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After many battles together side by side they have finally had it. The fight of the century is about to start ONE FINAL SHOWDOWN.


Me and Arrow no one else, so no one interfere

Darkchild walks into the arena floor and smiles as one corner of the arena is engulfed in darkness.

"Why hello Arrow looks like you like to make an introduction."

DC readies himself for the fight to come.
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The shadows explode, as the shadow warrior runs at his target, He pulls out two silvers six shooters and let the black bullets fly, Sliding to a stop , dust flying on the air in front of him, He drops the pistols and pulls out the sword of souls, ths black blade whistles in the wind.

DC had been loyal to one man magneto , He had not followed his friends and hid behind the pruple rob of his master, Not here , here he would have to answer for his betraly, His sword dropped to his side as he began to run , dust flying from the ground as it dug in.


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DC pulled out his sword and ran at Arrow hitting each of the bullets flying at him with his sword.

He runs faster and swings at Arrow, their swords connect and both fighters stare at each other through their swords.

"I followed what i believed was right, and i stood by who i knew was right you are the traitor!"

DC breaks the sword battle and backs up and lets loose a flurry of dark spheres at Arrow.

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Arrow smiles as the orb flies at him, Turning into a shadow himself the orb passes through him,"You reall are going to have to try better" Arrow lifted his pale hand , five orbs grew from his finger tips, he sent them flying , they incricled DC before all moving randomly they flew at him.

Arrow the stabed his sword in the groung he moved his hands in to a prayer, but turned his left hand upside down and moved it down so the base of his hands only just made contact, "Im the tratior your the coward who hides be hind Magnetos shadow, Try having a fought of your own, " Arrow energy was growing.

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fury and rage began to to grow inside Darkchild


And in a burst of power the orbs circling Darkchild fly away from his area forced away from the power erupting from his body.

" How can i be the traitor when YOU, have been in an out of everything, never making up his mind. I stood by what i knew was RIGHT!"

DC began to walk not run towards Arrows location, the air cracking around him as the darkness began to ooze from him burning the ground as he walked.

"You want be to do better and my full power, FINE!"

Darkchilds stopped his march and the darkness oozeing from his body began to crawl over his body and turn it a charcoal black.


And in an instant Darkchild disappeared and the reappeared above Arrow with sword in hand.

Darkchild swings his fully charged Sword of Darkness down on Arrows location.

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Arrow Began to laugh wildly, As he tansported away from Dc Strike "Thats it " The ground began to shake, the arena walls explode the sky darkend, blood began to rain onto the arena, "I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LOYAL TO ONE THING , EVIL, YOU WANT TO TASTE TRUE POWER DC, HERE".

The whole earth shock Arrow appeared behind DC, His hand out streched, A Orb exploded from his hand, The arena was in ruins, lighting ripped across the blood drencehd sky, Arrow no longer wished to hold back, Dc wanted a fight he would get one, Two small child like shapes appeared from Arrows own shadow.

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DC jumped back from the blast but not being able to avoid all of the blast he was still hit by it.

He jumped from the ground into the air and brought forth both his swords.

He did a cart wheel in the air multiple times and each time he would swing and jab at Arrow

Knowing Arrow would easily dodge the slashes he charged his sword of heaven with light knowing full well light harms Arrow in some degree.

Noticing the child like shapes appear beside Arrow he thought that he should take this to the next level.

"How about a light show my friend"

DC held his hands into the sky and fired multiple shots of light into the air. The shots stopped mid flight and hung over the arena floor.

DC brought his hands down to the ground and the shots he let fly into the air came crashing towards the arena, as they closed closer to the floor they formed into daggers.

" I will not hold back"

DC charged both of his swords with light. One glowed bright while the other his sword of darkness began to hum.

"You know what Arrow i have never charged the Sword of Darkness before lets see if this will be fun"

DC stood his ground as the daggers began to rain down on the arena.

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Arrow could do nothing but smile, He dodge the attack with ease and turned to a shadow for the falling blades, His shadow powers where almost all but gone due to the light, He pulled a small dagger and cut into his hand.

Throwing blood onto the floor it began to fry , four doors erupted from the ground , all four door handles began to turn and from the first black door stepped a Dark image of Gambler, The seconed a dark image of Mighty Magneto, the thrid door sprung open and out stepped a dark image of DC himself, The last one stayed shut.

"Holding back you dont know the meaning " Arrow had to hold back all the time , His magic his shadow powers, he was more powerful then he let on, This fight could be over with by now if Arrow had wanted it,"Each of these are blood clones, brought forward by magic, they have all the same powers and strengths as the real things, But the only diffrence is I control them and DC I just told them to rip you apart," .

The four clones exploded into action, Dc black clone wnet straight at him, Gambler charged Dc his staff drawen ready for the attack and Magneto caused the very ground to shake as he ripped Iron ore from mother earth and fired it at DC
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DC looked at the clones coming forth and just stood their waiting and smiling.

The clones jumped DC and began to pummel him but all he did was smile. When the Clones got up they were amazed that DC was still smiling and laughing hysterically. You Idiots.


DC had detonated himself taking out the clone of himself.

AS the dust cleared a sword appeared behind Arrow and at the back of his neck.

"You fool you think i did not come prepared for this, look up at the stadium."

In the stands stood hundreds of clones of DC himself.

DC leaned close to Arrow and whispered

*" I have powers of duplication also my friend. I knew that the daggers would not all hit you so i let them hit me and each one that hit me it created a clone, i met Madrox before he is a very nice guy and his powers are useful also"

DC backs up from Arrow and gets in a fighting stance.

"So we gonna let your clones have fun with mine so that we can fight this one on one or are you going to make me create more"

DC gestures for Arrow to attack with his sword.

"You believe you are superior so lets prove it Sword of Heaven against your Sword of Souls"

DC made all of his clones come down to the stadium and attack the clones Arrow had made.

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"Stupid fool " , The foruth door openend and out stepped Arrow , "You lost at the start" The Shadow child smiled as his brother appeared next to him, The darkness grew dimming the light, "I no longer wish to fight you with a sword DC , you wanted a full power battle , You got one" the two arrows began to chant , the Arena dissapeared the world turned black, All that burnt was Arrows eyes.

The ground around the two Arrow's exploded with every step closer to DC, they talked in sync "Your clones are nothing , your little sword is nothing and you DC are nothing, You come to this arena , YOU CHALLENGE ME and think I will fight you with my sword , A sword made by god himself, YOU FOOL" the two arrows spread there arms, a giant ball surrounded DC and the two of them.

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DC stood their finally realizing that he is over powered at his current state. He finally realizes that if he wants to even be a fight at all against Arrow he needs to unleash everything, every door that has been closed for so long, ever lock to be unlocked. He needs to become Darkchild.

And in that instant he let everything go.

The shadows around him began to fade for what he became was not darkness at all but light pure blinding light, and then he lifted his head and spoke

Deep voice and opening his eyes

"This is what you wanted...for my full power to be shown so that this can truly be our fight. HERE I AM FULL POWER"

HE began to walk towards Arrow and with everystep the shadows that engulfed the arena would fade from around him, yet the arena still stood darkend.

DC stopped in front of the two arrows and looked at both of them.

"Lets begin"

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Arrow was a little surpised at this, DC had never been near this type of level , this only meant one thing could happen , He liffted his hand and pointed it at the sky, A ball of black rage flew from it straight at the sun, The seconed arrow Fried a blast of pure hate at DC , As the two children ran there joker like smiles taking up there faces.

The fired wave after wave of Shadows orbs at dc, Arrow was done playing, No longer would he let this sharade play on, He appeared next to dc and went to place a hand on him "absorbe this" Arrow channled his full power into his hand, lets see if DC can deal with this much Power in his body.

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The blast that came from the sun hit DC directly nothing missed. The dust cleared and DC was still standing, bit less of his cloths but he was still standing. .

The shadow orbs did the most damage sending him flying back into the arena floor, his left arm had the most damage it was singed bad and most of his arm was hanging to life because he was determined to defeat Arrow. Then Arrow appeared next to him with his hand stretched out and his hand began to glow, DC could tell he was channeling his power into his hands.

DC looked at Arrows hand and grabbed it, and he began to absorb as much as he could from Arrow. But the dark power was too much and he was sent flying back because of this. The process of absorbing the power destroyed what was left of his left arm and now all it was was a lifeless limb. The power he did absorb was beginning to tear him apart inside and he needed to find a way to release the energy before it destroyed him...the children.

"Lets not have any friends while we fight Arrow"

DC then vanished and appeared behind Arrow about 3 feet and began to chant a phrase "Akawasumba Akawasumba Akawasumba! KUSHAGONO!!!!!"

And he fired a blast of pure light at Arrow and his shadow children. Hoping for all that is that it hit his adversary
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The blast hit arrow and sent him flying , The seconed Arrow Appeared in front of Dc his eyes glowing, He vanished and reappeared in the sky, The heavens openend as a balst of dark energy slammed into the Arrow that was hurtling to the ground, Arrow stopped short of hitting the ground floating his face just an inch from the dirt, The black ray hit his bodie, "Thankyou ".

The blood and tears in his lothes where gone , His face was back to the cold pale it had been before, The seconed Arrow was gone, He had transfered all his powers into the real Arrow, Arrow stood in front of DC his dark energy was causing the ground to tear apart, dirt and rocks began to flaot around him, the two children where almost hit but they sank into thegorund reappearing at Arrows side , both of them place a hand on arrows leg and slowly they becam part of him, The ground began in indent round arrow, the very shadows of the earth began to swrill round him.

"You have annoyed me DC, You tried to use my own magic against me" the air was crakling , the moon had gone from the sky, there was nothing apart from DC and Arrow, He slowly liffted a Plae white finger and pointed at Dc's clones they all exploded, Turning he looked at the blood clones he had created and they fell into the night.

The world seemed Darker, "I have always protected, the world never giving in truly to my darker side, I always wondered how it would feel and for that I thankyou DC, "He liffted his hand and pointed at DC head, Using his super speed his hand signs moved in a blur, The spell had been cast a small white ball the size of a tennis ball hung in the air in front of Arrow, He looked at DC, "Catch" the ball flew off with such speed it was impossible to see, the sheer power ripped the ground apart as it flew towards it's target.

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DC saw the blast coming and tried to catch it but it moved too fast and he was unable to catch it.

The blast hit him hard in the chest sending him flying and breaking most of his ribs in the process.

DC stood up battered and bruised but he will never give up.

coughs up blood And looks at the Arrow he once knew.

"Looks like i bring out the best in people"

DC charged his hands up and they began to glow with a bright light, the light encircled his hands and he ran head first into Arrows wrath.

He is inches from Arrow, then he opens his hands and slams them to the ground causing the surrounding area to explode in a bright light.

DC stands waiting for Arrow to emerge from the dust knowing full well that did very little to him.