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The war had started with a silent meeting , Where two allies became enemies from that day both side have been preparing for the coming war the war of DARKNESS . Now the sith have returned more powerful then before , forcing the Vine Villains to step forth bring the whole power of the VV in there wake.

The battle field is a more then fitting for the great war that is about to rage, A green field , on each side of the field are forest with massive oak tree in full bloom , the field it self is the size of eighty football pitches and all open , no cars to hide behind no sewer to hide in if things get hard , It was a field of glory , of victory but most of all death.

Slowly each side stepped forward looking over the great field, The VV had lost powerful friends but where still extremely powerful at the front of the army stood Arrow and DC , The Sith maybe new but they had some of the old guard in there ranks making them more then equal to the VV Gambler stood in front of his men , He had grown more powerful then events Silent Meeting ,soon there would be no green soon the grass would be trampled under foot and blood would flow, the war would start.


Okay the war is on , Sith you can not post until one of the Lords do , VV you can not post until myself or DC does, This is an open war so you cant run it is a battle ,

Normal rules apply, If I even feel a hint of god modeing I will kill you off no argument .

You most have four weakness to take part and they must be real weakness(I will be checking)

Here is a link to the rules


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Darkchild Stands at the front of his army. And looks to his most trusted lieutenant Arrow

"My solider my brother, This battle looks like it could be our last doesn't it, but i know we will stand triumphant. Because what we believe in and trust in will bring us to glory."

DC then turns around and looks at his army. Small it may be but the warriors in it make up for it.

"Vine Villains, we are at a cross roads, we stand now in front of a army of many and we stand strong. For with a Colossal structure only needs one column to fall so shall the Sith. We take out theirs (Gambler) their ranks will fall!"

We take our LAST STAND TODAY!!!

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Looking at DC "I do not wish to speak out of term , I do not want glory or victory" looking at his hand , he was spinning a card between his fingers , The ace of spades "I want death " .

He began to float into the air moving higher above the army of VV. He pulled his sword and looked over the battle field , his eyes saw who he was looking for , Standing in his dark robes waiting and planing , placing the card in his coat pocket he raised his hands and with a clap of thunder rain beagan hitting the floor.
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Talon Karaade stood in the shadows, as he had for most of his short life. He had never been the public face, always the claw of the power behind it. Ever since that first day on Korriban.

The Dark Lord had strode into the room, sweeping past the rows of waiting students to the head of the room. He had turned to face them, gazing unblinkingly with his cold, reptilian eyes.

“What is the Code of the Sith?” he had asked the congregation.

They had chanted their answer, a hundred voices joining to create an echoing sound that seemed to bounce around the hall.

“Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall set me free.”

The Lord had gazed around the room, touching them all with his eyes.

“The Force shall set me free. You are all here to be set free. Free from boundaries, free from restraint. You will be taught in the ways of the force, so that you are free to kill.”

Later on that same day Talon’s own Master had elaborated on these words.

“Without the force you are just a man, nothing more, nothing less. But with the force at your command you will be something else. I can teach you to many things, to hide yourself from the weak minded and indeed to bend light itself around you. To boost your physical abilities far beyond their norm, to kill with finesse and skill. But these things are merely tools to achieve your aims. What matters is who you are. I cannot teach you to kill, the techniques maybe, but I cannot give you the drive.”

Talon had the drive; he had proved it many times. But never against his own, not after the academy. Now was the testing time, he was facing his brothers and sisters, not some Jedi knight. Arrow had called and Talon had answered, as he had sworn to do. He would kill Sith today, for that was the nature of the code.

True power is only achieved through testing the limits of one's anger, passing through unscathed.
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"Loyal friend, i wouldn't expect anything else from you, but for now stand your ground. Because Gambler is one of trickery as are his followers."

DC pulls out his Sword of Heaven

"I also want to see death, but for that to happen we need to be patient. We will need your ultimate powers in this battle, the limit to all of our powers will be needed today."

DC stares at Gambler, and sees what his old friend has become

"Arrow, No Mercy"

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Spectrum stood in the ranks of VV. He spoke out to DrackChild

"tell me where to go and i will follow"

Spectrum was eager for battle the sith scum had been rampaed for far to long a stopper had to be put in their growth a stopper in the shape of his sword.

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You will stay for now Spectrum by our side.

Go take control of our grunts, that is where your part will be leading our soldiers to battle.

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Spectrum floated high into the air above the masses of v villains,

"Fiends, countrymen , villains lend me your ears. A new power has arisen in this world, one which threatens to take our stonghold on his earth.

They dare to challenge us, they do not know what they do. We shall demolish, destroy, exterminate these so called SITH LORDS. There powers and abilitys will only hasten there dimise. All attempts to defeat us will be futile.

WE ARE THE VINE VILLAINS AND WE SHALL NOT FALL" Spectrum roared to the massive gathering. The crowds erupted with sound drowning out the thunder in the skies.

Spectrum tossed his head back through the air letting the rain splatter all over his face. He laughed long and loud.

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DC sees that the battle will begin soon and calls all of his warriors to his side.

"My warriors i want each and everyone of you to be aware of your brothers and sisters, if one goes down you will need to take their place. DC looks at Arrow WE WILL RISE AND DEFEAT THESE TRAITORS."

DC looks into the mass of Sith and sees Cryo standing in the crowd.

"I have a friend in their that has been waiting to taste my blade and i will not let him down so all of you fight with the might of all VV."

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Arrow floated down hovering so the whole arm could see him,The rain bashing off his head , He could feel Gamblers power from here , But he knew that Gambler could feel his and how much they had both changed.

Turning his head back to the Villians in front of him he spoke to them "We have stood the test of time WHO ARE WE" the army screamed "THE VV", "Mighty Hero's have fought us and they lay at are feet, WHO ARE WE" once again the scream came , weapons began to clang , powers began to rise "AND WHO ARE THESE SCUM COMPARED TO US, THEY COME HERE AND CHALLENGE US THE VV , ARE FRIENDS BETRAY US ,THEY ARE COWARDS , WE ARE MORE POWERFUL ,BETTER PREPARED WHO ARE WE " the sound was furicos and carried over the whole battle field , shcaking water droplets of the grass.

He turned and face the sith "WE ARE THE VV" as he said the last words lighting stuck behind him, It was a muderious view for anyone to seee, He liffted his swrod ready for the command .

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DC looks at his most trusted solider and walks next to him brandishing his own sword


And to this the entire ranks of VV screamed and shouted showing both veterans of the VV that they still are the ones who are the powerful.

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Spectrum brandished his blade.Feeding from all the fear in the enemy ranks, he could task there sweet, sweet misery.

He saored down to DC and Arrow,

"i would like you to kow that whatever happens it has been an honour to fight with you and that i will fight for the VV with evey ounce of my strength. You have bben the only family i have known and i will hoour all that you have given me" He bowed low before DC

Spectrums somewhat nicer side had managed to crop out and get a word in.

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Stand my loyal solider

And return to your place in front of the army, because as a VV you deserve a place in this fight and it is at our armies side.

Now be prepared for a bloody and gruesome fight.

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Arrow said nothing and took to the air waiting and watching , He could hear the sound of war he could tast it i his mouth , this was a wonderful day for it death would cover the filed looking down at them he smiled, "Honor is for the weak , Death is the only absolute "

His emtion was gone all that was left was hate and power , He was ready.

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Satyrquaze overlooked the battle from several miles above it. He watched as the Vine Villains let out their war cries and the Sith followed suit.

He dropped altitude and hovered not far from Dark Arrow. "Nice speech, What are your orders?" He gave a look that spoke solely of obedience. “My warriors are yours.”

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My solider the time is come. Let out all of that hate and use it for the last battle me and you will fight along side each other in.

DC then lets out all of his power, and his body turns a charcoal black

I'm ready for death on both sides and i know you are too.

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"thank you my leage" Spectrum bowed once more and shot into the air.

flying high Spectrum took a vail out of his tunic.

He stopped high above the battle feild, looking down at his soldiers and the enemy he drank deep.

He felt the sudden thrust of power through his body it was like nothing he had expereinced before he felt old powers waft through his body along with new ones. His skin turned from his suble skin to a hardened metalic substance. His muscles seemed to grow as if by themselves. His eyes blazed with the blue flame of Korkan.

He lifted his sword high into the air lightning strikeing it form all angles.

Letting the electricity flow through his body he felt the power, knowlegde and prowess of an entire planet rush through every ince of his being.

He landed in front of his troops

"I am Spectum gaurdain of KORKAN" He howled

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The Dark Lords of the Sith stood on the opposite side of the battle field. All wore the trappings of the Sith, long cloaks with hoods pulled over there heads. There were no fancy speeches, no railing the troops, just silence. Gambler looked at his former teammates and friends, many had answered the call to battle, the VV were nothing if not loyal.

After Arrow had left Gambler broken and beaten, he was returned to the Sith homeworld of Korriban. There he was placed in the shadow tomb of the Sith Lord Naga. He had been reborn, his powers doubled, and his hatred inflamed. The scene was reminiscent of the Jedi Civil War of years past, two powers destine to clash and find out, who would be the supreme evil of the universe.

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Talon did not join in with the cheers. It was not the Sith way. Accross the field he saw his ertswhile brothers, standing in solem silence. How could he cheer. Either he would be left alone of all the Sith, or he would be destroyed, there was no cause for happyness.

He pushed away his thoughts as he had been taught. Fear clouds the mind, anger makes it clear. His blade staff felt warm in his hand. Death was comming. No emotion, he could not find rage in his heart. Now, more than ever, he was an assasin.

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DC sensed his loyal friends anguish and goes to Lone Sith

"Lone i know what you are going through is unbearable, and i see in your eyes it hurts you but i need you clear of mind for the battle that is coming. I sense that Gambler is readying his troops and i want you to personally lead our swifter soliders in the charge. Your bravery will be told for all time. We as a group of Villains who took down every hero who dared to come against, we took on the Sith with only a hand full of trained warriors and many soliders. Where the Sith are outnumbering us, we will take them down. And i want YOU to be here. And when this is over if you are still alive you will be forever remember as a VV not a once traitor."

DC then turns around and stares deep into the enemy line.

"WE will not die without a fight"

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Fear, like love and honour, had been carved from Walkingstone's soul. Her eyes of pale green burned as she stared at the ever silent Sith. The need of her Vine Villain brethren to shout or cheer or make speeches was beyond her comprehension. This was a necessity, like the lancing of a boil or the amputation of a limp. Gone was the joy that Oriax would have taken in murder and destruction, just as absent as the self-doubting morality of the mortal, Beth. In its place was a cold quietness that would drive her ever through the battle.

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Cryo-Wolf moved through the crowd of Sith, his hood covering his face. He stepped up beside Gambler. With his eyes still on the enemy, he said, "Are you sure we can win?"

The rain fell in a monotone on Cryo's hood. He patted his hand down on his double-lightsaber. He would need it.

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Gambler slowly turned to the young Sith Maruader and spoke.

"I have seen it in my dreams Darth Lupus. But many will die this day. I have a plan, it shall not fail. You must at all cost keep Darkchild occupied, and then, when the time is right......we shall destroy him."

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DC looks out into the mass of Sith Lords and sees that Gambler has turned his attention to Darth Lupus


DC screams out

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Talon looked at Darkchild.

"No my friend. I answered a blood oath and betrayed my brothers, nothing will ever erase that shame. It is somthing that I will carry with me. But yes I will do as you ask. One final rush into oblivion on the swords of my family. That is where I shall find my final honour."

He let his fingers brush over the familiar weapons he carried, taking comfort from thier feel.

"Just give the word, and I shall go forth into hell."

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Cryo, once turned looking at Gambler, his eyes shoot towards DC. He raises his head ever so slightly and looks at DC.

"It may yet. If so, I shall not rest till my spirit will linger in your darkest nightmares. Though I pass on, I will live, haunting you around every corner and in every night."

Cryo moved his hand to his Double-bladed Lightsaber and gripped it firmly. His training as a marauder forced him to show no fear. He was taught things most wouldn't even think possible. He was taught to fight with a saber better than any. thought he didn't know the force as well as other beings, he was a master of the SaberStaff.

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DC hear Cryos words and then turned towards his army.


DC then turns his attention towards Lone.

My friend where would you want to be in this battle i give you one last chance. I feel that you know your place is here with us the VV, but your blood oath was for naught it was an oath to a man of very little virtue. I want an answer my friend.

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"I am with you Darkchild. For better or worse I chose my side. I will not be a traitor twice. Do not fear, I will show niether compassion nor mercy. I was trained to be an agent of death and that is what I shall be. Now what are my dispositions?"

Talon spoke hurridly. He could feel battle on the air.
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Fifty-thousand golden warriors formed out of nothingness on the side of Vine Villains, each one an energy contruct formed by Satyrquaze, more than capable of defeating the average warrior on the side of the Sith, they wouldn't tire, they would never be hindered by wounds, they are immune to battle psychology.

Satyrquaze smiled at his creations.

(OOC: these are my grunts, I'm just talking them up)

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havok stood in the crowd he did not care if he died there was no one to miss him he pulled out his sword and flew to the side of walkingstone and said "good luck my friend" he flew off to the side of dc and stood there rain patting on his head sword in hand.

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A huge portal opens up in the sky, covering everything in purple darkness. A man, whose age has been forgotten thousands of years ago flies out, causing thunder to start playing it's earth shattering drum. His face is hidden, he is evil to the core, ready to destroy and demolish.

"Death upon those who oppose the Vine Villains!"


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Talon glanced around and saw the assembles multitude. He drew his staff. The grip resting unopened in his hand. Around him others shuffled in thier places, the sudden fear of death upon them. The words of his master cme to Talon over the span of the years.

"Fear is a powerfull weapon Talon. But it is a double edged sword. If others inspire fear in you, you fall as much under thier control as they would into yours."

The juvenile Talon had gazed up at the scarred old man.

"But Master, how do you not feel fear."

"By accepting it. Only when you realise that you are already dead can you function effectivly as a soldier. Once you have accepted this, you will be the master of fear itself."

Talon looked around him. A smile crept over his face. There was no better way to die, than among friends.

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Closing his eyes and crossing his legs he began to meditate waiting and listening to everything, wind slowly wove over him , whispering in his ear , the rain he called still falling, every droplet reaveld a secret and diesire to die , Falling as many warriors would this very day.

Keeping his eyes closed he looked up knowning the stars would allow him some peace , from the hundreds of voice that surronded him, He only wanted to hear one and he wanted to hear him scream in bloody pain as Arrow ripped out his heart.

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Havok looked up rain pouring on to his face he loved rain, he saw Arrow meditating and a strange fellow aswell he looked around at the army he was in and he knew many were going to fall and that he shall probably fall with them he waited for a signal to attack.

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Gambler looked over to the other side, the Sith were outnumbered but Gambler cared not, the VV had grown weak, only a few key members posed any real threat. Gambler turned his head slightly and nodded.

"It is time."

Gambler pulled his Lightsaber and then another, he had mastered the art of the duel Saber. The rain sizzled as it hit the glowing beams of red energy. Gambler took one step forward.........then charged.

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Arrow eyes sparked open , Then in an instant, he was standing in front of the advancing army , Lifting a hand he fired a murderous energy ball in to the grunts , Blood flew everywhere and then slowly he titled his head and winked towards Gambler, "VV ADVANCE " .

A small shadow appeared at Arrows side,It was impossible to make out who it was,"Not yet" ,It was gone again, Lifting his mighty sword from his back he smiled , The black blade was made of magic and could cut anything , It had met a light saber before and come of the better he wondered to himself coud it do it again,"DEATH" He cut deep into the advancing ranks waiting foe the real challenge .
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Havok stood there the army rushing past him he decided not to rush things and stood there black coat swaying he looked at his sword the sword of death, destruction, HAVOK. the sword that had never failed him the sword that can cut anything and with that sword he advanced.

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Spectrum marched forth sweeping his mighty sword across the sith grunts. He lead his men straight into battle hammerheading with the enemys the grunts where well trained but no for him he made easy work of them slashing at there heads. He cleared a path through the ranks, he intended to go for the heart of the enemy, the direct center.

"ONWARD" He screamed.

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lord boken emergered from the shadows next to gambler. drawing his blade prepared for attack. his blade was so strong that a light saber could not brake it.

"my master what is your will."
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Talon led his men against the Sith left. His lightly armed troops falling on the Sith sabers in huge numbers. But they were brave and disiplined and fought back. Giving as good as they got.

Talon activated his blade staff into a warriors stomach, feeling his dying shudders through the blade. He spun, avoiding a burst of full auto fire. He drew a pistol and fired in one smooth motion. The spent power cell ejected and he leapt again. A lightsaber grazed his thigh, leaving a seared whelp accross the flesh. He snarled and plunged his blade into the mans throat, feeling a warm spray of blood soak his arm. The pain was intence but he concentrated for a moment and it lessend. He smiled as he remembered his masters words.

“Pain is a distraction, to be an effective killer you must be able to perform your task in adverse conditions. It may have been several days since you have eaten, you may have been wounded, the weather may be hostile but these things are irrelevant. Your survival does not matter, only the completion of your mission. To need the force is to be weak. It is a tool, no more important that your blade, use it, but do not rely on it. There are ways of blocking out pain, but these do not stem from the force. Make it unimportant and it will be so.”

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Gambler had engaged the front line of the VV. With a force push he sent hundreds flying backwards crashing into other grunts. The red beam left traces across the sky as he cut down one VV grunt after another.

Then several blasts came from the back of the VV army, it was Raines. Gambler deflected the blasts with his Saber and leaped into the air landing beside Raines. A couple more shots were fired but with one quick motion Gambler deflected them back at Raines and then cut him down.

Gambler was deep in the center of the VV army, he ready'd himself for the onslaught.

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boken prepared an abiscal ball and hurled it at the front line like a boling ball


boken came forward and started killing memebers of the vv.

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Spectrum soon learned the pain of the sabar. A sith strode forth and stabbed wildly at his arm.

Feeling the intense heat and pain Spectrum spun around annd sliced at the Sith, until dead.

His men were also not acustomed to the weapons as he saw many fall.

The wound was now pumping blood he use this to his advantage ,spurting it into many of his foes eyes. He hoped that it would heal but if it didnt just another scar to show the grandkids.

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A Sith warrior lunged at Talon but he parried and sent a murderous ripost through the mans guard and into his chest. A black armoured trooped fired and Talon blocked, sending the rounds into the press of strugling warriors. A marauder approached, hurling debry at Talon,

"Put everything from your mind, it is just a distraction from the subtle intracies of the sabre."

Talon sliced the mans hands off and used the second blade to decapitate him. He fought with a total lack of emotion, trapped in the warriors cycle.

Address, parry, ripost, Address, lunge, parry, Address.

The cycle went on as he felled foe after foe. There were few Vine soldiers around him now and he turned, fighting his way back towards his comrades. Another assasin struck from nowhere, his blade a blur. Talon parried and then shot him in the face. A mercenary soldier luched to close and Talon dragged his blade through his guts. A deflected blaster round hit him square in the back and Talon fell, blood spraying from his mouth in a red mist.

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Spectrum lokked behind him, most of his men had been lost to the scum but twelve of the best still remained.

"defensive 1" He hoalared over the din

All the soldiers gathered aroundin a circle waiting for the comand to strike>

Spectrum waited untill he could smell the enemys fear to stike.


The first row of six soldiers jabbed and withdrew then the second and then the first againn. He needed a plan quick.

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Killing these grunts had began to bore arrow , All of a sudden a double edge red light saber came flying towards him , Arrow dodge it with such speed he caught his attacker of guard catching the light saber by it's hilt.

He spanit round his back and threw it in the air catching ithe fliped back when he landed the grunts fell in a cricle he smiled, The Sith lord moved forward calling on his light saber but it did not come, Arrow looked at the strange man before him his red face and his crown of horns, He did look the part, All of a sudden the man charged Arrow.

Dropping the light saber to the floor Arrows hnd flew forward , as it did the Sith fliped over hishead called the light saber to his hand and went to swing ,But he could not move blood poured from his mouth and eyes, Arrow stood back and held the Sith lords heart in his hand , Turning his back he walked forward cutting his way to the centre of the sith , In the back round he hread a voice scream "LORD MAUL"

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The two great armies smashed against each other, the Sith in silence while the VV raged and screamed. Walkingstone felt the comforting tug of her guns on each hip but left them there as they would be almost useless in such close quarters. Instead, her long bladed knife slashed through the advancing troups, their blood soaking her skin. None fell to her blade, all wounded but not fatally so. They under-estimated her, leaving her to slash and cut but ignoring her as insignificant. That is until she felt the burn of a light saber down her left side.

Spinning around, she ducked low in time to stop from losing her arm, rolling on the ground and back up. She blocked with her knife, bowed back with the force of the blow. The hairs on her arms crackled with energy as she slowly crawled back to her feet to end standing nose to nose with the Sith warrior.

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GL Bertron streaked through the sky. The battle had started and his sword had yet to taste blood. Lord Gambler had told him he would be needed and he wanted nothing more than to taste blood.

"Where am I needed?"

Bertron growled into his head piece.

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Havok advanced through the battle stabbing and shooting people on the way he had just saw Talon get hit as he cut a mans hand off and plunged his own lightsaber throiugh him he walked through the crowd his jacket getting cut he got to Talon just before he hit the ground blood was pouring from his mouth.

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"I grow tired of this" A smiple flick of his fingers and a hundred grunts fall dead at his feet, Arrow pushes of the ground surrounding himself in a magical shield, "GAMBLER HEAR ME , COME AD FACE ME YOU COWARD". flying so he was sixteen feet above the battl he waited with his arms crossed, The pale moon sat behind him .

He watched as VV and sith battled each other madly killing and dying he smiled , He loved it the meaningless deaths and he has pulled the strings , played the pipe and they followed to there deaths "Fools" he said to himself.