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France Coven Chapel 21:00 Hours

"I came to this world many many years ago from a place far far away this I have written. I have yet to tell what I discovered upon my arival here however, of the three facts that became as clear as day to me. The first thing was involving chi, though they're tought differently from the force and thus have some limitations they are much like the Force. And by embracing studies of the other one can learn how to break the shackles that bind what we can do. I came to learn more of the Force then one would ever dream, stories tell of jedi and sith growing much farther in power then the mind could fathom. I have through my years, my experiments and my trials I have learned these secrets and so much more. I have taught to some of my students and I quote "By the Lords grace I shall never die" this is because it is true....But that is a secret I will not write of untill I have had a chance to use it.

Second lesson I learned years back when I arived was that this world is savage and inferior. The human species of this galaxy are just barely into the space faring age. They are prone to sins and this has left them in a continuous cycle of violence and limited advance. A factor that serves me well, it starts first with the simple affinity for sin. Making them into believers of the dark side is as simple as lifting my finger. Their aggression and limited minds so easy to twist. One could easily be made to kill a child, and claim it a glorious sacrifice to the Lord. I've made children into assassins, soldiers into warriors, religion into my pawn.

Today's great focus however is not on the force or the savagery of man but rather the third thing I learned. Energy, power, its the forefront of everything, and the moddern fuel is inferior to what I need. Electricity, its so limited the machinery so fragile. You drop a phone and it becomes nausiating to get it to stay on. Batteries that grow weeker every moment used, and they say they recharge but its fractions of its former self. A lightning strike and everything goes back to the dark ages for hours....I can not hold proper studies on such unreliable technology. On this night I give birth to the ultimant power source a power that allows my Coven unlimited possibility. And when we present it to the world later this year we will be seen as visionaries. I have also learned though, that HE, this man we have done this to. He can be molded into a weapon the likes that will terrify the world, or better yet mold it seemlessly."

Mishelia Starend sat in the chapel writing in her journal and even though it was a simple act she oozed of wisdom and madness. Her crimson and onyx robes accented her build perfectly. She looked like the princess of a fairytale ensnared by a book. Young and flawless dressed in a way not common of this world. But even though it was alien it was the kind people founded fashion statments around. Midnight black hair cascaded over her shoulders hiding where the ears would be. Only one thing would give off her unnatural state to somebody who looked. If a clear eye stared, if a sharp eye observed they would find something out of place with her eyes. Their was none, just two sockets where eyes would be. And yet somehow that black ring seemed to speek of more knowledge then any well. It was as if the galaxies secrets lay within those gaping slits.

"Lady Coven he is ready to be awakend, the tests are complete." A hood is pulled over Starend's head concealing her face, most believed she was blinded as a child. That the Lord had blessed her with a more rightious sight, this was entirely true. And this was also something of a lie. Rising to her feet the Lady placed the journal in a pouch resting perfectly at her side. Who knew how many secrets were writen in that tomb sized book. Coven picking up her cane, something that seamed born of a dying star. A tap of the staff and a secret passage opened along the floor. Tile slips to the sides to allow the Lady and Hexcroft that spoke to enter into the underlayer of the church.

It is a maze of labs, rooms upon rooms upon rooms. Within these walls the world does not see is machines and holographic displays that are flawless and prestine. A life sized hologram of a red woman with head tails can be seen in one room. If not for the fact a person can see through it on some level it would look entirely real. The galaxy Starend was from was likely a chaotic mess brought on by more wars. But having escaped it Starend and her followers were able to preserve and even advance the technology. They had but one problem, their machines were beyond the common realm of earth. That was why so many of the cords, the cables and machines were made of a deep black metal.

"Infraglium has finally been made into the perfect metal it needs to be. Your enchantments and magic were hard to replicate into actual metal but we finally managed it. For us its now cheep to replicate, cant say the same for others. We are blessed by the Lord with this technology, the eyes of the unfaithful cant just reconstruct this." The Lady listend with a faint grin, using Sith alchemy and Sorcery she had managed to construct an amazing metal. "Im amazed even by this miracle, this metal doesn't break if it has energy it absorbs it and from there becomes virtually indistructable. We've done some amazing damage dishing. Not a scratch would be made its unbelievable my lord." Indeed it was, who knew something so priceless could be so easily produced. The force wasn't necesarily a divine power but at times Mishelia had to admit it was more godly then many would ever know.

"What of the energy and its source?"

The young Hexcroft scientist nearly lit up with excitment. "You see the Infraglium throughout the building. We've allready begun trying to get it transfered to other chapels and locations. My lord, with a common battery sized cell of these heated gravitons we could power an entire city. This energy you constructed is a powergird in its smallest of states. We've begun cycling it into batteries and other fuel sources allready and the results are promissing. Corection ground breaking, we could light the entire world!" Starend rested her soft hand on the excited womans shoulder, a touch invoking her to calm down. "Right as for the boy ehm man he IS a battery. We have made him so intwined with the gravitons he could do almost anything. Ultimantly he is not blessed by our lord you hold more sway in a finger then he does in that way. But given that he is a mortal its invigorating, he's a becon of energy a supernova of science." He was perfect, the shield of the Covenant for the Covenants many blades.

Her lithe frame steps through the doors a motion of the hand and the metal container peels away. The large egg like cell parts like a metal flower beautiful in its odd alien way. A orangish liquid drops to the ground, it radiates with flames, small embers of energy in a liquid puddle. Hovering in the air bound by black constraints and sparks of plasma is a man. Another twitch of the finger and the man is free constraints returing to the metal flower letting the man drop. A splash echoes in the metalic chamber the man was held. Shadows dance along the walls as cords wave about like loose serpents. As the man fell into the puddle the flames dissapeared absorbed instantly by the man. He was an overdose of energy, a overabundance of power, he was overkill to the vision. And though the malnorished body before didn/t look it he was a god amongst insects. "Welcome to the second coming Peter Matthews" words to say not to be afraid or enraged. He was born again.....

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3 Months Earlier...

"Mom! Just shut up about it! I'll still pass, I'm too smart for these stupid classes!" Tonight, 17 year old Peter Matthews was in yet another argument with his parents. His grades have been slipping, like most high school students do. However, Mr and Mrs Matthews are not the kind of parents who let things like school go.

"Do NOT talk to your mother that way. But, you're right. You're too damn smart for this. So why don't you just take the time and... What did that thing say?" John opened up Peter's latest report card and read from it. "Oh yes, just show your work? It takes a few minutes, Peter."

Peter then rolled his eyes. "They want to see that I know how to do the problems, and I do! I get the right answers every time! Mr. Campbell even makes me do the problems on the board in front of the class to try and humiliate me, but I'm right!"

John then gave a stern look at his son as he pointed to another section of the report card. "Also, shows off in front of the class and disrespects the teacher."

Peter became angry. "That's BULLSHIT!"

"MOUTH!" Karen yelled back at her son.

Peter then threw his arms up in the air, as if surrendering. "That's it, I'm done. I can't deal with these stupid teachers AND you both not seeing my point of view." As he spoke, he briskly walked to the door and left, a loud bang as the door shut.

Peter was right. He had a natural affinity for mathematics. Even some of the more complex equations he was given, he could solve in his head with little time. This had always caused him trouble. Angered, he walked around the streets of New York City, trying to calm down and clear his head. He didn't see anyone, no one knew where he went or where he was going. He put in his headphones and turned his iPod on shuffle, the first song being Metallica's 'Better Than You.' A song he thought was fitting since he was better than what the teachers and his parents thought he was.

Unfortunately for him, Peter liked his music played loud and proud. He always has his iPod on full volume, even walking alone at night in the back alleys of New York City. He had absolutly no idea that two men were following him much closer than normal. In the space between street lights, the first man produced a billy club. The second pulled a taser gun from his pocket, just in case. It only took one solid blow to the back of the head to put the teenager down. Dazed almost to the point of passing out, he looked up at his attackers just as the second man needlessly fired the taser at him, the electrical shocks knocking him out for good. Peter was never seen by his friends or family again...

Coven Chapel, France, 9:00 pm...

It had been years in his mind. There is no sense of time when you are locked up in a metal egg surrounded by an orange plasma 24/7. The Coven, as they call themselves, kidnapped dozens of people and began experimenting on them. There was only one left. Genetically altered to have his very life essence changed into a potent energy, one known about only in the Coven's secret home between magic and science. Peter was now a power plant, a nuclear reactor creating energy to power a war he wanted no part in. Only a month had passed since his alteration was complete. The beginning was filled with research done by the Coven's scientists as security stopped Peter's every escape attempt. They were quick to learn that Peter could not be subdued by tasers as he absorbed the electricity, his body reforming it into his own energy that his untrained outbursts of energy blasts caused the hospitalization of a total of 24 scientists and security personel, 4 of which are not permanently crippled.

That is why he is imprisoned now. Enclosed in an egg shaped holding cell made of a beta form of a metal called infraglium. Normally extremely brittle, it drains the red energy from Peter upon contact. When infusd with any amount of energy, the metal becomes indestructible. This is why he is also connected to several black metal cables that forcibly drain the energy from him. The cables attempt to keep his energy levels down to prevent more destructive outbursts, the cell will contain any that do manage to happen. But, if left tied to these cables indefinitely, all of his life force would be drained and Peter would die. That would mean no more energy for the Coven, which they, of course, cannot allow.

That is why the egg is filled with an orange plasma. Highly volitile, this substance normally catches fire when it comes in contact with most forms off matter due to it's high energy output. Peter absorbs most types of energy that he comes in contact with including electricity, heat, light, and some others. Being in constant contact with the plasma, Peter is constantly absorbing the heat and radioactive energies around him, convertng them in his body to the red energy, and then constantly having it immediately drained and channeled into fuel cells for the Coven's use. Peter is kept on the verge of death every moment of the day. No food, no water, no rest, no light. Just constant pain and a limitless amount of energy to absorb. This was hell.

He paniked as the infraglium egg suddenly began to open, but was too weak to try and run or defend himself. The orange plasma spilled onto the floor, instantly bursting into flames. No damage was caused, however, as Peter's body absorbed the flames before any harm could be done. The cables that held him suspended in the air disconnected, the draining process keeping his body stuck to them like an electrical current until gravity is able to pull his anorexic frame from it's cutches. He hit the ground hard, his oxygen mask slipping off and allowing his coughs to be heard. His naked body ached in every possible way and place. Yet before him stood a woman that he only saw in pictures before his time in his prison.

"Welcome to the second coming, Peter Matthews." He had no idea what the cloaked woman was referring to, but before he could think to ask, he was lifted by two men and pulled to another room and laid on a table. Everything was plastic or rubber as to not chance any electric currents or static for him to absorb. The lights kept low, but he could still feel the light energy trickle into his body. Although dim, the lights still hurt his eyes from being in the dark so long. Squinting, he managed to read a file on the table next to him. The last one he saw was labeled "The Utopia Project" and ended with him becoming a power source. This one was labeled "Project Overkill." A small whimper left his lips as he wondered where this would end...

Two Months Later...

"This is Doctor Fisher, team lead on Project Overkill. Originally a power source from the Utopia Project, the subject was a limitless supply of energy that the Coven has used in various ways including a substitute for electricity and several new weapons. Early records will show events of the subject destroying parts of our facility and hospitalizing dozens of followers. He is able to manipulate... Well... 'Release' this energy at will from his body in various ways. The energy being composed of super heated gravitons provides the blasts effects like burning through walls that it doesn't destroy first with it's sheer concussive force. Another side effect of being host to this energy. When the subject has energy infused in his muscular system, his strength is increased by a tremendous amount.

The only way we've been able to restrain the subject is with a modified version of the metal infraglium. The metal is one of two substances that can actually store this energy, the other being the subject's own body. Anything else that tries to absorb or contain it explodes and/or spontaniously combusts. The beta version of infraglium is modified to forcibly draw the energy from the host. This makes it an effective method of containing the subject, as draining the energy weakens him drastially and prevents most energy blasts. Special note: Draining the subject completely is to be avoided as the energy is now his life force. Depleting his energy supply completely will cause the subject to die. It has been ordered by Lord Coven that if anyone even thinks for a moment of draining the subject completely, they will be executed. After that order was given, 5 of my fellow scientists have gone missing without a trace... Moving on.

Ok, that was the background from the Utopia Proect file. So now we have... Ah, here. The Overkill Project. Since the energy has already been weaponized successfully and the subject has already stockpiled decades worth of energy, 100% of time spent no longer needs to be used on production, so, Lord Coven has ordered the weaponization of the subject, Peter Matthews, himself. Our Lord has already used her... Techniques to make him more docile to the point of brainwashing. Being an average human, his mind was overpowered with ease. Though, the subject's will is strong. He resisted for a minute or two. Sometimes it looks as if he's still in there somewhere.

Regardless, our preliminary tests showed that his strength level was at a maximum range of 50 tons, however, when the subject was allowed to recharge completely, we were unable to calculate the limits of his strength, lifting 200 tons with ease. I proposed the idea of buying or making more advanced equipment to try and see what his limits actually are, But Lord Coven smiled and said that it wouldn't be necessary as she has seen enough. The subjects control and aim are improving with his energy blasts, though I don't think it's that important because... Next page...

Yes, the armor. The subject is to now wear a suit of armor, made of infraglium, and covering his body from head to toe at all times. Although physically powerful, the subject is as frail as a normal man. His body will fail long before his strength does. This armor will protect him from harm and allow him to utilize the upper levels of his strength without causing harm to his own body. Further more, the armor will have a flight system installed, powered by the subject of course; and on board weapons, also powered by himself; and various combat and life support related systems, again, powered by himself. One machine gun mounted on each forearm, a minigun mounted on his right shoulder, and a rocket launcher mounted on his left.

While the bullets in the machine guns and minugun will be replaced by small enegy blasts, the rocket launcher will have to be reloaed occaionally. Rockets made out of cracked infraglium that has been charged will shatter upon contact relasing enough energy to level a city block. As requested, the armor is linked directly with Lord Coven, as the subject will follow orders only from the Lord herself.

The armor is ready and the subject equipped. Once activated, Project Overkill will be ready for action. Just hve to type in the activation codes..."

Peter listned from inside the armor. His mind warped into another follower of this new religion, he waited anxiously to do his Lord's will. The typing on Doctor Fisher's computer ceased as a dimmly lit screen appeared before his eyes showing a layout of the entire complex, vital signs including a rough estimate of his energy levels and flashing in the mddl of the screen...

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"Heated gravitons, this fuel source is grander then even I expected. Its magnitude is quite litteraly unpresidented even from where I was from. I dare say I have gone beyond my own expectations with such a daring creation. In the past two months we have managed to construct power grids for our compounds that will run on extreme conditions for decades. Thats if under continuous exausting use. Without such a improbibal danger we can go for centuries easy. We've got stock piles so numerous my options are without limit. Their was a night where I imagined just droping canisters around the world in fractured casings. It would be marvelous to watch cracking the world in half. Now isn't the time to generate the apocalypse however, I like the sounds of that though. I've found a bit of flair in transfering their religious paranoia into the sybology of the true future. Of the vision the universe precieves.

Peter himself proved impressively resiliant but the force works well on the week minded. And the variables of a week mind change drasticaly when your a hyperadvanced being along almost primitive creatures. I found it best not to strip him clean however, that is never the wiser call. What I did was condition his mind.

He suffered much during his starting days, watched many die trying to find the exact balance to make him. I plucked the memories of their personalities though shaping them into a mirror of who they were. Carl Rosenglen for example had been a jock and encouraged escaping this place. I shaped him into Carl Rosenglen the jock who had come here because he could not become a marine. So he was willing to give his life for the ultimant energy source, once even told Peter that if he died he wanted Peter to be the charge. Countless memories were shifted into things such as this, as if to tell the teen he was the future of the world and not to moarn their end. I told him his family though he would never see them wanted this. That every day he lived he was giving them a better world. I wanted him to outside the armor be himself, just loyal to the Covenant. Thinking I am the ultimant source of judgment, that the orders of the Coven are apsolute. While also riging his mind with spikes should a telepath try to undo my hard work.

When he wears the armor however, I have worked to make him cold as a machine. He sees a man with a gun, sees a threat and aims for the kill on instinct. I wanted him to be ever calculating looking at something and desiding its fate with almost mechanical like processing. His armor and weapons are flawless embodiments of overkill. An embodiment of destruction, at its core is a complex weive of life suport. It provides power to him as he does it in a everflowing cycle that will hopefully make him a never stopping juggernaught. I set it up to also respond as quick as he can move with a neural network. Aided by my lead scientists we gave him a H.U.D thats almost an A.I in its assistance. I didn't want to spend money on the A.I itself yet, better to test our creation before making it flawless. Its weapons are the first prototypes I want to construct more but again Beta testing first. Even I can make a flaw, few but I still can."

Mishelia Starend closed her journal entry to go greet her project. The machines were making their final hiss as they detatched letting Peter move on his own in what should be like a second skin. "Did you make the reflective underlayer like I asked?"

Fisher smiled "of course. The small gaps in between those magnifcent armor molds caputre light rays transfering it as energy to the suit. The visor is a similar alloy though a little more fragile. Even with the monitors we have it fealt better to let his eyes actually see." Starend nodded, any machine would have atleast a slight fraction in delay. Rarely would a point zero zero something percent of lag mean anything. None was still beter however then that.

"I have many that can walk in the shadows and confront the opposition of our lord. At times though shield and sword are not enough, the hammer is needed. Something to wilter armor away like wet paper that is you. You are to be my hammer, my battering ram. Allowed to act on your own acord at anytime, except when I say kill what do you do?" Waiting for reply to make her lips curl with malicious glee.

"Now then we need to test your gift don't we? A church has been protesting our ways. Now while we have never said they were right in their belief, we never protested against them. So this church of France opposing us we shall obliterate from the face of the earth. No trace is to be left, they will resist, and we shall wipe them clean. I will enter and post myself as watch, you will be the nail to their coffin. A handful of others will likely be near by should a more worthy challenge come our way. Though im confident you don't need such back up do you."

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Even with the motionless metal face, Lord Coven would still see a faint grin somehow as the Hammer of the Covenant answered her question.

"I annihilate, decimate, devestate, and destroy everything that stands in my Lord's way." Satisfied with the answer, the Lord continued with the details of his first mission. A small nod from project Overkill, then the two made their way to the designated helicopter which will get them close to the target. Victory for the Coven, the only thought in his mind.

1 Hour Later, Prince of Peace Church, Paris, France...

"Will we stand by and allow these pagans to have their way with our world?!" The priest stood on the alter, preaching the word of their lord, Jesus Christ. This church in particular has been very vocal on their opinions concerning the Coven. An example must be made. The congregation spoke together in disapproval of the Coven, waiting for their leader to speak more for them.

"They speak of their 'Force' which flows through all things, yet they deny any notion of the lord?! Blasphemy! Jesus once said 'I am the ressurection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.' Do you believe, my brothers and sisters in Christ?!" Many cheers followed from the crowd, the priest smiles. "Celebrate with me! And show Christ your DEVOTION!"

Just then, the sound of shattered glass from above as Overkill dropped through the glass ceiling. A loud crash as the marble floors cracked under the weight of the armor slamming into it. Few short screams and gasps of shock left the lips of the members of this church before silence befell the holy grounds. Overkill then stood up straight and his mechanical voice spoke calmly.

"Are you a devout man, father?" The priest stood silent in confusion, then Overkill spoke again.

"Are you, a man who preaches righteousness and devotion to your lord, righteous and devout yourself?" The black armored man then turned to the congregation and asked "Are any of you really as devout in your worship as this man claims you to be?" Silence still for a few moments, then the priest spoke up.

"Y-yes! We are all devout in our worship to Jesus Christ!" Overkill then quickly turned back to the holy man, causing the entire population to jump. Then, the titan of power began slowly clapping, an applause of clanging metal.

"Excellent. I am thankful for that... Father, a moment ago you quoted your holy book. I shall now do the same. Isaiah: 57: 1-2." Overkill slowly walked toward the priest as he spoke. "'The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.' So... Father...." The Hammer of the Coven grabbed the priest by his shoulders and straightened his posture before pointing down the center aisle of the church. "Walk. Uprightly. And you shall enter into peace with all of your followers."

The man looked stunned. This heavily armed man was going to... Let him go? He slowly started walking down the aisle, making sure to keep his posture upright. The entire congregation watched him with shock. Overkill watched him with his glowing red eyes. No one knew that he had ordered the other members of the Coven to leave as quickly as possible. No one knew that his targeting system had already locked onto the crucifix hanging around the preist's neck. No one knew... That he was going to show them rest... As they lie in death.

The rocket launcher fired one of the cracked shells, it quickly connected with the metal cross. Just enough pressure to cause it to shatter. A 1 mile radius from that one man errupts in red energy. Every building, destoyed; every block of concrete, evaporated; every life, taken. Standing alone in the smoldering crater where a church once stood was the most powerful being born on this planet, who slowly touches his right index and middle fingers to his forehead, abdomen, left shoulder, then right. With that, he flew away, back to his new home. Mission accomplished.

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"We shall not intrude upon the religious organizations that are not our own. That we might avoid blindly targeting those who follow another faith, however. Should one question us, target us doubting the beliefs of ourselves then measures must be taken." The heavy book containing the writing closes with a heavy thud. Darth Coven stepping into the room with a graceful pressence. The comments of her journal being read to those within the security room of the church. It was a small segment on the third floor of the building with a few guards near by. Guns were in hand in fear of what could come from the speaking out of the church. She looked almost weak and vulnerable and yet was a dreadful even still. As if the world wanted to unravel at her feet.

A hand clinches, a soft easy thing constricting on the handle of a cane for the blind. That gesture of the hand despite looking like nothing tightend the throats of those it targeted. The two gunmen at the door had their throats clamped to a point bone broke. Faces begining to lose color as breathing was something robbed from them. The grip loosens and the two beings fall to the floor lacking life. Aura's suggesting their life fadded untill black as space itself.

"A man who hhas faith from what I understand would not wield a gun by your religion if I am not mistaken?" A quisitive question for the remaining gaurd who was slightly governed by fear now. "We speak of a Lord in a more complex way and you scream of herasy and blasphemy. You say belief in him will grant imortality. By walking the path of our lord, I AM IMORTAL. Do I believe in Christ? Like I believe in the fairy tale of a happy ending. It exists but isn't something to rely on. I celebrate the true power my faith has given unto me." The lethal leader responded to the sermon given, the guard raised a pistol. His finger began to squeeze the trigger, but it was cut drasticaly short.

The force propelled the black and red clad Sith allowing her a boost of speed beyond mortal comprehension. The cane had folded into a small blade hilt which then emited a crimson beam of energy. The finger was lost in a single instant along with the trigger for the gun. "He who pledges to another is not to be targeted like a false prophet or anyother extreme. But he who questions our own religion who berrates its existance they face extinction." A gun appeared in her hand, coming from the sleave of Lady Coven, a small but fast and explosive round entered the mans brain. Falling to the ground with a stream of blood escaping his skull. "Amen."

Then came the explosive actions of Peter, a neural link between the two allerting the Lady. And with but a notion the barrier needed to shield such a blast was constructed. The entire church erupting in radiant red light and horrific flame. A destruction easy, simple, biblical in its performance. Standing in the embers loving the flames around her the sinister woman grinned. "Wait Overkill. Lets play some before we head back, whats the fun in all your technology if we don't put it to use." A few other church goers filled with rage and police were on their way. Probably they stood about as much chance as an insect against a giants heel but that was not the point. Coven wanted to see just what and how far her new tool of destruction was willing to go.