross made with to sticks. He stands over the site and looks on.

I truly have done nothing with the life hell lives i have been given. Maybe it is time i do.

ring ring ring

He hears a cell phone ringing but its faint as if its...

He races back to the graves of the two mafia men and slams his fists into the ground pulling both out and taking the phone from one of. Them and puts it too his ear.

" You get rid of the girl and the brat yet Van? Hello is any one the click"

Solomon shuts the phone and tosses the men back in their enternal resting places.

I know that voice...hahahaha Carlowne this will be fun

Solomon marches off the the first place he can think of..Gotham.

This will be my redemption and if it is not, i can at least tell myself that i did something with my life..lives.
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Helena smirked at the bomber-jacketed 1950s pin-up and shook her head just slightly. "I've gotta call something in for Babs. You know she's always got a look-out for things happening in Gotham, right?"

Lady Blackhawk nodded, dropping the box of goodies on the desk. "Why?" she asked, breaking the corner off a gingerbread man and popping it in her mouth, "What you got?"

"Gruesome murder of some billionaire in Gotham," Helena said with a frown. "First scan looks like they've got 'em."

Chewing slowly on the sweet, Lady Blackhawk shook her head. "Call it in. See what she says. It's only Christmas, right? And if it's as big as you say, her Dad'll be called in to sort it out."

"Yeah..." Reaching over, Helena typed in a page for Babs giving brief details then leaned around Zinda and napped the last piece of gingerbread. "Done and done," she said with a wink.

The dinner was on the table, it all smelled so good. Babs smiled at her father as she wheeled the stuffing up on her knees then placed it right next to his place. "I think that's it," she said, grinning like a little kid.

Jim smiled warmly at his daughter and nodded. "I think you're right. So, I'll say..." He was interrupted by the house phone so he put a hand on her shoulder and answered.

She watched as her father's face moved from the cheerful, warm and festive smile to a grey sort of grimness, all cold and sad. "I'm on my way," he said before putting the phone down. He raised eyes filled with darkness to his girl. "I've got to go, someone just murdered Bruce Wayne."

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Post Deleted.

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Solomon made his way through the dense fauna of the swamp, he soon began to hear and engine rev and then the engine stopped and a door slammed.

Solomon kept low to the ground, trying not to give himself away.

" This was where we told Van and Cletus to dump the whore off at Sir."

"You are a very annoying confidant you know that Corello. The boss will not like this if both his sons were lost in a swamp. Now go and find those two morons before they fall into the damn swamp itself, and be quick about it this place gives me the creeps."

The one known as Corello walks past Grundy in the direction of the men he had killed and buried. It will take him a good amount of time before he even notices he graves.

Grundy slinks behind the man who came with the other.

"If that mother doesnt get back here soon im leaving with out him."

Grundy is behind the man in the bushes ready to jump out and take him out when the mans phone rings.

"Dammit man you scared the sh...wait what happen to them? Their heads were caved in."

S@#$, he found them quicker than i thought.

Grundy wasted no time and walked right up to the man, the man turns around and is only able to get out a muffled scream before Grundy grabs him by the neck and squeezes.

" WHO ARE YOU...?" bellows Grundy Holy S@#@ I got out words this time.

In a muffled voice the man speaks. " F#$@ YOU!!"

" Wrong!" Grundy puts his hand around the mans leg and pulls ever so softly but he still breaks bone.


Corello unfortunatly comes running from the swamps and sees Grundy, he pulls his gun out and begins firing. Grundy puts his back to Corello so that this man wouldnt die. I still have need for this one but not that one

Grundy pulls a branch off a nearby tree and turns and throws it at Corello catching the man in the forehead and nailing him up against the tree behind him.

"Answer!!" Grundy bellows again.

" MY NAMES FRANK!!" the man cries out.

Grundy breaks another leg " More!"

" I work for Carlowne...im his brother...please stop!!!"


Grundy puts his finger to the mans head and flicks it clearing the mans head right off his body.

Well my mind is becoming less fractured, but i still can only say simple things. Well that will do for now. Now to Gotham i have find out more about Carlowne, his great grandfather was the man who put me in that blasted swamp...but now i have a woman to revenge, a child also.

Grundy stomps off towards Gotham.

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Clark hung in the air a mile above metropolis, is red cape fluttering about him as hundred kilometer an hour winds swept in from the east. Below him the vast sprawl of humanity lay like a tumour on the surface of the world, rotting, corrupting all that was good. But that was the American way.

With a sigh that was snatched from his mouth he turned in the air and sped off, breaking the sound barrier with a boom. Men and Women below him looked up in amazement, but could not pick out the tiny figure so far away.

The Pacific ocean stretched to the horizon without anything to disturb its perfect, blue surface. Not a sign of humanity as far as the eye could see. After an hour the coast of Japan came rushing up, then the mainland and then, finally he reached his target.

With a crash the presidential office caved in, sending adjutants spinning through the air. Down from the hole in the ceiling, blazing with the mid day sun, he came. Haloed by the light of his foster home Kal-El landed lightly before the man who had caused so much suffering in recent months.

This was the American way of the modern world. This was the will of his state and he was its sword. With a burst of fire the President was gone, his molecules blasted into there constituent atoms. Only the flash burn on the carpet to mark his passing, that and the joy of his people.

Up, up their savior rose, surrounded by fluttering red and then he was away. The darkness that threatened to strip away his mind hidden to all but one. His unknown wife, Lois.

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The cafeteria in Arkham was a virtual who’s who of the Gotham underworld. Bane sat alone, eating his food while never stopping to look up, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Jarvis Tetch (aka the Mad Hatter) all sat together. As the Joker entered the main dinning hall, Ivy stood up and pulled out a chair. A place like Arkham sure made for strange bed fellows.

Here baby, we saved you your favorite seat. said the poisonous seductress.

Harley Quinn had been missing for several months, no one knew a thing. The word around Arkham was that she had met someone and gone straight, that was the word in Arkham anyway. Some say the Joker had her killed. The truth was, no one really knew for sure.

Suddenly and without warning, Joker grabbed his fork and plunged it into the neck of the Mad Hatter. As the guards moved in, Killer Croc stood up and grabbed a guard by the throat as he rushed by slamming him to the ground. And just like that, a full on riot had broken out. The Joker grabbed his metal dinner tray and lambasted one of the guards, laying him out flat.


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I have been in one of these cell's before, THe stone walls always seem smaller then you rember, The took Tim down the hall making sure we could not talk in anyway, He was still shacking from the shock, God who could have done this, They got in the house, My childhood home.

Dicks rage got the better of him and the wall would feel it, Pound after pound untill his fist was red raw, God Bruce what would you say if you could see me now, "You always lit your emtions get the better of you" and your right as always, I need to think this out.

A tv buzzed in the back round, He could just make out the fimular names, "Crimson christams at the wayne manor, Bruce wayne has been brutally murdered along with his aid, Two supects have been taken into custody , It is unkown at the moment who they our" the lady began to choke "This is vicki vale signing off" , How many lives had bruced touched.

The well felt cold on his back a he slid down, Dropping his head between his legs, It was time to play the waiting game!

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Oliver sat grieving in his green armchair. A great man had died, a friend to many and a hero to those in need. Bruce Wayne had been his partner, his dear friend, they had been comrades in the fight against injustice. He places his hand on his face as the pain settled in. He rose and walked to the window, it was raining out in the city. The sky was weeping for Batman. As he watched he could have sworn he saw a bat cut across the sky...

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"Merry Christmas!" Lois yelled and slammed the bedroom door shut.

The spite in her words cut deep into his soul, right to the heart. Clark stood, his chest heaving, glaring at the painted wood for almost an minute before turning and stalking down the stairs. Lois stood with her back to the door and softly sobbed, her face wracked with pain.

The TV flickered to life at the touch of a button and Clarke found himself watching yet another news report about the Wayne murders. He was gone, Bruce Wayne, Batman, his friend. After all these years he had finally died, not in some battle with a criminal, not in the process of protecting some innocent, but in his own home. Shot like a dog and left to lie in a pool of his own blood and stare at the ceiling as death overtook him. A cruel end for a good man.

Now the tears came, flooding out of his blue eyes and rolling down his cheeks. Clark sat with his head in his hands and wept for his friend.
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Millionaire Dead at age 35


This is a special Live Action News Report. We send you live to Gotham City

“Thanks Tom. Well as you can imagine, the citizens of Gotham are in morning today, after the shocking news that multi-billionaire and Wayne Enterprises CEO Bruce Wayne, was pronounced dead at Gotham Memorial Hospital late last night. The cause of death is still under investigation but our sources have confirmed that two men have been taking into custody for questioning.

Almost as shocking an coming on the heals of the death, was the press conference held by Lex Corp representative, Talia Head. In which the interim CEO announced the acquisition an merger of Wayne Enterprises an Lex Corp. Almost immediately , more then half a million workers World wide were laid off while others were simply fired. The acquisition marks the single largest take over in North America.

And so while a city, a country morns, many are left asking, why? I’m Vicki Vale, signing off.”

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Grundy enters Gotham and yet is hardly noticed. Many people are staring at screens in the TV stores. The TV continues to repeat Bruce Wayne, was pronounced dead at Gotham Memorial Hospital late last night.

Grundy stood behind the people watching the news. He couldnt believe the man of gotham was dead.

How could he go....wait.

A gruntlike laugh erupts from the speechless monster behind the people. One of the men in the group turns and s horrified to see Grundy standing behind him. "SOMEONE HELP!!!!!" The man screams as Grundy backs away What? god dammit...i dont need this. Grundy attempts to walk away from the scene but a squad of cop cars is on the scene in seconds.

One cop steps from the vehicle. "Cant you guys give it a rest for one night!" The man pulls his gun out and aims at Grundy as does the rest of the policemen.

Again i dont have time for this "Go away!" bellows Grundy picking up one of the squad cars and tossing it aside. He tries to toss it somewhere where no one gets hurt...no one who needs to anyway.

Grundy swats the policemen away like flies sending them into the squad cars before jumping up onto the nearby building. He escapes by jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

How can HE be dead...hahaha it could not have been anything natural a man like that doesnt die of natural causes. Grundy finale reaches his destination.

He walks up to the gates and reads ARKAM. Wonder if their still here

A voice calls out to him in his mind a voice so very familiar. "Why have you returned Grundy?"

Who are you...your voice sounds familiar...Fate?

The words Gold Head come from the big behemoths mouth as he continues his conversation with Fate.

Yes it is. I will ask you again why did you return.

Grundy says I returned as i always do, but this time i will change my reason the GL isnt bothering me so i will go about my business now shoo go away

And in an instant Fates mind was gone from Grundys. He jumped the gate and headed towards the famed Arkam Asylum
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The Spirit woke up he had cuts and blood all over his body, his shirt, coat and trousers all ripped, blood was ruining the cars back seat, lights flashing across his face and body every few seconds an expression of horror, pain and disbelief on his face. He put his face deep into the seat trying to forget the site he just saw, looking back up he realised he didn't know who was driving all he could see was the shadow of his black coat and rigid hair, it didn't matter this man had saved his life and killed over twenty people to do it.

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Dinah walked the streets of Gotham, snow dropped onto her head, it was christmas, I shouldn't be alone, she thought, maybe i should phone Ollie, no he doesn't want to see me, maybe clark, well he's got Lois, i don't want to ruin his christmas, maybe i could phone diana, nah she doesn't need my misery, no i shall be on my own, it might be better that way...i know it won't, but... at least i can take my grief out on some punks who think look its christmas lets rob her or hey lets rob him...yes that would be nice.

She stopped walking and looked around it was truly a nice view the snow on buildings and trees Dinah almost forgot her problems...

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Wally clicked down the phone,

"Bruce Wayne, who would have thought it huh?"

He had just been talking to Ralph, making sure he was okay. It was his first christmas with out Sue around. Wally ahd invited him over, but he had declined. Ralph had told him about Batman, about Bruce.

Asif losing Sue hadnt been hard enough on the league. Now Batman, God. How must Tim be feeling? how must Dick be feeling? Both of them in custody for being at the scene, God, a Merry Christmas indeed.

Wally stood up from the bed. His face red his hair ruffled up at the fringe, he was on the verge of tears.

He walked down the stairs, hearing Jai and Iris playing in the dinning room. He walked into Linda who was sitting down in front of the fire listenig to the Bing Crosby croon the white season.

Linda looked up with her deep drown eyes, the smile was wiped from her face when she saw Wally.

"What is..."

"Ba..." Wally broke down. His knees went and he hit the ground. His eyes now raw red tears streaming down his cheeks freely. Linda grabbed onto him,

"Wally? Wally? What is it?"

"They Killed him." He sobbed barley audable.

"Who Wally? Who?" Linda urged.

"Ba....." He lifted his grief stricken face. "Batman"

Linda clung onto him with all her might. He swayed in her arms as he screamed out at his sorrow .

The children continued to play with their toys, Jai was singin loudly, they couldnt hear what was going on, it was for the better that they didnt.

The West Family, torn.

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"come on rich boy, Tell us the truth, Your side kick is next door sining at the top of his lungs" The two dectives had come in twenty mins ago, Interviewing bot of us at the same time, These two had decied to play the bad cop , Bad cop role.

"Look Grayson, we have you at the sence of the crime standing over the body, The report say that they had been dead less then an hour, Your friend DNA is all over the body." Graysons head shot up looking at the pen pushing dective, "Yeah thats right we know he moved the body and we want to know why", Dammit in all the confusion, How could we have been so stupd.

"Look I dont know why , Your evidance could be wrong" The taller dective was now standing both hands behind his back, He went to speak but dick cut him off, "And seeing as im tims gaurdian , I suppose he does not have an adult present at his interview" Just then the commishner brust into the room.

"YOU TWO OUT HERE NOW" The two men hung there head low as they where dragged out , Dick moved in his chair to see if he could hear what was getting said. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING" Gordon did not even stop for a seconed, "WHAT YOU TRYING TO MAKE A NAME FOR YOURSLEF'S , TRYING TO GET ON THIS CASE WITH OUT PREMISSION, YOUR LUCKY YOUR NOT ON TRAFFIC DUTY FOR THE NEXT YEAR, NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SITE".

THe interview door opened, I have never had more respect for the man then in that moment, "Richard I am turly sorry for your lose, I know you had nothing to do with this , But I suggest you get a good lawyer and take Tim home, It is only going to get worse, I will do what I can to drag things out, But I cant hold of the hounds or ever"

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Arkham had falling into the depths of madness. The Hater lay on the ground, bleeding profusely from his neck, the EM’s unable to reach him do to the riot. Poison Ivy was setting on the lap of a guard, foam leaking from his mouth as she ran her finger along the side of his face. Killer Croc was going threw the dead guards looking for keys. And while all this was going on, the Joker sat back in his orange jump suit and laughed. Finally, when the enjoyment of it all had worn thin, he jumped up an made his way to the door, and with a quick turn of the key, the Joker walked right out the front door of Arkham, and into the night air of Gotham.

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“It, it cant be. It just…..”

The entire Watch Tower was silent as the news flash streamed along the bottom of the T.V. Those who didn’t know who Batman was, did now. Even an Amazon warrior, a Themysciraing Princess, couldn’t fight back the tears. Throwing herself into the Martian Manhunter she cried.

“Its not possible, its just not possible.” She sobbed

Pushing away from her friend she began to walk towards the docking bay. Jumping in her invisible jet she took off, headed straight for Gotham.

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Darkness swirled, like mist, around the endless void. The mist parted, and the shape of a young girl walked forward. Her cloak covered her body, except for her face. Only her nose and mouth were shown. As she walked forward, a faint whisper grew from her lips. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos..."

As she walked, the words grew louder and louder, echoing through the darkness. They grew louder and louder, cluminating into one glorious and magnificent call,"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" She stopped, throwing her head upwards. Her hood fell back, revealing dark hair and a red jewel on her forehead. "Trigon! Face Me!"

The Darkness stopped in time, then reversed itself. It flew past the girl, causing her cloak to flap in front of her. It swirled around itself, forming a cyclone 50 feet high. From the cyclone emerged a flaming red hand. With a wave of it, the darkness scattered to the darkest recesses of the void. A four eyed demon, with horns reaching for the sky stood in front of the girl. He looked down at her, and a glint of pleasure filled his eyes.

"Face me, coward. I am done running." The girl stood and stared up at the demon. She was one tenth his size, but she acted like she towered over him. The demon laughed a low chuckle in a deep, raspy demonic voice.

"Why have you come, child? You are only on Earth for one purpose and one purpose only. I trust you know what that is?" He knelt down, moving out his hand and stroking the girl's cheek with his finger. His touch sickened her, yet she was unable to do anything about it. She wanted to recoil from his cold touch and retaliate, but something held her back.

"My dear daughter, my dear...Rachel." His words echoed through the void. She closed her eyes in pain. A tear rolled from her left eye as an incessant buzzing blocked out the demon's laughter.

Rachel's eyes shot open. She was breathing heavily, sweat rolling down her brow. Her lefs were folded, her arms resting on her legs as she sat. She levitated two feet from the ground in her darkened room.

She closed her eyes again and let out a deep breath. She was slowly but surely calming herself down. As for the buzzing, she opened one eye and looked up into the corner of her room where a fly was buzzing about. She knew the fly. She had caught it in her room many times before. She closed her eye again and said,

"Get out of my room, Gar."

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Drat! She found him. Gar buzzed around Rachel's room a few times before flying near her. He circled around her head until she swatted him away. Seeing his defeat at trying t cheer her up, He flew onto the bed behind her.

He slowly changed back into his normal, green-skinned self. He smiled, revealing his canines. He crawled from the bed behind her and let his green hand slip over her cloaked shoulder. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "You were shaking. What's wrong?"

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Tim was silent the whole taxi journey back He sat staring out the window, Gordon had ordered the back door open and a taxi waiting for the two of us, So we would miss the press at the front, The driver could fell the tension and said nothing as well.

I could say noting to him, the words would not come, I took him back to my flat in Gotham, We had a couple dotted around incase we needed to lay low, Tim sat and watched the tv, Trying to stay away from the news channels, All I could think off was what to do next, I never really thought Bruce would die, I dont think it has hit me really.

A turend the white tap in the shower and listend to the water beating off the tube below, I opened the door to look in on tim, But he was still sitting there looking past the tv, As if someone was standing in the wall behind it.

Stepping into the tube , My head found the wall and rested, the water rolled down my spine and I lost all control, My began to shake, My mouth was dry, Heart beating with pain and the tears came, I had lost him, Bruce was gone, Alfred was gone, Gotham had lost batman and I had lost my dad.

Before I knew it I was curled up in a ball at the bottom of the shower, Tears pouring down my face as then water rained on me from the shower!

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Ollie heard Connor slowly enter the room. He walked over to him and looked him in the face. Ollie studied his young face, he was sad and his face was wet with tears. He embraced him, holing the young boy close.

"Do not weep young one, Bruce will live on in our hearts. I want you and Speedy to go to the Titans, Dick will need all the support he can get. Wayne's death has affected everyone but I think it has hurt Dick the most" Oliver spoke.

Oliver was worried. The world needed a Batman. Who would replace him? I guess we'll have to bear without him, he thought, closing his eyes.

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"The clues dont match up,it could have been so much simpler then what im thinking....no...nothings that simple.Lex..yes..it had to be,Bruce wouldnt have done it when he was alive,how?"

The Question had been awake for days,pacing in his small cubicle-like apartment,his body was only working on coffe and the fact that a friend of his had past.The Question,the question to be asked was who killed him.His Conspricy would no be that much more confusing to any other person,let alone him.

"Its time to hit the streets"

The Question threw on his blue trenchcoat and made his way out throuh the fire escape.

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Jason had been fighting the underworld crime without stopping for days now.

He wasn't aware of what had happend to the world in his absence, he decided to make a little check on the city and then just have a good rest.

A electronic store was being stolen by a groupof low-level thieves. Unfortunatly for them there was a vigilante staring at them and to make things worse it wasn't Batman, it was someone else, someone who had followed his steps but that had decided to break his first and most sacred rule....no killing.

He jumped from the roof and slashed the throat of thebiggest of them.

"Hey wait a second if you are one of those batfreak heroes you can't kill us, you guys don't do those things"

The Red Hood waited a second and then took his gun andkilled the guys standing in the floor, then he went close to the guy who had just talked to him. "First of all I'm not part of Batman's little group of vigilantes, they are stupid and heroes and for your bad luck I'm neither ofthem"

Jason slashed his throat and then left before the police were able to arrive at the scene. Back on his operation base Jason took his costume off and turned on the TV.

-"Well I guess the News aren't so bad at least they aren't another program making a stupid christmas special"

-"Now we return to our coverage of the murder of Bruce Wayne"

Jason entered in shock, he couldn't believe it, he didn'twant to belive it. Someone had finally do it, that person had killed Bruce,someone had killed his father
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Grundy walked up to arkam and was about to slam his way through the wall when Joker waltzed out of the front door. Grundy stood in amazement with a small grin gracing his rather odd looking face. For a moment the man startled him, for a man with that white of a face and a smile like that creeped even him out.

"What happen?" was the only thing that came out as he spoke to Joker.

The man gestured to go inside and look for himself, the man in the orange jumpsuit had his own plans for the night Grundy could notice so he left the man to himself.

That guy gives me the creeps

Grundy walks into the prison, that had been completely over run in a mass riot. He could so one inmate chewing on a guards leg but he wasnt who he came for.

A tiny man attempted to sneak past Grundy, to which Grundy grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him off the floor.

"Who you, why you sneaky" Grundy barked.

"Edward Nigma, and if you saw someone like yourself walk into a place wouldnt you avoid him."

No! And Grundy tossed the man aside and slammed his fist next to the mans head.

"Wheres Ugly Man?"

The man gave Grundy an odd look his eyebrow raising. "Theirs alot of them here take your pick."

Grundy slams his fist into the ground again beginning to get angry

"Ok ok, be more specific."

Cyrus attempted to figure out a way to explain who he was talking about. He finally roared " Two-Face!!"

Nigma shrunk into the corner, and pointed towards the back of the room to where Harvey Dent was sitting down on a table waiting.

Grundy walked towards Harvey and the little man he was terrorizing fled in terror away from the behemoth.

He stood behind Two-Face and the man looked over his shoulder at Grundy and smiled.

"What can i do you for?" The man said as if he was talking to one of the average joes Harvey had been associated with.

Grundy walked in front of the man and asked one question.

"Carlowne...where he is?"

Two-Face smiled "That fool finally pissed off the wrong guy didnt he?"

Grundy nodded.