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Dallas, Tx

Dallas is a bustling metroplex set in the state of Texas. It has also been the site of a new surge in Meta Human activity. With lenient gun laws and a population ready to take the laws into their own hands, however, the mixture of Meta Humans to the cities population has begun to stir up a very volatile mixture.

Noteworthy Locations

Dallas, TX Roleplay OOC: Here

Noteworthy Characters

  • Jordan Drake: Metahuman
  • Charlie Sententia: Metahuman
  • Cameron Banks: Android


This thread has been created as my first roleplay here on the Vine and is the setting I am starting my OC Jordan Drake in. It's a roleplay for young, inexperienced Metahumans who are struggling with understanding and controlling their powers and how they develop over time.

The Story So Far...

The night starts off like any other night, except for the death of a young criminal at a Dallas gas station. Jordan Drake had attempted to prevent a robbery but ended up aiding in murder when the gas station attendant killed the would be criminal who was holding an empty gun, thanks to Jordan's ability to manipulate metal, which he used to melt the bullets from the young man's weapon leaving him defenseless against a trigger happy attendant. When the attendant turned the weapon on Jordan, he fled and as he did so, attracted the attention of Dr. Charlie Sententia, recently on the run from the San Fransisco Mafia. During a brief conflict between the two Meta Humans, Cameron Banks (or Orwell as she presented herself to the strangers) approached offering help though she looked like she was the one who needed it, bloodied and bruised from what she claims was a scuffle after a failed computer hacking attempt.

As the Police closed in to investigate the disturbance, the three agreed to stick together temporarily and escort Cameron to a safe house. Charlie and Jordan have not heard from her since entering the seemingly vacant warehouse and Jordan has had enough of waiting...


Please follow all of the Comicvine RPG rules as well as those listed below.

1. PLEASE keep this thread free of all OOC chat. I have created a OOC for this type of discussion.

2. Please do not post without a character that has been approved for the RP. You can get your character approved in the OOC thread.

3. Please respect the current Story Teller. Story Tellers have been given the greenlight to run events within this thread and have the last word on deciding what actions are successful or not within their storyline.

4. If you would like to do a guest appearance in the RP with a character established else where on the Vine, please send me a PM.

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Jordan Drake dumped the jar of peanut butter into the small plastic hand cart he carried through the small gas station convenience store under the ever watchful gaze of the suspicious attendant. It didn’t matter that Jordan must have been in and out of the small quick market almost a hundred times for his staples of peanut butter, jelly, bread, milk, ramen noodles and the occasional snickers bar. But then, that was a Texan for you. The middle aged man was both tubby and muscular at the same time and was sporting a burly beard that he scratched at as Jordan placed what passed for his groceries on the counter to pay. Naturally the burly attendant capped his ensemble off with a worn straw cowboy hat. Neither of them said anything as Jordan dumped a wad of cash on the counter, collected his change, and hoisted the plastic bags on his way out of the store.

As he exited, some young 20 year old delinquent entered the store with his head bowed as he struggled to pull a dark hockey mask from his pocket to pull over his head. Jordan easily identified the bulge in the boy’s sweater as a gun, and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the stupidity of thinking that knocking over the crappy convenience store would yield anything worth the risk he was taking. Jordan reached out with his senses and found the lead bullets within the gun. It only took a little concentration for Jordan to speed up the molecules within the gun, melting the lead from the bullets in the buy’s clip and allowing it to reform in a small lead ball in his hand. Jordan concealed a small secretive smile as he headed for the door just as the young man pulled his gun and demanded all the money. Jordan had ensured that the boy wasn’t going to hurt anyone now, that was for sure.

“You picked the wrong store to knock over boy,” Jordan heard the burly attendant shout angrily, followed by a couple useless clicks of the robber’s gun. Jordan wanted to laugh... at least until he heard the louder and much harsher clack of a loaded shotgun.

Jordan realized his folly too late as he hurried to turn back to the counter as the scene seemed to unfurl in slow motion. The Texas store clerk had hid a loaded shotgun behind the counter. Jordan reached out with his senses, desperately seeking the bullets within the gun and shouting, “No! Wai...” but he neither effort was enough to halt the man’s finger. With a flash of thunder, the young robber flew back into the convenience store to fall limply against the shelves of food and drink.

Jordan’s protest convinced the clerk that he was rushing to the aid of the fallen criminal and he leveled the barrels in Jordan’s direction next, wild eyed and almost frothing at the mouth with anger, rage, and hatred. Jordan let the bag of essentials fall to the ground as he fled the scene, more to get away from the recently deceased criminal, a man he had recognized as one of the men who had been working to repave the roads of Dallas with him almost 3 months prior, than from the gun wielding attendant. Jordan ran until his lungs burned from the exertion before he stopped at a corner lamp post to catch his breath.

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"Hey Charlie, wake up. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie!" Finally giving up on waking him up politely, Jeff (the AI that controlled Dr. Sententia's car) honked the horn loudly. "What the hell do you want, Jeff?" Dr. Sententia asked angrily.

"Sorry dude, I'm almost out of gas."

"Where's the nearest gas station?"

"We're almost to Dallas."

"Take us there then."

"Why don't you ever drive? I'm getting tired, man."

"You're an AI. You don't get tired."

"Just because I'm an AI doesn't mean I don't have feelings. You know, I had a really nice life back in San Francisco. Why did you have to go and kill Bone's girlfriend?"

"You're the one that ran her over!"

"Eddie told me to!"

"Eddie is an inanimate shotgun!"

"He just wants you to think that. I'm telling you, shotguns are no good. You need to get a nice pistol. Anyways, we're at the gas station. Go fill me up."

Dr. Sententia got out of the car and began to fill up the tank. As he was putting the pump down, he heard shouting and a loud blast, then saw a flash in the window of the convenience store. He quickly jumped in his car when he saw a young man run out of the store. "Quickly, Jeff. Follow that kid."

"We've been in Dallas for five minutes and we're already getting into trouble. I told you shotguns suck."

Sententia watched him run as Jeff kept pace with him. When he finally stopped running, Dr. Sententia told Jeff to pull up next to the kid and roll down the window. "Hey kid, I think you should explain to me what just happened back there," he said warily, resting his hand on his trusty shotgun Eddie, just in case.

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Jordan's thoughts raced through his mind, trying to rationalize what he witnessed but failing as the scene simply replayed in his mind's eye over and over again. His breath was heavy and ragged as he fought down the flight response that had caused him to flee the scene in a panic. With his power of metal manipulation, he could have easily disarmed the clerk at the station. The gun had not been his source of fear, it was the young man laying limp and lifeless on the cold tiled floor of the convenience store and the idea that it was his fault. He had thought he was helping the situation by disarming the man as he passed him, not wanting to get involved directly. Why hadn't he simply stopped the criminal to begin with? Did he want the man behind the counter to get the S4!@ scared out of him? Was he angry at the attendant for always looking at him like he was some useless piece of street trash?

Jordan was so lost in thought that he didn't hear the car creeping up on him until he heard Dr. Sententia speaking to him. The sudden shock of the man demanding to know what was going on made his heart skip a beat.

"Who are you a cop?" Jordan started frantically. "I had nothing to do with that s4!@! You just ask the attendant!" He added hastily. When he saw the man's hand resting on a shotgun, his mind flashed to the kid dead in the store again and his fear vanished, replaced by sudden rage. "You ain't no cop! And that gun ain't going to be any use against me, jack@$$!" Jordan instantly reached out with his senses. He touched the metal of the car, aluminum, steel, and other various metals composed the vehicle though it was far more complex than any other car on the street. There was something special about this car.

Though the car was far to heavy and complex for Jordan to affect, at least not so quickly, it shook slightly as his metal telekinesis flowed through the vehicle and into the shotgun. It was an easy task for him to melt the lead slug in the shotgun, making the ammo useless even as he tried to use his telekinesis to wrench the gun away. After his attempt, he took a defensive stance and raised his fists, the little lead rings on each of his fingers morphed into little dangerous looking spikes. "Who the hell are you?"

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"Hey, Charlie, this dude's trying to mess with me," Jeff said as the car shook, "You might want to get out."

Dr. Sententia quickly jumped out of the car, grabbing Eddie and pointing it at the man. "Calm down, kid. There's no need to get upset. I just want to talk to you." Dr. Sententia reached out to the man, trying to sense his feelings. He sensed that the young man was angry, but there was more. He was afraid. Dr. Sententia felt the man's fear soak into him and force him to become invisible. "Okay, so you're scared," Dr. Sententia said, his voice seeming to come from the levitating gun, "Probably not by me. So it must be from whatever happened back there. I believe you didn't do it. I just want to know what has you so scared."

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser:Cameron walked down the streets in roughed up clothes [Black mildly burnt leather jacket,Zebra shirt grey with black stripes,brown roughed up boots, blue jeans with scratches and cuts] whatever happened she had little to no memory but she was sure as hell something big happened, as she continued to walk aimlessly she saw a levitating shotgun in the air"What the hell?"Cameron said confused, she saw a kid looking at the barrel "Hey ARE YOU ALLRIGHT?" Cameron shouted to the young kid.

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Jordan peered around frantically as the man disappeared right before his eyes. "Well right NOW I'm scared of you!" Jordan exclaimed, though that wasn't the whole truth. The nights events had begun spiraling out of control right from his attempt at diffusing a dangerous situation, to the killing of a man he had disarmed, and now he was staring down the barrel of an invisible gunman. The shotgun wasn't what scared him though; the talking car on the other hand, freaked him out. The now invisible Dr. Sententia pushed that shock even farther, and the fear that he had felt coalesced into panic again and his fight or flight response kicked in as he turned to try to flee again.

Instead of an empty street, however, he found Cameron standing in his way. The woman looked like she was having just as rough night as he was and he wasn't going to let anyone else get hurt by shotgun toting maniacs. Jordan grabbed Cameron's wrist and hid her behind him as if protecting her, "Get out of the wa... what the hell?" Jordan was interrupted by a sudden disruption to his telekinesis. He expanded his senses. She had metal inside of her, which shocked Jordan just as much as the sudden disappearance of Dr. Sententia.

"What the hell are yo..." There was a sudden violent and blinding pain that washed over Jordan as something backlashed against his metallic telekinesis and emanated from Cameron herself, overloading his mind and forcing him to double over in pain to his knees on the pavement. He released his grip on her wrist and his telekinetic hold on the shotgun vanished as he gripped his temple in his hand. He cried out in pain. "W-what's going on!"

Jordan's night wasn't getting any better.

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser: Cameron gave him a bizarre face"I don't know what's going on!"Cameron glanced at the shotgun still levitating"but I don't think it's safe here"she gave him her hand"come on I'm not going to leave you here"

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@agentxx: @JordanDrake:

Dr. Sententia quickly pointed the gun at the girl who had just run up to them. "What the hell did you do to him?" he demanded. He reached out, searching for her emotions, but found it difficult to reach them. He could tell that she had emotions, but there was something different about. "Watch out kid, this girl isn't normal. I understand that my disappearing and the whole shotgun thing might have freaked you out a bit, but you can trust me. If you calm down, I'll be visible again. It's your fear that makes me invisible. So just back away from this girl, take a few deep breaths and we can figure out what the hell is going on."

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Jordan gulped down air as if it was going to run out and tried to push his way past the pain that had surged through him from letting his senses explore Cameron. Staggering to his feet he placed himself between Dr Sententia and Cameron. "You're invisible and you have a talking car and you're telling me that she ain't normal?" Jordan managed a slight grin at the irony of the statement before setting his face in determination again. "No one else is getting hurt tonight because of me," He said shakily as he held up his hands. "You need to calm down and put the gun away. I've melted the bullets inside of it so it is effectively useless."

A flash of lights behind them of the police response team that was arriving at the gas station emphasized their need for discretion. "If this thing," Jordan motioned to the car, "Can get us out of here, I suggest we bounce. The cops aren't going to like a gun toting invisible man, a fleeing witness, and a woman who looks like she just got out of a domestic dispute," Jordan said indicating Cameron's tattered and scuffed outfit. "Then we can get some answers... all of us."

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@budheiser: @JordanDrake:Upon closer inspection not only was Cameron's clothes roughed up but she herself was too, the knuckles on her fists were a painful dark purple while her face was bruised up as if she was beaten also the skin of her left eye was purple....not only was she badly bruised but blood trickled from her shoulder from apparently a gunshot wound it was amazing she was still standing possibly it was the adrenaline"I agree with him we should go"

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@JordanDrake: @agentxx: "Finally, someone is making some sense," Dr. Sententia said as he reappeared, "See? Just stay calm and everything will be alright." Dr. Sententia got in the car and placed Eddie in the passenger's seat. "I'm Dr. Charlie Sententia by the way. And this is Jeff. Just tell him where we need to go and we'll head off."

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Jordan looked at the car warily. "Your car's name is... Jeff... hooookay Doc," He answered skeptically as he opened a car door to the back to let Cameron and him slip into the back seat... just in case they need to make a jump and run for it again. The pain in his head had finally begun to ebb and he cast a sidelong glance at the woman next to him, looking about as beat up and bloody as he felt. What could have caused such a backlash against his powers like that? Whatever is was, there was something strange about the girl seated next to him in the talking car named 'Jeff'.

Jordan was brought back to the present at Dr. Sententia's question. It seemed that the three had come to a temporary truce for the time being at least, but did he want these strangers knowing where he lived? "Take me down to Mr. Wuu's Karate Palace," he answered finally. "I assume this thi... I mean Jeff, I'm sure Jeff has GPS..." Jordan finished, amending his previous statement because the car seemed 'sensitive'. "The sensei won't mind me using his place," Jordan said distractedly. At least he hoped the sensei wouldn't mind.

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@budheiser: @JordanDrake:Cameron removed her jacket as the car was driving and looked at the blood soaked area of the zebra shirt, she slowly pulled down the sleeve where the wound was located while holding in cries of pain as her adrenaline left she grimaced at the nasty gnash that was on her flesh, "Once you get there I need to get dropped off at one of my places" Cameron said as she pulled back her sleeve up slowlyand started righting down an address with the blood on her finger on her jacket.

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@JordanDrake: @agentxx: "I have a few questions for both of you guys first," Dr. Sententia said, "First, I want names. Second, it's pretty obvious that neither of you guys are normal." Dr. Sententia looked straight at the woman when he said this. All of his power came from the emotions of others, and there was something about this woman that made her emotions different. "I'm still not sure if I can trust either of you, so I want to know everything that you can do."

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser:Cameron couldn't tell them the truth yet so she lied"My name is Orwell, I'm a hacker....I screwed up on a job so I got taught a lesson"

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Jordan Drake scoffed at both of them, shaking his head in disbelief. "First of all, 'Doc'," Jordan said sarcastically, "You followed ME. If there is anyone here who should have trust issues, it's me. My names Jordan, but both of you can call me J.D. and if you don't trust me you can let me get back to my normal life."

Then he turned to Cameron, "and YOU are full of s4!@. I can SENSE the metal inside of you and something inside of you kicked my @$$. Now I don't know what any of THAT means, but I know what the bruises and cuts all over you men. It means I'm not just going to let you hop off without finding those responsible and teaching them a lesson about respect."

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@budheiser: @JordanDrake:Cameron A.K.A. Orwell raised the her hand with the unwounded arm while looked at them both with a p*ssed face "Okay first of all, both of you f**K off and stop staring at me, second the only thing both of you are going to get from those men are caps in your %^sees and getting me in more deep sh*t" Cameron winced in pain as the blood loss increased due to her stress and anger "they made me choose, I was lucky they let me...... most women don't get that offer, now I'm not telling you guys anything until I get this goddam bullet out of my shoulder"

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Jordan blinked at her words. "You have a bullet in your shoulder?" He asked suddenly concerned. "I actually think I can help you with that if you'll let me. You see..." Jordan thought hard for a second before finally deciding now was the time for full disclosure, "I kinda have this special ability with metal. I can sens it and connect to it. I can move it to my mind and even alter it's form. Something inside of you shut me out..." he reminded her, "But a bullet would be almost nothing for me to find and get out."

Jordan raised a questioning eyebrow, "With your permission of course."

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@JordanDrake:Orwell had a hesitant facial expression"...no I can last,...I'll patch myself up once we get to our destination"

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@agentxx: @JordanDrake: "So you're either a liar or a criminal," Dr. Sententia said to "Orwell" as they pulled up to Mr. Wuu's Karate Palace. "Either way, I don't like you."

He turned to look at Jordan. "Thank you for being honest. I appreciate that. Are you sure this guy is cool with us coming here?" Dr. Sententia already liked Jordan. When he looked into his emotions, he could sense that he was a good guy.

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@budheiser: "The feelings mutual Sententia"Orwell said emotionless as she got out of the car.

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Jordan watched Orwell exit the vehicle with his face locked in silent protest. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked, very real concern mirrored in his eyes as the events of the night settled and the pain from earlier subsided. "You stopped to help me tonight and you didn't even know me, why don't you let me do the same for you? I don't care if you're telling the truth or not, I just want to help."

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@JordanDrake:Cameron looked at him with a pitiful face"Fine, but I really need to get to my place it's a matter of life and death"

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Jordan nodded in understanding at Cameron's words. Though it was like a home away from home, Mr. Wuu's place could wait for another night. Tonight Jordan couldn't help but feel he needed to keep an eye on Cameron just in case she needed help. He looked to Dr. Sententia and nodded, "You heard her Doc, lets check out her safe house."

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@agentxx: @JordanDrake: "Fine." Dr. Sententia didn't like that they were catering to this girl, and he could have easily just made her walk to her house, but he wanted to keep an eye on her. He knew he couldn't trust and if she really was a criminal, there was a chance she had heard of the bounty Bone had placed on him. There was no way he was going to let her tell anybody he was in Dallas. "Just tell Jeff where we need to go."

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@budheiser: @JordanDrake: Cameron handed over the address to the doctor.

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"Lead the way Jeff," Jordan felt a little silly talking to the car as he read the address Cameron provided them.

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"Got it," Jeff said as it began driving to Cameron's house. "So Jordan, what was with that shaking earlier? That was kind of a dick move."

"Ignore him," Dr. Sententia said, looking at Jordan, "He doesn't know when to shut up."

"Oh and Charlie, why are you so mean to Orwell? What did she do to you?"

"Of course you like her. Isn't there an off button in here?"

"No, but if you drive, I'll stop talking."

"Shut up then," Dr. Sententia said as he grabbed the wheel.

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Jordan exhaled now that everyone seemed to be on the same page of the newly revised plan, leaning his head back on his seat and closing his eyes against the dull ache that had replaced the agony from before. "Take it easy Jeffy," Jordan answered instead of ignoring the car. "Think of it as my way of shaking hands with you," Jeff said. "It's kind of an automatic response when I am faced with an uncertain situation. My awareness expands touching and exploring all the metal in the area, but you're far to large and complex for me to do much to, so don't worry."

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser:Cameron let out a yawn as fatigue set in, hesitantly she rested her head on Jordan's shoulder hoping he wouldn't mind...than closing her eyes she whispered"wake me when we get there"

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@JordanDrake: @agentxx: "That's cute," Dr. Sententia muttered as he drove, "Don't get too attached, kid. As soon as we get to this place, all of her friends are probably gonna jump us."

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Jordan grimaced at Dr. Sententia's suggestion and in his mind he tried to prepare himself for a fight. He reached out with his senses and caught hold of the lead rings, one on each of his fingers and thumbs, and the metal liquified and seemed to dance as they toke many menacing and painful looking shapes before returning to normal. "I think THEY are the ones that should be worried Doc."

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@budheiser: @JordanDrake:With her eyes still closed Cameron spoke in a irritated tone"Will you guys shut up? my night is worst than both of yours combined, I have more to worry than you two"

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@agentxx: @JordanDrake: "Thought you were asleep," Dr. Sententia said to Cameron, "You better not be screwing us over here." He looked over to Jordan. "Earlier you said you did something to my gun. Can you fix it? If this is a trap, I don't want to be without a weapon."

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser: Cameron gnashed her teeth as she still had her eyes closed"I was...sleeping"

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"Come on guys, take it easy," Jordan said a little irritated with the bickering. "We're all on the same side here. At least for now. Your gun is fine Doc, I melted the bullets so all you have to do is reload it and it will be in working order." He frowned a bit at the thought of the gun again. "But just so you know, if it gets pointed at Cameron or me I'll just do the same thing."

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser: Cameron backed away from Jordan and sighed"I have a boyfriend Raphael, so don't be freaked out if you see anybody"

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@JordanDrake: @agentxx: "Oh, look out Jordan," Dr. Sententia said as he pulled up to Cameron's safehouse, "You got some competition. I'm allowed to point my gun at him right?"

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"Doesn't seem like he's doing a very good job," Jordan stated grumpily, not enjoying the good Doctors joke. "Where was he when you were getting your ass kicked?" He asked the girl in the back seat with him.

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser: Cameron opened the door as she answered his question"I don't know, we just started dating"getting out she looked around"I don't see him so you don't have to worry about him"

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Still frowning about their current situation and about the loaded shotgun and about the car with personality disorders, Jordan sighed as he mentally prepared himself for a fight, just in case. The rings he wore liquified suddenly again, becoming dull spikes meant to cause more damage and pain when punching someone. "Lead the way," Jordan told Cameron now that they had reached their destination.

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@budheiser: @JordanDrake: "Bah, take a chill pill dock, he's not here"Cameron than turned to Jake"there's a security system, I'm going to have to go in alone"walking towards what seemed to be an old abandoned ware house however up close it was actually revealed to look like one it wasn't even old it was just painted to look old...Cameron headed towards the side door and did a rhythm of knocks moments later it opened mechanically, Cameron than disappeared out of their view as she rushed inside.

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@JordanDrake: @agentxx: "So are we just supposed to wait here?" Dr. Sententia asked, looking over at Jordan, "Because I'm still worried that she's trying to screw us over." He looked back at his car, muttering, "Maybe we should just get the hell out of here."

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"I'm not leaving her Doc," Jordan said stubbornly. "She stopped to help me out before she even knew what was wrong," He reminded the Sententia. "Besides, I don't see what screwing us over will accomplish for her. I can barely afford food to feed myself. Its not like I have anything worth stealing." He surveyed the setting a bit warily though. "But I wouldn't be opposed to taking some cover... Just in case," He said keeping an eye out for a good hiding place.

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Jordan led Sententia to a hiding spot behind some tine metal roofing and empty metal barrels. Not only did it keep them hidden from view but it also put Jordan near a good amount of easy to manipulate metal. He could afford to expend a little energy and toss the barrels or form the tin into tiny dagger like spikes for ammunition if he needed to. "Can you see anything?" He asked Dr Sententia after some time had passed with nothing seeming to happen as they waited for Orwell to re-emerge.

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser: "I got nothing." Dr. Sententia looked around the area, anticipating a fight. He almost hoped there would be a fight as he hadn't been able to use Eddie in a while. It wasn't necessarily that he enjoyed killing people. He just enjoyed killing bad people. "So you never told me what happened back at the gas station."

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Jordan scowled at the bad taste Sententia's question left in his mouth as the memory surged back to his mind. "I used my powers thinking I was doing something good to diffuse a dangerous situation," Jordan admitted trying not to remember the image of the young criminal falling backwards in a shower of blood and gore, "and ended up getting a kid killed by some redneck with an itchy trigger finger." Jordan cast a sidelong glance at the shotgun in Sententia's hand and suppressed a shudder. "These powers," Jordan said with a wave of anger as the metal barrels and tin roofing rattled around them, "they make you think they're a gift for helping people when really they're just a curse that causes other people to get hurt around you."

Jordan was seething with anger just thinking about it and he suddenly found himself ready to hurt someone. Then he thought about the cuts and bruises on Orwell's body and the anger magnified and the barrels and roofing flew apart in a violent wave of debris. "To hell with this. I'm done waiting. I'm going in. You coming Doc?"

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Dr. Sententia could feel his muscles grow with Jordan's anger. "Normally, I would tell you to calm down, because that was some freaky shit you just did, but I actually think you should stay angry. It could help us out if this does end up being a trap." Sententia looked at the beaten down warehouse. There was no way this girl didn't have booby traps all over the place in there. "I'll go first. If I get hurt, just do me a favor and think happy thoughts."