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Not sure if theres much entrest but thought i would see if anyone liked the idea. I plan to have Sirens(Borderlands 1&2) come into cvnu, Kayle Rez being one of them. At any given time there is six(meaning 5 others could be one) and they're considered a rare and powerful thing. Their ability tends to have a light version(the melee like attacks in the game for example) and then the phase(insert word) which is the more powerful varient. For Lilith it was invisibility which generates a explosion on entrance and exit. For Maya its a dimensional cage, for Angel it's A.I like abilities. They tend to be treated like the Phoenix of Xmen, dont have dozens of powers, but there power is of a extreme level. By the use of Eredium(for nU crystals in general) these powers can be stronger. But the use of crystals is also like drugs

Kayle will be one, with the power to generate ammo. My hope would be everyone who does become one would come up with something fun and original, but thats your call. Only real reaquirment is to be female character theres no male siren/ Try not to get mad if others use the Borderlands Siren looks, its not like theirs alot to pick from ;)

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I'm mildly interested in this concept.

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I love the idea of a siren, this rare mildly seductive bad ass of a character. Their not rich with powers, but each ones gift is amazing, with enough eredium(crystals) it can be even more outrageous. That and the idea of playing someone who "levels up" I think a fun twist, but thats just me
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