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Only Celestrion and Darkchild battle

Darkchild stands at an old S.H.I.E.L.D base waiting for the new fighter. The fighter had wanted to be show the ropes by DC himself, she was a fighter but knew nothing of how fighting was done and she wanted to.

She walks onto the base her suit flowing in the wind she was arrogant he knew that much about her. She stepped forward up to him looking up to him. He looks at her with a smile "Shall we begin?" he asks

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Celestrion with her white attire flowing in the wind had arrived on scene. Celestrion replys,"1 momment please."

Celestrion then let out a ring of light, transforming her and changing her dress to a black and purple suit laced with the weapon of her dimension on her back. The Z'rec'ta prances around her as she clamps it, and holds it firm."Now lets begin."

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DC smiles for a moment watching Celestrion her outfit changing.

Lets begin

"Lets" and without a second thought he creates a sword of darkness, one not even half its full strength but none the less a sword of darkness. He slams his hand into the ground sending a shockwave of earth and energy flying towards Celestrion. He puses himself off of the ground flying forward towards Celes his sword in hand and lets forth a flurry of swings.

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Cautious an alert of the attack Celestrion Dodges the first attack just to be confronted by his 2nd. Unprepared she slips and recovers from the first few swings. Celestrion then changes her staff into the destiny sword and countered the attack with a tremendous waveblast echoing on the swords clashing. Celestrion laughs and replys"lol I'm not a kid you know, being granted access to the power of the light dimension gives me great benifits u know." Celestrion the backs away from the sword lunging a swing at Dc which emits a burning light from the swing in the attempt to hurt Dc.

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I'm not a kid you know, being granted access to the power of the light dimension gives me great benifits u know

"May not be a kid, but i can see one of the benifits it gave you was an ego" spinning his sword in front of him deflecting the burning light and blocking the sword attack itself. DC pushes against her sword leaning in "White is never great idea, always finds a way of getting blood on it" he says about her outfit then pushing her off of his sword and swinging his blade and a shockwave is emitted as the force of the swing crushes the ground beneath it and the shock wave continues towards Celes.

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Celestrion does a battle cry and deflects a portion of the attack away from her. Celestrion replys,"Then I'll make sure to get it dry cleaned." Celestrion then closed her eyes using her sorceress supreme abilites she commanded the amalgam of elements to forge with her Z'rec'ta (sword) changing to the Tetra maelstrom, a weapon used by her people. While DC and Celes were lunging at each other Celestrion faked a elemental strike lassed with a power kick should the attempt fail.Planning 3 steps ahead of every movement she commands total focus of her dimension from this attack.

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Her attacks hit DC and they would have done considerable damage if they hit the right spots. His arm bruised as well as his chest he staves the attacks while keeping up with Celes.

He knew that she was a hot head in battle so he used that to his advantage. He fires a blast to her left side, and knowing that she would dodge the attack he countered with a hard side kick to her left side

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DC was right Celestrion dodged the first attack but couldn't dodge the kick and was shot to the right of her due to the left kicks Impact. She got up in a frenzy but remebered to keep her cool. Celestrion played this game to her advantage, She ran back to the playing field and used 2 of her fingers and jamed it in the ground causing a mystic mist to wrap around the ground under him. Celestrion commands,"Rise!!!" Just then 3 Celestrion clones arise from the ground of the base, all resembling a color of her emotions. They arise in a triangular form around Dc. She Commands again"Attack my target!!!" The Clones then open their eyes as swords come out of their bodies and simutaneosly they attempt to attack DC with their right hand containing the swords. And should he dodge they would attempt a peice by peice 3 on 1 attack starting from the right with a tele-kick which would lift him up 2: Clone would grab him while he was in the air hurdleing him to the ground 3: clone would run up as he was spinning toward the ground and shoot an darkness ball toward DC in his fallen position. Repeating If one clone should fail. Celestrion changes to a light mist slowly moving toward Dc without his notice.

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The clones were swift and they gained ground quicker than DC had had anticipated. He created a massive assortment of swords and they all hovered around his body. Each clone swinging their swords down upon him but DC guarded or blocked these attacks. Their sword fight was long but did not alst long for a swift kick to the midsection from the telekick grabbed DC's attention. Slamming his sword down upon the ground energy shooting towards the clones, and the force of the energy blowing the mist away.

DC continued his attention on the clones rather than Celestrion herself

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Celestrion then wraps over DC in her mistral form (non-scented/non-visible) and continues her true plan of getting inside of his body. While inside his body she will alert him." If you give up now, I won't kill you....see you have 4 options:

  1. Let my copy's kill you

  2. The mist that you are too inhale will kill you

  3. your abilities will deactivate and you become disabled.

  4. your mental power becomes dimenished releiving you of your powers.

Either or, their is no win/win situation.

The copys back up and spin around DC while they wait for me.

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Speaking to Celestrion with his mind

You know i really do not like it when people do this. But heres a nice fact love, i die while your still attached with me....you die. Possesion is my one true weakness but i do not fear death do you?

He finishes his speech and proceeds to go after the clones one by one. Slamming his fist into one of the clones it bursts and the other copies look at him as if "Wait we were winning". A smile grows on DC's face "Still cocky?" he asks before heading after the second one his arm engulfed in flames he fires a blast at the two around him his sights still fixed on the one in front of him his sword ready to cut it in two.

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The plan is in play, and it seems he's falling deeper and deeper into the plot. Celestrion has gotten so far in his body that as soon as he was ready to attack the clone his energy began to evaporate leaving him with a physical attack the clone 2 countered. The attack the went to clone 3 and 1 beginning to fade but still hit it's mark at full throttle causing clone 1 and 3 to vanish. Celestrion replys," No, thats where your wrong, I am not attached, just inside you is all tearing you from the inside out.....you remeber how sweat escapes your body? Well thats all I will say." Celestrion completes step 2 of her plan and step 3 follows right behind.

Celestrion attempts to shut down the mental part of his brain knowing that he has no control over his mental abilities and powers this way.

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Hearing her words his body begins to heat up, the extreame heats from this causing him to sweat profusely. His body began to swell, his anger taking control of his body and it begins to contort turning his body into a monstrous mess.

See Celes, a body can be controlled yes, but if a controlled has enough mind power and will power he can force the controlee out of the body without much of a problem.

His body begins to glow he is forcing the energy within his body out, but while inside it does massive damage to his insides. See your own body cannot keep up with the energies inside me, others yes but not you at this given moment.

He slams the ground with his fist and a large energy wave erupts combined with all of his energies. And his body finally erupts the energies expelled from within.

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She responds,"I'm surprise that you've seemed to underestimate me DC." Celestrion mist does how ever begins to evaporate out of DC but it has been doing that since it's first entrance leaving an Invisible trail inside him. Now that Dc is pure radiation however, Celestrion changes plans and then easily attempts to control that glob of radiation that is now DC.

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His body glowing with the massive amounts of energy now pulsating within him he looks at the clones and a streak of energy flows from his fingertips and surrounds them and when he closes his hand it slams into each clone. Not caring if it did the job he looks at Celes she is attempting to contain or control his power, he smiles "Here have some of my power" he forces the energy she has in her control towards her fast. It slams against the ground as if bouncing off it as it grows closer to her.

He begins to calm him self the glow from his body dying down. "Just you and me love" his insides twitch in pain the last attack of his insides by the woman did alot of damage. He flies towards Celestrion his sword outstretched but he also wanting to end this quickly storing again another burst of energy.

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With all the energy he portrated made him foolish for now the blast coming for Celestrion stops and reimits it'self inside DC. While DC has launched an attack toward Celestrion, she holds up her hands as she attempts to stop DC knowing he hasn't regenerated from his massive energy blast and while he was still glowing she found the sorce of his power and attempted to stop him in mid air.

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His insides contort and he almost falls from the air in pain but he continues towards her. The blast being deflected didnt matter all he needed was to get in close. She attempted to control him once again but his mind was not damaged at all and he was prepared putting a physical barrier around himself. Wouldnt last long but gave him enoguh time to get close.

Closing the distance he launched a blast of magnetic energy towards her first, then as it neared he jabbed his sword right behind it. So even if she dodged the first dodging the sword would be almost impossible.

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The effects of the blast weakened him tremendously using cosmic awareness Celestrion had already formulated the status of his attack and the distance of strength and power was on the uneven side for him. Celestrion quickly stopped the magnetic pulse that was given to her and reverted it causing the sword to turn it'self releasing itself from his grasp and Idmediatly Celestrion creates a double sword (z'rec'ta)out of pure thought and directed the attack toward Dc while Celestrion slowed his descent in the air recently. Hoping it would kill us both. Her doubled edged(z'rec'ta) lunging between us.
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His momentum kept him from stopping his movement. Her sword plunged deep within his stomach and out the other side through his back he was almost a trophy on the tip. But with his momentum and hitting the sword so hard it pushed the other side of the blade towards her.

He stared into her eyes and laughed a bit of blood seeping from his mouth "HAHAHA took you long enough." Pulling himself from the blade he waiting to see what damage her own blade did to her. And he held his hand out "You did good, but next time ill go at this full strength." he says smiling.

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Coughing out blood as well she replys,"And so will I." She then blast the swords out of her body and Dc's as well. Just then, using her supreme abilities she cast a spell preventing her death. She says,"Here take this...." A pill was given to DC to stop his death as well. "It contains the Herb of Therea, Meserosis. It reverses combactic effects on one life form." Celestrion then puts her outfit back on and in one blink her wounds are healed."So how was I?" She smiles asking with her (z'rec'ta) next to Dc teleports into it's origional form of a staff and behind Celes hands. She says, "I at least wanted to show you that I wasn't a bad Rpgist."

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Looking at the pill "Really no thanks i got my own way of dealing with my wounds" opening his shirt the wound was already beginning to heal.

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Celestrion responds,"oh really I too have my own ways of healing male beings...." Celestrion's mist form a portal into her room while she displays uncanny emotions toward DC.(lol)