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The World for a brief moment is at peace, yet in a world of continued creation an uncreation of life such as the Vine world the peaceful silence of peace is always short lived. And upon this day one one of the most well known named figures within it begins his climb back to the top.

Three Shadowed figures walk up behind a man with pale skin and smile alongside him. The pale figure turns to each " Paris, New York City, and London. Go Now." The three shadowed figures nod as their arms reach behind them and three voids pop up behind them, stepping back into their voids they each disappear an reappear in their designated destinations. Once each arrives at their destinations they find the tallest building in the cities and climb to the top, a large smile comes to each of their faces as they let down their hoods. Upon each of their faces is the wide grin of Darkchild, each of the shadow figures is a dupe made from Darkchild. Raising their hands into the skies the sky turns black as darkness sprays from their palms. Then the loud an booming voice escapes their throat as Darkchild speaks in unision from each of his dupes "This world has become unpure and in many cases unfit to exist. My children will number in the hundreds of thousands, these are but dupelications of me and many more will come if resistance is seen. The world is no longer capable of going on without a little blood an carnage. You all cast aside the ones who are deemed unfit to fit into your social styles, and now I have seen that no one will be left that is fit to rule this world beside me amongst the humans of this world. You have two choices as this begins Join or Die, But i would prefer if you chose the latter it makes the fact of taking over this god forsaken planet alot more fun." and with that his eyes glow red and from his body along with the bodies of his dupes children pull themselves from the darkness. Each with a sick an twisted look upon their faces, tilting their heads to the new being they now call father and Darkchild smiles "Kill em all." The children smile as they run their hands turning into sickle like appendages.

London, Paris, New York City

In an instant each city falls into total chaos, the children their laughs echo throughout the streets as they continue the bloodbath with the humans. And as Darkchild watches he knows that soon the humans and the meta's will band together and attempt at overthrowing his new rise to power. But for that he has prepared "Horsemen step forward." And from the darkness of Darkchilds Greenland mansion steps forward five men who have joined his cause, many of which betraying their own for power. "Light, and Plat  stay here. I know for damn sure the ones stationed in London an Paris will be wanting a fight right away, and in any case I want soldiers placed here." Darkchild Turns to the other three "Drift make your way to New York, kill anything that wont join that understood. Psysis Go to London and take watch and do not attack unless needed, Lord go to Paris the remaining ones will be gathering their in attempts of making a truce between all the evil that is their. Go now!" Each of his horsemen disappear into the shadows of the mansion, and he turns and sits upon his throne as his mind wanders "You know they wont allow this to happen, that they will give their all into stopping us. Even die, the heroes and villians of this world will die before they let us rule over this world." Darkchild smiles "I know Arrow and I am hoping they do exactly that come an try to destroy me, makes for more fun." Darkchilds eyes then begin to roll back into his head as he sends a telepathic message to someone he know will be one of the first to make their stand at his mansion "Andferne, you simple minded man I can feel the rage inside you. I can smell the beautiful aroma of hatred, you want my head on a pike. Feel that I have betrayed you and everything you ever thought I was, But Andferne I was never one of you. The scar on my hand is a reminder of that, That I will never have the chance to be one of the good guys and you know what I LOVE IT. The power that comes with evil is almost orgasmic, When your fury has reached its level come and face me, But know this if you bring Lexi it will not save either of you to try and speak to my good side....he isnt here anymore an is never coming back.....Greenland." Darkchilds eyes return to normal and he sits waiting for the can to turn over and for them to come bursting through the front door. He loves this and wants this, the world isnt as dispicable as he said in his telecast to the entire world but he needed something to get their attention and anger them. Attacking the cities in which many of the metateams if not the meta's themselves lived, he knew families would be killed and loved ones lossed. Putting fuel on the fire, he sat leaning back on his throne waiting...

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Having left the mirage world after the encounter with the well known Cajun Gambler, Voidheart and him were transferred back to their original locations. Now what else would there be to do, visit his favorite planet, earth, whom he had plagued for over eons. But what he saw as he arrived, didn't seem to fit his demeaner. The world was now overwhelmed, in Darkness. Darkchild has gained full control over Final Arrow, whom Voidheart was able to drain of his soul, and tenfolding his power. A few of his children were already facing the Void, as a welcoming comitee of sorts. They came, three, in numberes, one slimm and tall, the other small and chubby, the third, sort of normal, but with a retarted grin on his face.

"This world has become unpure and in many cases unfit to exist. My children will number in the hundreds of thousands, these are but dupelications of me and many more will come if resistance is seen. The world is no longer capable of going on without a little blood an carnage. You all cast aside the ones who are deemed unfit to fit into your social styles, and now I have seen that no one will be left that is fit to rule this world beside me amongst the humans of this world. You have two choices as this begins Join or Die, But i would prefer if you chose the latter it makes the fact of taking over this god forsaken planet alot more fun."

The Void turned his head away after having heard these words and spat"Yup, thats Darkchild as i know and love him. Always the distorted sonovab#!%!" he smirked behind his silver laced dark shroud."Allow me to demonstrate, the power of the Void!"

The first child of darkness to be dealt with was the massive Marshmellow man, Physically gargantuan, but with the power of the void, a huge and utter disatvantage. Erebus blitzed the Tar-pitted buffoon and countered his ginormus mass by jumping directly infront of him and grabbing his shoulders, sending him flying towards the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, catapulting him burning throughout the atmosphere as a result of the velocity increasing the speed by each m/sec² by the concussive power of the void. Finally having reached the end of the Exosphere, draining it of all remaining oxygen and freezing it completely, slowely, drifting away through the endless space. Now, turning towards the two remaining ones, they hissed and retreated into the shadows.

"Tell Daddy the world ain't big enough for two of us, Final Arrow was in the bounds, but he knew the limits. Eradicating the planet of my beloved creatures whom i have played puppetmaster with since their very existence? I think not my Brut-like thinking friends." his demeaner swiftly changed from a joyful smile to a darkened grin "Back to work... Let's cleanse the world of this tar-pit. Now where to find... The Heart Of Darkness...Oh, I know, let's start with Frosty the snowman!"

Voidheart opened the gateway to the void and re-appeared beside the frozen Darkling he sent swirling throughout space, draining it of it's last seen memories, before the attack, the command... Darkchild... and there it was... Greenland!

"And so it is, Greenland, i sure as hell hope your all wearing your sunglasses, because this is gonna be one hell ova day!"
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Deep within the hollowed halls of Darkchild's lair, standing in front of his throne was the man named Drifter. Few knew him, what he stood for, or even what he was remained a mystery.  His face buried beneath a large red hat, red coat and tails, but beneath that laid a darker man, a darker soul. Skin as pale as pearls alongside ruby red eyes that glistened in the night. Now, This man had become known as a Horsemen and now, there leader began to speak... "Drift make your way to New York, kill anything that wont join that understood?"

"Yes, Lord Darkchild" Responded TheDrifter

And with that, Drifter dissipated into the shadows he called home.


The ticking of the city's heart always so alarming, the constant passing of cars, the wind blowing, always such a commotion...Stepping forward, his heart beating in alignment with the sounds of this city. Letting the shadows guide him, Drifter would kill them all.  Two pistols drawn from beneath his coat were now clutched in his white gloved hand.   "Alright B!tches, Lets see what NYC has got"
Bullets ricocheted through the air, echoing throughout the dampened city streets. BAM

A man's head quickly fell with a loud thud as the bullet flew through his brain.  "Rip him apart" Commanded the Drifter as shadows began dripping from his finger tips,The liquid darkness slowly transforming into creatures who ripped every vein, every organ, every limb apart and feasted on it. Teeth sunk in, ripping out chunks of blood out, "GO FORTH AND DESTROY!" He shouted.....and it twas done.

Darkness Manipulation at it's finest, the city engulfed in flames. Dead bodies thrown about, women and children raped by the swarms of darklings that flew from his hands. Men left without faces with the word "DRIFT" carved into there throats.  Buildings left in rubble and the horseman of the child of Darkness let it known he was the cause.


Picking up one of the raped dead corpses by the scruff of it's neck, holding it high into the sky, as it's left eye ball dangled from it's socket.

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Boken was sitting at his office when he felt a new founde dark power uprising. he felt that he knew this signature, but it was stronger then ever before, Boken was worried that i may even rival his own dark Power. He then immediately started thinking to himself

hrrm if i allow this dark power to become stronger then me, then i am no better then my worthless predecessors. I will be the ultimate darkness, but i will have to join them. I can't let them see me weak so they need to ask me to join. Hrr, HA i know exactly what i need to do now.
Boken immediatly reached in his right pocket and called his secretary and told her to put all his calls on hold, she answered yes and did what Boken asked of her, Boken then reached to the phone that was cliped to his belt. he speed dialed 5 and called carl, one of the four brothers that does Boken's bidding.

"Carl you there"

"I am here master what is it."

"I have been senseing a vast dark powersource that i need to get the attention of. I want you and your brothers to get out there, I need yout o Paint new york red witht the blood of the 1,000innocent."

"Is that all you require of us my master?"

"Yes it is now go Carl"

"Yes Master."

Boken walked over to the left wall and pressed a hidden panel. on the left wall a hidden wardrobe opened. Boken then changed into his costume. As soon as boken Placed his signature shades on he reached into the negaverse, a entire univers where only darkness fill it. and took the Boken blade. he opend the giant glass windo behind his desk and flew out of it. he kept flying untill he found a reporter tracking the live story. Boken killed her swiftly then took the mike and looked into the camera.

"All you who think that the darkness can not harm them are wrong. The Brotherhood of Darkness will murder 1,000 tonight, and everynight that you do not stop and wish you wer dead. nuthing can stop the Darkness."

Boken then teleported himself and 7 civilians trying to run away to his slaughter house as they called it. then Boken looked at each one. there was  a strong thug there, looked like ntuhing more then a common crook. a street performer. a priest, a couple who were young and in love, and finally there was a pregnant mother with her daughter. she could be no more then 3 years old. Boken then walked around first tot he priest.

"Do you believe in the power of darkness."

"I believe that the lord will see to it that i am not harmed."

Boken cut off his head and laughed.

"Wheres your God now? you there same question"

He turned to the couple he asked the man then the woman, they were both terrified so he found no use for them and gutted the man while the woman watched, then he gouged out her eyes with his bare hands and craked open her skull.  He asked the thug and then the street performer. they both acepted the power of darkness.

"Good now to prove your loyalty kill the daugter of the woman while she watches."

with the screams of the mother being drowned out by the pumeling of the little girl just proved how serrious Boken was about being the ultimate power in the universe. The little girl was beat to death by the two, with ther bare hands. they were covered in blood. the mother went to the little girl's dead body and tried to hold her close. Bokne walked over to her.

"your all thats left."

Boken then used his power to rip her body apart, limb from limb. with this still being broadcasted on live televison, no one doubted the severity of the situation. BOken destroyied the camera and called Carl

"Yes master?"

"Finish up i have a fealing that i will be gettin a visit from an old friend soon"

Boken teleported the 2 newest members of the brother hood to his underground lab so that they to be granted powers in help to finish boken's quest. Boken then walked to his rom and began to wait.

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   Rob looked at the homeless man laying on the floor in the alley way. Rob used to be that man, that nobody, but now he was going to make a name for himself. He had heard rumors about a man called Darkchild. The most vile of all villains but not neccesarily at the top of all the villians. Rob had known this and really didn't care what the man called Darkchild was rated , he knew that Darkchild could bring glory out of anyones soul. The name to be remembered as people had speculated to themselfs ,  not knowing that in the shadows or below the tunnels they were being watched. Eventually Rob had finally understood the way to get Darkchild's attention. He was going to have to do something big. Way big , mabe killing a rescpected polotician. Something that would get Darchild's attention. Rob had found out what in his mind to do. He was going to have to locate one of Darkchild's infamous Horseman or otherwise known to the public as the death bringers. Rob had gotten information on the location of one of these very horsemen. He was to be in New York soon.His name was TheDrifter ,otherwise known to Rob as the most dangerous of all of the horse men.

    Looking at the homeless man he laughed. The man was so pitiful. There was no need to feel sorry to someone who had no life. Rob knew this man was a nothing and that he could kill him in a instant. But would others disagree? Well to his philosophy he didn't give a Sh!t what others thought of what he had done. That just wasn't him. he wasn't someone to care what others thought.So what Rob was about to do wouldnt effect him in any way. There was no point to be affected by this low life who was sleeping with his back against the wall.

   Bending down Rob put his left hand to the silent man's chest. Suddenly a purpilish pinkish color surronded Rob's left hand.When he started to get sweat on his brow he wiped it off with his right hand and pulled his hand from the man's chest.Then he muttered ," That should be enough eh.....just a little anarchy into this world and everything falls doesn't it...." Getting up from his previous subject. Then he turned and walked towards the entrance of the alley way. As if time had sped up the homless man behind Rob exploded. Rob hadn't flinched from the loud sound as the whole man's body erupted ,but the rushing hot air singed the back of his neck alittle.

   Turning his head around he laughed. The explosion wasn't just a small concentrated blast it was big. Not as big as a explosion but big enough. The place where the low life man had been with his back against the wall was obliterated. The only thing left was a couple pieces of teeth badly charred. You could see behind the wall which showed some sort of house like things . On the other side of the alley way was a fire . It was growing as it clumped up and disinergrated wood and clothing wires . Rob knew that this would cause the whole building to go on fire within minutes. The oxygen in the area was never ending . Even the Firemen wouldn't be able to save the building. By the time they reached the place it would be engulfed and all of the people inside would be dead , burned alive and grilled.

   Rob grinned the Effect would be massive . One little explosion caused by some concentrated energy had blown a hole into the city's pockets. This was chaos. Nothing more than a small bit of introducement and everything was destroyed. Rob was the name but Effect was the game . It was the one thing Rob had always related to . Effect. It was a double dose. People would always say Cause and Effect. The Cause of someone blowing someone else up caused the Effect of the building to fall into a burned and chared oasis. Still he knew this wasn't enough to get the attention of Darkchild . He needed to find the horseman Drifter in haste .

   What Effect got though wasn't great. The city had started to be engulfed into flames. Shadows had started to kill people . It was driveing Rob to the end of insanity , but he wasn't sure if he was already there yet. He knew this was the work of Drifter and when he heard bullets he took off. Grabbing a long slim steel post he rushed. Grabbing a couple of gambling cards from his pocket he laughed. Reaching the area Drifter was in he watched. The man was speaking to himself. Effect hadn't seen anyone in his life go that insane. But who did know the real diagnosis for Insanity. No body knew the diagnosis to Insanity. No F3##$$ person would know what it was.

  Reaveling himself to Drifter he grinned. The man was as blankless as a cat. The eyes burned into Rob's face but he knew it would only hurt for the mean time. What did sicken him though was the eye popping out of the socket of the person Drifter was holding by the scruff of the neck. Drifting his gaze from the dead body to Drifter he knelt.He had made the mistake of knealing on a dead body so he quickly moved it  then he hesitated to speak . But he knew that if he didn't who would get the glory . For sure he knew he wouldn't so he decided to speak.

    " Drifter i would like to enroll into the Alliance of your participation. I know anarchy is something but chaos is another. I , my name is Effect. I am here to serve with only my mind and body to help Darkchild, you , and the rest of the Horsemen in the take over of this world. Will you exept me or will i be rejected?" Then Effect got up from his kneeling position and grabbed the steel slim post which was about 5 feet tall ,putting it straight up he waited for the responsce.

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The screams of innocents dieing was filling the streets, the body count reaching thousands already. These children of darkness and shadows were all over New York. As Andy took in his next breath he could smell the stench of blood that poured in the streets. Taking in one long deep breath he exhaled slowly as he took in his surroundings. A lot had changed since he last left New York and lived in Greece with his beautiful wife. It seemed that the two dark monsters known as Darkchild and Final Arrow had merged into one being, and now he thought fit to cleanse the world of its unfit inhabitants. That was something Andy would not just sit back and let happen, Nighthunter had come to him not a month before and shown him the world needed heroes. The world still needed heroes, it was time to show them that they had some.

Twenty minutes later another optic blast fired out and blasted hard into a shadow creature, it letting out a howling screech as it fizzled into nothing, leaving a scroch mark on the ground where it once laid. It had been over an hour since Andy drew on his uniform and stepped into the dark gloomy streets of New York. He wore his trade mark visor with it's enhanced sights and visions. Allowing him to see creatures of the dark, as well as in the dark. It let him see in all sorts of visions as well as seeing those who moved beyond any normal means. Gripped firmly in his left hand Andy held his New shield, yet another gift from Nighthunter upon his return to action. Covering Andy's body was the favor he had asked for Nighthunter just a month or more ago. A black tight form fitting costume wrapped around Andy's body like a glove, completely made out of Vibranium.

Fight after fight Andy made his way through the streets of New York. He had come across at least two dozen of these foul shadow begins among other dark beasts that no doubt Darkchild and his lackeys had set upon the world. With a flick of his shield he cleared off the green blood that was flowing over his shield, parts of it dripped off onto the streets and the large portion that gushed off from his shield dropped onto the sidewalk. A hissing sound coming from it as the green blood ate away at the cement. "Well that's interesting, some of these creatures blood seem to be acidic". Seeing that there was no other danger in his immediate area he slipped between the back alleys between buildings and reached up to touch his visor. "Call Nighthunter". Once he was patched through he began to explain what he had seen going on here in New York. That these creatures were everywhere "Yeah bro, I'm still here in New York. Lexi is keeping a mental lock on me just in case anything goes wrong. I could use your help here unless you are busy with another city. I know this is not just a New York based event. Darkchild plans to kill us all off that do not side with his tyrany. I'm going to put a call out to Paladin and see if he can't help us out here. I'm not sure what he and the boys of Generation are up to right now, but any and all back up is going to be helpful. After that I will get in touch with Slinger, maybe he and the guys from Veritas are up for a throw down.  I'm sure you have the Zero Squad set up with what they need to be doing too. I'm not sure who else to call after that, but if you have any trump cards, it might be time to pull them out".

The two exchanged my information for a while before he hung up and started his calls to Paladin and Slinger. Both of them being much like his call to Nighthunter. A fight was brewing that was for sure, Andy wanted to make sure that the heroes were at least coordinating their efforts to fight back his darkness. He might not be a leader of a team anymore, but he still looked at them all as brothers. Slipping from building to building and shadow to shadow he kept a weary eye out, looking for trouble. He started to think of placing a call to Babs with the LaS, or maybe Gambler, Akira and the Wildcardz. Surely they did not like Darkchild's plans as it would mess up their way of life. He wasn't sure what was going on, but just maybe. It was time to stand United!.

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It was a cloudy day.  Just outside the city of Atlanta, Georgia, there was a secluded cemetery.  Rows of gravestones and markers could be seen, but no one was around.  Save for a soft breeze every now and then, there was nothing but silence.  It was deserted.  Then, a dark figure entered into the cemetery grounds.  Quietly, his boots came down upon the grass as he made his way towards two of the graves.  His long coat flowed behind him as he slowly walked down the rows of headstones and grave markers.  Suddenly, he stopped at a pair of markers.  John Wallace stopped and knelt down at the two markers and carefully placed a hand on each.

As he ran his fingers down each bit of stonework, he felt the engravings that were made.  The engravings read "Allison Wallace" and "James Wallace."  It had been three years to the day that his wife and young son were brutally murdered.  Closing his eyes, John looked down as a tear rolled down his cheek.  As his hands rested on top of the graves of his loved ones, visions flashed into his mind.  One instant, it was as if he could see his wife running with their son happily in a field on a clear summer's day.  The next instant, it was as if he could see their corpses in front of him.  The anguish within his soul had begun to heal, but had not yet healed completely.

John opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings, then back down at the grave markers.  He then reached into his jacket, pulled out two red roses, and placed one on each grave.  After clearing the tears away from his eyes, Wallace rose up.  As he did so, thunder rumbled in the sky.  With a small amount of pain in his heart, he slowly turned and made his way out of the cemetery.  Outside the cemetery, a small detachment of the Blazing Saints were waiting for him.  Wallace mounted up on his large chopper, looked around, then declared, "Let's ride!"  With that, the 'Saints fired up their motorcycles and rode out.

John's detachment would meet up with another group of the Blazing Saints in Virginia where they would stock up on weapons.  From there, they would head gain passage out of the country and head to Paris, France.  Something evil was brewing on the horizon.  John did not know exactly what it was, but he could feel it.  For some time now, he had the feeling that a new power was rising.  It was triggering the spirit of Vengeance to reveal itself.  Like a burning passion within his soul, it was calling him.  Wallace was somehow astounded.  This signal was so strong that it even overpowered other forces of evil that were nearby.  As the Blazing Saints tore down the highway, John rode in front ready for anything.  Whatever they were headed into, it was going to be one hell of a fight.

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The screeching siren of a dark child echoes throughout the ally as it claws at its attacker. "Release me you fool, my father will have your head for this. RELEASE ME!!!" A large pair of hands wrap around the creatures skull and begins to apply pressure "Your father is nothing but a fool, always will be." the dark child skull bursts as the final bit of pressure is applied. Darkness oozes from the remains of the skull as the man shakes his hands clean of the dark material.  Screams echo throughout the city, people told him that New York was a place that was beautiful but all he saw was "A place to squat an release." The man known as Goki knew very well that the Darkchild who announced his new found power to the world was not the one he had met only five months prior. This was something different, almost sinister. This Darkchild could easily have taken his worlds Darkchild, and in a manner of minutes have the latter pinned to the ground his skull dripping blood.

The thought of someone more powerful than his father made his skin crawl, nausea took him over as he bent over an retched. Dark globs of a dark material spewed from his mouth an splattered on the ground. Soon his metallic skin came to the surface of his arm and made a face within the substance. The face came out of his arm an spoke "How long have you known Goki? How long did you know that I was here." Goki grinned as he looked at the face coming out of his arm "Well one Essex your not very good at subtly and two before you gave me that last check up before I died i had never had metallic skin that talked. So I put two an two together, Now if you please leave me be and dig yourself further down into my psyche. I know your their because my powers are leaking into my brain causing me to fracture and create persona's to help cope. I am your son in many ways so I do have some smarts." the face nods saying "Very well. I will leave you. But know this that" Pointing to the dark children "Is something you will not be able to beat alone. And in many cases on this earth wont be able to be even as a group." Goki smiled again coughing up more black material "Yeah you really think I haven't made a plan of action. Now Leave!"

And as he demanded the hallucination/Sinister left turning his arm back into his own. He shook of the nausea away and allowed for his senses to come back to him, closing his eyes he imagined the entire city within his mind. And upon finding something he opened his eyes and took off into the air and leaving a crater where he took off. Stopping about 4000 feet in the air he looked around, then finally finding what he was looking for he plummeted back towards the earth. He cut through the air and landed with a loud thud, as he landed a man he knew from a time after he arrived on this world stopped in his tracks. The man had been leaping building after building thinking of something, and Goki knew exactly what was on the mans mind. "Hello Andferne......I think we both want the same thing." the sinister grin Goki has made himself known for widens across his face as he stares at Andferne.
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Stationed inside there domain Light grow hungry, starving even. He had joined this mad man not out of fear but for self revelation. Light had grown into a caring man over the years. His team meant so much to him, each member he was willing to give his life for. This bond had blinded him. Making him lose sight of his true goal as a villain. Light wanted the world and the need to want people alive would always keep him away from that goal. Joining sides with some who had his same goals in mind was his first step to achieving what he desired. Light stood in the chambers with Platnumwarrior by his side. Another he had grown in bond with. Little did his former friend know, Light was concocting a plan to eliminate him as well as the others. Light walked over to him and spoke to him with the utmost persuasive tone,

“What would LaS think? I mean, I the General, you the Sergeant and Drifter was said to be the most loyal among us, yet now we see ourselves allied against the team we once fought so valiantly for. Some would consider this the ultimate betrayal but not you and I. No no, we see beyond that. We see this as an opportunity to become more than we once were. To be, how do you say it, gods among men. But we will never get their with the new obstacles we have in place. Drifter and Psysis being miniature ones, while Darkchild himself being a much larger one. Not to mention all the assassins that will be crawling up our ass once word of out betrayal reaches Babs ears. What I'm trying to say is that, if we want to reach our similar goals, cooperation outside of orders is needed. Now I know your not afraid to cross anyone, your presence here proves just that. We need to make sure we're not crossing each other, that may prevent either of us from getting what we want. So lets buddy up, I'll watch your back and you watch mine. When I see an opportunity for us to get closer to our true objectives I'll take it and expect you to do the same. An alliance like this one can do nothing but benefit us and the rewards will be numerous. What do you say?”

The fire in Light's eyes burned with endearment and sincerity. This was his first step towards becoming what he deemed as a true villain.

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Sebastian leaned patiently against a piller waiting for something to happen. He had joined Darkchild for his own agenda and that which would eventually benefit LaS. The death of heroes and villains alike to thin out the competition it was simple really although in the beggining he knew it would first be seen as betrayal. Hours ago Darkchild had given his orders Light and Sebastian had been ordered to stay and stand guard while Drifter and Pysis were sent on missions. Drifter on one of mass destruction Pysis on a recconisance of sorts, Sebastian and Light had been their for hours and Sebastian had enough of waiting around. Standing up straight about to talk but Light had the same idea.

“What would LaS think? I mean, I the General, you the Sergeant and Drifter was said to be the most loyal among us, yet now we see ourselves allied against the team we once fought so valiantly for. Some would consider this the ultimate betrayal but not you and I. No no, we see beyond that. We see this as an opportunity to become more than we once were. To be, how do you say it, gods among men. But we will never get their with the new obstacles we have in place. Drifter and Psysis being miniature ones, while Darkchild himself being a much larger one. Not to mention all the assassins that will be crawling up our ass once word of out betrayal reaches Babs ears. What I'm trying to say is that, if we want to reach our similar goals, cooperation outside of orders is needed. Now I know your not afraid to cross anyone, your presence here proves just that. We need to make sure we're not crossing each other, that may prevent either of us from getting what we want. So lets buddy up, I'll watch your back and you watch mine. When I see an opportunity for us to get closer to our true objectives I'll take it and expect you to do the same. An alliance like this one can do nothing but benefit us and the rewards will be numerous. What do you say?”

"Trust me my agenda will pay off to LaS in the end butit makes no diffrance as of now i agree and may our alliance cause heroes blood to spill"

Light and Platinumwarrior could no doubt kill anything unlucky enough to challange them Light being the tank with Sebastian being the one no one saw coming before it was too late. Together the two would make one of the most deadly alliances ever formed. "So whats our next move" Sebastian asked his voice clearly indicating he was ready for a fight

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The waters of Atlantis seemed murky and dark as Gannon sat on his throne,his servants all awaited his orders for there kingdom had just been attacked by a fleet of Darkchild's army.The throne room was in ruins and Gannon sat with a furious yet stern look,resting his fist on his temple as he leaned back and looked at the dead bodies the Dark Army had cause.He had noticed the change in his once rival,and his magic hand glowed at the evil that rested in DC.Gannon noticed flame in the eyes of the Scion of Evil,and thats when he became petrified at his throne,not able to move.He saw the man who had killed his father and kingdom,he saw Final Arrow.

The  King Gannon sat in his massive gold throne struck with fear at the eyes of the new Darkchild.A simple servant stepped over the dead bodies and dared to speak to the Atlantean Magcian King.

"Sir.....what do we do?"

Gannon's fist began to glow and the waters began to tremble with massive vibrations.Soon geysers shot up through the depths of the ocean and Gannon stood from his throne,grabbing his trident and throwing on his royal garb with that ferious look still in his eyes.At that moment the servant knew the answer and scurried away telling the troops and all of Atlantis to prepare for war.

Posiedon would be avenged.Hell hath no fury like Gannon Nereid's scorn.....

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As Darkchild sat at his throne his eyes fluttered as the images of his Dark children raced through his mind. Their attackers and where they were succeeding in overthrowing the cities. A large smile came to his face as three distinct images came into his mind.

Talking to himself
"HAHAHAHAHA Well well well, the three who have a chance at staying alive have shown their faces. This is a very interesting development." Inside his head Arrow speaks with him "We should take care of the misguided child an the hero after we deal with the other. Void is a pain in the ass, he wont stop until he thinks he has proven he is the better, and you damn well know that." Darkchild chuckles at Arrows advice "But Void is a conceted man, he will wait till the very last moment to strike. Its in his nature to trick and decieve why would he change anything now. No Arrow, the hero and my son will be dealt with first. My son should be taken out of the picture first, but I want to make an example of Andferne first." As Darkchild spoke with himself he closed his eyes and began to speak with Light telepathically "My true and ever vibrant soldier I have a task for you. For a world to be undone the new generation shall be exterminated. Find the younglings of the ones known as Xmen and...kill em all." A sinister grin creeped up onto Darkchilds face as he relayed the information to Light, then turning his head as if now looking at Plat "You are the youngest in power an reign to this world Plat, I want you to prove your worth to my horsemen. You shall stand guard at the main gates, and you will stay their no matter what. Once these factions succeed in combining their forces they will bring their entire armada onto our door steps. But do not fret my warrior you will not be alone." And with that Darkchild stands up from his throne and walks down and out the front gate. His arms raise to the heavens then slam down ont the ground, his eyes change an his face contorts to Final Arrows "Bout damn time you let me have some fun." And with that his hands lift from the ground and the ground beneath them cracks and demons of all shapes crawl their way out of the depths. Soon a mass of demons stand in front of Darkchild, they all stare at the one who brought them here one barks at DC "You stink of Final, yet you are not he. What is this." Irritated that the demon spoke he lifts his arm up and a sword forms from the palm of his hand, he spins an lets the sword fly as he spins. It flies through the air and slams into the demons throat, the demon gargles for a moment before expiring "Anymore smartasses in the group?" the demons stare at Darkchild eyes wide "Yeah thats definatly him." one spoke. Darkchild turned back to Plat and patted him on the shoulder an leans down into his ear an whispers "Fail me and you will be the last I will deal with. And at that moment I will have pleanty of time to make it slow an very painful."  Darkchild walks back into is throne room, his head pounding as someone in one of the cities he is attacking uses a great force...darkness.

A wide smile comes to Darkchilds face as he pulls a dark child from the darkness surrounding his body. "Find the one called Boken, give him the location of this place. That a brother like him by my side in the coming fights will be more than he could ever want. A chance to fight with his full power." The Dark Child disappears from his pressence and he walks back to his throne with the smile still upon his face "This world is so close to the end, wonder how long it takes for them to bring themselves together only to be swatted away." he asks himself.
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     It wasn't long after the arrival of the strange shadowy figures that Manhattan became absolute bedlam. Panicked citizens were running and screaming in the streets from the dark monsters that were running amok. Among the wave of darkness was one bright spot, a tiny spec of light in a sea of black. Fighting back against the fell tide was the young knight known to the world as the hero Slinger.

     BLAM, BLAM, BLAM! Shots rang out from the knight's duel sidearms, firing bullets charged with pure positive energy. The shots were charged with the knight's own spirit, a boon to the benevolent, but utter destruction to these horrible creatures of shadow. The darkness dissipated as it clashed with the powerful light of Slinger's ammunition, the bullets tearing the creatures apart and dispersing them. Unfortunately, the creatures had numbers on their side that were overwhelming Slinger as he fought to liberate Times Square. The fight against the dark horde was quickly becoming a losing battle.

     Over the din of the conflict the shining knight's communicator suddenly came to life. It was Andferne, a respected hero and leader of men. He spoke to Slinger of an alliance against the power behind the creatures, and Slinger was quick to offer his holy blade to the cause, "Did you say New York? I've got my hands full with these monsters down at Times Square at the moment, but I'll gladly fight by your side if it will rid the world of this madness." Slinger assured the veteran hero that he would contact the rest of Veritas Incorporated and rally what members he could to stand against the coming darkness, then told him that if worse came to worse the coalition of heroes could regroup at the Veritas headquarters at Liberty Island, underneath the Statue of Liberty.

     Slinger put the call out to his teammates, mustering what help he could, but at that point the mob of blackness had overtaken him. He could feel the grasp of the shadowy creatures seem to pull at his very soul wanting to drag him into the blackness and make him a part of the horrible mob. He managed to break free from the drove of hideous dark monsters, and finally could see the extent of the damage that was done. Times Square was a waste, he had to make a fighting retreat or else be overcome by the army. Slowly the knight began to fall back, back to his base at Liberty Island.

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Boken was in his room. He got tired of waiting so he decided to work on makeing the two newest members of his brotherhood superpowered. He was crunching the final numbers that he needed before he could do it. Luckily since he already had a working S.P.A.T. all he needed to do just break the DNA bonds and reconfiurge them. All of a sudden Boken heard a knock at his door. He looked at the Video screen on his desk that showed who was standing there. It was no one but his youngest brother Jono. Jono is one of the smartest men in the world, and he is only 25 years of age. Boken made most of his wealth on selling his Brother's inventions, and he used them to arm his brotherhood. Boken pressed a button so that Jono could hear him over the intercom.

"Come in Jono"

Jono looked at Boken with an inquizitive look. He was completely confused by the man that was in the loby.

"Brother, There is a man in the lab. The facial reconizers confirm that he is Darkchild, but the Vital scanners say that it isn't the Darkchild we know."

"Yes Brother i've been monitoring outside to see if our guest did come, Unfortunately this is nuthing more then a shadow clone, well i believe that i'll return the favor I'll be psycicaly linked ot it like i am to all my clones."

Boken spun around in his chair and looked infront of him. in less then a second there was a perfect dupelicate of Boken. Every last detail, including Boken's thoughts. Jono took the clone to The Dark Child then they began to converse.

"Ah Boken it is great to see you once again."

"Don't playgames with me, i know exactly what you are. YOur not the real Darkchild, but i suppose that he gave you a reason to see me."

"SO you saw through this charade. I am not Darkchild, but i am a Dark Child. My father instucted me to bring you back to him. He wishes you to be a crucial part in his plan."

"Darkchild wants me to be part of his new domination sceame, well i can't blame him for wanting the original Dark Lord of the Vine to be part of this project, take me to him at once."

The Dark Child Opened a portal and teleported the Boken Clone that was sofar undetected. Boken on the otherhand finished the numbers and gave them to Jono.

"Brother, take the new recuits into the S.P.A.T. and punch in these numbers. I want them in prime condition bye the time i open the portal."

Boken picked up a PPG(pocket portal generator) that would open to the portal gate in the lab. Boken then teleported in his Clone's place and reabsorbed him. Boken then followed The Dark Child to Darkchild's throne.

"Hello DC, Long time no see."

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Darkchild felt the disturbance within his base as the air in the base cracked as the portal opened at the front door. Out from the portal walked his dark child an Boken. Boken shimmered for a minute. Darkchild thought to himself "Hmmm he has grown in power over the years, almost didnt see the reabsorbtion. Lets hope I dont find a need to take care of him it could prove difficult" Boken followed the dark child up to Darkchilds throne.

"Hello DC, Long time no see" Boken spoke with a small grin. Darkchild walking down to greet Boken he outstretches his hand and the child crawls up to Darkchild an gravels. With a smirk on his face DC grabs the child by the neck an snaps it then lets the darkness reabsorb into him "Cant have a good servant if you dont smack them around right?" he tells Boken as he puts his arm on Bokens shoulder.  As Darkchild speaks he moves his arm around in the air and as he does lights flicker on an the full scope of his mansion/base are unveilled. "As you have sensed I have come under new power, and the true shape of the world has finally be revealed to me."  Darkchild leads Boken down the long hallway behind the main room. "This worlds become almost unbearable, everytime I turn a corner theirs something new that causes even one such as me to retch. I have had this plan of disposing this god forsaken excuse for a world for quite sometime but never had the power nor the resources to do so...until now." Darkchild stands next to a table taking his arm off of Boken an creating figurines of his troops on a chest board along with the main players he know will be in the coming war "And with each piece that is set I am gaining a head above the others, with Light an Drifter added to my troops this war is proving to be quite impressive. Yes I have the ones known as Psysis, Lord Angel an Plat but each of these men have their own reasons for siding with me. I do not care for their reasons aside that they wont betray me. Some I know will once this war is over but its a mean to an end. But I gained their arms in this war on one thing. That I have once again found the evil within my own soul, that what I am doing will work for them as I wipe the world of the opposition." Darkchilds anger gets the best of him for a brief moment "But I still have a rather large hill to climb with my son trying to gain a upper hand on me as he sides with the Resistance. I have yet to hear from Lord Angel, but to my knowledge nothing great is in Paris but I think the one known as Rider an his Saints could prove to be difficult but all men have evil in them. And Lord can use that to his advatange." Darkchild calms himself and turns an stands upright to Boken. "Now back to the reason I had my servant order for you. I need something the Resistance doesnt, something powerful an unforgiving. I know i couldnt give you anything you couldnt aquire yourself but, I know you seek something bloody an unrelenting. A chance to let your abilities be shown to their potential an make a true name for yourself in this world. So all I ask is I have your assitance in this coming war. If you help for a brief moment that is all I will need, the resistance moral will be shot if what I have play works and then your killing stroke will be most benificial."

Darkchild holds out his hand to Boken the fire encircling his hand growing more fierce as his excitement increases "So my brother in darkness will I have your assitance?" A sinister grin creeps to Darkchilds face.
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As darkness falls the city begins to come to life with lights. A place of romance and culture, the city is beautiful full of wonder and awe for a first time visitor. Lovers walk the streets holding each other close as they make their way to fine restaurants where they eat fluffy pastries and sip on cappuccino. It is a beautiful time to be in the city of .

Sitting on top of the heart of the city, The Eifel Tower, a devil of a man waits for the right time. Tonight there would be a show, fireworks will fill the sky tonight lighting up the darkness and showing the full beauty of the tower. Tonight the world would change. The skyline will forever be scarred by the hand of the one they call Lord’s Angel.

They would come for him he knew, they always did. Brave men to say the least, he had respect for men who battled with honor and grace. But there was none who could stand in his way, none who he feared, only those who would face death by his hands. He was a killer from birth, his hands were always stained in the red blood that flowed from the hearts of his victims.

As he sat he could smell the blood rushing the people below, ready to be spilled on the ground until the city flooded with it. As the night grew darker the crowd grew with anticipation for the show to come. Also a hidden crowd began to gather in the shadows of the trees and the rooftops of the city.

8:50pm, ten minutes before the firework were to light up the sky, a howl was heard outside the city. A large pack of wolves enter the shadows circling the crowd, there would be no escaping.

8:55pm Lord’s Angel stood on the great tower which was now covered in lights. With a voice that carried over the entire crowd announced. You have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of god. The wages of sin is death…die well!

8:57pm Screams filled the air quickly as the man on the tower drove a blade across the tower cutting it off in the middle causing the huge structure of cooper and steel to come crashing to Earth. As the crowd started to run the wolves closed in, circling the group an containing the perimeter.

9:00pm The night sky lit up with a colorful array. Faces turned to the sky with shock and horror as facing light glowed bright against their faces the people of faced their deaths. Birds filled the air like that of locus blacking out the booming sky.

9:05pm The wolves lick eat other clean as they lay on the ground. The birds had returned back to the trees and rooftops. Lord’s Angel walked through the street, his boots splashing in the blood that now flooded the streets, like rain after a storm.

One girl sat alone in the corner shaking with tears running down her face. She dared not to move as the large man with wings approached her. The alpha wolf that walked by his side gave out a growl when they came close to her. Lord’s Angel hand patted the head of his wolf friend as they stood in front of the girl.

Grabbing her by the arm Lord’s Angel pulled her close smelling her flowery scent. She cried and begged him to spare her. He kissed her lips and began to walk with her. Screams were heard once more from the room that he had taking her, then nothing but a quite sobbing. As he left he made her a promise. You will live today, but I will be back for you.

With that he left her preparing for the war that was to come. Once again he strolled through the streets of followed by the wolves. They would come for him. They always came for him.

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Boken thought for a moment.

This is going according to plan. so he wishes to eliminate this planet, if that was it I know exactly what i need to have Jono find for me.

Boken Shoock Darkchild's hand and looked at the chess board.

"This is quite the army that you have assembled, but we are going to need more in order to pull of exactly what i have in mind. There was an ancient ledgend on this planet that the being that created my Blade made an orb of absolute darkness. Now theres only a select few who can individually get to this vast source of ultimate darkness, but so far i can't achive it alone. perhaps if we were to both try and acces the portal that leads to there was can achieve a powersource so vast, no one can opose us. There is how ever a second choice, I have in my possesion 3 satilites and they all are equpied with giant lazers. all i have to do currently is press a sigle button and i can wipe out any major city, but if you give me tiem i can have my leading team of scientist work Day and night till we have the ultimate doomsday machine."

Boken moved his left foot forward, but it was such a slight movement that no one could notice it. It opened Boken's heal and 7 nano-bots flew out of it and they started going on survalence through out the mansion. Boken looked at DC.

"Also i have a small group of indeviduals who have dedicated there lives to my Dark cause, as of now i give you permision to use them as you wish."

Boken took three steps towards a window that was there and placed his arms behind him.

"It will be great to see this planet reduced to shambels like my old mutonica was, but alastheres no time to dwell on the past."

A sick and twisted grin ran across Boken's face, butiit returned to normal.

"Now where is my room?"

Meanwhile: It has been one day since Boken slaughtered those unfortunate people. Boken's minions are still going through with what he ordered. after they killed 999 people they took a child that to them most resembeled someone who would bear the power of darkness and they would sacrifice him over a special marking on the ground. the marking wat the Mutonian word For Boken. They would take the religious Dagger that Boken's people used during there sacrifices and carve the word into there forhead, right before ripping out there heart. Useing a special machine they'd suck the darkness from his heart and they'd hold it for Boken. with the Blood of the 1,000th victim they wrote This is only the dawn, wait untill DUSK.

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Andy had just finished his conversation with Slinger, finding out that he was near Times Square and it things got rough he was going to head for Lady Liberty. Veritas has a secret underground base located there and they could use it as a staging point to fight back the darkness. Speaking with Slinger he made sure that he knew they would meet up at the Veritas base soon, there was something bigger happening here, they needed to find it, them. Finding this out Andy was atop the roofs and making his way from building to building with giant leaps. Running in full stride as he made a quick pace to try and meet up with Slinger. He had this uneasy feeling as if he was being watched from the shadows and just as he landed on the next building a thundering crash was heard as Goki landed not far from him. That arrogant grin reted on his face as he glared at Andy and spoke "Hello Andferne......I think we both want the same thing."

Already set on a defensive Andy had his shield out to bear, that familiar flash of red energy seeped across his visor, letting him know that it did not take but a though to fire. "We want the same thing? I hardly doubt that Goki, though your endgame goals might align with the right and just occasionally, you still want things far differant than I do. We both know that. Now if this stuff happening here is not your doing, and you are not under Daddy dearest's reign, then maybe we can talk. Trust me though, I'm keeping my eye on you". Andy began to walk around, pacing back and forth as he knew that the more time wasted here the more innocents were killed and hurt. He didn't have time to waste with jibber jabber back and forth, action needed to be done. "If you have a plan, then let's hear it, I have people in this city who can use my help right now instead of sitting here with our thumbs up our @$$".

Just then the thundering of the sky echoed, blasts of lightning streamed from the sky as Andy looked up to see what was happening. A smile crossing his face as he saw the familiar form of a guardian, a friend. In a matter of heartbeats Paladin, the son of Preen landed down on the rooftop beside Andy, shoulder to shoulder as they looked back to Goki. With a slap on the back Andy's demenor changed, he knew now things were looking up. "It's good to see you brother. I've heard you have been spending more time in Asgard as of late, trust me when I saw that your help here in this dark hour is appreciated. It seems Goki here was just about to tell me of his plan".

Andy's mind swepted over the events that had played through tonight, that mental message he had gotten earlier from Darkchild. He knew that his former brother was looking for a fight. But there was no anger in Andy's  heart, he only had pity for him. If the two of them met up he knew that there would be no reasoning with him, he had gone mad with power again.

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The mans words rang thorugh his mind as he watched as another flew down next to him. "A plan? F@#king hell, All i had in mind was killing anything that got in my way....least im smart enough to come up with something on the spot." Goki said to himself as he stared the men down.

"My fathers power has grown exponentially and I really dont enjoy the fact that this knock-off of my real father has become more powerful than he an I. You Andferne are nothing alone compared to his power and neither am I. sighing deep he continues I know for sure that his forces will only grow as we continue to just wait for him to attack us. The ones known as Drifter an Effect are within this city, Felt their power as I came into this city." As Goki was talking a lone an rather large Dark child climbed behind the two men, the creature engorged from its feast upon the humans. "And...sonnova.Bout god damn time was getting bored" Goki powers up his body glowing as fire engulfs him, he aims his arm at the two men a gap between them about five inches and he smiles "Dont move a inch." and Goki fired a fine beam of fire an darkness, it twists an turns as it flies through the air. The child behind the two men lets out a wail as it slumps to the floor, the attack Goki fired hitting it square between the eyes.

Goki smiles just saving the two mens lifes "We need to take his men down as soon as possible before we attack his base, And I know my fathers arrogance he has most likely contacted someone close to him or someone who was close to him telling them his location and all we need to do is find that someone." Goki's body turns back to normal the fire engulfing him dissapating. He walks up to Andferen with a stern look on his face and his metallic skin shimmers for a second before disappearing "Dont refer to Darkchild as my father again, it only sickens me." Goki waits for the two mens responce.
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In dull silence, stood a force so powerful, so divine that even without the use of supernatural abilities it…he was a killing machine. Deadly to only those who deceive his authority and are defiant to balance, this force, this power, this person is known as Ruin Cross. Though his skill was known to stride solo, Cross was not alone in the world. He led a dominant squad known as the Bladed Angels. With the aid of BA there was nearly no stopping Ruin’s rule of the neutral society. He was, he is, and he always will be the legendary Dragon Emperor. His rule was notorious for exceeding that of others. It was as if it was something that had flowed through the blood in his body. As if it was his destiny to surpass everyone else’s one step at a time. He was blessed by the ancient sprits of the holy heaven and the fatal hell. However it wasn’t through luck that got Ruin this far, it was skill and ability. Day, after day he takes on another challenge which to others may be described as impossible. With the help of BA, and his mastership of abilities there is almost nothing that could hold stability against the dreadful neutrals. He stood in such a fearless position it would strike dread into those who opposed him.


It was daylight in New York as Ruin calmly marched down the corridor of the abandoned warehouse. He could see flashes of a vibrant yellow being cast from an opening in front of him. He entered, as the blacksmith constantly smashed the hammer into the crafted pieces. As he finished he dropped the pieces into a large metallic water barrel. He then turned to Ruin in utter shock. As he realized that RC was no enemy he gave a brief hand gesture for him to come. Cross paced his way to the water barrel as the old man began to speak “For ten years, I worked day after day on these beauties for you. All I ask is that you keep the chaos in this world in order. Now my dear friend, I want you to take these precious pieces as they shall fight by your side, like guardian angels.” The man walked to the barrel reaching his hands in and retrieving the precious swords. With a golden hilt, the swords blade was composed of diamond. As Ruin took hold of the weaponry he held it in the light as it glistened with the utmost beauty. The blacksmith rushed to the wall as he grabbed the sword cases. Ruin took hold of the black metallic sword holster as he attached them both to the left and right side of his waist. In no hurry to pack away he sword, Ruin bent down on one knee as he thanked the weapon crafter “I thank you so much. I shall guard them, as much as they shall guard me….” Ruin was cut off by the sound coming through the window beside them.


Ruin quickly shifted his attention to the booming voice coming from the windowpane. “This world has become unpure and in many cases unfit to exist. My children will number in the hundreds of thousands, these are but dupelications of me and many more will come if resistance is seen. The world is no longer capable of going on without a little blood an carnage. You all cast aside the ones who are deemed unfit to fit into your social styles, and now I have seen that no one will be left that is fit to rule this world beside me amongst the humans of this world. You have two choices as this begins Join or Die, But I would prefer if you chose the latter it makes the fact of taking over this god forsaken planet alot more fun." Ruin looked back at the blacksmith in shock of the message. It was only a matter of seconds as a loud scream, could be heard echoing from outside, blood hit the window with a splat as it slid down slowly. Ruin gripped the dual swords as he spoke “That’s my cue!” Ruin began charging at the window as he leapt up in a “k” kick, shattering the window completely. As he stood upon the cement he watched the terrifying creatures, rip their way into humanity. Slaughtering the innocent humans one by one. Some of the helpless people tried to fight back with their standard hardware tools, but unfortunately they failed miserably.


Ruin could tell that these creatures were somewhat sensitive to light if not on their bodies, then in their eyes. He could sense that the creatures were composed of nothing but complete pure darkness. A darkness from a source only known as Final Arrow or Darkchild. For now Ruin would just have to be unaware of who was bringing about this chaos. Right now the only thing that needed to be done was to give these bastard some old school discipline. Walking slowly in the center of the creatures, Ruin gave off a mind blowing whistling sound from his mouth. The humans were even aching to the point where they gripped their ears. Now the creatures had their attention focused on Ruin. Ruin twisted in a 360 motion, just enough to not get dizzy, as he extended his arms out letting the light catch his dual diamond swords. As the light shot at the creatures they quickly tried to shake off the blinding ness. As Ruin distraction took place, he needed to take advantage of the opportunity. He flipped into the air coming down with a devastating slash as he decapitated the creature. It didn't seem to die though only spread as a shadow.


That could only mean more trouble. He shoved his swords into the chest of two of the creatures beside him on each side. They did the same as the other had. Without his power Ruin did not have the stamina to make another move, he stopped as he took in a few breaths. However, his mere stop nearly caused him his life. The creature began to charge at him, not being able to defend himself in time the creature tackled Ruin into a nearby telephone booth. Ruin grabbed his head in awe as he stood up dusting off the long leather jacked that completely surrounded and draped over his body. As he walked towards the creature in anger his attire dragged along with him. He reached into a nearby pocket as he revealed a pear of sunglasses. Dramatically sliding them on his face he yelled at the creature, letting off a ferocious roar. “I’m Ruin Cross, Mr. Dynasty warrior himself. Champion of all fighters. You just pissed me off!” Ruin dived into the air stabbing both swords into the chest of the creature ripping the inside of his body apart. It was time to call in all reinforcements. Luckily he was only a few feet away from the radio station. As he moved toward the station he noticed that all of the humans were running in panic, as to see the destruction Ruin had just brought upon the creatures. AS Ruin entered the station he sat down and altered the controls to all radio stations and outside speakers.


“If there are any survivors, who are prepared to fight off this deadly horde, or anyone who has info on what the hell is going on please reach this station. Or meet me on Minestreet and Truesome Avenue. This is Ruin Cross. I repeat this is Ruin Cross!” Ruin turned as the creatures had returned, not as little as before but a flock of them. Banging on the glass windows trying to break in. Ruin knew he was safe in here, well he did right before he watched a crack go through the window. He positioned himself for war “Dam!”

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Many hours later, a large unmarked cargo plane took off out of Dulles International Airport.  Aboard were forty of the Blazing Saints.  Reports of heroes massing in the northeastern United States were coming in from all over the place.  However, a greater evil could be sensed further North and towards the European nations.  Therefore, once the 'Saints had reached Virginia, they acquired weapons.  Because they would be flying in under the radar, they would not have to worry about French Customs.  Each rider packed heavy.  Several of the members grabbed an M-60.  Others stuck with different types of assault rifles.  A few even strapped on a 30-pound machine gun known as "the hog" in Vietnam.  Wallace personally packed two Israeli .50 caliber pistols and a pump shotgun.  In addition, he took along his chain and hunting knives.  The motorcycles, guns, and equipment had all been packed onboard the plane.  After making the "connection" at Dulles International Airport, they were in the air headed for Paris, France.

Wallace had informed his group of the dangers which lay ahead.  He told them to expect the unexpected.  A new evil was rising and it would possibly threaten the entire world.  It had to be stopped.  Truth be told, no one understood pure evil as Wallace did.  The curse within him burned with a passion.  It was something that very few people could understand.  Over time he had told some of his best friends such as Joe Archer, Fa Shu Kai, Rider Davidson, and Kay D'Ambrose about his dark abilities.  They had even seen them in action in instances when the Rider within would take over.  However, that was the deepest level to which they could understand.  The fact of the matter was that no one could truly understand, save John Wallace himself.  When he sensed evil, he just had to follow for the greater good.

Towards the back of the plane, there were a few Prospects of the Blazing Saints.  They had never experienced evil to this level before.  John could sense their apprehension.  Making his way towards the back, John sat with them and reassured them.  Nothing could prepare them for what lay ahead, but it was Wallace's responsibility as a leader to be there for each and every one of his members.  Several hours later, a message from the pilot came over the loudspeaker stating that the plane was nearing Paris.  Twenty miles outside the magnificent city, there was a large farm.  That would be the landing site.  Slowly but surely, the plane touched down on French soil.  As it did so, each member's heart began to quicken.  This was it.

Once the plane had come to a complete stop, the motorcycles were unchained and rolled out.  Each member gathered their weapons and mounted up.  Wallace turned to the pilot, shook his hand, and thanked him for his troubles.  After paying the man his dues, John walked off the field towards the main highway.  The riders of the Blazing Saints were all mounted up and were in riding formation, with their guns packed away on their bikes.  At the front of the group, Wallace's chopper was waiting.  By the looks on their faces, every member was ready to follow him into Hell.  Mounting up on his ride, Wallace fired up the engine and rev'ed it up loudly.  With that, the Blazing Saints rode off like bats out of Hell and tore down the highway towards Paris.

By now, it was approaching 9:00PM in Paris.  Even though flashes of light cold be seen in the distance, the night sky was darker than usual.  Wolves suddenly emerged from the forests and were racing in a frenzy towards the city.  Strangely, they were ignoring the riders, but just hurrying towards the city.  It was almost as if something were summoning them there.  Whatever it was, true chaos was rampant.  From nearly a mile away, screams could be heard from within the city.  Something extremely wicked was waiting for them.  Suddenly, it became more than John Wallace could bear.  Gritting his teeth, he let out a deep growl as he rode.  Riding harder, his long black trenchcoat flowed in the wind as he rode.

The Rider was finally taking over now.  The front wheel on Wallace's chopper began to burn and emit flaming bursts.  His hands gripped tighter onto the steering of his ride.  Suddenly, John's body began the radical transformation.  Speeding along the road, his skull suddenly became engulfed in Hellfire and he transformed into the spirit of Vengeance.  Opening his mouth, he let out a blood-curdling roar.  With that, his motorcycle transformed into his ride from Hell.  At that moment, he suddenly sped ahead of the rest of the Blazing Saints.  Traveling nearly one thousand miles per hour, his flaming ride tore down the road towards Paris.

Riding up to the grand Eiffel Tower, he beheld the destruction.  The Blazing Saints would be there in just a few minutes, but the Rider chose to press on.  Tearing through the streets of Paris, he finally saw a being moving throughout the streets.  A ravenous pack of wolves were following him.  With that, the Rider dismounted his flaming ride and held his chain firmly in his left hand.  His right hand then slowly rose and pointed towards the dark figure known as the Lord's Angel.  Then, as he stood there facing his adversary, the Rider opened his mouth and spoke one word:  "YOU...."

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Darkchild made a Dark Child and told it to show Boken to his room. They went downt he hallway untill they reached therefinal destination.

"Thank you Dark Child, tell your master i will be here if he needs me."

Boken then reached into the negaverse and pulled out a suitcase and a briefcase after he put all his regular accomendations away he took a laptop out of his briefcase along with several peices of paper with wrighting on it. The papers were covered in his secret plans and the new inventions he was developing. Boken turned on the laptop and placed it at the desk. He pulled out the chair and sat down to work on something important. Boken was accesing Dark enterprise records. he was makeing sure his sister wasn't slacking off with keeping the buisiness afloat while he was away on "buisiness". Boken then checked the secret database of Boken idustries, what he calls the little factory that supplies Boken, and his men with weapons and power. Boken looked under three main things. First the Pys intensifier. Boken started this project originally to strengthen his brother Jono's skills, but now he is makeing it for training the power he never could berfore beacuse of the responsibility to the Blade. Boken then checked his newest members of the brotherhood. the thug was given powers over water, thus he changed his name to aqua mario. THe streat perfomer gained the ability of elasticity. He called himself Flex. Finally Boken checked on his ultimate weapon to date, Inital D, nuthin was wrighten down about it so Boken called his bother.


"Jono, its me"

"Tom, what do you need."

"I want a progress report on Initial D"

"well havesting power to make it work is easy, but haveing it free rome is out of the question."

"But did you have my sons test it out?"

"Yes i did, and the results were better then expected it increased the power levels 10 fold, and was more durrable then stainless steal."

"Excellent i have a fealing that i will be needing it soon. also brother have a satilite ready on my mark. one can never be to careful when dealing with vilians."

"IT shall be done."

"Also i want a carrier to be brought to my location. i want it filled with PPGs. if were trying to  conqure the world we are going to need operatives at every conner of the globe."

"That seems a bit extreme."

"But Brother ou don't understand i'm all about the extreme, and a final note have the brother hood bring 25 people to the slaughter house. i am in the mood for strikeing a good dose of fear."

Boken cut the comunications and a sick and twisted smile crossed his face. Then Boken began to laugh maniacly. this may be the first step in where boken loses his sanity.

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Slowly, Drifter slung the body away, as he looked to Effect. Draped in a Cajuns assassin garb, speaking much like his costume suggested... "Drifter i would like to enroll into the Alliance of your participation. I know anarchy is something but chaos is another. I , my name is Effect. I am here to serve with only my mind and body to help Darkchild, you , and the rest of the Horsemen in the take over of this world. Will you accept me or will i be rejected?"  Asked the young man.  "If you wish to join me, then you need to show me some skill lad" Smiling a large grin Drifter replied. Drawing his two guns, both made of silver, accented with gold and loaded with holy bullets. "Lets see what you got eh?".

Faking to the left, before he leaped to the right, Firing off six bullets around Effects feet, before he spun around, barrels smoking as he grinned. "You're not worth your salt yet, Now, You wanna join me? You want to join us? You truly want to burn the world?" Inquired TheDrifter.  "Then you need to ask Darkchild, He's the brawn, Arrow's the brain, and what am I? No one knows...........yet" Chillingly he uttered before, he opened himself a portal of the shadows.

"Beyond that door lays Darkchild's lair Step inside and see your fate unfold. It's all in the cards now"
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                "If you wish to join me, then you need to show me some skill lad." said Drifter with a menacing smile. Straighting himself out he looked at Drift. Drift was taking out two guns made of silver but had a little hint of gold every once in awhile. Then he loaded it with bullets. "Let's see what you got eh?" said Drifter as he moved to the right. Rob followed but it was a fake. As soon as he reached the left ,Drifter jumped to the right. Then he let out six bullets. Rob immediatly rolled right ,to where he had been . He barly dodged the bullets. He was pissed now. He had let this man fool his strategy and almost had made a mark on him. Looking up , he smiled , then he stood straight and simultainiously Drifter turned his guns smoking.

                Then he muttered to Rob , "You're not worth your salt yet, Now , You wanna join me?You want to join us? You truly want to burn the world?" Inquired Drifter. Drifter wasn't done yet then he said loudly."Then you need to ask Darkchild,He's the brawn,Arrow's the brain, and who am I? No one knows.......yet" he said with a chilling voice that made Rob shudder a bit. He wasn't scared but that last sentance was what confused him. Was Drifter a monster, beast, angel, demon...what was he . Rob knew not to ask and just nodded as Drifter opened a portal of shadows. As if clockwork he said ," Beyond that door lays Darkchild's lair. Step inside and see your fat unfold. It's all in the cards now."

     Looking at the portal for a minute , he thought about if it was a trap. But then again the Villians or shall he say "The Real Villians" of the world always needed help. Grabbing his pole he slowly walked towards the portal. Then when he was close enough he stuck the pole into the portal.  The pole was more like a shaft but he didn't care any ways. As he pulled it out it came back in one piece. Gripping it hard he nodded to Drifter in a sign of have a good time out here and walked in.

     As the portal consumed him he could see only darkness. But then as he entered through the other side it was devoid of much light. It was truly a lair but had some things missing. It was more of a HQ to Rob ,but he didn't care. Gripping his pole and pulling it through the portal he walked off towards what seemed to be the area Darkchild was in. Looking around he noticed not much of anything on the walls exept for a picture here and there every once in a while.

    Finally he found Darkchild. The man was taller in person and seemed to be very dominent over others. Grabbing his coat ,he closed it around him and when he reached Darkchild bent over in a sign of rescpect. When he was sure he no longer needed to remain facing the floor he lifted. Looking into the eyes of Darkchild it seemed to be nothing but dark, empty, and spitful to everything living ,exept a few extra helpers here and there.

    Waiting a moment he spoke.." Hello , my name is Effect. I'm here to join the cause. I am fully ready to see the world burn and to join you . This is my choice and I do not resent myself for choosing this way. So am I or am I not in ? Oh and one more thing , I like to get to the point." Then he waited for Darkchild to responde.

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Boken left Darkchilds side an soon the mansion was silent, until the chopper with the supplies had arrived not an hour later. The sound of the chopper awoke DC from his small yet deep slumber, five dozen large crates were dropped off. He smiled as they opened each revealing the PPG's Darkchilds plan has just begun, he walked to the large door that opened to the outside and with his darkness lifted each crate and his four tentacles lifted them up into the air setting them out in front of him. His powers lifting them in the air as the appendeges set them down about ten feet in the air. Soon a portal opened behind him an a man walked forward, the man was known as Effect an made his plea about wanting to be in Darkchilds army. Darkchild not wanting his concentration broken just lifted the man with a tentacle an set him next to him "Please be quite this may not take alot of concentration on my part but I do love to bask in something as beautiful as I am about to do."

Darkchilds eyes rolled back into his skull an his body began to spew pure darkness, it flowed from his body an slapped against the ground beneath his feet. Splashing against the ground, soon an area of 12 miles was covered in the black substance. As Darkchild mumbled bodies began to form from the large mass of darkness, each form standing 6 feet tall with different assortments of weapons for appendages. As the creatures formed they almost multiplied an soon the entire west part of Greenland was covered with them. Darkchild opened his eyes and a loud booming laughter escaped his throat. Using his tentacles he broke each crate an the contents scattered within the air, still hanging their. As each PPG turned on he waved his arm, and a large wave of darkness fell over the PPGS and all but one dissappeared.

New york,Tokyo,London, Paris,Austrailia, California,Mexico

In each location dozens of portals opened in the sky,this continued all around the globe not one location didnt have at least 5 portals open above their cities.

Back In Greenland

"My pets drink this world dry of their blood an souls, Leave nothing unturned bring death an destruction everywhere you touch. If they try to stop you Kill them, No matter what faction they are all your enemy Do not return. Die if you must if this accomplishes the task then so be it, BUT REIGN DOWN DEATH EVERYWHERE." the Darklings all roared in unison as they walked into the one PPG that was left behind. An soon the world was being invaded by the Darklings, and as it was Darkchild again spoke to everyone around the world uniting his mind to all the telepaths of the world to broaden an extend his message "You were all given a choice, and many of you decided that death is worth not being one of mine. This was your fault not mine an now Blood shall reign as the world is plunged into eternal Darkness. Bring your warriors an bring your killers, yet when you come know that your people are dying an that my children will feast upon their corpses. Now the War shall start."

Darkchild then links his mind with all of his horsemen and people working for him "Do it, bring everything down. Do not return to me empty handed. But Leave the one known as Andferne to me is that understood."

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A siloutte of a large man against a still glowing night sky walked along the canal banks. Glowing eyes followed behind keeping a short distance. He walked along staring up into the array of colors that fell down from the heavens, burning away the darkness. Booms and cracks still filled the air making him jump every now and again with awe and wonder. As the rainbow of color faded away it left only him on the street once filled with people, still staring up into the night sky. The stars and moon shone bright on the city of lights, reflecting back to them the city's destroyer. Like Troy or Alantis before it Paris would fall. The blood stained hands, of the man staring at the stars, would be the end of it all.

As the man sloshed through the streets that now ran with a crisom flood, he held his hands out to the side to feel the on coming rain. His long dark hair stuck to his face and neck, as he stuck out his tounge to taste the rain. Pulling off his long coat he revieled two large angelic wings along his wide back. His white t-shirt stuck to his chest heaving up and down still from the earlier excitement.

Without a word all of the eyes following him shifted to the east. His ears perked up with the rest of his pack, listening to a on coming roar. The birds filled the air with barely a thought coming from their master. Their numbers becoming so great that it blacked out the moon and stars; only blackness remained. With a growl from his belly the large man ripped the shirt off his body, leaving a body covered in thousands of scares ready for war. Quickly he armed himself with several knives and swords but leaving a bow and arrow in hand.

The roar of engines grow louder and one stood above the rest. He knew their leader would come screaming into him with brute power and strength. The others would follow blindly not knowing exactly what they were facing. Not only would they be facing a man who was his own force, but also nature it's self. Lord's Angel the master of all animal kind called upon them, the response would be answered and a army raised. LA positioned himself in front of a large field and waited for those who sought him out. He waited for those who would dance with the devil, those who were not afaird of death, those who would surely face it tonight. War had called upon him and he who would answer looked death in the face and smiled.

Death's boney finger rose toward's the Lord's Angel fire flowing from it's tip. The firey demon spoke one word letting the challege be clear. "YOU....." As the word echoed through the streets of Paris and onto the field before them death came with it. The battle that was about to place was not between mere men, but the takers of lives. These were creators designed by God but for one purpose, to take life. As the wolves gathered close by and the birds created a black wall of frenzy and feathers, the Angel flew towards the demon. No thoughts no emotion just nature took over. This man was born to kill, it was a hunger in his soul, and he would satify it tonight.

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After lowering his finger, the Rider clenched his fists tightly.  Sickening pops and cracks could be heard as he did so.  At that moment, the spikes on his gauntlets protruded nearly two inches out of the leather.  Gripping his chain tightly, the spirit of Vengeance looked at the Angel of Death.  However, he also had to maintain his focus on the pack of snarling wolves.  With the flames emanating from his skull, he was opposing to the primitive animals.  Even though the creatures were keeping their distance, they still remained snarling and snapping their deadly jaws.  The crows of the sky were now swarming, blotting out the image of the stars and the moon.  As they did so, a small gap was left over the Rider.  All the creatures were experiencing inner conflict.  On the one hand, their instincts were telling them to flee at once.  On the other hand, the Dark Angel's hold over them was pressing them on.  The whole situation had come to a relative standstill.

Suddenly, the crows swarmed madly.  The wolves were backing up, preparing for something.  The terrifying Lord's Angel then began to slowly rise off the ground with his powerful wings taking him up towards the heavens.  The crows began the swarm into a thicker mass than ever, as if they were building a wall.  The massive collection of foul grew larger and larger.  With his chain tightly gripped in his hand, the Rider was about the swing the lethal object into the mass.  He drew the chain back and was about the unleash it into them when, all of a sudden, the Angel of Death burst through the wall of foul.  The blow sent the bounty hunter of Hell flying back into a building.

With the spirit of Vengeance down, the wolves immediately converged on his position.  In a sudden frenzy, they were upon him.  Their jaws clamped down on his arms, legs, and hands.  Their teeth were gnashing viciously as saliva seeped from their mouths.  The beasts were literally trying to tear him apart.  Suddenly, the wolves were blown back by a massive eruption of flames as the Rider rose to his feet, letting out a loud howl of his own.  Holding onto his chain tightly, he gave a strong tug to the links, instantly igniting the links in Hellfire.  He then brandished his weapon and swung the blazing chain over his head.  With a sharp snap, he whipped it towards the wolves.  Instantly, around fifty wolves incinerated as the flaming chain whipped through their bodies and a large radius was cleared around Hell's bounty hunter.  The other wolves were taken aback by the sudden flaming death of their pack members.  At that moment, the spirit of Vengeance opened his mouth and let out a hideous roar then sent the beasts scurrying away to a safe distance.

With the creatures temporarily taken care of, the Rider turned his attention to the Angel.  He then took out the two .50 caliber pistols which he had packed earlier.  By now, they had transformed into something else entirely.  Now, they were dark weapons forged from fires of Hell.  When fired, tightly-compacted orbs of Hellfire would come blazing out at speeds much greater than if they were simply hurled from the Rider's body.  Upon contact, they would instantly expand and incinerate the area around the contact point.  Raising both pistols, a twisted smile crept over the Rider's face.  Without a moment's hesitation, he fired off four shots aimed at the wings of his foe.  While he was firing away, he laughed as if he enjoyed the battle.  Truth be told, this clash would have an effect of epic proportions.

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The thing about peace is that it never lasts. It's very fragile, and some people just can't resist breaking it. Then it's up to other people to try and repair it, and hope that it holds. But it never does. Not for long.

It was the middle of the day, and Raleigh was covered in darkness. Black vortexes covered the sky, and from them dark warriors were emerging to lay siege to the city. A force that Alpha Guard knew he could not stop alone, but intended to try. Though all he needed to do was get past these foot soldiers and take out the source. A task with which he would need help.

Right when Alpha Guard arrived at the central location of the Darklings, a couple of them leaped on his back, trying to pull him down. Alpha obliterated them with a couple energy blasts, but for everyone he struck down it seemed there were ten more. Alpha Guard fired blast after blast, trying to attack as rapidly as he could. But there was only one of him, and hundreds of them. So while the destroyed Darklings could be replaced by new, fresh ones, the battle was taking its toll on Alpha Guard. Desperate get a break, Alpha Guard created an energy exoskeleton for himself that expanded outwards, thrusting the Darklings away, but not stopping them. The shield served it's purpose hovever, and Alpha Guard soon replaces the shield with a beam of energy rapidly spinning outwards. This attack proved successful in eliminating many of the Darklings, and the reamning ones were stopped with a few final energy bolts.

Hoping he wouldn't have to repeat that battle anytime soon, Alpha Guard headed for the Veritas HQ in New York, only to find even more Darklings. Great, here we go again. There was a mass of Darklings at Times Square; Alpha Guard plunged into the swarming group, attempting to scatter them before their numbers could overtake him again. The scattered Darklings regrouped to attack him, but Alpha used his new shape-shifting abilities to change into a manticore. Many of the Darklings fell by the manticore's stinger, but Alpha Guard couldn't keep himself in the manticore form and reverted back to his normal self. The remaning Darklings closed in around him, so Alpha Guard went the only direction he could. Up. When the Darklings attacked, he had gotten himself out of the way, so they destroyed each other instead of him. Alpha Guard formed a ball of energy which he fired down to destroy most of the Darklings that were left. A few of them retreated down some back alley, but instead of persuing them Alpha headed for Liberty Island, and the Veritas HQ. He hoped there he could join up with at least one other hero, because two would stand a much better chance at taking care of the dark warriors then one.

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