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"Project Schrodinger", also referred to as the Nine Lives project, was an attempt by a free-affiliation agency known as the "Foundation" to extend the human lifespan. Biological attempts met with continued failure. It wasn't until they were approached by an mysterious scientist who offered his own personal technology to aid the project. The idea of the advanced project was not only to make individuals nigh-immortal, but also to have them be reborn through a means which mixed the former biological attempts with the unidentified scientist's technologies that could modify the space and time in selective areas.    
After a few years, the project created it's first prototype, which they nicknamed Arnold. The creature wasn't a true human, it was only a clone created for testing the project. At first tests were successful, the clone being healthy. However, when the clone reached an equivalent to thirty years of age (it's lifespan being shorter than an average human's, it being an artificial clone), Arnold freakishly mutated. His body thinned and limbs stretched disgustingly. When attempted to terminate Arnold, agents fell to their knees and cringed, grabbing at their ears. It was revealed Arnold was emitting a sub-sonic sound, similar to a dog whistle. Arnold than disappeared through a disturbance in the fabric of time around him. Several agents in the facility he was being held in disappeared after the incident. The problems in Arnold were found to be the biological attempts at modifying the human body. The biological modification was majorly lessened. 
After a few years, a perfected clone with a natural lifespan. When the clone reached the age of thirteen, the time-based technology was implemented. The clone stayed at the age of 13 after five years, not growing in physical form but still maintaining and collecting information. The subject was labeled as a success. After the experimenting was done, however, the clone began questioning personnel about it's origin. The clone had never questioned anyone before this. Officials ordered the disposal of the subject so an autopsy could be performed. 
The minute said officials made the order, a time/space anomaly occurred over the facility the clone was being held in. A warp appeared outside the facility and a force of individuals of unknown affiliation came from the warp and attacked the facility. They managed to force their way in and escaped with the clone and the nameless scientist who assisted in the project. Several subtle changes in history began appearing, and only the staff who assisted in the project seemed to be aware of the changes. Individuals who had never been heard of before appeared in historical records. Their times were so varied that it seemed almost random. They had only one common aspect to them, they all had the last name "Schrodinger". No relations could be found between them, or even to the well known physicist. The staff began attempting their own research, despite orders. They were all later arrested or executed.

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