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"Sire, all thirteen missiles containing the virus have been launched successfully," Basil commented as he watched the visual feed of those Warbots present at the silos.

"Of course they have," the Iron Tyrant retorted, keeping his arms folded behind his back.

The war Evander Slade had planned was now turned against him. Croatia and Romania would fall under nuclear attack within hours. The virus within the missiles Basil spoke of was none other than the newly hatched techno-organic virus, a disease that turned those infected into the mindless cybernetic slaves of the artificial intelligence PHALANX, which served Warsman in all his efforts. It would spread to all living beings, carried like the zombie plagues of legend, and would not stop until Warsman desired it to. Though Croatia and Romania were his primary targets, nothing could be said of his willingness to use the virus against Earth as a whole. The war room glowed a vicious red as the hologram rendition of planet Earth came to a sudden halt. The source of the brilliant crimson glow was the preordained paths of each of the missiles and their intended targets.

"Your lordship," Basil interjected. "A Mr. Noah Addams is here to see you at this urgent hour."

"Bring him in."

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@Warsman: "Thank you for waiting," Basil said, interrupting his thorough thoughts, "My lord will see you now."  Months of eviscerating effort had brought him here.  And as he calmly entered this prodigious war room, his observant yellow eyes analyzed every centimeter surrounding his precocious frame.  "Hmm." Mister Addams caressed his chiseled chin quite curiously.  From the looks of it the iron tyrant had aggressively set forth his nefarious plan.  
"Good heavens!", he exclaimed sarcastically, "You've been quite the busy man."  Noah stopped before this misunderstood maestro, sarcastically applauding his advantageous ally.  Although these profound plans for Romania and Croatia would ensue devastation, the young revolutionary could only feel excitement.  Probably because Evander Slade and his Brady bunch were incapable of actually succeeding  "So much so that even H.A.R.D has softened up." 
He took a knee before the Elysian overlord.  Well not entirely at least, because the material weaved into his attire elevated his knee cap from actually gracing frigid flooring.  Nevertheless he smiled convincingly. His own agenda had proved most fruitful. An agenda he wouldn't consciously discuss. Gazing upward and onto his gateway into legitimacy, the prince of conquerors spoke wholeheartedly. "What now?" Noah asked, intrigued by the next step.  His beautiful mind already calculating infinite....everything.  
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After the events in the Devakai floating laboratory, Brahma Corporation was taking their distance from Az, an advantage he used to take time to find his reason to live and his goals. The Cyborg Traveler hitchhiked his way through Europe as he also researched about the shadowy enemy he was fighting from a distance, mostly to occupy his time. Now he was currently in Romania, investigating a forgotten Soviet facility, as remnants of the Cultists he found in Mykolaiv months ago were trying once more to resurrect Joseph Stalin as a Lich. But as he walked through the streets, the Bodhi SYS, the system of sensorial enhancements that allowed the Cyborg Hero to detect incoming dangers and analyze his environment went haywire, as the outer range, covered mostly by a satellite enhanced array of sensors picked up something coming his way. Missiles of unknown origin and advanced technology were coming to impact the country.

-What I’m going to do?- asked Asura to himself as he looked the sky with fear. That doubts were only momentary as he rushed towards the nearest authority to inform about, hoping it wasn’t too late.

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"You're not ready yet. if you go, you WILL DIE!"

"I'm not ready, I know that but I don't have much of a choice anymore, he isn't giving me a choice anymore." Angel said while standing on a bed of clouds.

"I only intervene in the gravest of circumstances my child but if you must do this, then it is your duty to, I hope you have a chance, bless you my child."

Angel looks down and exhales, "If I don't do this, the world might not have a chance"

He saw croatia in the distance as he road up on his bike, the flames of an innocent people driven to the edge of pain and suffering by a mad tyrant, a child pulling the legs of a spider and watching it frantically try to run away, Angel knew that's all he was, A child with a magnifying glass who got off on flames and he was ready to play babysitter.

"Hello!" the town seemed deserted, a barren wasteland of crumbled lives, "Anybody there.","Hurry get inside!" A native man trembling with fear approached, "Hurry get to a shelter, we don't have time." The missile approached over the sunset, the native man prayed knowing his time was here

"O Risen Lord,the way, the truth and the life,make us faithful followers,of the spirit of your resurrection.Grant that we may be inwardly,renewed; dying to ourselves,in order that you may live in us."

"Run home to your family, This isn't the end!" Angel rides his bike at a blazing fast speed at the missile approaches, the missile now bearing over the town he leaps off his bike spinning his staff at an incomprehensible speed in a perfect circle using his gun as propulsion, he collided with the missile absorbing it in the cycle, "Nearly there." This is the strongest attack Angel has ever blocked, his magic was being drained, "ALMOST." BOOM, the missile blew but not with an explosion with a strange substance, it missed the city but engulfed Angel "WHAT THE, ARRGGHH!" Angel could see his body malforming and mutating, "father please" he fell to the earth as the heavens cried, He was no longer Amazing Angel he was a servant of Warsman now!

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Ajax gazed at the crimson ring which he cradled in his massive hand, rolling it back it forth as it let off a hue the same crimson colour as the ring. It was a power ring of the Berserk Order; it was the inanimate and physical embodiment of hate, and rage. It had come to him when he could not control himself and it had taken advantage of him...or at least that is what he believed happened. However, he had been chosen to bear this ring not because it had taken advantage of him but because what lied deep inside of him was the true Ajax. He ignored it, but the harder he tried to be a hero, the more it began to take him.  He had only used the ring once, and he had no recollection of what had happened, only that it had taken several of Earth's heroes to free him from it's power. The question was; did it bring out the monster, or did it put the monster back in? 
Ajax's deep thoughts were broken by his cellphone buzzing on the dark, wooden table in front of him. He picked it up and answered, "Hmm, okay. Uh huh, sounds good I'll be there general." 

10 Hours later. Croatian air space.

The quad motors of the C-130 Hercules waned through the body of the plane as Ajax adjusted his gear. A voice straining to be heard over the loud engines spoke to Ajax, "You're going in alone on this one, no back up and there won't be a pick up. I trained you, and that along with you being pretty well indestructible will hopefully get us some where down there. Ramp opens in one mikes; light goes...." 
Ajax interrupted, "I know, I know General! The light goes green and I go; do you forget you trained me to be the Air Forces best? A para rescue man...they don't call us Supermen for nothing sir." Ajax slammed a magazine into his g36 assault rifle and cocked it. He hooked it to his two point sling attached to his molle tactical vest which carried the rest of his ammo, grenades, knife and a pack with a radio and a few "surprises" if needed.  
The ramp lowered, and the brisk air cut in through the cargo hold. The deafening noise of the rushing air forced a simple nod of acknowledgement between the two men. Ajax turned and walked to the end of the now lowered ramp and lept out in to the sky, letting the force of gravity take hold as he plummeted towards the Croatian ground.
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@Closure: @AmazingAngel: @.Ajax.:

"Croatia is moments away from crumbling. One of the missiles exploded prematurely because of an unidentified flying object - a self-proclaimed hero that I have exterminated once before. His name is Amazing Angel, and he will be PHALANX's tool in infecting the country he sought to protect,"

With but a gesture, the omnipotent overlord commanded PHALANX to direct Amazing Angel into a rampaging sweep over Croatia. The techno-organic virus would do the rest. Amazing Angel's prime directive now was to wipe out all life in Croatia and enslave it all to the PHALANX hive mind - this included the hulking Ajax.

"Romania is not far behind in the attack. A few heroes seem to be wanting to resist me already. The United Nations must be slowing in their old age and collective incompetence,"


"But I have plans for Romania still. Underneath its surface is a material that I require for the next step in my global domination. I have sent a legion of Warbots to investigate not only the possibility of survivors after the missile strike, but also to mine into the very earth and collect this mineral for my HELLSPORES!"

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The police hand waved the Cyborg warning, and even after blasting a window with his energy projection capabilities they didn’t believed about the incoming attacks. Asura was a tad ticked off for their inefficiency as they didn’t even checked with the military or anybody else. After this, the Cyborg Hero decided to take matter in his own hands, he tried to avoid using his capabilities to the fullest as even if his resolution was strong, and he didn’t know if the mainframe could take control over him once again. But this time around he needed to put aside his doubts and prepare to use the enhancements he despised so much, the only robbing him from his humanity to save others, maybe that was better than not having them, if he could help others. As he prepared to intercept the missiles before the hit the ground, hours from the country, his Bodhi SYS picked something else, smaller signals but in greater number. –I think the vernacular for this is “I’m screwed”.- Muttered Asura as he looked to the sky while several packs of heavily arm robots appeared descending at great speed. All of them shared the looks of their creator the infamous Warsman.

As he took a higher position to receive the incoming enemies he noticed that far from where he was standing one of the missiles already reached the ground, yet the lack of a nuclear cloud made him sigh in relief, for a second he tried to think what kind of load would be carrying but he remembered that he had more important thing to pay attention. The Warbots army spear head, a group of five zoomed in over town, Asura jumped to encounter them, hoping to keep them away from the streets. A powerful flying kick was his opening move, connecting perfectly against the robot chest plate, putting a foot shaped dent on it. The other four noticed immediately Az presence and attacked, but thanks to the Cyborg superior speed and agility, in contrast of the movements of the Warbot, that were fast, yet choppy and lacking in the fluidity only a human could bring to the table rather than a heartless machine. The two nearest mechanical soldiers rushed to physically assault Asura, the first one was avoided and the second one almost got the Cyborg Hero, scratching his side with enough force to go through a battleship hull. The Bodhi SYS analyzed that the strength of each one of this robots was near the 100 ton class, thus they were the strongest enemies Az had ever fought.

The other two launched twin blasts of energy, but Asura stopped supporting his weight his the feet Blaster Nodes, thus the gravity allowed him to avoid both discharges, as the Nano-Blood started repairing the damage done by the barely dodged brush with dead he had with one of the mechanical monsters. –One clean hit from them and I’m screwed.- Az said in a whisper to as he landed in a roof top and was followed by the group. The one with the dent in the chest seemed to be on the verge of malfunctioning, while the other 4 were in top condition. He could tell a joke or throw some banter, but the Bodhi SYS told him that the opponents he faced were purely mechanical lacking of any intelligence or sentience. 3 attacked while on was left behind alongside the damaged one to serve as support fire, the first two attacked at the same time and Asura managed to dodge their metallic fists by sliding under one of them through the open legs. The third one tried to quick the Cyborg while he finished his move, but Az was faster and with a small discharge from his nodes he accelerated his ascent and used the extended leg as a support beam, running up the massive robotic entity up to his head that with a powerful kick, further enhanced by the use of the foot Blaster Node as propeller he tore it cleanly.

1 down 4 to go, or at least that was what Asura tried to keep thinking, even if he knew that this wasn’t the case, since he could feel the fleets of robotic minions getting near by the minute, not to mention the missiles. Just as the finished the kick, the Warbots that stayed behind as support fire launched two blasts, now lacking the edge of the sudden fall, and still in the motion of the kick the twin attacks of energy strike him like a demolition ball made of lighting and sent him flying through the city small yet scenic skyline. If this wasn’t a life or death situation he would definitively look around more, but this wasn’t the time for that. The 2 bots that attacked with melee flied at top speed towards the hole he left in the city bell tower. Inside Az thought of a plan and decided upon a course of action, as they flew towards him, he flew upwards and grabbed the giant bronze bell. When the two bots noticed Asura over them they went towards him with a cold merciless light in their emotionless eyes while shooting with both hands the same kind of energy blast as the others. After a quick check for vital signs and the confirmation of the townspeople evacuating far from the town center the Cyborg Hero went downwards using the bell as a makeshift shield against their blasts, that were deflected thanks to the bell density and curved shape and with it he crushed both robots into the ground and the released an intense and concentrated blast of energy over the ruined bell. The molten metal filtered through the Warbot junctions damaging vital parts of the inner circuitry.

Yet this small victory came with a price, as the other ambushed him, the one still undamaged attacked him, while the one with his foot printed in the chest sniped with a long range highly concentrated attack more akin to a laser than a blast. –Damnit I was too caught with those two to notice these.- he chastised angry at his lack of alertness and avoided the laser-like attack, that sliced what remained of the bell tower in half thanks to its powerful heat, as the top half slid to the side, the other robot made him move, and too distracted by the falling debris, Asura didn’t reacted in time and a powerful energy enhanced haymaker connected to his face sending him out of the building with half of his face blown off by the might of the attack. The bell tower collapsed over the robot, yet Asura was greatly damaged and his eyesight was cut in half as one of his eyes was blown away by the attack. The damaged both jumped from the rooftop with the clear objective of stomping the Cyborg Hero flat against the cracked street, but this time around, even with his capabilities diminished Asura managed to roll away from the danger, and stand up ready to continue fighting.

Seemingly the Warbots had a limited amount of uses of their energy projection systems or maybe this one mechanism were faulty after Asura’s kick, either way the Mechanical Abomination rushed to fight hand to hand. Even damaged Az was faster and more trained than the robot a dodged with skill each blow, while trying to land his own, but thanks to the recent fight his attacks lacked power, as it was still recharging. The Nano-Blood already healed the wound from the side and was now starting with the Cyborg face. The attacks from the Warbot grew slower and clumsier, while Az went into a higher gear and with after a sidestep to avoid a punch from the opponent, an attack with too much strength and lack of restraint that send the fist of the robot into the ground. Asura took advantage of this situation and jumped over him, spinning mid-air and finishing him with an axe kick. The Warbot was split in half and as Asura left towards the next fleet location, the robot exploded violently.

The next batch was coming this time 20, the Cyborg hoped to defeat them here and hold the line, but truth to be told, that was the only thing he had, hope. As the enemies were closing in the Darwin Drive talked with its digital voice. – STRATEGICAL SUGGESTION: RETREAT. - Asura heard the A.I and rejected its plan. – I can’t do that, things like this won’t be solved if I ran away.- The A.I surely didn’t understood that reply, but in matter of seconds a new proposition appeared in the HUB. – STRATEGICAL SUGGESTION: HI-BLASTER MODE IN SPREAD SETTING.- The Cyborg was surprised by this, as that kind of tactic would deplete his energy and only destroy this wave and maybe a couple of the closest missiles. Maybe the Darwin Drive didn’t only evolve the Chassis but also itself. – I think that option is acceptable, a pleasure working with you, even with the ups and down. Activate HI-BLASTER MODE, SPREAD SETTING!.- Asura took a firm stance and his arm started to shift into a high power cannon. After the removal of the Vajra Device, he had control over his enhanced modes, yet he disliked using them as some residual fear of turning into a machine still lurked inside him. The cannon started to gather energy from all around, electrical lines, car batteries and Asura himself, and a powerful and massive discharge spread like a cone reached for the heavens, vaporizing most of the incoming troops and two of the missiles closest to the location. A third missile was damaged and most of the nearby Warbots in range of 10 km.

But this victory came with a price, most of the systems were shut down until the solar energy or manual recharge, thus Asura fell in the rooftop limp. He didn’t even noticed when some of the Mechanical Soldiers took him towards their country of origin.

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"I AM DEADLY FORCE", Angel begins to charge at the helicopter flying above, "No wait that kinda sucked, uuh forget it." Angel's eyes were glowing bright yellow brightly through his goggles, he dashes to the top of a nearby steeple faster than a race car on a flat track, he leaps off the steeple top landing right in front of the glass separating himself from the terrified pilots, he jams the staff into the propeller, severely damaging it but not destroying it, he knew if they limped back to their masters then the rescue effort would slow them down enough to buy him some time. Staring into the eyes both pilots, he snarled like a rapid dog, "LEAVE HERE AND TELL WHOEVER SENT YOU, TO NEVER COME BACK, OR DIIEE!! Your choice"

"I didn't know they had robots too. more toys I can play with" He unsheathed his weapons, "that back there was business, A tactic I used to advance a goal, now you've just given me a chance to unwind", The robots closed in on Angel, they were nowhere near as advanced as Warbots, Maybe they were the U.N. peacbots he'd been hearing so much about, all they were to him was scrap metal, he raced up to a bot and kicked it against a wall, the bot was slow to react as he turned his staff into a sharp point stabbing it in it's robotic eye. He turned around aiming his gun at twenty more peacebots that had been deployed.


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Soon the prisoners of war began to flow into Elysia. Revolutionaries who had marched onto the Iron Tyrants borders in a vague attempt to stop him made up most of the huddled masses - and the executions. One of the most interesting beings that the Warbots managed to abduct, however, was a cybernetic organism that had been on the Elysian King's radar ever since he dismantled a handful of his robots in Romania. While the techno-organic virus rained down over the country he tried to protect, Az was wheeled into the laboratories to be put under sedation and prepared for extensive testing.

Meanwhile, Warsman had better things to do.

He materialized into the emergency meeting of the United Nations, causing immediate panic. With but a gesture, he dismantled the guns raised against him and locked every exit with a magic seal to prevent anyone from leaving. He had every major leader in the free world at his disposal. Nameless, useless, humans. He gripped the head podium and spoke with a voice like thunder that echoed throughout the meeting hall and out into the broadcast networks of the globe in every language.

"I am Warsman - King of Elysia. I come not as a terrorist, but as your new sovereign. In twenty-four hours' time, if I have not received official notice of your surrender to my power, I shall unleash a plague unlike any other on your people and bend your nations to my will. Let Croatia and Romania be your examples. Already I have spread a network of Hellspores across the Earth's atmosphere. Resistance is futile. Submit or perish."

As he spoke, the Iron Tyrant boasted no idle threat. The skies turned blood red as the churning energies of the Hellspores he had mass-produced came to life.

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SuPPoReR/S oF THe BeaST iN WaRRioR'S RaDiuS SPHeRe; CooRDiNaTeS uPLoaDiNG NoW; ReaCTiVaTioN SeQueNCe: MePHaLa aCTiVaTiNG

Some distance outside Earth's atmosphere, a light burst among some piles of meteorites and space trash. Launching from the dust and rocks, a orb of golden light flies through the distance of space at extreme speeds, leaving a trail of it's radiance as it rockets towards the Earth. A visible field can be seen surrounding the light, containing it, as it bursts through the invisible spheres surrounding the blue planet. Fire burns on the field containing the light, protecting it. As it breaks through to the the last sphere, the living portion of Earth, it stops. The orb rotates, and then launches again. After some minutes, it launches towards it's apparent destination, or, at least, the first.
Paris, France-
Weapons rain upon the city of France as a large Hellspore descends from the skies. The computerized systems of the flying fortress's insides arm  the central cannon. It visibly begins to glow and spark as it is aimed towards the Eiffel Tower. Jets and planes are useless to stop it or gather it's attention as they are quickly shot down. As the cannon's charging nears completion, fate takes it chance to intervene. The golden orb blasts across the landscape. In minutes, it travels miles and miles, passing through the horizon. The Hellspore attempts to turn it's anti-air weapons, but the orb crashes into the central cannon before they fire. The charged energy explodes, and smoke expels from the flying destruction as it slowly begins to lose altitude. 
For some reason, the fortress chooses to expel away from the city and into a countryside as it crashes. The populace soon flock towards it, to see what happened, and to see if they still need to fight and hide. After perhaps 30 minutes, the heap begins floating again, with a familiar golden light creaking through the cracks between the metal. The populace flee some distance as the heap begins rotating in a huge sphere of the scrap at high speeds. After some time, the metal begins to bend and joint and mesh, forming the vaguely humanoid form the being that calls itself Darwin. Standing some bit taller than the surviving Eiffel tower, the being nods at the crowd before levitating upwards. He could sense another coming, and it was his turn to bring about destruction.
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Percy emerged from the pub he was waiting at. An hour ago he was waiting for the explosion that he would absorb. He knew or he thought after witnessing the breaking news that missiles were trained on Romania he was the only person who could stop them. Of course he craved the power that would come from consuming the plasma and ash more than anything but deep down he wasn't going to let thousands die. Now his chance was taken by some run of the mill hero, at least he could make up for the missiles with a fight right?

@AmazingAngel: "HEY! You, with the toy skulls!" said Prometheus to the crazed looking hero in the street. "I had dibs on that explosion buddy and I don't like that you came in with your stick and took all the credit for yourself." announced the ember weaver, getting the mans attention. His head turned in Percy's direction and through his goggles he saw a dark primal evil, making Prometheus hesitate. He wasn't used to fighting the brawny superman types but that doesn't mean he'll back down from a fight. The pyromancer is way to stubborn for cowardice.

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@Prometheus_: "Hey didn't your mom ever tell you not to play with matches," Angel dropped the peacebot heads on the ground, the control of Warsman's PHALAX serum still coursing through his veins, making him obey Warsman without question. "And hey we're all heroes here" Angel attempting to trick the man, walking closer and closer to the mysterious stranger, he is at face level with the Pyromancer now, wink "Now if you want all the glory, I'd be more than happy to let you try and take it from me," Angel drew his staff his eyes, glowing even brighter from the PHALAX serum, He stabbed his staff into the ground as power flowed though his body.

The tone of his voice changed from a mocking bore to a raspy snarl as more power surged, surrounding him like a hurricane, "SO READY TO STOP WASTING MY TIME, LET'S DANCE D***HEAD" Angel dashes at the stranger with incredible speed shooting sphere of energy ready to become heat seeking missiles with his command, he moulded his staff into and hammer ready to smash the stranger to pieces where he stood.

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@AmazingAngel: It happened in a flash of smoke and ember. The insane hero's hammer whiffed through the black cloud crackling with sparks where Percy once stood. After the weapon smashed into the poorly paved ground the cloud reformed quickly into the shape of a man. Before the ash changed to skin a voice shot from the form "Don't call me a hero." With that and a snap of his charred fleshy fingers fire erupted from Prometheus' hand and engulfed the Angel.

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@Prometheus_: Fire surrounded Angel, as he uses his light of protection to shield him from the fire "That was a nice parlour trick but you better get ready to burn out", Angel wondered how how to destroy a being with no solid matter, he noticed how close they were to the lake, BRRAAH BRAAH His motorcycle circled around him creating a tornado sucking in everything around him, he shot something into the lake from his gun the stranger had no idea what it could be, "but if you like parlour tricks I've got one for ya", The bike picks up incredible speed enhancing the tornado "THIS IS THE ONE WHERE YOU DISAPPEAR!"

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@AmazingAngel: "Huuuh, HUUUUH." Percy tried desperately to suck in air while his embers died out. He had no choice, he had to change back to his fleshy form. "Think think damnit, your dying, you need air quick get out of the vacuum!" Thought Prometheus frantically searching for a way out. "Sh**. I can't use my chains to grapple out of here! I've got to get out, anything to live and kill this fu****!" Slowly Percy fumbles to his feet and shambles towards the Angel. "This guy has a lot of clever one liners." Thought Percy as the high speed bike smashed into his side, shattering his leg. The bike went sliding across the floor with Prometheus landing a few yards away, his leg twisted at an odd angle. "Mmmmh." Shouted Percy through closed lips, blood filled his mouth as he bit down on his tongue.

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The mechanical voice of the Darwin Drive A.I woke up Az as he was dragged by two Warbots through a sinister looking hallway. The walls and the floor were made of some metallic substances and the support arcs decorated the whole hallway, Asura decided not to move until he was sure about where he was. Most of his wounds, the ones suffered against Warsman troops were repaired but his low energy cut his capabilities and functions into a shadow of their former glory. The main problem was the lack of long range scanners and senses, as the Cyborg Hero grew accustomed to having a much larger sensorial input and now with that being reduced at barely over the human level he was feeling kind of lost. He hated, and possibly would never, to admit that he liked some of the advantages that his body brought to him, as for example beauty unseen for the human perception, like the slow motion of a hummingbird wings, or the splashes of water reflecting the sun and turning for a split second into small marbles of pure light, something a human would barely notice but he could see for several seconds. That kind of beauty was one of the reasons that he could stand the mechanical and cybernetic implants attached to his body.

With that mental conundrum he was brought into a room with a slab in the middle, outfitted with high technology shackles and other restraining gear. The shackles he was wearing right now seemed inescapable for any human, but no human could de-attach their hands, but for the moment he decided to keep a low profile as the Warbots deposited him in the slab and left after shackling him to it. This was surely a laboratory/prison outfitted to receive super humans; the concrete slab seemed too excessive for a regular physician, but Az didn’t knew what was waiting for him. The door opened again and a man clothed with a white labcoat and black scrubs got inside. But his clothing wasn’t what caught Asura’s attention, his face did that. The doctor had no meat over his exposed skull of a scarlet tone that made the Cyborg Hero instantly think of blood. Baron Wulfrihtg was his name and how he decided to present himself as he grabbed a chainsaw from the tool box. - I need to do something about this or I’ll end up chopped in pieces.- That thought rushed in Asura’s mind as he asked the A.I if the Magnetic Field could be deployed. –AFFIRMATIVE, MAGNETIC FIELD NECCESARY ENERGY IS EFFICIENT IN RELATION OF THE CURRENT ENERGY RESERVES.- The A.I talked inside Asura’s head that didn’t wasted one more second as the advanced alloy chainsaw was coming towards his skin.

As the mad Scientist was about to open his head with a single slash, the Magnetic Field was deployed, repelling the chainsaw and the mad scientist if he was still holding it against a wall. The shackles were pushed from inside out by the Field and Az was free with 49% of his energy already recharged, he was still feeling weak, but he could handle it. His first priority was to knock down the scientist and then search for an energy source to fully recharge so he could find out his current location. With that in mind he rushed Baron Wulfrihtg with the intention of decking him in the head thanks to his superior speed and strength.

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The Baron had no intention of retreating. He followed through with the momentum of the cyborg's punch, even spitting out a mouthful of blood from a busted tooth, but all in all the cybernetic organism played to the doctor's advantage. Wulfrithtg had coated his skin with a special virus that latched onto the batteries of creatures such as his prisoner but only through direct physical contact. Wulfrihtg stood up despite having been decked with enough force to knock a normal man unconscious. With no difficulty in his demeanor or posture, he calmly addressed the cyborg as his power supply slowly drained to a pathetic 1%.

"Dummkopf. You cannot stop the operation."

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Through the dark halls of a distant dimension, a small drone flitted through the black and red skies of the hellish cathedral to deliver a message to the lord of this place. Circular in shape and sleek in it's design, it brought itself to an impressive Throne room, decorated in the paraphenalia of scorpions. Even the throne was designed to resemble a scorpion. And within the throne was a single figure, clad in dark armor and a dark purple cloak. Spidery limbs emerged from his back as the message was dropped into his hand. Without even looking at the drone, the Count reached out and grabbed the message as it fell. Breaking open the seal with a slice from one of his arachnid limbs, he took out the dark parchment and focused his burning red eyes on them.

According to the report, a temporally displaced human was causing quite the ruckus in the Balkans. Ordinarily, he as a member of the Black Hand was expected to not care, but this particular happening intrigued him. That a human would have the stones to launch such a brazen assault in a day in age where his own nation could be nuked off the face of the map in an instant. And of course; one who threatened Sturmheiser's careful manipulations of Germany. He fondly remembered helping the Nazi party rise to power, ah what a glorious place. And his dreams of helping Germany form a Prussian empire that would dominate the whole world soon came rushing to the fore. A dream that this upstart threatened.

"I shall go out and handle this problem." Klaudius declared to no one in particular as the searing power of the Null principle flared in the back of his eyes before leaping forth in a crimson inferno of energy that pounded directly into the fabric of reality. Time and space started to split at the seams as they were bathed in this amazing display of ocular power, and soon a ragged hole formed in the fabric of the universe; a hole that continued to push forward and onward, going and going as it sought out it's target. The null principle rays continued to burn through reality, piercing through the veil of three dimensional space and into realms beyond human understanding. And soon, the sky tore a fair sized hole in itself, a hole in the cosmos itself.

Like a roiling sea of eldritch energy the hole churned upon itself as the Count stepped through, accompanied by his Centurion guards that he gave halt to with a hand gesture. Folding his arms behind his back, he stepped out onto the fields of Earth, once again smelling the scents of a grassy world still covered in forests and vegetation. The smell of a world that had gone for so long without a decent war, the smell of weakness, the smell of cowardice. Some good old fashioned Prussian militarism would be the best thing that ever happened to the world, even if he had to beat it back into humanity. But of course; he couldn't allow for some Slavic swine to get in the way of Germanic destiny.

But he didn't know that what he did had consequences of it's own, for in the stars above; deep space stations detected the telltale energy signature of the null principle as it burned beneath the skin of reality. In space, technology beyond that of the Earth began to rapidly break down and analyze the data before coming to a single conclusion in a planck length of time. The Black Hand had set foot on Earth, and not just in the form of a few small units or agents coming and going, but something powerful enough to generate the Null-principle under their own power. In other words, something capable of wielding some seriously Bad Juju.

Roused to wakefulness, the computers continued their analysis of the Earth, the deep space stations focusing their mechanical eyes upon the green and blue world. They broke down the situation into it's base components, constantly relaying their data and conclusions to commanders light years away. Detecting a large amount of extremely usual activity, the computers determined that sending a full crusading force would not be in order...something with a bit more...focused firepower would be in order, a reccomendation this mechanical hive mind quickly relayed to their superiors throughout the Galaxy.

And within moments, the call went out for four individuals in particular, most certainly not of an ordinary nature, but those who's lifelong combat experience and training, combined with their great power and equipment made them some of the most formadible warriors on the side of the angels. They would be the subtle scapel to be thrust into the cancerous mass of evil where a hammer would destroy the body they were trying to save. They would be a precision implement to correct this dire problem, expected to go about their duties as quickly and efficiently as possible while minimizing collateral damage. They were also thirteen.

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@Prometheus_: Angel stopped the hurricane and walked over to the bloodied stranger, He raised his hand over the top of the bleeding mass, "You play with fire too long you get burned." A white light shines out of his hand, The bitten off tongue reattaches itself as his broken leg cracks back into place, Angel's morality was fighting with the serum for control, "I don't need you dyeing on Warsmans floor here, now leave and never cross me again!" Angel begins to walk away, his back turned to the now healthy stranger. "Now weigh up your options and be smart about this."

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@AmazingAngel: Percy gets to his feet wobbling on his unnatural feeling leg. Spitting the lingering blood onto the ground a grim bloody toothed smile comes to his face. "You know i'm not gonna give up that easy buddy. If I learned to stop playing with fire, I wouldn't be here in the first place." Prometheus whipped his hand out leaving a trail of fire and smoke as the chains around his wrist rapidly expanded and launched towards the Angel's unsuspecting throat.

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@Prometheus_: "Bad move buddy" Angel allowed the chain to surround his neck as used his healing abilities to stave off the damage the chain would cause, he pulled against the chains grip, grabbing onto the back of his bike, he held onto his bike as it pulled the Pyromancer closer to the lake, "Hang ten dude, it's time for the waves." The mysterious orbs Angel had shot into the water earlier exploded like dynamite creating a huge tidal wave engulfing both fighters.

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During the time the Chassis was recharging the Mainframe calculated new ways to overcome energy depletion, improving the efficiency of it by 20% and starting the designs to create modifications in the Chassis that would allow the consumption of the nearby heat as thermal energy, this was it was happening had the Nano-Blood in full work, so when the Baron attacked the Chassis was flooded with the nanites workers fully active. The moment the bacteria got in contact with Az body, was the moment the Darwin Drive A.I started acting against it, having experience fighting against the bacteria and virus that could attack the still human parts of Asura not to mention having a nano-bots for blood, allowed the Bacteria not only to be purged, but also to be contained in an isolated receptacle for reconfiguration and replication, allowing the Cyborg Hero to use the same kind of attack the Baron just tried to employ against him. –Sorry, but I think that won’t be possible.- Asura’s energy was already over the 50% and he moved towards the Doctor to attack him, this time much faster than before. –It seems you know how to take a punch so I’ll be a little bit rougher this time, for that I’m sorry.- The Deva XIX threw a punch, but in an incredible fast motion he changed from a closed fist to an open palm with the Blaster Node of his palm ready to attack, but only a non-lethal blast aimed to mess with the brain waves and a powerful light aiming to blind the sadistic Doctor.

The moment the Flash Blast was shoot was the moment Asura decided to run away tearing through the door as paper with a well-placed shoulder impact. He needed to run away and find a place to hide, while he checked his surroundings.

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The Baron rubbed his eyes, seeing nothing but white for a few seconds. He cursed under his breath, sending out an emergency signal to any nearby Warbot units.

"Schwein. Your pain will not end so quickly."

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@AmazingAngel: "Cute." chuckled Percy. Finally he felt like he had a chance as the force of the wave threw him on his back and sliding away. The once molten hot chain crumbled to ash as Prometheus jumped to his feet. With a fire burning in his eyes his drenched body heated up to incredible temperatures. Steam rising from the ember weaver a look came across the Angel's face, surprise? Prometheus phased into his cloud form and a tempest of sparks and black smoke rushed towards the hero smashing into his chest when quickly it reformed. Hands pressed firmly against the Angel, Percy's fingers and palms become the heat of pure plasma as he tried to burn the hero's internal organs (If he had any.)

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@Prometheus_: Angel felt the burning sensation in his internal organs, as he intensified the healing factor of his Angel Armour to accommodate, Angel knew he had to finish this now as he slowed time with Magic Moment, long enough so he could figure out what to do, Angel pointed his gun over the head of that flame guy and got ready to make the shot, Angel knew this couldn't be any ordinary shot, so he focused on his Gun of Gabriel, focused on what it would fire out, focused on Liquid Nitrogen, He though freezing the Pyromancer would do the trick. "Bye,bye" He waved at the pyromancer as he brought time back to speed and made the shot all in a split second.

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Deep within the confines of the Elysian King's robotics division, something sinister awakens. The enormity of the behemoth machine would confound most humans, but its seated posture keeps it from attaining full height. Instead, it provides the master mold for all Sentinel-type PHALANX automatons. A sister design to the Warbots, the Sentinels were larger, more physically imposing, and provided the bulk of Elysia's defenses whereas the Warbots would be more or less for security purposes. The Sentinels each stood a towering twenty feet tall and were equipped with a variety of weapons to deal with virtually any situation. Their progenitor stirred in the depths of Castle Warstein, the old factories now sparked into overdrive for the upcoming conflict. Already, thousands of Sentinels were produced. Many thousands more would be on the way.

Dubbing itself King Saul after the Biblical monarch, the master mold linked itself to the PHALANX artificial intelligence and therefore enslaved itself to Warsman's indomitable will.

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Rushing through the metallic plated hallways, Asura hoped to find a way out of this laboratory, and more important to get away from that weird red skulled Doctor. The Cyborg Hero moved without making a sound as he was using the magnetic field he could generate to “step” on air, instead of the metallic floor, thanks a faint field of repulsion coming from his feet Blaster Nodes thus his strides were silent. The recovery of his energies reserves allowed Az to make proper scans of the surroundings with the Bodhi SYS, with this he could perceive the enemies before they appeared and search through the maze of dark halls the exit. The Energy Reserves were at 70% and things seemed a little brighter at least until his long range scans told him where he was. Elysia the land of Warsman, he only heard about the Villain, but those rumors were more than enough to give him goose bumps, something he was surprised of still having. Whispering to himself, the Cyborg said as sighing. –Once again I use the vernacular for this “I’m screwed”.-

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Russia, Warehouse Unknown Location

Nine men and one woman stood in a circle they each took out a classic revolver and a single round from a pocket. It slid into position and the cylindars were spun, each making eye contact with the others before nodding. The gun snaped close, the barrel rose pointing to the man or woman on the right. The hammer cocks and then the trigger's pulled two men hit the floor. Those with an empty gun open cylindars to place in a new round, the others spin and spin. They look and then they nod, cock the hammer and pull again. Two more fall and the cycle repeats load spin raise and fire, another three have fallen to this gambling desire. Two men and one girl stand, the last round is about to begin.

"You'd made it to round five, as per usual the number of contestants was double. Making round five ten people. And the number of survivors is the round split in half, rounded down of course. Making the survivors two. You are each aloud to fire twice in this last round, I ask you to now take the proper steps." As the anouncer finished the three reloaded the guns, spun the cylindars and raised them to their right. They squeeze the trigger a click all thats heard, two breathed a long sigh of relief they nod and squeeze again. Brain matter splashes along the wall as the girl kills one of the men, the game is over.

"I've seen alot come here, rarely a girl though. And not alot of people are so relaxed when they enter the stage." The second survivor remarks as the two wait to be given there money. Her eyes stay closed untill the case of money is handed to her. Its only then they open, each as black as pitch.

"Im simply making a profit off my missfortune."

Three Hours Later At an Airport of Moscow

We apologize for the inconveniance ms, most cyborgs don't get on planes." A security officer spoke in the Russian tongue.

"Don't apologize for doing your job. Just please be so kind as to let me get on board. I've placed the bulk of my electronics in my bag so as to not cause problems with the planes hardware. My most basic format's wont effect your systems either." The black eyed woman spoke in perfect Russian back to the officer. They nodded and soon enough she was on the plane. Not long after that the plane was in flight and music poored into the teens mind. Haven been given the clear to use electronics a sound system withen her ears had switched on. Leaving her oblivious to what came next, if she had been alert then perhaps she could of done something.

Metal twisted with an ear aching sound as the missile tore through the hull. The rocket exploding almost instantly in the moment as it pounded through the plane. Slivers and chunks of metal were shot in every direction. They cut into flesh with apsolute ease, That first portion of the plane inriched with gore. That was but the begining though, rather then fire and flame a cloud of silver and gold flooded the cabin. It washed over the people like a waves tide might do to a rock. When the vision of precious metal was gone all that there was, was the decayed twisted looks of the victems. Of course knowing this off the bat was hard, for the plane was a spiral of motion. Swirling and swirling bodies were tossed around recklessly, luggage smashing against skin and metal. ALmost as fast as it had begun though the chaos came to an end. As the plane crashed into the ground engines exploding in maggnifecent blossom of flame. Metal sent in every direction as the plane crashed into the streets of Moscow.

Her body tumbled and bounced thrown from the crash her body being tossed about for nearly a minute before coming to a close. Traffic smashing and grinding into eachother trying to evade an acident only to cause more, that was the cussioning for the woman. As a result though the impacts were less she left dents and shattered glass in almost a dozen cars. Rising to her feet she simply moved to grab her things. Taking a moment to arm herself well and place the reward of her game from earlier on her back. "Like I said profiteering off my misfortune." A hand goes to her ear as she radios the Lord General, she was completely unaware of the silver and gold mark on her arm. "This is Techmarine Raven requesting imediate support or evac. Location Moscow, I can plant a becon on the map if needed."

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Ajax released his parachute, causing a massive jerk against his body as his decent dramatically decreased.  He began to drop down into the forest below which neared at a constant rate; just as he entered into the tree canopy his chute caught on the top of tree bringing his decent to a instant stop. Ajax lay in a slump for a few short seconds but then the dead silence of the forest was interrupted by the electronic crackle of his radio coming to life."Alpha One, this is Zero, do you have boots on ground? Over."  
Ajax pressed the button attached to his vest, activating his mic on his headset, "Zero, this is Alpha one, I'm tangled in a tree but will be on the ground in approximately three-zero seconds. Over."  
The radio came to life again, "Zero, Roger, Out."  
"Now to get myself out of this damn mess"  Ajax muttered under his breath. Then he heard it, a metal clanging...footsteps beating against the under brush not so far away from where Ajax was hanging. The sound neared and soon it materialized the source; it was one of Warsmans warbots, more than likely on a patrol. Ajax reached for his knife quickly and readied to cut the chute line which would allow him to drop down to the ground. He waited, hoping the bot would walk right under him and make this an easy encounter. However, this was not the case; the bot stopped for a second, turning it's head in all directions. Ajax assumed it was scanning the area...it would definitely pick up Ajax. 
The warbot tilted it's head up, it's mechanical eyes came in contact with Ajax hanging up in the tree. <<Enemy detected. Superhuman identified. Ajax. Threat level - extreme. Course of action. Termination.>>  The machine raised it's arm which changed into an energy gun, a red glow being produced from the opening of the barrel as it hummed to life.   
Ajax cut the line and it was not a moment to soon. The energy blast missed him by just a few inches and completely decimated the tree sending bark and leaf fragments in all directions. The mortal titan hit the ground with a massive thud and immediately raised his assault rifle to his shoulder and began firing with excellent precision. The rounds bounced off the robot like mere spit wads; however Ajax was not shooting to harm the warbot...he was strategically testing it's durability.  
The warbots rifle arm aimed quickly back at Ajax and fired. The invulnerable soldier was not so lucky this time as the blast caught him directly in the chest sending him flying backwards and through the trunk of a massive tree. His body created a crater in the soft, dark soil as he skidded to a stop and swiftly recovered to his feet.  
The mechanical foe's arm had now returned to it's normal, metal, skeletal form and it was headed at Ajax in a full sprint. Ajax responded to this attack with a grin and braced himself for impact. The robot hit him like a eighteen wheeler and began to squeeze it's arms tightly like a mechanical  boa constrictor. Ajax laughed  at the machines pathetic attempt to dispatch him and spoke, "I cannot be armed physically you foolish machine." 
The words were barely out of his mouth, and he pulled a grenade from his vest as the machine still continued to squeeze. He pulled the pin and drove the grenade into the machines mouth. In response, the warbot attempted to let go but now Ajax applied the bear hug and with a sadistic grin. The fuse ended and the explosion went off, blowing the warbots head and a bit of it's upper torso to charred, smoking pieces of metal. The blast also managed to toss Ajax back into the dirt, but he simply lifted himself from the ground and wiped the dirt from his uniform.  
"Zero, this is Alpha one, I just had contact with my first enemy. One of Warsmans warbots. Will continue towards the objective. Out"

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Like a raging thunderbolt, a molecular firestorm rains down from the heavens. The magical entropy of a billion dying universes sings in harmony to the celestial end of days. The Elysian King descended from the cacophony, his eyes aflame with otherworldly power. His voice rang out in pure wrath at the interloper who continued to elude his Warbots as well as embody more than a minor thorn in his side.

"No longer shall you elude my Warbots, mortal, for now you contend with the cosmic energies that bind this realm together. Now you contend with WARSMAN!"

With but a gesture of his almighty armored hand, the Iron Tyrant lashed out with a devilish beam of pure cosmic fury, each part of it structured and brought to form in such a way as to pick apart molecules for Warsman commanded such complex elements as if they were children's toys! One elusive scratch from any of his blasts would spell doom for the intrepid hero.

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@Warsman    , 
After just defeating his first enemy, the mortal titan finally had the attention he sought out. Down the Iron Tyrant came with a voice of rage and an atmosphere that reflected it.  Suddenly, Warsman lashed out with a vicious strike which sent a beam of energy directly at Ajax. The quickness of the attack caught Ajax off guard, struck him, and projected him back through the forest. 
Unlike the strike from the warbot, this one did not allow the invulnerable soldier to recover immediately. Something was different about the blast; the energy...it actually hurt Ajax. He lay in a heap on the ground, hand touching his smouldering chest; a massive hole had been blown straight through his tactical vest and clothes. Ajax staggered to his feet with great difficulty with a look on his face which had not been expressed in a very long time. It was a look of vulnerability; the indestructible man wasn't so impervious any more. He knew he could not handle Warsman on his own, his power was much to great for Ajax. Sure he was indestructible, but the Iron Tyrants energy blasts clearly exploited Ajax's powers some how. 
Then he remembered it; his right arm dropped to his side and he slipped his hand inside his pocket and felt it with his fingers. It felt smooth and almost fragile but it was far from it. Ajax knew that the ring was the only thing that might be able to contend with Warsman, but he would lose control and a lot of people could be harmed. However, it was a risk he had to take - the red savage had to be awakened, the hero had to become a monster to save what he loved. He messaged over the radio one last time, "Zero, this is Alpha one, I have contact with Warsman. Get everybody clear within one zero zero kilometers of my location. Do not question, out." 
Ajax dropped his pack to the ground and ripped what remained of his tactical vest off and threw it forcefully to the side. It was then he pulled out the ring and glared at it and then at Warsman. Ajax stared him right in the eyes and slipped the glowing, crimson ring on his finger and it began.  
Instantaneously he dropped to his knee's in writhing pain, letting out a cruel howl. His eyes lit up bright red and his bones began cracking, his muscles tearing as they expanded. After a few short seconds, the transformation was finished. He lay knelt there, breathing heavy and then he looked up at his enemy again. His eyes were filled with uncontrollable rage...the rage of a monster. There was nothing left of the hero any more, the ring had taken advantage of his hidden memories and made him into the physical embodiment of rage. 
Like a savage animal he finally stood up, pounding the ground with his now massive, red fists and let out a deafening roar which not even the dinosaurs could match. With his powerful legs he launched himself at the Iron Tyrant with his fist drawn back ready to pound him to dust.
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"So, it is a game of anger is it?"

Warsman charged his gauntlets with the same energy used to rip through the rampaging monster the first time. He kicked the jets in his boots into overdrive, launching his armored form forward without a hint of laxity.

"Then know the fury of Warsman and PERISH!"

Locking fists with each other, the two colossi of monolithic power sent up wave after wave of shredded Elysian soil as their colliding auras kicked and screamed for dominance, biting and ripping into the other like savage animals. Their physical conflict continued from their initial impact into a series of gargantuan punches, none of which could overpower the defenses of the other. On the Elysian King's side of the board, he possessed a nigh-limitless cosmic force supplemented by astounding science and brilliant magical skills. Meanwhile, his opponent fed on the malevolent spirit of anger, a deity that festered in the hearts of every sentient creature - now given singular shape.

Their struggle festered mercilessly into a hellish brawl. Every inch of their domain as battling gods erupted into a cesspool of fire and brimstone, the magma-like light of rage the intruder now exploded with slamming with the weight of ages upon Warsman's already troubled brow. However, Warsman presented his opponent with a new challenge. Now that he had shown his strongest card, the berserker, Warsman responded in kind with a trap of his own: the leech. Casting open a force shield of unparalleled capacity for punishment, the Iron Tyrant used it as a battering ram to contend with his hated enemy. Added to this, he would draw out the desperate strength of the enraged behemoth, sap it for his own nefarious use, and slaughter the defenseless man once and for all!

"Your blind rage keeps you from seeing what I am planning, beast. Keep frothing at the mouth and you shall know humility at the hands of your new king!"

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The two collided with enough force to shake the Earth itself. They fought like the battles of myth between the Gods of Mount Olympus and the evil Titans except there was just the two of them. Each earth shattering blow did not bring either contender closer to victory; they matched each other hit after hit. But then suddenly, the Iron Tyrant cast some sort of force shield which dramatically began to slow the vicious, rage-fuelled onslaught of Ajax. 
His punches became weaker and slower, and he began to feel exhausted. The crimson savage was being drained of his power, his energy, his rage. As he began to slow, Warsman delivered a blow which pounded Ajax deep into the ground; it was a blow stronger than that which he had been giving the entire battle. Clearly Warsman was draining Ajax's power and converting it into his own strength. However, Ajax was a mindless beast and putting such a simple puzzle together would prove impossible. Thus, he continued with his weakened onslaught only to be struck back down or parried with every punch, weakened with every move.  
The Crimson Giants barrage had come to a streaming halt as he dropped to the ground and his mass began to wither away. The ring no longer glowed bright and the rage was distant in his eyes as he returned to his original, human form. Ajax lay there panting like a dog in the dirt, but he began to laugh, almost hysterically. The impervious mortal spoke, "You think you can drain all my energy? This ring is filled with unlimited energy and will recharge over and over because of the chaos ongoing on this earth...chaos caused by you! I can't beat you, but the savage inside of me can't wait to come back out and rip you to tiny pieces!" 
As Ajax finished his sentence his skin once again dawned the red hue of the monster and ring shined even brighter then before. He was once again transformed and stood his ground in front of the Iron Tyrant with a more refined look in his eyes. The look was still one of rage, but this time it was more directed, it was targeted, it had a purpose.

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"Chaos? I started this war to abolish all conflict. Once the world is mine, humanity can finally prosper!"

The Elysian King saw now the limitations of the ring, though he knew them before his encounter with the hulking creature before him. He expanded the force shield over the entirety of their battlefield, changing its frequency specifically to the opposite type of the ring in question, creating a magnetic attraction between the two energies. The more the "agent of peace" struggled and used his ring, the more the force shield could absorb. Meanwhile, Warsman continued to face the brunt of his attacks with his own cosmically-augmented fists.

"Humanity thrives on violence. You are living proof of that. I need only to destroy the seeds of conflict and utopia can be achieved. I have already sown boundless crops, solved the riddles of all the world's diseases, and now only War and Death stand in my way from protecting mankind from oblivion. If you will not submit to my domination, then you shall die!"

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@_Golem_ said:

SuPPoReR/S oF THe BeaST iN WaRRioR'S RaDiuS SPHeRe; CooRDiNaTeS uPLoaDiNG NoW; ReaCTiVaTioN SeQueNCe: MePHaLa aCTiVaTiNG

Some distance outside Earth's atmosphere, a light burst among some piles of meteorites and space trash. Launching from the dust and rocks, a orb of golden light flies through the distance of space at extreme speeds, leaving a trail of it's radiance as it rockets towards the Earth. A visible field can be seen surrounding the light, containing it, as it bursts through the invisible spheres surrounding the blue planet. Fire burns on the field containing the light, protecting it. As it breaks through to the the last sphere, the living portion of Earth, it stops. The orb rotates, and then launches again. After some minutes, it launches towards it's apparent destination, or, at least, the first.

Paris, France- Weapons rain upon the city of France as a large Hellspore descends from the skies. The computerized systems of the flying fortress's insides arm the central cannon. It visibly begins to glow and spark as it is aimed towards the Eiffel Tower. Jets and planes are useless to stop it or gather it's attention as they are quickly shot down. As the cannon's charging nears completion, fate takes it chance to intervene. The golden orb blasts across the landscape. In minutes, it travels miles and miles, passing through the horizon. The Hellspore attempts to turn it's anti-air weapons, but the orb crashes into the central cannon before they fire. The charged energy explodes, and smoke expels from the flying destruction as it slowly begins to lose altitude. For some reason, the fortress chooses to expel away from the city and into a countryside as it crashes. The populace soon flock towards it, to see what happened, and to see if they still need to fight and hide. After perhaps 30 minutes, the heap begins floating again, with a familiar golden light creaking through the cracks between the metal. The populace flee some distance as the heap begins rotating in a huge sphere of the scrap at high speeds. After some time, the metal begins to bend and joint and mesh, forming the vaguely humanoid form the being that calls itself Darwin. Standing some bit taller than the surviving Eiffel tower, the being nods at the crowd before levitating upwards. He could sense another coming, and it was his turn to bring about destruction.

"Warsman, my wayward son, you have caused quite the uproar!"

The ancient blood of the god-emperor flowed freely through his ragged veins. The long imprisonment he had been placed under finally wore off as the seal cracked with the impact of the Hellspore in the French countryside. Standing from the dust and debris, the lord of ages contemplates the current flow of time and understand everything within a short second of observation. He looks with malicious intent at the giant mechanized life-form mere meters away from him. Sensing its imminent departure, Aldeon magnified his size many times over in order to match the height and mass of his soon-to-be opponent. Charging his hands with a molecule-disrupting energy, the god of evil laughs as he begins his merciless attack.

"You seek to protect these humans? This blight on Earth's surface? How noble! But you must remember that you face me now! You face ALDEON!"

With a thunderous blast of light and heat capable of atomizing most targets into radioactive slag, Aldeon advanced coldly, meaning to brutally assault the towering titan in close combat.

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The iron giant soon sense yet another danger to the people of France; this time, it was sentient, and the mechanical operations within the device translated the entity as a supporter of what it referred to as the "Leviathan". Turn in levitation, the form made from the remnants of the Hellspore stared at the being as it grew to equal him in size. The metal head tilted in a curious manner as the malicious being voiced it's menial banter, effectively ignoring it. As the godly creature raised it's hands and charged it's power, the inner light showing between the cracks of metal and through the "eyes" turning a deep, red giant crimson. "SuPPoRTeR oF BeaST aTTaCKiNG DaRWiN; DeFeNSiVe MeaSuReS To Be TaKeN." Darwin bellows out as two beams of condensed solar energy burst from his eyes to meet the enemy's own energy attack, disrupting it in an explosion ripping apart the empty country side. Darwin descended to the ground as his opponent approached.  
"FoR THe FaLLeN aND THe STRoNG, THiS oNe SHaLL BRiNG aiD." Darwin lifts his huge, metal arms into the air. The well-made metal of Warsman's Hellspore made a preferable casing for the device within, and an suitable armor against all those it deemed as supporters of the beast. The two arms came crashing down towards his opponent's head. Darwin was made to be a brute in close combat, as it would be expected any opponents of his size wouldn't have any knowledge or use of hand to hand combat. This wasn't what he was intended for. Within the Starheart, a silent but appropriate prayer was issued. 
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Effectively a behemoth of strength due to his size, Aldeon kept a disproportionate amount of speed in his strikes as well, dispersing the air molecules around him and virtually eliminating friction altogether. Telepathically augmenting his already monstrous physical power, his defensive and offensive blows came at frightening speed. He laughed at the metal mountain's attempts to harm him, though blood did flow from an open wound on his head. He opened his mouth wide and forced a dozen atoms together, creating a series of fusion reactions that he then directed at his opponent. Many onlookers were instantly fried, though a curious force shield around Paris came into effect at the last second, protecting untold thousands of innocent lives. The foliage and fauna fared far worse, however, as the concentrated bursts of nuclear fusion tore their environment asunder.

Truly, this was the end of days.

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The Crimson Savage stood there as Warsman spoke his delusional words. He had barely finished his sentence when Ajax tore off in a sprint like a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at its target. Ajax collided with the iron tyrant like a freight train, however it hardly budged his opponent. The invulnerable titan immediately began delivering massive blows that would rip open the side of a tank with ease but Warsman simply stood his ground, the strikes hardly phasing him. 
Then Warsman began retaliating, striking back with the same ferocity but he too was not having any luck at damaging the enraged mortal. Ajax managed to catch hold of one of Warsmans wrist as he attempted a strike, and then caught the other as well. A grim, sadistic smile cracked across the face of the crimson giant. He began to squeeze with all his might, attempting to crush the gauntlets which appeared to be giving off energy, energy that allowed the iron tyrant to go blow for blow with Ajax. Although, the mindless beast had no knowledge of this, he was just trying to cripple Warsman and put him through brutal pain.

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@AmazingAngel: "You must have skipped out on more than one chemistry class!" said Prometheus as his skin now burned hotter than magma and caused the nitrogen to vaporize before it even touched him. "Finally! Now maybe I can do some damage!" Thought Prometheus, for the time it took for the Angel to pull his trigger he was roasting from the inside out. "Mmm smells like lobster!" remarked Percy, feeling a tinge of accomplishment as he turned up the heat to try and defeat his enemies healing factor.

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The metal fists bounced off of the titan's body. Harm was insufficient in Darwin's mind. Before attacking again, the iron giant recoiled from multiple blows, being knocked backwards nearly to it's knees. The metal shell shifted, bent, and broke, and the light of the contained solar energy lighted out, being contained only by the gravitational energies that bind it, in a section. The tyrant's laugh was not comprehensible by the giant, and neither was pain. The giant stood to see the reactions occurring and the impending explosion about to erupt, but was unable to react. The explosion tore the land asunder, though sparing Paris. The front portion of the shell began to rip apart, the metal tearing away, revealing more of the bright, nigh blinding light. "eNeRGy FieLD BuRSTiNG; CoNTaiNMeNT MeaSuReS MuST Be TaKeN iN FaCe oF GLoBaL eVeNT~" Darwin yelled out as the energy field containing the living star began to rupture at the face of the nuclear actions. The field burst, and the solar energy ripped out like thousands of angry beasts. The energy field soon rushed to cover the fiery gases, engulfing the area. The flames ignited the hydrogen in the air, and had it not been contained would of likely literally set the world one fire. The entire field, from the outside, looked as if a snow globe had been filled with gasoline and active sodium, with a nigh infinite dimension of solar explosions stored lightly within. The physical aspects of the metal titan had been destroyed, and in the center only the Starheart remained, rapidly attempting to control it's own power. However, what had become of the god king was unknown, as the gases were so thick as to obscure any sort of normal vision. After what seemed like an hour, the energy all reabsorbed into the Starheart device, and the field reconstructed, making it once again a golden orb of light; floating above the ground, waiting to see what happened next.
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All was quiet after the oblivion that had erupted from the shell of the infinite power. Everything save for nearby Paris had been utterly eradicated. Ash and smoke remained, leaving death and fire in its terrible wake. But life endured. A horrible life, and an ancient one. From the molecules he had been reduced to, the god-emperor resurfaced. Boiling out of thin air like a distant tumor, he grew to full size within seconds and retained his shape as well. He looked upon the devastation with a faint admiration and began to laugh heartily.

"Fool! Such uncivilized destructive output cannot harm me! You merely dispersed my atoms, something I can easily reconstitute from. However, let us not continue this battle. I have business with a certain monarch, the one who created the Hellspore you brought down earlier in this encounter. You may follow if you so desire, and I shall build for you another body - a better one!"

With but a gesture, the lord of ages conjured the air molecules before him and hardened them into a perfect adamantium shell for the floating cosmic energy before him, the same energy he presumed to be sentient and the instigator of their minor duel.

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@Prometheus_: "Maybe I should've gone for a fire extinguisher instead." Angel could feel the fire intensifying, raging inside, roasting his internal organs like someone had jammed a blow torch up his A$$, His insides were being incinerated and reforming every millisecond, draining his pool of energy considerably every second he used it, he knew he needed to pull out the big guns, metaphorically of course, in a split second his eyes started glowing brighter, now emitting an almost steam off of them, he crossed his arms into an X across his chest, as he started lifting his knees to his chest he started rising from the ground, slightly, smoothly and cloud like, "BLINDING LIGHT!" A large crack like lighting could be heard miles away, Angel exploded with powerful white light, knocking everything in his environment back, Angel had unleashed his most powerful attack, was he still holding back, had Warsman really taken over, could PHALANX still control a being as powerful as Angel, only time will tell.

(It's not the end of the fight or anything, I just wrote a bunch for no reason.)

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@AmazingAngel: Finally the light died and the floating Angel touched solid ground once more. His insides healing but his power drained. Wait, but were was his adversary? Where was the ember hurling jacka**? The only trace of the man was a small streak of ash left were Prometheus once stood.

(No need to drag it on ^.^ I wasn't expecting to win necessarily against such a powerful character.)

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The voice echoed across the battleground. From out of the skies came a blindingly fast force of elemental power, one that could not be conquered by human trickery or scientific ingenuity. Like a thunderbolt and with the accompanying crack of lightning, Skjovald descended from the heavens on winds that he manipulated by holding a curious glowing hammer in his hand. The blonde avenger looked into the unabashed anger of both of these combatants and saw nothing that could be salvaged - save for one thing.

"Red giant - whose name I know not - stand aside!"

He began to spin his hammer by the loop at the end of the handle, causing a massive influx of static energy likened to that of a thunderstorm as the winds howled and rain poured. With a singular motion, he arced a throw and released the hammer at a specific moment, causing it to go forward at incredible speed towards the Iron Tyrant.

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I slam into Warstodt at 670,000,000 miles per hour.

At that speed my body shattered every hydrogen atom it struck. The nuclear blast ignited the atmosphere above Esyla in a single apocalyptic spark.

The sky was thermonuclear fire.

And the city of Warstodt became nuclear fuel upon the pyre. At around .99c my impact is roughly equal to 8,900 megatons of TNT. Close to 70 times the power of the Tsar bomb. In 189 nanoseconds the city of Warstodt becomes a collection of shatter atoms streaming outward at high fractions of light speed. They fused with other particles creating bubble of iridescent plasma that swallowed everything within 31 miles.

In less than a tenth of a second most of Elysia is gone.

I hover in a vacuum for nearly three seconds. Everything is gone. That ball of fire is the atomic corpse of Warstodt.

The debris rush back in to fill the vacuum with .The thunderclap literally shakes the bedrock and snuffs out the atomic sky.

Its a desert of nuclear ash.

I'll name it peace.

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Ajax continued to squeeze the Iron Tryants wrists with unrelenting force; harder and harder by the second. The strain on his gauntlets could be heard as they creaked and neared their breaking point. There was no sign of the crimson savage letting go in sight, but then a voice sounded across the battleground as a man descended from the heavens.  
The man spoke to Ajax, which as a result caused a distraction and eased the grip of the impervious mortal. Warsman now had his opening, and he was quick to take advantage of it. Quickly he struck with an earth shuddering uppercut causing the giant-like body of Ajax to do a complete flip. This attack was followed up by a vicious knee to the face and then a hammer fist strike which planted Ajax deep into the ground.  
The rouge behemoth grunted as he staggered to his feet once more, wiping the dirt from his broad, cannonball-like shoulders.  Ajax immediately fired a sharp glance at the man who had just recently appeared. His hair was long and blonde, and he carried a large hammer which he was now spinning at incredible speeds causing static energy to be released in all directions.  
Normally, the savage that now controlled Ajax would instantly attack this new assailant out of nothing but pure, blinded rage and hatred. But something was different on this day; he just stood there observing the man winding up his hammer which he then released at incredible speeds which was directed at the Iron Tyrant. 
Ajax took hint to the fragile alliance that has just been created and followed suit. He ripped a massive boulder from the ground, and like in an Olympic event he tossed it faster than any baseball pitcher could ever manage.

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Warsman stirred from the radioactive dust, his armor holding strong while the royal cape and hood of his office as king as well as the remnants of the boulder the crimson Goliath forced upon him crumbled away to ash. He held his head and shuddered - a dent. The godlike humanoid that now descended upon him in allegiance to the red rampage had done the impossible, most likely due to a magical force beyond his own. The Iron Tyrant looked around as his foes closed in upon him. The two powerhouses were nowhere to be seen in the new apocalypse, but the Elysian King was a king of land no longer.

He stood, refusing to let this setback obstruct him.

Activating a manual override of the King Saul unit, Warsman observed as the god-machine rose from the charred earth. Billions of tons of metal and machinery howled in blind anger, its body unconsciously churning out Sentinel units at a desperate rate in order to contend with the intruders for a bit longer. Without a word, Warsman retreated back to his throne in Warstodt, near the very epicenter of the blast and yet totally unharmed due to his magical shields surrounding his precious capital city. Here he would put what may very well be his final plan into motion.

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This 'Warsman' had clearly accumulated vast stores of knowledge. Magical, technological, and more. All the eventual derivatives of vast sums of cosmic knowledge that dwarfed the combined sum of this centuries libraries.

With that knowledge he had built for himself a country. Made himself a massive army. And before me was some titanic producer of his forces.

I was in no mood to spar with his minions.

Twin spears of ruby light tear free of from my eyes. Each is a nineteen gigawatt laser, nearly forty billion watts of power total. And the pair of them target the skull of this latest technological monstrosity.

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@Prometheus_: As the smoke cleared Angel looked around for the Pyromancer, He noticed a scorch mark on the ground, he knew he had held back, that wasn't lethal, at least he didn't think it was, maybe he left, maybe he wasn't strong enough to withstand it, maybe he became fire again and flew away with the wind, he didn't know maybe it was better for him that way.

The streets of Croatia were empty, nothing but Warbots and people enslaved to PHALANX, The hell that he'd had a hand in, against his will, against his faith and against everything he stands for.

@Warsman: @.Ajax.: @Skjovald_Glaciertooth: Angel felt great forces clashing in the distance, "Really, Croatia is gonna get torn apart.", He sat on his Hog riding it too the battle, He rode up to Warsman battling the two powerful heroes threatening his plans for world domination, standing at his side.

"Dude, backups here."

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As the lasers were incoming to destroy the King Saul unit, its hyper-adaptive computer brain generated the most favorable outcome.

"Calculating," it bellowed as hundreds of Sentinel drones were obliterated in the process of merely standing in the way.

The lasers hit home, though not in the way their originator had planned. The King Saul remained standing as the beams were broken down, electron by electron, by two enormous turbines in its chest cavity.


The turbines were connecting to its glowing eye circuits, channeling the energy still being absorbed into stored power as well as malleable electrical charge.


With the final electrical spark swallowed by the turbines, the King Saul finally released its converted energy. While its target managed to focus it into a refined beam, the King Saul barely contained such raw power and released it into a dangerous and broad spectrum of raw electricity, more intent on avoiding an overload of its primary systems than actually harming anything.

(I'll use this to give Skjovald a power boost in my next post.)