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Liam remained still while in a crouched position, his glowing orange eyes constantly moving as they stared towards different locations through the blinding snow-storm. His sight could detect what most couldn’t in these conditions, nearly a quarter of a mile away a half-dozen heavily armed men were spread out in a skirmish line formation. The gap between each mercenary was about ten feet, intending to cover as much ground as they could while in their search of the Wolf of Shadows. He did not know why these men were after him, only that they intended to kill him. This was revealed through their first encounter nearly a half-hour ago when there were double as many as there were now.

Looking down, Liam checked the body of one the casualties that he relocated with, hoping to find answers within the corpse’s gear. “Capsule.” Liam broke his silence, reading out loud the cover of a briefing folder that he pulled from the inside of the Kevlar vest. He looked back up to check on the remaining assassins, who had closed much of the distance, but their thermal visors were still out of range. “You’re coming with me.” He grabbed the body and they both materialized into a cloud of black smoke that relocated further up the mountain.

Transforming back into his human form with the body of the assassin sprawled on the rocky terrain at his feet, Liam sat down and opened the folder. “Subject’s energy signature finally traced to Canadian Rockies, at the base of Mount Temple. Deal with extreme prejudice. Remove heart and sever head.” Liam sighed, frustrated that the motive for this operation could not be found. “I suppose I’ll need to leave one of your comrades alive if I’m going to find out the truth. Stay here.” He placed the black folder on top of the assassin’s chest and vanished once more into a cloud of black smoke that instantly disappeared.

“Sir we have very low visibility, even with thermal.” One of the armed men spoke into the tiny microphone that was clipped to the collar of his jacket. “Noted, continue operation.” A voice echoed from a receiver inside his ear. “Yes sir.” He responded before returning all of his attention towards finding the target. A not-too distant scream came from the assassin’s right flank, followed by another on his left. He heard three more screams before the forest became silent once again. The assassin could only imagine that he was the last of the operatives and his team mates had been killed by the target. He brought the ACOG sight, which was mounted to the rail of his rifle, up to his eye and slowly turned. He was not going to be caught off guard like the others. Unfortunately for him, the predator that was now hunting him was where he least expected.

Canine in his Shadow Cloud form had surrounded the area around the assassin’s ankles, like a light fog that covered the ground. “Why are you after me?” His question seemed to come from all angles around the assassin, who did not respond. The man’s movements became more erratic, aiming towards a different direction every second. “Are you going to tell me?” Another question with no direct location echoed throughout the forest. “No.” The assassin answered, his calm voice disguising the fear inside his mind. “You will find out soon enough, monster.” The armed man spoke before placing the end of the barrel of his rifle under his chin and pulling the trigger before Canine could interfere.

As the assassin dropped to the ground lifeless, the black cloud formed the shape of Liam’s human form and his skin replaced the smoke. “What the Hell is going on here?” Liam asked himself out loud as he stared down at the body.

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Canadian Rockies

The duo of Akira Yamato and his trained occult assistant Shiva Lock traveled at mach speeds in the Infinite Falcon, a stealth airplane that he designed after stealing various blueprints of the Hellicarrier, Quinjet , and Blackbird. In a matter of minutes they traveled from an unknown location in Japan to the mountains in Canada where they landed a few miles outside the base of Mount Temple. Shiva attempted to contact the squad Akira sent to the coordinates earlier.

" Sir....They've all been eliminated. Capsule Squad 1 vitals are flat and the energy signature is still strong. It moves around a lot...fast and frequently...I don't understand what thi-..." the occult specialist was interrupted by the young villain Akira as he paced back and forth with his hands behind his back, the holographic map of the Canadian Rockies was the only light in the entire aircraft. He smiled when he talked,he was excited about what was coming next. "He's a teleporter,among other things. It was a shame to waste such good soldiers but now I know there's only one way to ensure my success." Yamato stopped between thoughts and began to gear up with his specialized weather resistant red camouflage suit ,a red demon mempo covered his mouth. He was prepared for battle and commanded Shiva to gear as well while he summoned his signature Blood Enduro. It's all-terrain wheels automatically adapting to the environment.

Ms. Lock signaled that she was ready and the duo began to ride through the forest while tracing the homing beacons his elite squad all carried. Akira kept a telepathic link established between them so that she was able to inform him of the threat he was going to face when she gathered more data. Soon they arrived to the where the beacon originated from though there was none of his soldiers bodies in sight and he began to get the feeling of being watched . His eyes lighting up with information as he began to look around and then noticed a set of orange eyes piercing through the darkness .

" You can come out now. I brought you a treat!" AK-47 screamed out to the creature as he drew a katana from the flat-space orb on his hand then ignited it with his psychogenic energy, creating a violet flame around his sword.

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Having returned to the position further up the mountain where he had left one of the bodies, Liam studied all the briefing folders he had gathered from the assassins. Nearly all the information was identical, the only differences being simple specifications for team members' roles in the operation.

The faint sound of jet engines drew Liam's attention towards the east of his location. He assumed that eventually more would be coming for him, he even hoped so. Liam knew next to nothing about the forces behind this attack, he wanted to discover their identities and their motives. He slowly rose to his feet and extended his right arm out to the side. A long slender cloud of smoke flowed from his finger tips and stopped nearly five feet away. A sword hilt appeared from within the smoke as Liam closed his hand, his fingers wrapping around the solid grip. The remainder of the dark cloud was replaced by a long blade made of a rare alloy. Iridium, one of the most difficult metals to forge into a weapon, but once achieved and created with shadow magic, it wields unimaginable power.

"Hello darkness my old friend." Liam addressed the weapon that he become extremely familiar with, but rarely used. "We shall see if I will need to use you." The weapon quickly materialized back into a black cloud that was absorbed into Liam's body.

Several Minutes later

Liam studied the two individuals as they examined the area that he removed the assassins' bodies from. His body had been cloaked within the vegetation of the wilderness, unfortunately the energy that emitted from his eyes could not be concealed. "You can come out now. I brought you a treat!" The male shouted, staring directly at Liam.

"So much for the element of surprise." He said to himself, walking into the clearing, revealing himself to the duo.

"The treat better be good!" He spoke out loud, keeping a distance between himself and the pair.

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Akira Overdrive stood completely still as if he was a stone statue in some great hall,his mind in an elsewhere world as he went through a retrospective vision of his father hunting the same beast he was about to engage in combat with. Though his father was a great warrior in his own respects, he simply lacked enough power and did not have the proper mystical knowledge of what he was facing in order to capture the Legendary Hellhound. AO slowly slid his hand over his chest while his inherent memories showed him an image of the scar his father had got from facing the Dark Feral,then he snapped back into the cold dark winter night where he was locked eyes with his opponent.

"I'm here for your soul...you will be my weapon..!" The Young Yamato screamed out and dashed at the shadow wolf with tenacity and swift feet,his blade held to the side as he dragged it along,the purple psychic flames making a trail in the ivory snow. There was no time for anymore words if he was to successfully defeat such an esoteric being ,so he followed up his quick vantage shift with a strong dropkick to the midsection by jumping off the ground and spinning into his opponent. Being sure to keep his distance and guard his associate he rolled backwards while simultaneously slicing at the feet of the Canine with his psychic sword ,then lifting himself up to stand next to Shiva. Akira's eyes peeled to the dark while he sheathed his sword and unholstered his beloved pistols,charging the ammunition with his psycho energy.

He communicated with Shiva telepathically "Stand your ground .."