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Vermilion yawned as he sat on the icy rooftop, light bags under his eyes and a coffee then turned to ice half an hour ago when it was still full. "Man I love Russian winters...All three hundred and fifty eight days of it..." The agent grumbled under his breath, his orange hood drawn over his head provided just a bit more warmth. After a few more minutes of staring at the street light's aura through the gentle snowfall, his ear comm buzzed with chatter. "Vermilion, target is now leaving the hotel, time to get to work.." A calm old voice of his commander spoke on the channel. Vermilion removed his favorite tactical recruve bow from his back and hopped off the building, ice almost effected is perfect landing on the slanted roof just below the one he was on, sliding down it with a grin on his face. As soon as his feet ran out of roof, he performed an ace front flip and caught onto a clothesline, doing a complete swing before releasing and back flipping gracefully onto yet another rooftop. This gave him the perfect view down below of the targeted hotel.

Pulling out a small pair of binoculars from his satchel, he observed the front door just in time to see a well dressed blue skinned man exit with a few body guards. As soon as their Limousin pulled up, Vermilion went to work. The arrow was drawn swiftly and placed onto the bow, the sleek sliding noise that wire made as it went back at the pull of his fingers firmly placed on the serving point. His right eye closed as he peered down the side and made his last breath before letting go. *Pluck!* The arrow sailed through the air, the target was chatting to his men just before the side of the limo was struck with the arrow. It made an obnoxious beeping to warn the thugs and the target, clearly purposed to drive them away from the vehicle that was about to detonate.

Vermilion counted the seconds under his breath while taking a few steps back, once again going into a full sprint and diving off the icy rooftop. His feet got off the ground just as his eyes witnessed the fire fill the air down below, his foes flinched from the explosion, making themselves open for a shot. Vermilion felt like everything was slowed down, his arm quickly reaching for two arrows, sliding them between his index finger and his middle finger, the other between his ring finger and the middle. Pulling back he let the two arrows fly into the chests of the target's body guards, falling to the ground dead. The blue skinned man was surprised, but not enough to distract him from seeing Vermilion do a rolling land onto the street with the help of his underarm gliders. The target was about to charge electricity to his finger tips and cast a bolt at the agent, but Vermilion's hand was quicker then the target's power and plucked an arrow straight into his chest, making him stumble to the floor and die...

Seven hours later....

"So we got another mutant in here hey?" The morgue employee asked his coworker while sipping his coffee, the other merely shrugging while pulling out on of the sliding slabs. "Do humans have blue skin?" He asked sarcastically while pointing at Vermilion's now dead target on the sliver slab. "I say we just burn the freaks, but this guy seemed to be rolling in the cash, sapphire casket and everything..." The man said while glancing over to the door that was just swung open. The two men nodded at the blond body examiner, himself pulling out his I.D from his white lab coat. "Nathan Breda, just got transferred here..Im assigned to do the examination.." Nathan said calmly as he sighed to see a stain on his orange shirt under his coat. The two employees merely shrugged and made their way out of the room, mumbling to eachother about not hearing anything about a new guy. "Just holler at us when the clean up is due" Said one of them before the door shut. As soon as they were gone, Nathan removed his lab coat and pulled out a syringe from his back pocket and stuck it into the neck of his target, making him instantly open his eyes and gasp for air. "H-HOW!?" He exclaimed while looking down at the wound. Nathan simply smirked and slapped a pair of cuffs around the blue man's wrists. "Ivan Coleridge, by order of the metahuman affairs division of the united nations, im taking you in for questioning under the suspicion of slaving other mutants.." He said with a chuckle as he pressed a button on his wristwatch. "Vermilion archer here, we are a go..." He said before looking back at Ivan. "Oh and as for the arrow, end was tipped with a venom that makes a person's vitals drop to the point where it feels they are dead, also putting them in a coma...Tadaaaa!~" He said while locking the doors the employees used to exit. Seconds later, a few masked agents pick locked the windows of the room open and slid in with a tactical nature to their movements. A black bag was placed over Ivan's head and was dragged out of the room by the men via window. Nathan stayed behind and poured himself a cup of coffee from the machine in the examination room. After one sip he hummed with approval.

"Well at least it isn't frozen solid..."

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Looking good, I'm a big fan of the archers hehe.

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Ah~! I almost got upset. But I'm not.

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@Arquitenens: Why!? D:

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Because you shot a guy. But don't worry, he's bad, so I'm not.
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@Arquitenens: Oh, ok then ^_^

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I remember when everyone was posting these.

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I know it's a like read and all. But this was actually a fun read.