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Station Infinity

"As you can see on the screen we have set up, the device gives off invisible signals when certain conditions are met."Says Maria Ryan, the leading OMEGA scientist. Standing with her are other members of OMEGA's science division, Central Officer Thomas, and Richard Shi, all reviewing the progress on the research of the tiara taken from the invasion of New York by the injured agent, Charles Andrews. "What conditions might those be, doctor?"Officer Thomas asks, walking forward from the crowd of observers. "We have gotten varying reactions in response to multiple forms of energy, but the most complex reactions have come in response to simple mental signals. In turn, we believe this device to be used for communication directly into the mind, as it has been able to receive long distance signals from what we have observed in our tests."She says, signifying her findings on the screen. "Was there a specific signal attached to the device? Anything we can trace?"Maya shakes her head. "No, sir. As convenient as it would of been, the device doesn't work like a cellphone, keeping a list of it's calls. However, the kind of technology used for such communication is rare. I believe we find, in the least, more of the other members of whatever society held the invasion. Aerial scanning would be my personal suggestion." Thomas nods, turning towards Shi. "Can your team reverse engineer the technology for our own uses?" Examining the screen, Shi slowly begins to nod. "Yes... yes I believe so. With access to the device itself, of course." He said, turning to Doctor Ryan, who gave him a nod. "Of course, doctor, once we have completed the last bits of our testing we will get the device to you as soon as possible."  
With everything said, Officer Thomas left the room, heading to do something a bit more personal. After navigating though the maze that is Station Infinity, he enters the medical wing, his eyes reviewing the many casualties of the Invasion on New York City. Shaking his head, he steps towards one specific bed, with it's occupant sitting upright, his back towards the officer. "Are you alright, Charles?" Charles Andrews, otherwise knows as Legion, looks up, smiling just a bit. "I could obviously be better. Being told you're never gonna walk again is a buzz kill." Thomas shakes his head. "They said it was a possibility, and even then, we are shipping in experts to deal with this. The higher ups think of you like you're Sea Biscuit or something." Charles chuckles. "Yea, that's all well and good. I needed a rest anyway." Thomas nods. "Get to it then, soldier." He said before walking out, leaving the injured hero the get some sleep.


RPG between Myself and Kratesis/Amaranth. 
  • Like the NYC Invasion, this will be the only thread. Both RPG and OOC will be located here, OOC comments of course marked.
  • This will also be a shorter-post based RPG, once again like NYC Invasion.
  • If you wish to join, send myself AND Kratesis/Amaranth a PM.
  • I know my writing surcks, no need to point it out to me :D
  • Woots

P.S.: Unless Your Kratesis, in which you can say whatever you like about my writing :U

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"Asteria will be angry, she would want this mission herself." Amaranth deep voice rumbled through the silence.

The darkness was deep. "Asteria is away with Impero. Perhaps she will learn some self discipline before she returns." Kratesis's icy tones echoed back through the dim underground chamber.

Around them stood a Choir. Psychics, trained in the psychic techniques of the Court Arcani from birth. Each wore a simple white mask, identities erased by its featureless surface. Their minds linked by the masks, their thoughts together, their powers focused. By such means were dozens of lesser mutant psychics made into a single mighty mind.

Together they had located the Tiara. Together they had forged a link between it.. and through it they had created a holographic map of the facility. A map Amaranth did his best to commit to memory. Perhaps it was correct, perhaps not. He had learned to take pre-mission intelligence with a grain of salt.

Kratesis raised her hand. A myraid of minds merged, the impossible became possible, reality twisted, altered, changed on the quantum level.. and a wormhole opened. Connecting the Nest and Station Infinity.

Amaranth lunged through, and it snipped shut behind him.

Leaping into motion, drawing both pistols and tearing down the hallway.

Get the Tiara, and get out. Don't stick around to be overrun.

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"Doctor Ryan, a we've found a signal." One of the nameless scientists of the labs says as he motions for the doctor to review his findings. The doctor walks over, and the scientist continues as he works out the details. "It's faint, but something is setting up a connection with the device. We believe it to be coming from outside the facility. I believe we can trace it." Ryan looks over the device before turning back to the scientist. "Try to track it, send in data to mission control as it is created. I need to find the Central Officer." The scientists go to work as Ryan leaves the room.
Meanwhile, Thomas had already made his way back to Station Infinity's central hub, reviewing mission details and worldly affairs. Daily work. One of the dozens of aids noticed something the others had missed. Calling Thomas over, he motions towards a spot on his screen. "There was some sort of energy flux in one of the passageways a minute ago, I caught it on the thermal." Thomas raised an eyebrow. "What kind of energy flux are you talking about?" The aid's brow scrunches as he shakes his head. "I can't tell, but I know it wasn't faulty electricity. It was something else." Thomas reviews the screen.  
"Do we have any cameras set up in the hallway?" The aid began typing on his keyboard, doing the flashing through different angles on the screen. "Yes. Let me just get it's lighting up so I can see and..." The screen flashes as it shows the hallway, and the unwanted visitor's arrival. Thomas quickly stands up and begins yelling out orders. "We have an intruder on level D, near the laboratories. I want this place locked down. Review the video to try to find where he is headed, and get all available troops to his location now!"  Running out of the hub, drawing his pistol, he quickly dashes down the hallway towards the labs, they were defenseless. 
An alarm rings throughout the base, and an automated voice comes out through the speakers. "Intruder Alert, Level D. All available soldiers to Level D passageways. Repeat, intruder alert on Level D-" The message repeats itself for some time. In the infirmary, Charles sits up. Nurses run around, getting the lockdown procedures done as they normally would in a situation. In the short chaos, he inches his way to the side of the bed and grabs two crutches, lifting himself into a walking position. He inches over to the door, exiting. "Alright, let's see what I can see...." His eyes turn black as he activates his X-Ray vision, looking through the walls and the ground, seeing the skeletons of soldiers as they rush below him. Not finding anything, he switches his eyes back to normal, heading towards the armory. Some soldiers pass him, too busy to guess what he is doing. Standard reactions.

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Amarath sprints down a long cordor, his seven foot frame eating almost a dozen meters a second. Duel revolvers rest heavily in his grey gloved hands.

Keen ears hear the thudding of boots, rustling of fabric, and the clatter of magazines. Enemies, ahead of him. Damn. He could phase through the wall and avoid them but time was his real enemy here. Every delay brought them closer and closer to mobilizing fully against him. If that happened the sheer weight of numbers would overwhelm him.

He had to kill them.

Amaranth didn't want to kill them. They were only doing their jobs. But it had to be done, the mission required it. And for hundreds of thousands of years he had lived and breathed the mission. Even if it weighed heavy upon his heart, he wasn't going to stop now.

They were around the corner about forty meters away judging by the nose. It was time for a shortcut, and a surprise.

Phasing himself into intangibility, and tossing himself into a long leap diagonally through the wall, he passed through an office cubical, a storage closet, and right out the far side. Tumbling into a roll, rising up BEHIND the soldiers with his pistols leveled.

Some heard him, and tried to bring their run to a halt. Tried to turn, to raise their weapons. But it was far too late for that.

Amaranth never missed once. Every squeeze of the trigger sending another destabilized osmium round ripping through the air, smashing into a throat, a skull, a rib cage. Every round penetrating into the body, and violently detonating. Blasting each man apart in a shower of fire and gore.

He reloaded on the run.

Time wasn't on his side.