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An unanticipated mass gathering of the battle-seasoned Keijijo's elite clansmen had seized all attention from the lengthy period of unimpaired peace. Among the gifted martial geniuses was a younger Ishin, thousands of years prior to his ascension to the apex position of undisputed authority within his legendary clan. Organized by the admirably wise Keijijo Elders and its aged yet highly revered Impero, Neji, the abrupt assembly's sole intention was to voice the unheard outbreak of unforeseen war. "Brothers", began the clan's longest living Impero. "Our enjoyed times of peace have come to a saddened end", Neji announced amid mass confusion and growing concern, "The neighboring clans have experienced a drastic hunger for power. Their thirst for the knowledge of not only the Keijijo secrets, but of those of our sister clans has left us with little choice". The uncharacteristically grim expressions cast over the ancient faces of the Keijijo Elders as they stood in eternal silence behind their respected Impero made clear the undesired situation at hand.

"It is with great sorrow that I announce our forced participation in this war. Soon they will reach the gates of our home. To protect our children, this is what we must do", Neji concluded cryptically prior to departing to his quarters for further preparation for the Keijijo's impending participation in the bloodthirsty war. "We have been tasked with duties uncharacteristic of our nature", stated one of the Keijijo Elders as she addressed the increasingly rowdy Keijijo crowd with instinctive despair regarding their current situation. "To select participants for war was never the duty of the Elders. But alas, we are left with little option. All of you are Keijijo Elites. The very best that the clan has to offer. Despite your skill, it would be foolish of us not to say that most of you will sadly die fighting for your brothers", she continued, an atmosphere of tense silence enveloping the hopeless scene. "Pray that the Daimyo be with you as you fight for the future of the Keijijo... for never in the clan's history has a war of this magnitude ever plagued us". Requesting that those in attendance begin their inevitable preparations for the upcoming war, the Elders departed.

Having matured since his aged humiliation during the previous Kami no Ken tournament, Ishin focused heavily on the rapid refinement of his prodigious skills and renown combat prowess. Fully aware of his highly coveted talent, the future Impero's willpower and determination was entirely imbued into the unquestionable protection of his clan. However, as the inevitable commencement of their participation in the war approached, sensations of nervousness and subsequent doubts in self-confidence had briefly overcome him. Surely if Neji, arguably the clan's most powerful Impero of all time saw the seriousness of the situation and accepted his potential death, then he must be no more than a common soldier, no different than anyone else. Unsurprisingly though, the quick assignment of Ishin as the army's general was sufficient enough to instill within him his characteristic confidence and composure. Tasked with leading his clansmen into battle alongside Neji, Ishin waited for the fated day to arrive, unaware that at the war's conclusion, he would carry with him a constant reminder of it for the rest of his life.

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Looking good! I'm enjoying the new Impero a lot.

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@Kratesis: Thanks :D

I'm glad you're enjoying it hehe.

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@Impero: more character development than the last version of impro

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@RumbleMan_Exe: Thanks man :)

Its what I'm going for.

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@Impero: something I know for sure is this...

Impy's smugness crosses dimensional boundaries, it is stronger than any form of mind control or omnipotence

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@Impero: <--- Must meet new Impero...

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@RumbleMan_Exe: Ha! Too true :P

@Thunderbolt : Sure thing, just name the place ;)

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@Impero: IF you put his DNA under a microscope it will contain the genes for smugness, heck it beats willpower :)

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@Impero: Madripoor or New York seems to be the only locations until my mind has the power to create. Does it matter? If not just lemme know when your ready and I'll drop something down ^.^

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@RumbleMan_Exe: Hahaha :P

@Thunderbolt : I'm ready now ;)

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Someone took off the mask :O

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@Abacha_Cavat: LOL its only until I get bored of this av.

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@Impero: Still a nice lil switch up.

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@Abacha_Cavat: No doubt man.