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Undisclosed Location. Somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard.

Rooftop Terrace. Sundown.

"The price is non negotiable, Mr. Swan. You requested our most talented operative. Now you have him at your disposal, that is if you agree to our demands." said a short heavy framed man. His face was disguised by a black rabbit mask, a vertical crack ran down the left side from the forehead to the brow. His fingers were thick and adorned with several gold rings of luxurious cast. His entire ensemble was also black dressed in Victorian era fashion. His voice was coarse and deep, muffled slightly by the mask. His hand grasped the ledge surrounding the Eden like terrace, adorned with classical statues depicting the hedonism of the times. Another man stood next to him, wearing a three piece alabaster suit with a scarlet tie. His face hidden behind a swan mask. Tall in stature with a slim build, he leaned his hip against the ledge with his arms folded as if uncomfortable.They gazed off into the skyline, fading into blackness in the orange haze streaked with violet and vermilion.

After sometime in thought Mr. Swan responded "Mr. Hare, I am sorry but the price is ridiculous...." He nervously began to boyishly play with the golden locks of hair exposed on the back of his head. "Why would anyone agree to kill someone for free? Not even a cent?" He looks over his shoulder, staring into the large walls composed of windows, watching dozens of people wearing animal masks dance, drink and laugh. "I just cannot fathom...what kind of psychopath instead of millions wants only to slaughter an entire party?"

"Mr. Swan, money is not the only form of payment. For example, a chance at vengeance is worth more than any fortune. Let me give you some insight into the past of this psychopath, who by the way, can hear you..." Mr. Hare brought his hands behind his back and turned towards Mr. Swan, his cold brown hazed over eyes glared deep into the vivid dilated eyes of the youth. "Every man was once a child, but to have a childhood is something completely different. His father was a wealthy southerner, who frequented the red light districts of Asia for business in the tea trade. Well, as you can imagine, his mother was a Japanese escort, among other things. An illegitimate child would ruin him, so he had the mother killed and our operative was raised in the blood pits. At first, as a child he began with dogs, then other boys then finally fighting adult men. He was given an extra meal for his victories, something pork like but with a distinctive sweet taste. When he reached adulthood, he escaped not before turning on his handlers in a way i dare not try to describe. He found his father, about four years ago.... as you can imagine, a man with his talents and psychosis could produce a shocking scene." Mr. Hare slid an envelope across the ledge, beckoning Mr. swan to reveal its contents. As Mr. Swan pulled out several pictures Mr. Hare spoke again "They never found the rest of him.You couldn't step anywhere without getting your feet...:" He paused as the young man withdrew the swan mask and regurgitated over the ledge.

"This doesn't answer my question...why for free?" Mr. Swan said, wiping his face with his sleeve. Tears rolled down his handsome chiseled features as his heart felt like it was a drum in his chest. Mr. Hare shook his head and turned and faced the windows, his knuckles white as he tensed his hands. "To show the world what happens to people when decadence and greed consumes their humanity. You want your father dead for his fortune. Your father is hosting this masquerade. He dies here along with the whole lot of them. save the two of us, the only survivors of a massacre. Is it a deal or not? Let I remind you...he can hear you and has seen your face thanks to your weak stomach." Mr. Swan turned again with horror to those windows, inside the room they danced and drank but a lone figure stood in the eastern corner. His face was that of a red devil's mask, crooked horns peaked the forehead and crimson eyes glared into the face of Mr. Swan. The figure was large of stature, muscles seemed to swell in the slim fit modern ensemble; deepest black in hue. He rose a glass of Rioja to his onlooker, the mask's dreadful smile concealing the face of a savage waiting for his next act. Without anymore questions, Mr. Swan simply nods his head.

The devil masked man drops his glass, before it could hit the floor he had already gripped a cane and out slithered a long thin blade. Mr. Hare pulls out a pocket watch and presses a button on its base sending a signal to an EMP device soldered to the circuit breaker. The lights go out just as Mr. Swan's father, wearing a goat mask, is severed from his right shoulder to his left thigh. Blood sprays like a fine mist over one of the windows. Screams are silenced one by one, with patience and enjoyment. Like the fate of Prospero and his entourage, the red death came with the chime of a clock. Mr. Swan could see the horrors from the terrace, the sun had set and the moon was high in its bone colored brilliant splendor. That young man hurled himself off over the ledge in part to regret but chiefly to primal fear.

Several Minutes later

The glass door slid open, a blood soaked fiend stepped out from the darkness into the moonlight. Long ebony locks fluttered carelessly behind the scarlet mask. He tore off his jacket, the wind carrying it away several feet before landing in the black waters of a fountain. Rolling the cuffs of his shirt, revealing deep scars across his pale muscular arms, he made his way towards the man with the rabbit mask. Mr. Hare spoke "It seems our friend has decided to join his father... I suppose it was for the best." The killer said nothing in retort, merely gazing off into the city, his mind on other matters. "Well, we had better get moving, police should arrive shortly judging from all the noise...but before we go, calling you Mr. Devil or Mr. Satan sounds slightly perspicuous and rather dull." Mr. Hare said with some delight. His hand reached up and rested on the man's shoulder. "Pick something Katsuro." They stood there in silence momentarily, while the man pulled the devil mask from his face revealing a statuesque profile, though somewhat handsome was overtaken by such a look of despair and hatred one could not bare to look for too long. His voice was like a low organ tone muttered "My mother took me to a shrine, before she was killed, somewhere in Nagaokayko. It was one of my few memories of her. The shrine was magnificent, scattered about with plum blossoms however it began to storm, so we took refuge under one of the trees. She had took me there because it was dedicated to a deity who was worshiped for scholarship, I was to start school the following year. However, the god was known previously an angry god who sent down storms on those who wronged him or did not praise him properly. I want to honor my mother by bearing his name." Mr. Hare nodded and lifted the pictures that had been in the envelope only to release them into the wind, traveling on the breeze and into the night. The sounds of sirens approached, a helicopter roared in the distance. "We had better make our leave Katsuro,I will contact you when the time comes." With that, Katsuro dashed westward, vaulting over bushes, passing the statues and leaping over the ledge and into the darkness below.

Mr. Hare slowly walked towards the sliding door, to make his way down the elevator in the main room. He tosses his mask onto the blood drenched carpet, passing bodies upon bodies littered across the floor and furniture. As the elevator door opened he spoke softly to himself "His name is Tenjin." With a smile straight from hell.

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This is some badass ish son.

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Nice work.

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dam this is some strong stuff. Good work man real good.

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@darkchild Indeed.Whats going on hombre.

@shadowswordmaster Thanks man much appreciated

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@tenjin: lo que el hombre mierda, la vida ha estado loco, pero así es la vida ¿cómo has estado

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