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Rules are new so I could totally not need this, in that case lock it. However seeing as its both a Alien Concept and a religious sect I thought rules said I needed to make a thread. To 1 make sure it was ok to do so and 2 give people a chance to jump in. Im currently hard at work on the Coven. They are a secret organization of Sith that most believe to be a religious group. The higher ups know the truth while the younger believe themselves moddern Templars. Technicaly they have no patheon but like I said I wasnt sure lol. Currently the two CVnU alts I have are tied to it and a third is in progress. CVnU Kovak is also at this time associated
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I love this idea

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Yay I got mentioned!

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@614azrael: Good job Az. I think all you need to do is post some info about it Here. And it'll get added along with those already involved. (dont quote me though the Mythology and concepts is above my pay grade)

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Please reserve some applause for actual production pressented later lol. I wasnt sure if alien concept mad ew religion counted so thought id make one of these. Generate some buzz while hard at work :)
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@614azrael said:

Generate some buzz while hard at work :)

Thats the only thing I'm applauding :P I like to see the enthusiasm the CVnU has generated. Pass or fail one cant deny the recent spark in activity. But whether or not it can sustain itself over an extended period of time remains to be seen. I'm confident though that with people such as yourself putting so much time and creative energy into their creations that it has a better then average chance :)

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@Mr_LeBeau: It will! Maybe. Hopefully. I'm staying positive. I'm definitely feeling good about us!
As always, I'd say good luck to you. But I know you don't need it cuz you're Azzy and you always do it big. So I'll just send love ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and maybe a character or two.
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From what I understand the Sith don't own any territory inside the solar system, and likewise don't use an existing earth mythology so in my personal opinion they fall outside of the jurisdiction of the CoE and the rules.

The rules weren't created to micromanage everyones stuff, just regulate problem areas that couldn't be solved another way.

However from the looks of this what you're wanting to do is to CREATE a CVnU Official Mythology? If that's the case, I think its an incredibly bad ass idea that threatens to explode my mind with its awesomeness. If you all want to go through the Mythology process with this, and follow the CVnU Mythology rules.. I'll try to see to it that this becomes a Official CVnU Mythology. (Its not entirely up to me of course, but its an awesome idea and a way to write your name into the history books so I'm backing it!)

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@Saukerl: Thats the spirit.

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I got a little worried there when she said "threatens."

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@614azrael: Well star wars fans did petition Jedi as an official religion to the UN, so why not?

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Mr thank ya ^_^ aim high, fall short atleast you got the jugular. Sauk <3 gracias love. Rumbles exactly lol. Krate its a fun challenge, in one hand as stated its not a mythology but an alien concept. Placing it on earth though makes it a religion in a way. Then the Coven comes and fools people to believe it is. So its like a well writen lie in a circle of truth, or vice versa lol. Im like excited, worried, dedicated, and hyper all in one xP
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I'm a Jefi now so I am totally cool with this....it gives me a rogue gallery lol

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Your goin down!
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