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Born into the historical Slay family, powerful rivals of the Knightfalls, a poorly documented incident found itself as the cause for an infant Andres' transfer into an abusive orphanage in Catalonia, forever separating him from his unknown birth parents and family. Consistently left in the dark about his family, the confrontational child grew knowing not the warmth of a parent or a sibling, often having to fend for himself in a harsh and strict environment. His only source of comfort and warmth being a motherly woman who worked at the orphanage and took a particular interest in the young Catalan. His difficult environment was quick to mold him into a somewhat cold and distant figure, often apathetic towards the other children who soon began to antagonize him. Naturally confrontational and possessing an innate aptitude for combat, a young Andres would first fight to defend himself, with no other choice available to counter the relentless bullying.

Unfortunately, as he grew older, he like the others, was seen as no more than another orphan. And while an uneducated intellectual and notable physical prowess, he was often deemed irrelevant by others. Desiring an identity of his own, Andres turned to the one thing he did best: fighting. With a surging ambition of standing out, to be recognized as his own person, the young Catalan crafted a reputation as a troublesome child with violent tendencies. Yearning to be recognized as more than a simple orphan, he found not the willpower to stop fighting. It was in his blood to become a gifted fighter it seemed, however, his antics soon earned him countless harsh punishments as a young child in a no-nonsense orphanage. Despite his countless difficulties, Andres adapted to the suffering, instead of sobbing, he grew stronger. Having forged his own identity, that of a troublesome child, he soon desired more. Never having known the warmth of a true family, his continued source of love and encouragement was the same female worker who had taken an interest in him since his arrival. Under her guidance he was somewhat educated, told that his consistent desire to fight was negative and while not necessarily wrong, he should only do so for a good cause.

Asking that he direct his focus into more constructive practices, Andres began reading, taking a particular interest in science. From here, his latent intellect began to flourish, his fighting ways had encountered a dramatic decrease. Upon turning ten, Andres was quickly carried off by the motherly worker, as an accidental fire had resulted in the impending destruction of the orphanage. Seeing no better opportunity in the horizon, she revealed to him his seemingly true lineage. Told that he was a Knightfall, born into an illustrious legacy of peerless prestige but stolen from his rightful family at a tender age in an effort to subtly weaken the future Knightfall generation, Andres at first found himself in disbelief, incapable of grasping the magnitude of the situation he had been circumstantially placed in. The woman, a secretive Knightfall had saved him from the supposed accidental fire, a meticulous plot she had orchestrated after years of nurturing Andres' several talents.

Aware of his Slay-heritage, she had requested a job at the orphanage upon learning that an infant Andres would be transferred there. Seeking to raise an unknowing Slay into an elite Knightfall, a weapon to perhaps one day be used against his birth family, she returned with the boy to the Knightfall headquarters. It was there that the Catalan's formal training had commenced. Years of rigorous training and studying had resulted in the unknown female Knightfall's goal. Andres' potential had been fully realized, he had been patiently crafted into a deadly weapon to fight for the Knightfalls, but most importantly, to bring forth the eradication of the Slays. Having grown into a focused adult, the lethal Catalan was approached by the woman he saw for many years as a mother. Having grown old and nearing her death, her last words were presented as a request, "Please my son *Cough*... destroy the Slays. It is all I ask. Your final gift to your mother".

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