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"You are tyrants of a new era. Capitalists of a different breed. I haven't seen so much precise carnage since the crusades" The cap pops off of a vintage champagne, echoing off of abandoned walls.

We only did as you azzzked Newczzztle....

" Yes, but you exceeded my expectations, you and the rest of the Shin-Yo.Your sect are more advanced in bio-engineering than your so called 'King' ever gave you due credit for... Did you know in his pilgrimage to the surface, I was one of the first people he spoke to? He claimed you were a savage factions not worth sharing a place within the empire." Passing a glass of the sparkling liquid to the creature as the man fish amalgam sits in the harbor warehouse with two others of it's kind with necks wrapped in some type of moist cocoon. The liquid seemed like some form of poison to the bottom dweller, he and his people were trusting to none. Placing the glass on a crate it stands, bellowing with a voice that sounded like a conglomeration of bubbles rising to a watery surface "What is the point of thizzz meeting, you zwore the empire would be ours once you had Japan.* We built you marvels of murder, spent resources we did not have to ensure our end of the bargain...Zztill we wait for your word to be honored."

" If everything continues as planned Clatarak, we'll all be where we want."

"And I don't own Japan, just it's political figures."

*(See: They Came From Nowhere)


As the team is called down to the underground area where like most of Animus Corp buildings, houses Thomas' laboratories and facilities, they can smell heated metal and hear the sound of a low pitched shriek. Finally reaching the end of the long dark corridor the group sees Maximus in a pair of boxer briefs atop an above ground see through tank.

". I'll be brief. After the events that occurred on G-day when the monsters attacked the world begs for some closure on the situation and after six months, their ripe for wanting. All evidence, with some slight of hand on my part, points to the event being an Atlantean terrorist attack. We as a group will storm the royal Atlantean capital where the King resides. Essentially we're going for a three move checkmate. But first let's get this out of the way. Max? apply your patch"

Nodding Maximus puts a square patch with what seems like dozens of circuit boards on his chests' center. Nothing seems to happen. "While outside of the water it seems like an overpriced nicotine patch. Max hop in please."

Doing a back spring dive Maximus lands in the pool. Swimming submerged he presses the pad, cracking it. As he does so a silver liquid begins to flow outward across his chest, down his abdomen, and around his body, "This suit was designed from alien technology, a virus. It's a beta model and a weaker version of whats to come, but it's effects are still impressive. The alloy encasing Maximus can withstand tremendous weight; we've measured the yield around 10 tons of pressure before it's registered by the organism underneath as uncomfortable. Due to it's symbiotic nature the virus digests and excretes only what it's adapted to be able to from its' environment, while simultaneously forming a bond with the host to ensure both of their joint survival. This means underwater right, the symbiote is in-taking the carbon dioxide in the water molecules and excreting it into the host as breathable oxygen through the skin pores." Passing out the patches to those who need them Animus, as he was called within the group, pressed his thumb to his index figner, a table flipping within the tank to show a diorama of the domed Atlantean capital. He encircles it.

"The Japanese have allowed us temporary control of the mechs that I've given them, but no pilots as per request. We'll send them down by basic automation as a distraction to lower defenses on one side of the wall of the city. Once the guardsman and soldiers are preoccupied, we'll make our move. " Toy mechs splash into the water and hobble towards the city. The plan coming to a child like sense of life in front of them beneath the tank

"Alistair King, my right hand. I need you to make a shadow clone within the cities defensive dome to open the gates for us."

"Strigidae 23? I'll ask that you take point at the gates once opened and enter with as much stealth as possible, take out the remaining guards however necessary, then signal us into the city when it's clear for intrusion."

"Dell. Your technokinesis will help us with the mechs. They require pilots, ones we don't have or want involved to give us away. I'm counting on you to puppeteer the giant machines long enough to keep the charade up so we can extract the King."

"Akira. With Dell preoccupied with the mech's you'll be the technopath we need in the end; Entering the territory will have to be done with suped scuba scooters, meaning we'll have no way out that's fast enough to avoid detection when we've accomplished our goal. We need some kind of ship built out of whats in the general area, atlantean vehicles, weapons, et cetera, to get us out of the hot zone as fast as possible before we're spotted by the guards.Can you handle it?"

"Arturia... You are the single most important. King Calidus is ruthless, powerful, and cunning. Your manipulating his emotions could possibly stun him long enough to be extracted, otherwise we may have done this for nothing. But thats phase one... I'll brief you separately later."

"If there's any questions, they better be asked now."

Midnight under the storm cover

Three major mechs are dropped into the ocean just outside of the Atlantean empire capital off the coast of New Jersey, their only basic function until Dell took control to follow the gps to the royal capital walls.

The team arrives via the Varius Mark III jet in record time of just four hours from Japan and across the pacific.

Cracking the patch on his suits chest Animus' normally red white and blue armor turns a chrome sheen, leading the way as he dives into the ocean an approximate mile from the Atlantean gates, waiting in the deep for the team.

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Being by his boss King briskly made his way towards of the Animus Corp, clad in his usual authentic Samurai armor with a single Katana attached to the right side of his belt. During his transit to the location he caught the faint, almost unnoticeable yet penetrating shrieks eerily echoing through the location, if he was a lesser man his hairs would have stood on end. Reaching the end of the location, he rested his hands upon the hilt of his death dealing blade, a silent nod was a testament to Kings understanding of the mission and what it entailed. Studiously watching this display of acrobatic diving, King realized he'd actually not been swimming himself for over three months. He sighed, knowing that was all about to change. Obligingly taking a single patch from his boss attaching it as necessary before the table impressively flipped open to reveal an astounding array of detailed map of the Atlantean capital as Animus circles such devise.

Kings right palm gripped his left wrist behind of his back in thought contemplating how such a decisive plan would work in actuality, he trusted his boss however and did not speak out. Catching his name, King snapped his head around staring towards of Animus, a simple tone of seriousness evident in his own words "Understood, this shall be achieved" Respectfully bowing out of tradition as he listened to the other commands being given.

He then simply left the group to seclude himself in meditation until the battle, and invasion took place. Promptly arriving to position after being transported by the businesses Varius Mark III jets, he was highly impressed at such urgency being delivered, four hours was just...around 3 hours and 59 minutes slower than his own transport speed through shadow manipulation. Albeit, he had chosen to agree to such a ride, knowing the team would need time to cooperate and learn who each other were.

Stepping out from within the containment area he followed his boss Animus through the ocean after activating his own patch, reaching the desired location after a short swim his armor feeling heavier than usual (due to the pressure) yet the patch and his own resilience playing the key factor in his safety. King finally reached the established rendezvous point.

Upon doing so, his eyes hypnotically closed entering his own form of a meditative state. His "shadow spirit" leaving his own body being almost undetectable to any form of life as it traveled inwards to the defensive dome of the city. Reaching the borders inside of his semi-spiritual state he easily slipped through the defenses going unchallenged. Finding the domes systems which operated the entrance an exit to this establishment. His shadow spirit merged with his physical body manifested itself inside of the spirit performing an unorthodox type of shadow teleportation, his physical body left Animus's side as it was instantly transported inside.

A short while later the defenses had been neutralized for the teams initial assault, he having felt no resistance due to the distractions and bombardments attacking the opposing side of the dome, coupled with his spiritual secrecy being caught was near impossible at this time, one single man in the mist of battle was nothing more than a drop in the ocean. King himself vanished. Seemingly absent from battle until the time was right, prior to his disappearance from battle he had sent a message to Animus alerting him of the success.

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Every detail of the plan was filed. Both in Ivana's psychically augmented memory and her suits micro-computer. Her role appeared to be simple; eliminate as many of the guards as possible. Such duties were typical for the 23rd Strigidae.

Unfortunately there was no other information. Were the Alantians powered or unpowered? What level of technology did they have? Magical talents? Training? Physical abilities? Ivana was going in blind, not physically but strategically.

No matter.

She spend the time checking her gear, renewing her psychic shielding, checking the waterproofing on her bow and suit, and meditating. There was time to speak to her team mates, but she did not; they had nothing in common besides this team. In six months the majority of them would be dead or missing. They were only cogs playing their parts. An individual part might be critical but any cog could be replaced. Team cohesion was irrelevant; should the mission fail Ivana would leave them to die.


The protective patch applied Ivana kicked through the water. The physical peek of humanity naturally her suit only enhanced her abilities to preternatural levels. Diving and twisting and turning through dozens of defensives, smirking inwardly as she bypassed microwave lasers, darts, shock-nets and-

-and pain tore through her as a microwave laser burned a hole clean through her torso. Biofeedback alarms sounded in her ears. The pressure was so great her lung filled with salt water before her suit could seal itself. Her blood oxygen levels plummeted. Biometric data scrolled down her goggles.

There were only a few yards left. Ivana kicked and twisted with inhuman strength, adrenal glands working overtime to help her bypass the last few traps.. and they failed. A trio of toxic darts impacted her left arm. Though her suit automatically injected anti-toxins almost instantly it was not fast enough; her left arm hung uselessly at her side.

One last kick of her feet took her through the gates and into the oxygenated entry to Atlantis. She needed a moment to recover, to take stock of her injuries and enter a healing trance. Perhaps ninety seconds would do, for now.

Ivana did not have ninety seconds. Or even nine. Fourteen Atlantian guards bore down on her. Muscles gleamed, the undersea pressures granting them vast strength and speed. Semi-mystical weapons dangled in their hands; all masters of war, trained from birth in their ancient arts.

The 23rd Strigidae could barely stand. Her tachyon infused katana hung in a single hand, her other arm dangled by her side; limp and useless.

Nineteen seconds later it was over.

The last atlantian fell, head tumble across the floor like a discarded basket ball.

Ivana sheathed her bloody blade and activated her comm link with her team. "Its clear."

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In contrast with her allies, Arturia had a very light way about her. Floating among the others of this “Dark Trinity,” her levity was apparent as she spaced in and out of the explication of the technical details and overall goals set forth by their employer. That is, until she heard her name called, at which point she calmly came to attention. The job was a mixed bag of ups and downs. On one hand, she was doing what she’d been born to do. And what girl wouldn’t want to make a king her puppet? On the other hand, hers being labelled as “the single most important” gave a feeling like she might need to take things more seriously, as failure on her part would be grander under the microscope than anybody else’s.

She had a number of questions, like what’s this separate briefing about? Just how badly is he guarded? Can I get backup? But if no one else was going to ask questions, neither was she. She didn’t want to look stupid or scared, despite lacking any formal training whatsoever.

“Enlisting” the help of several formidable-looking individuals she’d pre-selected for assignment, Arturia determined to bring her thralls along for the ride, to defend her, and if nothing else, provide a source of replenishment if things went wrong. Above all, she had one goal in mind. Take control of the king, keep him alive, and hold onto him for as long as possible. Cards played perfectly, she should be able to keep him entranced even after the mission was over, and after they got what they wanted from his land, have a bit of a cult following. And the pride of ruling over a king as with a pet. From there, the possibilities were endless, intoxicating.

-- --

Perfect! The private briefing on her task was perfect fuel to her fire. Excitement eclipsed all other emotion as she considered what more she could do in her position, including studies of fabled Atlantean magics, said lost to the rest of the world. A simple metamorphosis of her body allowed her to breathe underwater through the use of gills, a spell conjuring a protective magic field offering her resistance to the pressures of the deep. No way am I putting on that tacky suit. For the twenty men who followed, obeying her every whim, however, she made an allowance, for as many who could be accompanied. Then she waited, mentally scanning the scene from a safe place on dry land.

Timing was crucial in order to achieve maximum possibility for success with minimal trouble. Her primary entry plan hinged on the woman in the black suit getting beat up by the front door defense. Hopefully she’d survive the encounter, and deal with the enemy in a timely manner, for Arturia hoped to piggyback on her arrival, use the confusion and subsequent death to gain access. Too soon and she’d end up in the middle of a battlefield. Too late and the king would no doubt be surrounded by guards, which she was sure was exactly happening while this woman took her sweet time handling business.

Dammit, I’m not gonna fail because she can’t han—...

Before she finished her thought, however, the word came in. “It’s clear.” Meant for the cambion or not, it was perfect. Wasting no time, Arturia conjured a portal engulfing she and her followers, taking them immediately to the place where the carnage had just taken place. That was all, then she split with her miniature army of men, deeper into the city.

They barely made any ground before being set upon by more of the guardsmen. With their outstanding weaponry and years of training, a few mindless thralls with likely none whatsoever, no matter how good-looking and in shape, were pretty much nothing but minced meat. A horde of guards advancing upon them with their weapons, they were dead within seconds. All except Arturia, who lived, albeit in a disfigured state due to a hail of some type of weaponfire. Only once they had gone to check on the other intruders did she piece herself back together, following with a general communications report to the team. “Yeah…We may need a little help on this front.” What a waste, she thought, staring down at her useless, now dead eye candy army.

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Akira had secret motives for joining the rag tag ensemble of pretend heroes and shared them with no one as he paraded through the tower for days like a bored child in a playpen. The first night he was there he had already cracked the security systems and added the encrypted data to his immense files, the second night he compromised the armory by duplicating the weaponry in his own private lab, and on the third night he began to get restless after vigilantly extracting data on his teammates while pretending he was attempting to help them enhance there powers and abilities. Soon his boredom came to an end when the de-facto leader of the Dark Trinity summoned them to a meeting for discussion on the first mission, describing briefly the details that encircled an invasion on the Atlanteans.

The Young Tetsuo scoffed, gave a nod, but remained quite when Animus addressed him on specific objectives that Akira was to carry out once they had submerged into the depths of sapphire. If this was there first mission he could imagine the scope of plans that had yet to be introduced and the thought made AO cringe with excitement and anticipation , which in turn convinced himself to stick around longer then planned. The fact that he had a chance to get his hands on Atlantis weaponry made him even more thrilled as he walked away from the briefing before anyone else to gather a few toys he thought would be fun to use on the adventure.


Yamato punched his open hand through the glove of his newly designed armor of his own engineering , and sat back with his leg perched on the knee of his other while the private jet arrived at the destination. Originally he had no plan to wear any type of armor but recently his daily dose of power capsules began to have adverse affects on his skin and hair, making him a walking negative man. So his intent was to shroud any inclination of his situation with a fully functional weaponized armor equipped with necessary tools for deep sea diving.

The whole trip was an awkward silence which Akira thought was nervousness on his teammates end, though he kept his eye on the Strigidae as if he was just waiting for the right moment to put a telekinetic squeeze on her cerebral cortex. He wasn't quite sure what it was he just knew he loathed the sight of the person for some odd reason but disregarded the thoughts for the moment and stood up by the opening of the plane which hovered over murky waters. He was the last of the team to exit the hovercraft end enter the water as he dropped from the sky with a perfect nosedive until he made it to the oceanic floor . His armor automatically adjusting to the pressure while showing a gauge of his vitals and oxygen levels on the HUD located on the wide lenses of his helmet. Akira silently reached the gathered super team and stood by Animus before awaiting the next phase. His voice sounding robotic like as he spoke out.


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Dell stood upright amongst many other members of the Dark Trinity, a group which could severely aid him on his own goals. The technopath wandered through the many paths of his troubly mind, wondering what his next steps would be. His armor layed on the ground by his side, awaiting a single signal to attach and protect his sick body. Once his mission was clear, Dell nodded affirmatively, diverging the atlantians' attention seemed as a praiseworthy scheme, after all. Connecting with his armour through technokinesis, he instantly geared up for the clash. Both eyes focusing on a stationary point, always averting any contact with the team members. Technopath Master waded leisurely towards the machinery which hinged on his powers to work. He amplifyed his ability in order to achieve full control over the mechas, sorely concentrated, as a simple test.

The Varius Mark III jet took over an hour to arrive, a time which could easily be increased if Engineer worked on his own, but the team was an important part of the mission, even a lone wolf as Dell should recognize when he needs aid. As soon as arrival was iminent, Conagher readied himself to fulfill his goal thoroughly, errors would not be tolerated. One huge leap and he was already on the middle mecha's shoulder, both arms crossed, analyzing any possible theat or suspicious movement. His armor slowly submerged, the metal moistening due to the water, luckily, he had prepared a resistant alloy, which would endure the effects of the salty sea.

-- -- --

Puppeteering those colossal humanoid figures was no easy task, it required a lot of effort, on the other side, Dell had full control over three machines, which moved and assaulted any foes on their ways with a flawless result, since the three were controlled to one mind. Their movements were extremely calculated, each completing the others' lack of defense or offense. An excelent distraction, ravaging as many as it could.

"Holding my position, Animus, these bastards are way too dumb to realize what is going on, but I would rush if I were you, they may spot me anytime by now, and if they manage to distract me, even if just seconds, this plan might not work. The distraction will fail and the team will be put on a huge risk."

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In his re-established quarters Meison stares at the wall of King's before himself. A bottle of puffer fish rum, deadly to humans but intoxicating to Atlanteans, rolling out of his fingers to hit the carpet of his air filled sanctuary of a study. Drunk on rum and bitter with power, he never saw any of the proud faces on the wall hold as much contempt as himself for the position. Yet none of them were distrusted by their own people, whispers behind his back, treason plots being evidenced by the shing-yo- the empire was unraveling and he didn't have the eye for threading the needle of peace.

Suddenly a warrior plated in gold, his general, runs through the water barrier held by magicks and rogue science without hesitation, "Sire! We are under attack from the above, machines bombarding the southern wall of the shield!"

"Why was I not notified?!"

"Sire, you just were..." He notices the bottle of rum on the ground and the slur in his king's speech, the red in his eyes. "Your orders, my liege...?"

"Destroy them damn it! You are my general do you not know what to do when under attack?! My trident!"

The general rushes in disgrace like a common servant to fetch his kings weapon of war. "Sire the forces are strong and many, metal men the size of the dome itself, we can only hold them, we can not destroy-"

"Coward. " Meison spits in his eye and kicks him down with a bare winged foot, walking by while ignoring him.

Swimming at phenomenal speeds Meison reaches the southern wall and crashes through the barrier, his bloodline built directly into the magic that kept it up enabling the King to swim out with ease. Flying upwards to one of the machines he unleashes his trident to a full spear like length and rams it into the center of the machine man's neck, "Do you think us weak?! Do you know of poseidon's rage?! I AM POSEIDONS RAGE!" kicking off one of the machines chests he flies back, then spins until a vortex of water forms around himself, jettisoning forward through the chest of one of the machines, the circling back to enter it's head where he knew the mastermind would be. Though he found no one, "What madness... " Tapping his gauntlet the water rushing in flies upward and forms a face projection of his head guard second to the General, "Search the city! We may have intruders, I fear this was a mere ruse to avoid our enemies true intentions. Seal the front gates and send platoons through the streets immediately. Immediately!" Putting his arm down the water splashes back into the blue mass

Meison begins scanning the waters with all of his enhanced olfactory senses trying to target the puppeteer of what now obviously was a mirage of machines.

"Sire. We have just found one of the enemies, a female human. She has a platoon of her own. orders?"

"Take no prisoners."


After hoisting up Ivana Animus and company walk the city covered in atlantean robes with hoods up. Entering what appeared to be a tavern the group slips in unnoticed and acquires a table in the back. Just as he orders in fluent Atlantaen the waiter gives him a shifty eye before returning to the back rooms,

"Yeah....we may need a little help on this front" Holding his ear Thomas shoots a glare directly to Akira, "Our cover's blown..." Pressing an adrenaline patch to Ivana's neck he asks her to hold it before looking to both akira and Alistair, "With Arturia pinned and Ivana wounded it means their most likely sending out scouting parties as we speak. This changes the game. Alistair, you might be the best to help her. With your shadow manipulation it will balance out the sheer numbers they're throwing at her. Akira, come with me. Ivana...?" Looking down at the mercenary he smiles with his steel plated face crinkling, "I think you udnerstood the risks when you came down here, just as I hope you understand we can't slow down for one ally. If you want to leave with us, I strongly suggest you find an incognito way out of the dome barrier. Good luck" Pulling his hood down tighter the ruthless CEO exits the building leaving the warrior in the both, meanwhile he and Akira head casually for the southern barrier,

"Dell...The cores of the Mechs? Are unstable, I had intended to use them to take out the city. Blow them. We'll be there in a minute to clean out the stragglers...and hopefully lure Calidus back to the capital castle"

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"Heh! Hey guys! Sorry I was late, I had to set the high score on dance dance evolution! Did you even know we had that in the rumpus....Room?" Creed's chuckling ceased upon entering the empty board room back at Trinity headquarters. "WHAT THE HELL GUYS!? I'm gone for a few days and you boot me!? Why wasn't I informed in the PM!?...Guh.." The madman walked on over to the table, seeing the plans and layouts for the team's mission. His yellow eyes narrowed at the team's current location.

Hours later...

"SIR! It was Creed, who took an unauthorized jet from the hangers!" One of Max's men would inform him during the mission. Creed himself was speeding across the Pacific in said jet, his mask rolled up just enough to down an entire bottle of pressure pills. "Mmm..Kinda taste like orange citrus.." With a gurgle of his stomach, taking it a sign of the pills taking effect, Creed rolled his mask back down and gripped the joystick firmly "Hehehe...Joystick.." Then proceeded to take the jet up high, only to perform a quick free fall and engage the engines at maximum. "Gotta love how these things can go underwater!" Creed could barely say just as he broke the sound barrier and crash the jet right into the ocean.

The jets, were in fact not built for underwater travel. An impact that would have killed any normal person was a few seconds of healing for Creed as he slapped on a breathing device over his mask and let the jet go crashing down into the ocean floor, a spectacle for all. No doubt this would raise attention of the underwater soldiers, hopefully serving as a distraction and dividing of their numbers.

"Boss man! I made it, you must have forgot to give me an invitation or something..That and..I broke one of your jets..Where do you need me?" Creed spoke through the radio in the breather while forcing open the emergency hatch on the jet, swimming out and towards the underwater structures.

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The terrain of the oceanic venue was stunning to Akira who had never even thought to explore the deep as a viable option of conquest. He was , for a brief moment taken back by the glorious architecture he was staring at and decided he would pillage the Atlantean Empire for it's treasure and rare technologies. The battle was already in full swing by the time AO and Animus made their way toward the southern side of the dome of aquatic hierarchy , his telekinetic power boosting his muscles as he swiftly moved underwater to head to the throne room. Immediately after the cover had been blown the duo was approached by furious guards who attacked without hesitation in an attempt to hinder the advancement made but were met by Akira's TK knife as he ducked under one guards dully thrown slice aimed at his throat then countered with his lethal uppercut. The next sentinel was easily sent to the after life when the Young Yamato grabbed his head and twisted the neck without mercy.

"Cannon Fodder!" Akira yelled out with a sense of humor as he made his way into the Southern Barrier after cracking the outershell with a heavy blow aided by telekinetic force. He insisted that Animus enter first by bowing mockingly at the newly made entrance.

They were in and now was the time to capture glory and riches, but not before eliminating more oncoming guardsmen who shouted in their native tongue swearing to uphold the empire's defenses. Akira was already becoming bored with the resistance and unleashed a wave of energy that knocked the attackers backwards and unconscious as he spoke to Animus.

"The blueprints have just been downloaded to my network. I suggest we leave now or we'll be met by the entire armada. What are we here for anyway?" Overdrive asked as he picked up a guards blaster and scanned it before gripping it tightly for use.

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With no regeneration Ivana knew she would struggle to deal with any rapid changes in the situation. It was time for her to depart. Tearing the adrenaline patch off her neck and tossing it to the floor, she stalked from the room, applying a makeshift sling to her arm as she walks.

The underwater city had the ocean as a natural barrier, both to entry and exit. To compound those natural difficulties the city itself was packed with superhuman warriors honor bound to slay intruders and equipped with fearsome defenses. Ivana's extensive injuries made matters even worse.

Controlling her breathing she slipped down darkened hallways. Darting into darkened alcoves to evade patrols, dashing silently through breaches in security systems, and at times fading into the shadows; invisible though in plain sight- slowly but surely she worked her way through the submerged kingdom.

In time she came to a launch bay. Filled with advanced underwater craft, everything from leisure ships for the wealthy Atlantians to small underwater sporting vehicles and even heavily armed military defense subs; it was her ticket out.

Ivana didn't hesitate; she slipped into one of the lean, fast subs and made her escape as swiftly as she had made her entrance.

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"Come on let's move!" Yelled an Atlantian soldier to another while heading for a water hatch that led outside for quicker travel. However of course, as soon as they opened up the bay door, Creed was standing there with his two blades already drawn. "You know..I don't usually eat sushi.." One of the soldiers drew his blade and lunged for Creed, only to have him easily parry while sidestepping and cleanly slice the man's head off. "But I think I will make an exception!" He laughed while leaping at the other soldier, giving swings that were easily lockable to give off a false sense of security.

"Loved you guys in the little mermaid by the way.." Creed said while locking blades with the remaining soldier, making him give a confused look, just the window Creed needed to pull out a combat knife and plunge it into his heart, killing him instantly. "Ehhhh! Boss man! I was going to wait around for orders but as soon as you said "you don't hold hands on "operations" and never did?" I sorta decided to head for the capital annnnnd start placing explosives in all of their military complexes, keep in touch ol' chum...Heh..Get it? Chum?" Creed shut off his comm and pulled out his SMG's, hearing the footsteps of alot more soldiers coming his way.

"It's about to get really smelly with all these fish people around!" Creed shouted while opening fire upon what seemed to be well over fifty soldiers charging him at once.

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King has been watching the manic sight of Creeds idiotic banter during his relentless assault on the Atlantian troops. He himself being once again inside of his ethereal spiritual form not technically inside of the battle. Creed's deadliness was undeniable...but, his unpredictability was something which even put Alistair off, having never seen such a peculiar fighter in all of his days. Regardless, King immersed himself into the physical realms coming beside Creed, his voice boomed outwards "You're very...unique" He raised his deadly blade deciding which targets to decimate "King, by the way" Without haste he pointed his sword forward as five black shadow darts flew outwards and embedded themselves into the troops, the shadows having been turned lethal due to his manipulation powers. The troops charged regardless of Creeds SMG assault coming to physically attack the pair of unorthodox Trinity members. King himself brought his blade up, slicing troop after troop with perfect swings and slashes blood staining the ground without an end "Do these people ever stop?!" Alistair exclaimed as he jumped into the air and kick a guard in the face, a shadow left his foot as it constricted the guards airways causing for instant suffocation, King sliced his head off anyways just to make sure he was dead.

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@alistair_king: Creed pulled out a grenade, waving it in the face of the five men attacking him at once which made them all turn away and look for cover. This only made Creed laugh as he didn't even pull the clip on the grenade, shooting his SMG into the men's backs while they were turned. "SO gullible the fish people!" Creed said to his new companion while switching back to blades, weaving and slicing through as many soldiers as he could. "Oh! And is King your real last name!? Cause that's awesome! You sound like you belong in street fighter as a final boos or something." Creed chuckled once more before having a blade get plunged through his throat. "HCK!" Was all Creed could make before stumbling out of the fight for a moment to pull out the blade.

Finally though, now outside of the fight he could see a tube that led out into the ocean again, but connected to another part of the city. "Take a deep breath King!" Creed shouted while literally tackling him and dropping around five grenades in his wake, both of them tumbling into the jell-like entrance of the tube and was sucked into it's water flow, speeding through the tube like a bullet.

The duo would literally slurp out of the other end of the tube, having been travelling only fifteen seconds covered around a few miles of ground. "Yeah..I'm guessing those are meant for fish people only.." Creed coughed up some water and wiped his face off. "I think this is their barracks...Or their bar/lounge...Either way..I'm happy.." Creed took cover behind a large metal storage crate and started observing their surroundings.

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With her miniature army completely wasted, she herself being dealt a fine measure of pain, Arturia had all but lost her mind for the perfect composure. Although her allies seemed all ready to leave, she determined that she would get what she wanted out of this. “I will have what’s mine. I’m not leaving without my king,” she swore to herself, even as she watched a greater multitude of the king’s guard closing in upon her.

Clearly not ideal situation, frustration gripped the whole of her mental state. No books of magic to aid her, and what’s worse, the guy told to come help guard her chose to spend his time goofing off with some idiot! “Ridiculous.” Eying the coming platoon with her own menacing glare, Arturia braced herself for the coming storm, and just as the closed in…

Her body went limp, lifeless as if the spirit had been jerked from her. Of course, that didn’t stop the Atlanteans. Again, they attacked it without mercy, leaving it once more in a state of disarray. Then things got quiet. That is, until a gurgling sound broke out among them, the result of an apparent betrayal of one man upon the others. At the sight of his spear thrusting through his ally’s neck, after a brief moment of confusion, the situation seemed apparent and he was taken down swiftly. However, it didn’t stop there.

Another man repeated this process, running through the man next to him. Then another, and another, and another, until confusion was abound all throughout the group, unsure of exactly what the problem was.

Moments later, when the numbers had dwindled a bit, Arturia’s body came back to life. Another reparation, albeit a bit slower this time, began to put her back together. Still wincing, she reached out, gripping the men with her mind and binding them together. Arms stretched outward, claws shot forth, extending and retracting until the men were done for. Forgot I could do that, she mused, yet unaccustomed to the full extent of her array of abilities. Need to feed soon.

Opening the line of communication once more, she let her annoyance show through her tone. “Wasn’t I supposed to have backup coming in? What kind of operation are we running here?”

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In unison Creed and King deviously dismantled the distraught Atlantian guards like they were some feeble troops, albeit, these warriors were fierce and deadly. But Creed, and Alistair were deadlier. The duo carried on cutting through the guards like it was a training exercise, tricking them into running backwards with grenade feigns and choking them with spiritual ensnares. Without much delay Alistair was dragged downwards into the depth of the ocean with Creeds tackle leaving five bombs in his wake, speeding through like bullets adrenaline pumped through Alistair's veins making him feel more alive than ever before, he then remembered his prior objective as they dropped out of the other end of the tube. Looking towards of Creed, hand on his sword leaning upon it like a walking stick "My friend, destiny calls" Without warning the death dealing King vanished into the distance, going to aid another ally in this relentless battle.


Appearing near Arturia his mind was enveloped in shock, her body being so venomously attacked by the guards reducing it into disarray, only instinctively he lunged into battle trying to save his seemingly fallen ally before all of the guards turned upon another another for no reason. He stood still, admiring the betrayal as they ripped through each other. He then looked to the side watching the body piece itself back together almost like magic, it probably was magic. Then watching...her feed? He winced behind of the mask before appearing before her, down on one knee in an apologetic state while speaking "Forgive me Arturia, I was summoned to aid another in battle before this. I am now at your side until the remainder of invasion. I only hope it is not too late" He stayed down upon one knee, dishonored to have left his apparent ally.

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The news were accepted with a certain apraisal, Dell could not hold his position any longer, the atlantians had perceived him on a mecha's shoulder, so they recklessly attempted to hit him by any means possible. Avoiding most damage with precision, he kept unfocusing, consequently ruining the thorough results of the mecha's assault. The commands were accepted and Dell engaged the cores. The auto destruction would soon be acquired. Dell leaped from his position, landing on an soldier's chestplate, instantly ripping through both flesh and bones. Raising his hand to turn the com link on.

"Done, Animus. In moments you might see the fireworks." Technopath Master remarked sarcastically wwhile twisting his head back to the mechas. "Probably now."

Exactly as Conagher ended his statment, the three giant metalic humanoids exploded, causing a colossal impact on the battlefield. The loud rumble was heard kilometers from distance. The ground trembled. Dust arose, nothing could be sighted for some time. The horrendous view of corpses spread around on the ground, splattered and disjointed by such brutish attack, was reinvigorating for Engineer. The man was so used to death, he reached a point where observing corpses from dizimated creatures or races was pleasant. Disgusting thoughts elapsed on his maleficent mind.

Dell slowly raised from the dust he observed the destruction on, assuming a serious countenance once more. His august stance under no circumstances was affected. Dell awaited the arrival of any of his allies to aid him. More troops were certainly coming his way, craving for blood, wishing to erase their antagonists from Earth's surface.

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"I'll advise you all to brace yourselves." Thomas spoke casually through his earcommunicator.

Thanks to the actions of the respected scientific equal Dell the water surrounding the southern magiscience wall enclosing the fabled city vibrates like a cup of water on a dash board as the nuclear attack does little to effect the power shield. Which of course ,Thomas accounted for.

The wall was built with technology that made it impenetrable while underwater, absorbing the kinetic energy of any attacks and strengthening itself, even by a nuclear explosion. A long time ago while training, when Animus was still a duke, his tutor told him 'The victory is not in an oponents weakness; that is his most guarded possession. Though what one values little is what he has in abundance.'

A lesson that aged to perfection. As the dome hardened so much so it became murky, the water surrounding it disperses in thick clouds. Pressing a square in his suit beneath the robe the tyrannical corporate juggernaut implements the third unshared phase of his plan. The clouds of water suddenly stop and fall with the most rare sight of what appeared to be undersea rain.

In fact the droplets were self propelled quantum powered nanites. The newest models of Japanese mechs were built with the latest accumulation of technology within Animus Corporations Global. Disintegrated though they appeared the machine men giants were merely dispersed into minuscule fragments of themselves

Burrowing into the sea floor the nanites begin to interlock and reshape themselves directly beneath the very morter of the city that locked it to the bed. The one piece the ancient Atlanteans assumed no human would ever contemplate tampering with let alone devise a way to do so.

Pressing another button on his gauntlet Thomas sits on a crate made of corral, as large screens began to form across the city; Several harmless projective nanites amplifying the image with the glass structures "Atlantis. I am Thomas Newcastle. The people who have descended on you are in no way affiliates to the opinion of the worlds surface nations; We act alone. Right now you feel a rumble beneath your webbed feet; That is the sound of billions of microorganisms forming a lighter than water, vessel, beneath the entire capital. For the first time in one hundred thousand years this city will rise to the surface once again, and there for, Will no longer be defined as a sect of the united Atlantean coalitions and sects of the world. Due to the fact you are located off of the shores of the United states, and were deemed a threat several times thanks to your King, we will be forced to bring you into custody, throw you in jail, and never allow you to see the ocean again. However."

keying to Dell's specific locale where the enraged and drunk King sped at break neck speeds Thomas' voice amplifies, "If your King allows us willingly to take him into custody, and be detained by the young woman who currently is storming the palace, we will allow you all to disperse to the other colonies. Calidus, you have until the dome breaches the meniscus to fly home, collect your things, and allow Arturia to arrest you...Which is approximately twenty minutes. And should any fo you decide to escape before then know there will be missiles launched that will read your biosignature, and then target all markers with an at least fifty percentile similarity; That means the escapee, and anyone who carries his blood line. " Which at this point in their breeding meant the majority of the population.

Before the transmission was over the King was already in his chambers, standing soaked and rippling with anger before Arturia, his trident clanging against the ground, beside all his treasured belongings, a long shadow covering his face "Do your duty, sow....let your leader know I have cooperated."