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Advantageously positioned atop a colossal cliff looming over the enemy opposition as it ruthlessly lays waste to legendary Impero Neji's prestigious squad of seasoned warriors, a stunned Ishin quickly regains his composure and self-control. The initial shock of witnessing the once god-like Neji in an unfavorable position had waned substantially. "I'll isolate the old man from the battlefield", Ishin affirmed. With a throw of peerless precision and thunderous speed, the prodigious Keijijo master accurately had one of his specialized Keijijo Geijutsu Kunai land two feet from Neji's right. Relying on his revered Eikyo talent, Ishin telepathically contacted the battle-fatigued Keijijo Grandmaster, "Don't question my request, just do as I say. There is a kunai on the ground to your right. Grab it". Quickly catching sight of the described blade, a heavy-breathing Neji desperately snatched Ishin's trademarked weapon from the battle-scarred wasteland. And in an abrupt heartbeat, the Keijijo Prodigy relied on his personalized kunai's Keijijo Geijutsu symbols to teleport his clan's longest living Grandmaster to his location atop the monstrous cliff. Panting heavily upon arrival, an unpredictably optimistic Neji pathetically dropped to a single knee.

"I'd have thought that with your god-like power, the enemy wouldn't stand a chance.. or was it all simply the stuff of legend?", Ishin questioned as Neji received much needed medical assistance from the surrounding squad members. A fatigued chuckle acted as the precursor to the experienced Impero's response, "... No it is not the simple stuff of legend my boy. Had I still been in my prime, I wouldn't even need a squad. But even I cannot defeat old age. My chakras are sealing themselves, I can sense my chi... it is waning", Neji admitted, blurred vision having impaired his uncharacteristically fruitless attempt at battle. "My mission here was not to fight. I had come with an espionage squad. They are not suited for war. We simply came to gather information on our enemy's goals. I am too old to fight, surely even you realized this?", Neji asked rhetorically. Admittedly disappointed, Ishin disregarded Neji's physical uselessness, "Perhaps. But you aren't completely useless to me. Though your body isn't capable of sustaining strenuous usage of such chi, your reserves are still much larger than mine", he pointed out, having devised a plan to defeat the enemy forces. Soon however, their presence atop the cliff was unsurprisingly detected .

A rain of arrows and bladed projectiles threatened to dramatically lessen Ishin's own squad as a considerable portion was graphically slaughtered in a brutal act of violence. "Elemental fighters, with me. We are to encase a large portion of the army in a massive dome of water. We will envelop the dome in a thick outer shell of ice to prevent any escape attempts. On my command", he ordered, "Now!". Simultaneously, colossal volumes of water was produced through a combination of teamwork and Ishin's prodigious elemental talents. Encasing more than half of the opposing army in a dome of water, a large thick sheet of hard ice was formed on the dome's outskirts, preventing any potential escape as enemy opposition drowned to death. Having exhausted a great deal of chi due to the recent technique and previously conjuring a vast forest of dense flora, little option remained, and drastic measures had to be taken. "Even in old age, your chi reserves are still greater than all of ours combined", Ishin began, "My men understand what I must do next, and surely, you will too". Taking the Keijijo Geijutsu kunai from the ancient Grandmaster, Ishin mercilessly slit a prepared Neji's throat.

"Your contributions to the Keijijo are impossible to forget. Your prowess as a martial arts god in his prime has become the stuff of legends. But now in your old age. You are nothing but a pathetic shell of your former self. You are no longer fit to remain Impero. An Impero is the apex martial artist of the Keijijo, possibly even the world. Tis best you remain a memory. Your spirit will live on in the mask, the Keijijo Geijutsu tattoos on your arm will ensure that", Ishin stated, his potential remorse over recent actions, powerfully restrained by a newly birthed Messiah complex. "Maybe... had you attempted to do this years ago... I would have killed you", Neji smirked, fully comprehensive over Ishin's course of action. "I will win the Kami no Ken tournament and become Impero. It is my destiny. I am the future of the Keijijo. I am absolutely necessary for its survival. Even you know that I am the Martial Arts Messiah. I'll be greater than you. And in order to do that, I must learn all of the martial arts and techniques that exist in this world and beyond, and in order to do that, in order not to fail like you and be defeated by old age, I must become... immortal".

Embracing death, Neji's spirit was transferred into the iconic Impero Mask. Administering a series of rare Keijijo Geijutsu symbols on Neji's pale body, Ishin spread an empty white scroll across the top of the cliff as arrows and enemy projectiles continued to be fired in his direction. "Cover me! Use what little chi you have left", he spoke, requesting assistance from his squad members. With Neji's blood on his index finger, Ishin flawlessly drew the very same Keijijo Geijutsu symbols on Neji's body on the scroll. Metaphysically transferring the fallen Impero's truly god-like chi into the characters on the scroll, Ishin calmly put on the Impero Mask for the first time in his storied life. The energies of Neji's powerful spirit burning a prominent scar on Ishin's face as it is transferred into the mask. Fearlessly dropping into the blood-stained battlefield, Ishin lay the scroll across the ground before him, enemy forces questioning him, "Who are you?", garnering a simple yet arrogant response, "The Keijijo Messiah". In a flash, he vanished, teleporting from his location and back to Reisho, leaving his squad and the enemy opposition to perish as the scroll released a truly monstrous explosion of Neji's chi, a testament to the fallen Impero's untapped power.

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"I'd have thought that with your god-like power, the enemy wouldn't stand a chance.. or was it all simply the stuff of legend?"

Powerful quote!!! <3 and amazing work ;) Age does no wonder. lol

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@Madame_Orchid: Hehe thanks girl, I appreciate it :)

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Wow, very nice!

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@Impero said:

the Martial Arts Messiah.

hahahaha guess I'll take this as a compliment son :P

Pt. 3 was tight.

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@Mr_LeBeau: I knew you'd like it :P Take it as a tribute haha.

Thanks man.

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Martial arts messiah

This Impero is really something lol

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@Thunderbolt :