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The Keijijo Clan Symbol

A clan that strongly treasures its secrecy and exclusivity, the Keijijo Clan's fabled teachings are virtually unheard of to those outside the martial arts world and those lacking in knowledge of Asian folklore. They have an established rule against sharing their various secrets and knowledge with those outside the walls of their monastery compound/complex, Reisho. Very few exceptions can be made to this rule, and in order to fully enforce it, every member of the Keijijo Clan is identified by a special chi-imbued tattoo of the clan's iconic symbol. The chi establishes a powerful link between the tattoos and the clansmen's chakra-points. The symbol, is used on their weapons etc. as a sign of pride and respect to the clan's storied history.

Ancient History


The Seven Daimyo (Hebi, Chie, Chimei, Inu, Yuansu, Yurei, and Aizen)

The legendary Keijijo Clan's mysterious origins are not entirely clear and remain a topic of debate among the clan's respected elders and philosophers. While there remains very little evidence in regards to the clan's infant years, it is commonly agreed that the clan's origins begins with seven warriors of legend, each being one of the very first to expertly harness the metaphysical powers of chakras. The Seven Daimyo (Seven Lords) as they were called, are said to have come together many thousands of years ago in what is now known as Japan. Their destined encounter with one another originated as a result of their shared desire to bring forth a new era of peace and understanding in the warring world, an era that could only be created through reaching their sense of metaphysical enlightenment. Each Daimyo was said to have been peerless masters of their chosen self-taught metaphysical disciplines, all seven, born with an unnaturally high number of chakras and immense chi-reserves. Hebi and Inu's expertise lied in their affinity with nature's animal and the self-taught ability to conjure esoteric tattoos of mystical powers. Chie's mastery of chakra however, rendered her a master of the mind, a specialist in the creation of deadly, almost inescapable illusions. While Chinmei's skill granted her an unmatched mastery over a series of armed self taught chakra-based martial arts. Yuansu's gifts were said to have been her mastery of nature's various elements (water, air, fire, earth, and lightning). Yurei was the most elusive of the seven, capable of manipulating the metaphysical energies of his body to render himself intangible, and through his expert knowledge of the body's various chi-producing chakra-points, developed a deadly soft style martial art designed to brutally manipulate these vital points. The final Daimyo, Aizen, possessed the rare and then unique ability to unlock the chakra-points of the body that remain 'hidden', thus granting him an immense overflow of chi, dramatically enhancing his physical and mental attributes.

The Keijijo Sanmittai (Keijijo Trinity)

With their unique talents and abilities, all attainable through the mastering of one's chakras and 'chi', the Seven Daimyo intended to end the violent times of war between the various clans in their homeland by offering to teach the various clans their many esoteric arts, in an attempt to stabilize the balance of power between them. Having managed to persuade the warring clans to cease their hostility towards one another through the offering of their metaphysical abilities, the Seven Daimyo had successfully created their desired era of peace, spreading religious and spiritual messages of peace and harmony pertaining to chakras and chi. However, the supposed peace was to be brief, and upon their death, the clans' growing desire for power drove them to commence in yet another era of war, with the intention of stealing the martial secrets of other clans in order to establish themselves as a martial superpower. Fortunately however, in these dark times, remained a group of three that were among the finest students that the Seven Daimyo had taught across the various clans. They were known as the 'Keijijo Sanmiittai' (Keijijo Trinity), Natsu, Nohara, and Sarutobi. The only living students of the deceased Seven Daimyo to have truly reached a state of spiritual enlightenment, the Keijijo Trinity had become fully aware of the growing power-hungry nature and megalomania of the existing clans that had learned under the Seven Daimyo. It had become clear to them that the power of chakras was beyond the common man's understanding and the danger it posed to the world should its knowledge become global was too great to ignore. And while incredibly powerful and skilled, even they would be unable to meet all the clans in battle simultaneously. And thus, they cleverly orchestrated a meticulous plot involving the careful assassination of the clans.

Convincing certain members of the clans through hypnotic suggestions, the Keijijo Trinity received aid in stealthily using poisonous liquids, gases and various other methods in the silent assassination of the clans. And while some shared their concern for the nature of these clans, the bulk of their aid had come as a result of their hypnotic abilities. Successful in their plot, the Keijijo Trinity and their followers preserved the various texts and scrolls containing the treasured knowledge and teachings of the Seven Daimyo. They shared their teachers' dream of a world of peace and thus formed a secluded clan of martial artists in the hopes that through enlightening others, this dream will become a reality. Naming their clan 'Keijijo' not after themselves, but after the word's meaning (metaphysical) due to the nature of their combat arts and teachings, the Keijijo Trinity established a strictly enforced rule that does not grant entrance into the clan to outsiders, with very few exceptions. With a vast monastery complex hidden in the forests of Japan, the Keijijo Clan's activity had begun. However, to further preserve their secrecy and exclusivity, the Keijijo Trinity established the clan's primary home in a mysterious dimension of spiritual significance, accessible only through an enigmatic gate in the most secluded area of the monastery compound 'Reisho'. In order to differentiate themselves from the common man and other martial arts clans, the Keijijo Clan began using their symbol as tattoos of chi-based origins that identify them.

While this is the most widely accepted origin of the Keijijo Clan, a select few of its scholars, philosophers and clansmen do not support it, suggesting that the Seven Daimyo are figures of mere myth and only serve to add a sense of fascination to the clan. They believe that the clan's true origins can be traced back to the Keijijo Sanmittai and that prior to their existence, there were no such individuals like the Seven Daimyo, who they believe, were created alongside this story of warring clans to maintain order in the clan and prevent any potential megalomaniacal acts.

Imperionic Age

The iconic Impero Mask

Under the leadership and wisdom of the Keijijo Sanmittai, the clan found itself enamored with an era of martial innovation and prosperity, resulting in the improvement and evolution of the teachings of the Seven Daimyo. Additional elements were created and placed alongside Yuansu's five elements. These additional elements include, wood (a mixture of earth and water), lava, and san (a highly corrosive mixture of water and fire). These elements were created and mastered first by historic Keijijo Clan member, Mei who was famed as the most innovative and creative member of the clan at the time. Aside from her combat-oriented genius, Mei was also hailed as the most powerful member of the clan during her time and a natural born leader. However, these times of rapid progression came to a steady halt as the Keijijo Sanmittai had approached the end of their lives. On their deathbeds, they combined their efforts and powers with some of the clan's most talented members to create an iconic mask that was imbued with their consciousnesses and spirits so that whoever wears the mask will be granted access to their knowledge and wisdom and able to communicate with them. This was done in order to ensure that the clan will always benefit from their eternal wisdom and never stray from their path and prevent the possible reckless global distribution of the clan's teachings. Prior to their deaths, the Keijijo Sanmittai made clear that the mask was to be given to the clan's chosen Impero (leader), and thus the mask was named the 'Impero Mask'. An alabaster mask with an artistic design, it was made from an incredibly hard substance for the rigors of war. And as the Keijijo Sanmittai's lives ended, the time to select the clan's first official Impero was at hand.

Almost immediately after the deaths of the Keijijo Sanmittai, Mei volunteered to act as the clan's interim Impero, confident in the prowess of her leadership skills. And while she was supported by a number of clansmen for her undeniable power, skill and intelligence, disputes soon emerged among several clansmen who believed that they too were fit to lead the clan. As a result of the growing complications, Mei's main rival at the time, an eerie, inappropriately slim martial artist named 'Oni' proposed that a fighting tournament be held, and that the victor would be crowned Impero. With the clan in agreeing to Oni's proposal, the Kami no Ken (God Fist) tournament was created. Indeed, many elite clansmen entered the tournament only to be vastly outclassed by the infinitely talented Oni and Mei. And as the final round approached, Mei was set to do battle with an overconfident Oni. Prior to their battle, the clan's favor increasingly titled towards Mei not only for her leadership, but because of her compassion, many deeming Oni 'apathetic' to the clan's problems, citing his cold disposition towards the deaths of the Keijijo Sanmittai who's interest in the clan had emerged only when the opportunity to become its leader was presented. Many began viewing him as an opportunist, seeking only to gain the various combat-related secrets and knowledge of the Impero Mask for the purpose of experimentation, as well as gaining influential power in the clan's ranks. Come the day of the final round, Oni's supporters were nonexistent and after an intensely fought battle, he was dealt an eventual defeat by the tournament's winner, Mei. Humiliated and enraged, Oni swore revenge on the clan prior to mysteriously disappearing, with all unable to locate him. Many years after Mei's crowning as the clan's first Impero, many believed Oni to have died, however, there remained a select few who still believed that he was alive and well, plotting his eventual revenge on the Keijijo Clan.

Shinma prior to becoming Impero

Countless years afterwards, Mei's prosperous time as Impero was reaching its conclusion as she felt her once vibrant chi waning in her elderly state. Aware of her impending death, Mei asked that like the Keijijo Sanmittai, her consciousness and spirit be transferred and sealed into the Impero Mask. Meeting her request, the clan's elite members combined their abilities with her's and did as she had asked, thus creating the optional custom of having an Impero's consciousness and soul transferred into the mask upon their death. The now traditional Kami no Ken tournament had arrived to bring forth the clan's next Impero. A powerfully built martial artist named Shinma put forth the single most dominant display in Kami no Ken history, effortlessly outclassing the tournament's competitors with his herculean strength. Famed as one of the physically strongest members of the clan, Shinma was undoubtedly the most physically imposing Impero in the clan's history. His time as Impero however, was plagued by cryptic events that some say involved the brief return of Oni. Several clansmen, particularly young teenagers had mysteriously disappeared at the time, particularly during the night. Witnesses claimed to have seen an odd spectral figure in the shadows that abruptly extended tendrils or its arms to capture victims. Many began believing that this was Oni taking revenge on the clan. Soon the clan was overwhelmed by soul-gripping fear, forcing Impero Shinma to investigate these strange occurrences. With a selected squad of the clan's very elite members, Shinma confronted this eerie antagonist in an abandoned temple in Reisho, dedicated to the ceremonial worship of the Seven Daimyo.

Fearlessly engaging this entity in battle, Shinma was victorious. However, what he had seen and learned during the battle prompted him to upon his death, lock away a part of his consciousness so that a portion of it remains inaccessible to the clan's next Impero. The reasons for this decision remain unknown to all, except the Keijijo elite present during Shinma's battle. Interestingly enough, these elite clansmen would go on to become the elders of the clan during the next Impero's reign. Agreeing to remain silent and never share what they knew of the event, these elite clansmen would never relinquish their dedication to Shinma. Following his death, the next Impero was a woman named Lian. She like all the Imperos before her, had won the Kami no Ken tournament, but is unique as she was the only Impero to have ever been challenged for the title. A husky clansmen, Shin, challenged Lian to combat, and though he fought with immense pride and skill, he was soundly defeated and exiled by the no-nonsense Impero. Swearing to return in order to challenge the Impero, Shin departed. Lian is also famed for being the Impero to have developed the Keijijo Clan's organisational system. Following her death, man Imperos had come and gone. The most memorable being Neji. A very powerful fighter, arguably the most powerful Impero that the clan had ever seen, Neji found fame in the battlefield. Protecting his clan from numerous invasions and remaining undefeated for the remainder of his life, Neji was celebrated as a god among men, a combatant of truly unparalleled skill. As a result of his seeming invincibility, Neji's death generated shock-waves across Reisho.

Ishin 'The most recent Impero'

Many were left in disbelief from his death. And briefly, the clan became difficult for the elders to control without the influence of an Impero as the Kami no Ken tournament was being organized. Upon the tournament's commencement, the clan was given a surprise introduction to young prodigy, Ishin, who despite still being a teenager, believed he could compete against the very elite of the clan. Sadly, he was swiftly defeated in the first round and his elimination was without question. As a victor was crowned and yet another Impero had been named, a time of relative peace had come. Unfortunately, this very later came to an end as the Keijijo Clan found itself immersed in a war between various other Asian martial arts clans. Leading a powerful unit of the clan's elite in a memorable battle, an adult Ishin fought alongside the Impero of his time and attained victory, however, the result was not entirely pleasing as the clan proceeded to lose their longest living Impero to the battle, and Ishin himself sustained a horrific scar on his face. At the conclusion of the war, Ishin was hailed as a gifted war-hero. With the Kami no Ken tournament on the horizon, Ishin entered once again, this time however, dominating throughout the entire tournament in a virtuoso display of artistic martial arts mastery. As a result, Ishin had become the only Impero to participate twice in a Kami no Ken tournament, failing to win the first, but winning the second. With the consciousness, knowledge and spiritual energy of the past Imperos imbued within the mask, Ishin was granted access to a mass of wisdom and combat experience. Mysteriously though, a portion of the mask's contents remain a secret even to Ishin himself, incapable of accessing them. And unknown to all, only the clan's elders know what is being kept secret for so long, and why.

The Keijijo Organisational System

Founded by one of the less liked Imperos in the clan's history, Lian, the Clan Hierarchy is an organisational system that fully explains the various positions of significant authority in the Keijijo Clan, as well as other as other aspects. This ranges from the leader of the clan down to the lower less-politically relevant positions. They are as follows:

The Keijijo Impero (Grandmaster):

The Impero Mask
  • The undisputed leader of the deadly martial arts clan, the Keijijo Impero, commonly shortened to simply 'Impero' is widely recognized not only as one of the most powerful and skilled members of the clan, but a spiritually enlightened individual as well. Holding a certain degree of political influence and authority in the Keijijo Clan, the Impero is however, not an absolute position and may be stripped of their power by a unanimous voting from the clan's elders. Tasked with the protection of the clan, the Impero is generally an incredibly powerful martial artist with immense chakra control and chi reserves. Aside from maintaining the safety of their fellow Keijijo Clansmen, the Impero's responsibilities also include the regulating of the clan's traditions and maintaining its cultural integrity and value. Viewed as an individual of spiritual significance and wisdom, the Impero is often a source of guidance during troubled times, sharing the wisdom and knowledge of the past Imperos imbued within the ceremonial Impero Mask. Among the Impero's other responsibilities are finalizing any decisions made the elders or at the very least offering constructive suggestions. While tasked with making certain decisions as well, the elders have to likewise agree to the Impero's decisions in order for it to take effect. Possessing the power to exile any member of the clan that causes significant disruption, the only Impero to have ever exiled a clansman was Lian. An Impero may also be challenged for the position of the clan's leader, however, the only Impero to have ever been challenged during their reign was Lian who managed to defeat her opponent. Interestingly enough, the current Impero, Ishin, is the only Impero in the clan's history to have participated in two consecutive Kami no Ken tournament, losing the first, but winning the second in spectacular fashion. Perhaps the most neglected duty of the Impero is to lead the clan into battle in times of war. This is due to the relatively peaceful nature of the dangerous family of martial artists. The Keijijo Impero is immediately identified through the distinct Impero Mask. It serves as an item of great spiritual significance to the clan, and worn by every single Impero during official duty. The mask itself was crafted from a special chi-enhanced material that renders it durable enough for the rigors of battle.

The Keijijo Elders:

The Elders
  • A group of highly respected theocratic individuals in the clan with several leadership duties, the elders are usually individuals of perfect spiritual enlightenment and relevant wisdom. Usually composed of the very elite masters of the clan, the elders combined are famed for being a unit powerful enough to defeat even the Keijijo Impero. While not every elder is a master or even a martial artist, they are all undeniable experts and philosophers of various spiritual concepts. They are known to possess a vast knowledge of chi, chakras, and several other metaphysical concepts that present some form of relevance to the Keijijo Clan. They are tasked with resolving social disputes in the clan, as well as maintaining order and the clan's cultural heritage. They are also responsible for the erection of temples for the worship of the legendary Seven Daimyo. Usually very old, the Keijijo Elders always predate the current Impero. Their wisdom is to be offered to the Impero for aid in certain situations as well. They share the responsibility of making important social decisions that are finalized by the Impero and vice versa. However, the elders do not possess the power necessary to exile any individual from the clan, though they can strip an Impero of the title and reduce them to an ordinary clansman. Their lower duties include offering spiritual guidance to troubled clansmen who are unable to meet with the Impero. During rare times, when a prodigious child in the clan is identified as an authentic genius of immense, possibly Impero-level potential, the elders are tasked with replacing the child's teachers with a selected group of elders in order to properly nurture potential talent. The elders are also the ones responsible for the Keijijo Tatoo that identifies every member of the clan. Past elders are also responsible for the creation of the Impero Mask. Mysteriously, a few of the current elders are known to have been with Shinma when the past Impero investigated the ominous occurrences in the clan said to have been caused by Oni. They possess a portion of information regarding the event that they have sworn not to reveal to anyone, including any Imperos after Shinma's time, stating that it will disrupt the era of peace and stability. Additionally, the Keijijo Elders are tasked with promoting any elite member of the clan to the rank of 'Elder' when they feel a replacement is needed.

The Keijijo Clan Elite:

The Keijijo Elite
  • A squad of elite martial artists belonging to the Keijijo Clan, they are powerful masters of the clan's techniques and combat arts and act as the enforcers of the clan's various rules. Aside from maintaining social peace, their other priority is to accompany the Keijijo Impero into war and other perilous situations. The Keijijo Clan Elite are greatly respected for their incredible combat prowess, and should some of them vastly exceed expectations, they may be promoted to Keijijo Clan Elders. The leader of the Keijijo Clan Elite is commonly referred to as the "Sosu (Prime)". Other than being the Keijijo Elite's leader, the Sosu's authority is identical to that of the rest of the Keijijo Elite. Additionally, the Keijijo Clan Elite function as the teachers for the younger clansmen and even select several pupils to accompany them during missions to instill practical experience in the students. Clansmen who are not made Keijijo Elite usually remain common clansmen with passable amounts of skills in the clan's esoteric fighting styles and techniques. Functioning as not only the enforcers in the clan, they are tasked with being the clan's military force during times of war. With a large number of individuals having managed to become elites, their numbers are vast. The Keijijo Clan Elite are usually split into two colossal groups. One group remains with the primary duty of acting as the clan's enforcement while the second group acts as teachers for young students as all children are to learn the basic skills of their clan. Under this second group of the Keijijo Elite called "Keijijo Michibiku", various under eighteen tournaments are arranged to properly test the skills of the students and depending on how they perform, they can progress and become Keijijo Elites themselves.

Keijijo Martial Arts

Famed as "The Clan of Infinite Skills", the Keijijo Clan specializes in countless esoteric martial arts, techniques and other combat-related practices. Having evolved greatly since the time of the Seven Daimyo and the Keijijo Sanmittei in particular, several new martial arts etc. have emerged due to the continued innovation and progression of the clan. The basis for every technique etc. remains the mastering of one's chakras as well as their chi in order to become skilled enough to practice the various exotic arts of the legendary Keijijo Clan. These martial arts, techniques etc. are as follows:

Yoso no Ikari (Fury of the Elements)

Created by one of the Seven Daimyo, Yuansu, and perfected by Keijijo's most innovative Impero, Mei, Yoso no Ikari is one of the primary combat arts in the deadly clan. One must learn to establish a spiritual link with their various chakras and allow their chi to grow through intense meditation. Only through focusing one's metaphysical energy into harmonizing with the element one shares an affinity with can the mastering of Yoso no Ikari begin. While many usually master one elemental combat art, it is entirely possible for one to master at least two which requires a great deal of chakra control. It is also possible to master all five of the basic elemental fighting styles, however, in order to do this, all of one's chi and chakras must be oriented towards establishing metaphysical links to the elements, rendering it impossible to master any of the other Keijijo combat arts due to the amount of chi consumed and the number of chakras being used. Aside from this, there are five basic elements of nature that are potentially accessible to all, these elements are: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Lightning. However, due to the genius of past Impero, Mei, newer elements have been introduced by cleverly combining existing elements in a precise manner to create these new elements. The new elements created by Mei were Lava (a mixture of earth and fire), San (a corrosive mixture of water and fire), and Wood (a mixture of water and earth). Due to being enhanced by chakras and chi, these elements are stronger than their natural counterparts and capable of effects that natural elements cannot achieve. The elemental martial arts are as follows:
  1. Fire Yoso:The martial art focusing on the manipulation of chakra-chi enhanced flames as well as the fire in one's ambient environment, Fire Yoso is one of the most offensive martial arts of the Yoso no Ikari branch. Fire is the element of power and life, seen as both a destroyer and a bringer of life. It represents the wild uncontrollable nature of the element, as well as its warmth and life-giving properties. Fire Yoso is characterized by an intensive attacking style and incredible fast-paced series of overwhelming explosive attacks. The style optimizes a powerful and continuous offense. Defined by overwhelming opponents with intense barrages of fire before the finishing move of the combo is delivered, it is one of the most aggressive martial arts in existence. Colors of the flames can vary by user. While most Keijijo clansmen are capable Fire Yoso practitioners, they mostly use orange or yellow flames compared to the rarer white, blue, green, red, and black flames. However, green and black flames are said to possess unique characteristics. Green flames are said to possess healing qualities while black flames are said to possess a chi-draining property. While the element of fire is usually employed through combat oriented movement, certain users of this ability employ it differently, often manipulating the flames in simpler manners, particularly by breathing fireballs, streams of fire etc. as well as altering the shapes and other characteristics of their shapes. While intensive and offensive in general, Fire Yoso can be employed with great finesse and liberal movement, an alternative style that puts emphasis on internal force.
  2. Water Yoso:Water Yoso is mostly fluid and graceful, acting in concert with the environment. Other less prominent Water Yoso fighting styles, however, are more rigid and straight. Water Yoso practitioners deal with the flow of energy; they allow their defense become their offense, turning their opponents' own forces against them. Water Yoso's core strength lies in its great versatility. Rather than supporting a separate set of offensive methods, it employs defensive techniques that can be transformed into attacks and counters - defense into offense. Instead of simply deflecting an attack, Water Yoso practitioners' defensive maneuvers focus on control, achieved through turning an opponent's own strength against them, rather than directly harming the opponent. Additionally, Water Yoso is at times used to create ice or snow. The manipulation of water is quite versatile, ranging from the creation of various colossal water-based concstructs etc. to the more complex ability to manipulate the moisture in an opponent's skin. The elite Water Yoso masters (including the current Impero, Ishin) are capable of hydrokinetically taking control of the bodily fluids coursing through an opponent's body for a variety of purposes such as internal manipulation and violent contortion of the body. Those born with a greater number of chakras and more chi than normal are capable of producing more water than most.
  3. Earth Yoso:This chi-based martial art grants its users the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock. Earth is the element of substance and nature. The core principle of Earth Yoso is patiently waiting for the precise moment to counterstrike. This fighting style places an equal amount of emphasis on both defense and offense. Generally placing heavy focus on strength, Earth Yoso masters are usually quite muscular and powerfully built fighters with a greater amount of chi focused on their physical chakras. Certain rarer styles require the user to be mobile when required and not traditionally rooted to the ground. Those who practice Earth Yoso are capable of seismically detecting vibrations in the ground to perceive objects, people, and other aspects of their environment, essentially acting as sonar, but through the earth itself. The development of one's physical attributes is also important due to the level of endurance needed for effective use of this fighting style. It is the least purely used elemental combat art of the Keijijo Clan.
  4. Air Yoso:Granting its users the aerokinetic ability to manipulate and control currents of air, the key to Air Yoso is relentless flexibility and finding and following the path of least resistance. This martial art is notable for being almost purely defensive, as well as the most dynamic of the traditional five elements. Air Yoso practitioners can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal. As the element of tranquility and dynamism, Air Yoso practitioners manipulate air unencumbered by the ground or any other environmental factors and use their own momentum as a weapon, evading attacks with astounding agility to tire their opponents out or building up massive inertia for explosive gusts of wind to make their counterattacks finishing moves. When resorting to physical confrontation, these martial artists are able to harness the immense and intangible power of wind. An air-based fighting style that either involves speedy striking that internally shoots air pressure into an opponents body for internal damaging purposes or using air to further augment one's combat-speed in order to overwhelm opponents with frightening speed and reflexes, Air Yoso is one of the most widely used elements. By concentrating a mass of air mixed with immense amounts of chi, one can deliver potentially devastating attacks that may even cause fatal damage.
  5. Lightning Yoso:The single most destructive element in the legendary clan, Lightning Yoso grants its users the metaphysical ability to masterfully control and manipulate chi-chakra enhanced lightning with a large percentage of combat-oriented movement or other through alternative methods. When in intense use, Lightning Yoso releases a continuous surge of either blue, white or yellow lightning from the user's body, depending on the lightning's intensity as well as the amount of chakras and chi one possesses. The colossal amounts of electricity flawlessly compliment the user's physical attributes as they are dramatically enhanced by the pulsating aura of crackling electricity. Speed in particular is impressively enhanced to limits currently unknown. Lightning Yoso electrically stimulates the user's nervous system, exponentially speeding up the neural synapses, substantially amplifying one's reflexes. The extent of the speed granted by Lightning Yoso has been tested many times and is constantly said to enable the user to either match or exceed the speed of lightning itself. The aura of lightning is not theatrical, serving a purpose in defense, enhancing the user's durability and rendering them highly resistant to electrically-based attacks. It is a fighting style that prides itself over a highly offensive nature governed by overwhelming speed and tiger-like ferocity. The style is characterized by fast flurries of lightning-enhanced strikes and brutal grapples and throws. The user's own physical strength is enhanced as well. Whenever accessing the power of this exotic martial art, the user's eyes become devoid of pupils and irises, instead pulsating the lightning-based energy of the chi-enhanced aura. Elite masters of this combat art are capable of more advanced manipulation of lightning. Ishin himself was said to have once split a lightning bolt in half with a single strike whilst enhanced by Lightning Yoso.
  6. Lava Yoso:One of the rarer elements that are accessible to Keijijo clansmen, one must be a master of both Earth Yoso and Fire Yoso to use this ability. Less than a martial art and more of an ability, Lava Yoso does not grant user's the ability to manipulate lava in one's ambient environment. The lava is chi-chakra enhanced and created by the user through their metaphysical connection to the elements necessary for Lava Yoso. Users are said to being capable of spitting and literally spewing lava from their mouths and or nostrils.
  7. Wood Yoso:Another rare element, one is required to have mastery of both Earth Yoso and Water Yoso to access this ability. Wood Yoso grants its users the ability to both manipulate and create wood, trees, as well as other aspects of trees such as flowers and seeds. Interestingly enough, while Wood Yoso grants its users the ability to manipulate wood and trees in their environment, portions of the user's own body may be turned into wood as well. The wood that is created by the user possesses the unique ability to absorb the chi of the opponent once physical contact between the opponent and the wood is achieved. More skilled Wood Yoso users are capable of creating trees of great sizes as well as grow them or manipulate them to diverse shapes and to serve battle-oriented purposes. The wood created by Wood Yoso users is said to be much harder than ordinary wood due to being enhanced by chi. It is commonly said to be extremely hard, even by superhuman standards. True masters of this element like the current Impero 'Ishin' are capable of creating entire forests within hours, and miniature forests in minutes. The extent of Wood Yoso masters range from the ability to create weaker wood-based clones, gigantic wood-based constructs, and the creation of colossal flowering trees that produce highly poisonous pollen capable of inducing temporary paralsysis to those without a superhuman immune system. It is said by certain elders that due to the prowess that Wood Yoso masters possess, they can alter the very shape and nature of their battlefield.
  8. San Yoso:Like Lava Yoso, San Yoso is the rarest elemental combat art. It is a corrosive mixture of water and fire that cannot be truly oriented towards the creation of an actual fighting style. An ability that is only accessible through the mastering of water and fire, San Yoso is implemented much like Lava Yoso in the field of battle.

Shinwa-Sei (Affinity)

Said to have been created by two of the Seven Daimyo, Hebi and Inu, Shinwa-Sei is a metaphysical technique that enables its user to manipulate and or conjure the creature one shares an affinity with. Hebi himself is said to have had a powerful link to serpents and was thus capable of summoning a gigantic fighting serpent into battle to aid him in battle as well as conjure several smaller serpents such as snakes as well as take on their characteristics and transform himself into what legend says is an "immortal fighting snake-like demon". Inu on the other hand possessed an affinity to wolves, granting him the ability to communicate with them and take on several wolf-like characteristics as well as managing to merge with nearby wolves into a massive two-headed wolf-like beast. Throughout their time together, Hebi and Inu through practice and training with their students helped develop the Shinwa-Sei technique. Users of this technique are able to communicate with, at times conjure, take on the characteristics of, as well as other abilities pertaining to the animal or creature they possess an affinity to. A rarely used technique due to the reliance of a partner in battle, it is not the most treasured ability in the Keijijo Clan. The current Impero 'Ishin' shares an affinity with crows, granting him the ability to conjure a flock of crows as well as communicate with the crows in his environment. Additionally, he is capable of taking control of them, using them for espionage as hardly anyone suspects a crow of such things.

Eikyo (Influence)

Created by Chie, one of the Seven Daimyo, Eikyo requires a great amount of mastery over one's Sahasrara chakra point. Because this chakra's primary function is detaching one from illusion and obtaining a higher consciousness, it grants (when properly mastered), a wealth of mental-abilities. In addition to the enhancement of one's mental faculties, it enables a user to disrupt the flow of energy in an opponent's chakras, thus causing great sensory confusion. Aside from this, it grants the user the ability to cast powerful hypnotic suggestions, illusions and other telepathic abilities such as taking over the body of another individual. Chie herself was said to be such a powerful Eikyo master that her illusions seemed so real that even other Eikyo masters were unable to differentiate them from what was real and what was not. Powerful Eikyo users are capable of causing immense mental trauma to opponents by casting certain mental and telepathic illusions that may grow so severe, opponents can be placed in comas.Elite Eikyo masters are said to focus entirely on Eikyo which grants them enough time to focus on the progression of their mental prowess. Some are said to have become so powerful that they can create entire illusionary worlds with which to trap an opponent's mind in where they have full control of the environment and whatnot. While a mere illusion, it is quite powerful. Due to the limitations posed by Eikyo as dedicated users are unable to master any other of the clan's skills, there are very few Eikyo users.

Dengen (Power)

A group of distinct martial arts founded by Chinmei, Aizen, and Yurei, Dengen focuses on the heavy consumption of chi. As a result, those who generally practice the Dengen branch of Keijijo martial arts usually possess an incalculable number of chakras and immense chi reserves. Through Chinmei, a unique armed fighting style, particularly a complex enhanced kenjutsu style in which the blades of one's swords are charged by chi produced by one's chakras was produced. The style places emphasis on speed, finesse and a balanced blend of attack and defense. It is commonly referred to as Keijijo Dengen Kenjutsu. Yurei on the other hand developed an esoteric fighting style that while lacks a significant defense, it is incredibly deadly. Relying on the ability to to use one's chi in order to turn intangible to evade incoming attacks. For offensive purposes, the martial art focuses on exotic pressure point strikes not only in the user's biological vital points but their exposed chakra points as well. By injecting one's own chi into their opponent's chakra points via stabbing finger-based strikes, users of this fighting style are capable of internally dismantling their opponents through an immeasurable number of effects. This martial art is called Naibu Dengen (Internal Power). The final fighting style, developed by Aizen is called Gaibu Dengen (External Power). A strong body of immense endurance is required for Gaibu Dengen due to the amount of chi and chakras required for such a fighting style. It is the single most chi-consuming fighting style of the entire clan. Designed to induce great external damage, Gaibu Dengen places immense emphasis on on meeting an opponent's incoming force with equal or greater overwhelming force. As a result of its physically demanding nature, the continued refinement of one's physical prowess is necessary. A hard style, Gaibu Dengen is designed to shatter bones and utterly pulverize the opponent with monstrous physical power. It is a very dominating style that focuses on immense power and surprisingly, overwhelming speed. The fighting style requires for one to possess an above-average number of chakras and immense chi reserves as one is required to augment their physical attributes with their radiating chi, creating a violent aura of energy all about them. This technique enables the user to briefly surpass their physical limits.

Keijijo Geijutsu (Keijijo Art)

A skill possessed by nearly every member of the clan, however, very few have been able of achieving mastery with the chakra-chi based technique. Keijijo Geijutsu is the ability to administer tattoos or symbols of metaphysical power on both non-living things, and living things. The most historic use of Keijijo Geijutsu was in the creation of the Impero Mask. The Keijijo Sanmittei combined their Keijijo Geijutsu mastery with that of the elite's at the time to create the distinct symbols and patterns on the Impero Mask that allow a living thing's consciousness and spirit to be transferred into the mask. While basic skill of the ability is generally used to enhance objects or living things by imbuing them with amounts of chi, true masters of this technique are capable of accomplishing more complex feats. The administering of Keijijo Geijutsu tattoos on living things are more complicated then doing so to inanimate objects as one is required to align the tattoos along the chakra-points controlling the desired effect that one wishes to achieve. A simple example would be the desire to increase an individual's physical attributes, this can only be done by placing the tattoo along the physical chakras of the target. Additionally, using this technique consumes a great deal of chi from the person performing it, rendering it useless to use the technique on one's self with the desire to increase power. True masters of this technique are capable of achieving physical immortality in a way. By administering these tattoos on living things with a portion of their chi (essence of living) imbued into it, they can manifest from the tattoo on said living should the user die in his/her body. However, if the living thing with the tattoo is killed or dies naturally, then the effects of the tattoo become nonexistent. One of the more advanced effects that can be achieved is teleportation. A user can teleport to the location of anything with a tattoo that they have created due to the metaphysical link shared. As a result, the user is also capable of teleporting anything with a self-created tattoo to his/her location. Each member of the Keijijo Clan possesses a basic tattoo of the clan's symbol. The chi imbued within it allows for the easy metaphysical identification of fellow clansmen as outsiders may attempt to replicate the tattoo's appearance. The most practical battle-oriented effect that is commonly used is mainly used by Shinwa-Sei users to increase the power or certain ability or attribute of whichever creature they conjure or share an affinity with. Additionally, certain tattoos with the chi-based essence of one's abilities may be used on others to grant them the abilities of other clansmen, however, this particular practice is frowned upon and viewed as unethical experimentation. As a result, most Shinwa-Sei users are adept users of Keijijo Geijutsu. This technique was famously created by Hebi and Inu.

Chakras and Chi

The nexuses of metaphysical energy

Both chakras and chi are fundamental to the various philosophies, living styles, and practices of the Keijijo Clan. Due to the spiritual significance of these metaphysical concepts, both are highly revered and important to the clan. Chi and chakras exist in every living thing and are the generates of an individual's essence or life-force. Fundamental to one's life, the complete absence of chi in particular will result in death. While every person possesses a degree of chi and chakras, most ordinary people are limited to the seven traditional chakras and possess unnoticeable chi reserves. Genetically, the Keijijo Clan possess an above-average amount of chakras and chi in comparison to the common man. While genetically evolved to possess large amounts of both metaphysical phenomenon, the Keijijo Clan stress the basic teachings that revolve around improving and mastering one's chakras and chi reserves. Only through deep spiritual meditation and rigorous mental training can one truly unlock their hidden chakras and increase their chi reserves. While there is a standard view on both by the clan, a select few elders hold different sets of beliefs regarding chakras and chi. Both are entirely necessary in order to use even the basic technques and martial arts attacks that the clan has developed. Chakras and chi are described respectively as follows:

  • Chakras:The existence of chakras is fundamental to the function of chi in the body. Nexuses of metaphysical energy (chi), they are intricately connected to each other in a network of various chakra-points. Traditionally, it is taught that there are only seven chakras in the body, however, recent studies by the Keijijo Clan have seemed to confirm the theory that there are countless other 'hidden' chakras in the body that many are incapable of accessing. It is said that those who can fully obtain control of every single chakra in the body are individuals of perfect enlightenment. Alternatively, there is a far less popular theory that suggests that there are no additional chakras and that chi produced simply increases as training enables the seven chakras to generate more metaphysical energy. A newly developed theory, certain elders have suggested that neither of those theories are correct and that there are in fact eight chakras in the body, the eighth chakra being unlocked only when the remaining seven are fully mastered. It is believed by a select few that unlocking the eighth results in a dramatic and massive increase in the production of metaphysical energy. Certain chakras in the body deal with different aspects of a person. Chakras that produce chi for physical purposes are known as 'Physical chakras', chakras that produce chi for mental purpose are known as 'Mental chakras', while chakras that produce chi for spiritual purposes are of course, called 'Spiritual chakras'.
  • Chi:This is said to be the metaphysical or biophysical energy produced and linked by the various chakras in the body. Like chakras are to chi, it is fundamental to the functions of the chakras in the body. Described as the essence and life-force of a living thing, chi is the source of life and its complete absence in an individual results in immediate death, and because of this, those with immense chi reserves tend to live much longer than those with less. Through proper mastering, chi is said to grant users a wealth of superhuman abilities. It is said that one can learn how to 'shape' and manipulate chi into different things such as elements of nature etc. While it is widely accepted as being the metaphysical energy produced by the body, certain elders in the clan believe that chi is not unlike a force of nature, a sentient force of infinite energy that if fully harnessed, can grant unimaginable power. This view however, is consistently dismissed. A number of effects can be employed through the use of chi. One for example is able to walk on water by emitting a constant stream of chi beneath their feet and using the repelling force to walk on the water. The flow of chi in the body can be impaired by accurately striking the various chakra-points in the body which may interrupt or even sever the link between the nexuses of energy.

Important Figures in Keijijo History

The Seven Daimyo

The Seven Daimyo

Seven warriors of legend who are widely believed to have been one of the very first to harness and master the power of chakras and chi. Powerful martial artists who encountered each other through a mutual desire for peace in a warring ancient world, they spread their message of peace by teaching the warring martial arts clans their metaphysical secrets, optimistically hoping to help them achieve spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Their combined power was of such a high standard that some in the Keijijo Clan today even regard them as mere myths. It is said that they died without successfully achieving their long-term goal. Individually, the Seven Daimyo were immensely powerful, with many suggesting that any one of the Seven Daimyo would have been capable of simultaneously defeating every Impero to have ever existed. Chie is constantly cited as being the most dangerous of all the Seven Daimyo, her exceptional Eikyo prowess was said to have rendered her the most feared of all the Seven Daimyo as her illusionary and mental might was virtually demonic. Despite how many had feared her during her time alive, Chie was described as a rather sweet elderly woman of unparalleled wisdom. However, she was a no-nonsense woman who was merciless on the field of battle. She ruthlessly deteriorated the minds of her opponent and spread waves of fear to her enemies. Hebi and Inu were said to have been inseparable, sharing a brotherly friendship with one another, and together they developed the Shinwa-Sei technique of conjuring animals and mythical creatures to aid one in battle. Both were known for being incredibly ferocious and relentless on the field of battle. Noted animal lovers, they had numerous pets that they would instruct for combat-oriented purposes. Unfortunately, due to their elusive natures, very little is known about Chinmei and Yurei. Yuansu is was known as the most headstrong and decisive of the Seven Daimyo, so much that she was almost as feared as Chie for her brutality and fearlessness. The creator of Yoso, Yuansu was an individual who felt an empathetic connection to nature and felt spiritually drawn to the elements. She was however, outside the battlefield, a very charismatic and friendly woman with a motherly attitude towards the environment. The final Daimyo, Aizen was the most serious as well as the most silent of all seven. Incredibly powerful and the most physically dominant combatant of the legendary seven, Aizen was the creator of the Gaibu Dengen fighting style under the Dengen branch which he created with Chinmei and Yurei. Aizen was the most focused of all the seven, constantly immersed in training and the perfection of his physical prowess.

The Keijijo Sanmittei

The Keijijo Sanmittei

Former pupils of the Seven Daimyo, the Keijijo Sanmittei were stated as being the only students of the Seven Daimyo who had truly achieved spiritual enlightenment. Natsu, Nohara, and Sarutobi were perhaps the most dedicated students of the Seven Daimyo, as they not only became incredibly skilled martial artists, but individuals of great wisdom and spirituality. It was through them that the Keijijo Clan was created. Upon the passing of the Seven Daimyo, a war had commenced between various clans that were once taught by the Seven Daimyo, each clan hungering for more power through the continued mastering of metaphysical martial arts. Seeing the impending danger that this posed to the world, the Keijijo Sanmittei through the elaborate use of their Eikyo skill as well as verbal persuasion managed to convince several members from the different clans to partake in an orchestrated assassination that would bring upon the deaths of all the power-hungry and megalomaniacal clansmen. Preserving the various texts and scrolls of the Seven Daimyo, the Keijijo Sanmittei founded the Keijijo Clan, establishing a vast but highly secluded monastery compound in the wilderness of ancient Japan where they would continue to share the beliefs and teachings of the Seven Daimyo, hoping to one day bring forth the era of peace dreamed by their former teachers. Incredibly powerful, the Keijijo Sanmittei were said to have been true grandmasters of the clan's esoteric martial arts and techniques. Under their guidance, the Keijijo Clan progressed rapidly, however, towards the end of their lives, they feared that without them to guide the clan in the future, their fellow clansmen would follow the wrong path and share the clan's treasured secrets which would endanger the world, as the common man was not ready to wield the power of chakras and chi. This concern prompted them to create a mysterious mask with the assistance of the clan's elite members. This mask was to be imbued with their spirit and consciousness so that its wearer would be able to communicate with them and access their respected wisdom. Asking that the clan select a leader to wear the mask, the Keijijo Sanmittei passed away. Very little is known about them as individuals.

Impero Mei


The very first Impero that the Keijijo Clan had ever had, she was an innovator and one of the most creative Keijijo of her time. She is famed for being a master of Yoso and creating the additional three elements of Wood Yoso, San Yoso, and Lava Yoso. She was an unorthodox martial arts master who after the deaths of the Keijijo Sanmittei, volunteered to be the clan's leader. And while she had gained the favor of many, disputes emerged among several individuals who felt that they too were deserving of becoming the clan's leader. Her most notable opposition however, came in the form of Oni, a manipulative man with the desire for power and influence. As a fighting tournament was proposed by Oni, all agreed and upon its commencement, it was clear that both Mei and Oni would meet each other in the final. And as the two did battle in the final stage of the tournament, Oni put forth a display of techniques and martial arts unheard of even by the esoteric Keijijo Clan. However, through her ingenuity and talent, Mei managed to defeat her unpredictable opponent. Recognized as he victor of the tournament, she became the clan's first Impero and wearer of the Impero Mask. Under her leadership, the clan remained relatively peaceful. She is noted for being the first Impero to engage in the practice of requesting that upon her death, her consciousness and spirit be transferred into the Impero Mask like the Keijijo Sanmittei. A versatile combatant, Mei was known as being very compassionate and concerned with the problems of the clan. She cared deeply for the clan and has numerous times during her life stated that she was willing to sacrifice her life for the clan. An intellectual, she fought not with her strength, but with her creativity and intelligence, enabling her to outwit her opponents. A master strategist, she was fond of planning prior to engaging in battle to put her intellect to full use. She was very confident and a tad haughty.



One of the most dangerous individuals in Keijijo history, Oni Keijijo was a very powerful martial artist, a true master of techniques and fighting styles so unique and unpredictable that they were unheard of in the clan. While not much is known about the details of his combat prowess, Oni was noted for possessing self-taught techniques and using his own chakra-chi based martial arts that he created through 'research'. It is even theorized that Oni was capable of utilizing the Yoso of an unknown element that only he can access. His skill and might are held in high regard as he was supposedly stronger than Mei, only losing to her due to her cleverness and methodical tactics. Famed as the originator of the Kami no Ken tournament, Oni proposed that it be created in order to properly select the leader of the clan. After his defeat to Mei, Oni swore revenge and disappeared, never to be seen again, except for alleged sightings. He was described as manipulative and shadowy, a man of his own intentions with the hunger for power. During his teenage years, it was said that Oni supported the belief that chi is a sentient force of limitless energy. Additionally, he also believed that should there be a great enough mass of chi in an area, it can take corporeal form. During the leadership of Impero Shinma, there were several alleged Oni sightings, although the lack of evidence made these claims difficult to believe.

Impero Shinma


Physically, he was the strongest fighter in the clan's history. He was so physically dominant that during his participation and eventual victory in the Kami no Ken tournament, he put forth the most dominant display in its history. He was noted for being the only Impero who did not learn Yoso. Instead, Shinma relied solely on the physically demanding fighting style, Gaibu Dengen as it perfectly compliments his immense physical attributes. Additionally, Shinma was also a master of the less used Keijijo Dengen Kenjutsu armed fighting style. While he was a truly remarkable warrior and skilled in all physical aspects of battle, it was his strength that remained his greatest attribute. His strikes were said to have been imbued with so much power that he was capable of creating colossal fissures, shattering glaciers and many other legendary feats of striking strength in particular. However, while his prowess as a warrior was highly respected, his time as Impero was plagued by strange occurrences said to have been caused by the brief reemergence of Oni. Shinma fearlessly investigated this situation with a group of Keijijo Elite and eventually confronted the source of these occurrences. And while he managed to defeat the unknown entity, what he had apparently discovered was to remain a secret as he demanded that those who had accompanied him never speak of what they had learned. Upon his death, he agreed to transfer his consciousness and spirit into the Impero Mask, however, managed to lock away a portion of his memories in an inaccessible part of the mask so that any Impero after him never learns of what had transpired. Shinma was noted for being very calm and patient.

Impero Lian


The most temperamental Impero in Keijijo history, she was a woman not fond of nonsense and was governed by a serious demeanor of regalia. Famed as one of the greatest Wood Yoso masters in the clan's history, she was the first Impero to ever be challenged for the position during her reign. Accepting the challenge, she defeated her opponent, a husky warrior named Shin who she then proceeded to exile from the clan for challenging the authority of the Impero. Shin himself was a common clansman with delusions of grandeur, and while surprisingly powerful for one who ranks below a Keijijo Elite, he fought valiantly against her. She was the least liked Impero in the clan's history. Lian was the founder of the clan's organisational system that deals with the Keijijo Hierarchy as well as the powers held by certain positions etc. She is noted for being the shortest living Impero, having lived for a very short time. Her Wood Yoso prowess in particular is what she is most remember for. She was known for a Wood Yoso technique that she trademarked which involved converting her fingers into sharp metaphysically enhanced wood-based claws that were so unnaturally sharp, she was capable of slicing through even the blades of the strongest swords. Despite being the least liked Impero, Lian does have a strong following in the Keijijo Clan, particularly those who practice Wood Yoso.

Impero Neji


Arguably the most powerful Impero of all time, Neji was also the clan's longest living Impero. A master of Lightning Yoso, Fire Yoso, all of the Dengen martial arts, an adept user of Eikyo, and a master of Shinwa-Sei, he possessed a wide variety of skills and abilities that he could call upon for aid in battle. Famed for participating in memorable battles, Neji was celebrated as a god among men who's prowess in combat neared that of the Keijijo Sanmittei. His abilities of such quality that current Impero 'Ishin' has even stated that his abilities pale in comparison to those that Neji possessed in his old age. Due to the fear of his immense fighting power, Neji's reign as Impero was largely peaceful prior to the commencement of an abrupt war between several Asian clans that included the Keijijo Clan. The war said to have broken out due to the growing desire to establish one dominant martial arts clan. Sadly, the war had taken place during Neji's old age and he was eventually killed on the field of battle as he fought alongside current Impero 'Ishin' who himself sustained a horrific scar on his face in spite of wleading his unit to victory. Neji's death had a profound effect on the clan. A thousand years later, his successor 'Ishin' remains one of the longest living Imperos. Known as very wise and humorous, Neji was a man who greatly enjoyed the gifts of life and stressed the importance of happiness. He too supported the belief that chi is a sentient force of energy. Neji was known for wearing a personalized mask-like cloth over his face when not wearing the Impero Mask.

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