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They are in Campania, Italy and there is a meeting being held in the triangle of death. Milton arrive on a cadillac as he is chaffered by Ratger, the other hit man follows them on air as he assumes a different form. Behind them is another car filled with a half-dozen members of Wheatley's group. Adults wearing porcelain masks, all blank and expressionless as if they have the face of statues. No guns, no armor but just a foreboding omen.

The van there is a lady with a sickle wearing a 'sad mask', another woman besides her with hedge trimmers wearing a 'angry' mask and four men armed with equally odd weapons. The driver wearing a 'dull' mask uses a three clawed grappling hook with a rope, the man next to him with a 'telletubies' mask used a jackhammer. On the back there are two men sitting on the opposite side of the women both of them are using rabbit masks, but with ears folded at the opposite sides.

Milton and the gang was called in to help another group expand their territory, normally Milton does not take orders from strangers yet because he sees this as a perfect chance to test out his new horde of henchmen he agreed. So with that task at hand he sent a small force comprised of twenty three masked people over to Italy, there was a commotion in Naples as a series of grisly murders stretched out towards the neighboring cities. All with rumors of the undead.

A famous case is the murder of a gang led by Alfonso, famous for pitching drugs and prostitution around that area. It was a very odd night that not many can easily forget, as everything started at quarter to midnight when a maniac enters their dwelling with a hatchet at hand. He was purportedly riddled with flying lead the moment the door was opened. Yet the body did not drop and it went violent as it sunk its axe to the nearest man before using the body that is still attached as an improvised bludgeon.

Weird stories have plagued the underworld recently, where automatic weapons have utterly failed in bringing down knife wielding monstrosities. Tales of a woman that was burned alive, an effigy with dancing crackles that brought down many to its warm embrace. A lurid masquerade, a harbinger of endless frights that dwell within the back of survivors. Massacre with a spoon.

This meeting was just to collect payment, yet with the aid of haruspex Milton already knew what was about to happen. Rolf and Ratger knew a different kind of magic unlike his Golemancy which is acquired from centuries of predation, as the up are capable of divining things soon to come from the entrails of sacrificial animal. In this case human.

After having six Goonies kill a large number or well armed personnel, six persons are enough in this case. There is enough blood to fill up an olympic swimming pool after this botched meeting. Masked men and women are hauling chunky pieces of freshly made corpses off the ground as they covered their 'gardening tools', a masked woman wearing all black is seen taking out her hedge trimmers from a man's rectal cavity.

"Hey Flavio the agreement was to bring up 500 kilo of money, so what the **** is this?" Milton sat silent as Ratger held the man by his collarbone, as in entire hand gripping the man by the bleeding clavicle. The man is sweating glass, his eyes are fixed towards the burning retina of the wolf man. The teeth that carry the smell of stomach acid and bile, behind him is an equally scary figure. A ratlike man with ratlike teeth, and an entire arm coated in human red.

Rolf licks the coat of blood from his arm, a mess from drank ripping the throat of two persons simultaneously "where is the money? We had an agreement that we would not deal in cocaine." Ratger ripped the man's ear as he wailed. The bloodcurdling scream is then abruptly followed by a finger inserted through the belly, the man winced as the foreign object perforated his stomach. Mixing intestines with faces, as he mucks his fingernail inside. "Do we cut off your ears too?"

What was supposed to take place at about 8:00 pm today is a meeting between two parties, one side representing the Camorra family which has power over 100 clans and another side which is comprised of one important individual accompanied by two men. Yet one of the newer members of their team decides to pull out a gun and make demands, the comedy only lasted for fifteen minutes when they decided to fire off some rounds. Then Ratger decides to eat and the devils come out to dance.

This sets another ripple in their moment of peace after the death of another boss, today one man has made a very powerful enemy. Considered the largest Italian organized crime group, the Camorra is a loose collection of allied and competing local clans in the province of Naples and the Campania region of Italy. The Camorra operates internationally and is involved in serious criminal activity such as counterfeiting and narcotics trafficking.

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Nice. The mask thing is creepy.

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@Lady_Liberty: gotta have mooks

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cool beans