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"Oh Jesus, please just let me go, I-i swear I wont tell anyone, PLEASE!" The woman tried to scream through the dirty ragged that she had been gagged with. Across from the abandoned construction site was the man, the man who kidnapped this woman. His grin matched that of the sheen on the knife he sharpened on a old metal grinder. "Sorry hun, but that time passed a loooong time ago, you f*ck with Boss and don't expect to get your throat cut? Stupid b!tch.." The cutter mumbled in his natural Jamaican accent, turning around to show off the blade to the woman, only making her choke up on the rag as she tried to sob, tried so hard but still she could only make muffled screams. She didn't know what hurt more, the bruise on her head from the capture the more she screamed, or how tender her wrists and ankles were getting the more and more she struggled. Cutter got closer and closer, like a cat toying with a mouse it just caught, getting off on it almost. However, as soon as raised his toned arm to prepare for a horrific throat slash, he could here the shuffling of very light feet behind him, making him flinch and turn to see...Nothing. "I swear to f*ckin' god if this is another one of those Knightfall assholes!" Cutter yelled out while waving his knife around, like he was in some sort of control, it was almost cute."Your really going to wish I was a Knightfall, they tend to keep most of their victims alive."A calm voice spoke out from the shadows, but from where? Was unknown. "Little b!tch! Show yourself, or do you want me to cut this stupid c*nt into ribbons!?" Cutter shouted, clearly unsettled by the voice in the dark. As soon as Cutter turned around to grab his hostage, he was met with a pair of glass eyes, and a dark red mask. Cutter was no amateur, he knew not to hesitate, not to yell, he just went for the kill. His feral and off guard slash going for slicing through the masks head was admired, but not enough, even close, to being up to par with him. His body moved like it was made out of silk, knee bending, head tilting ever so slightly to let the side of the blade rub against his cheek, his shoulder dropping to let the blade continue through the air. Arm extended, Cutter's balance off, he decided to introduce why he was here. Body bent into a low couch in moments, possibly less than a second, before his open gloved palm was pushing up against Cutter's rib cage, crumpling it like paper. While his head was near Cutter's shoulder, he saw the girl, horrified naturally. Now that he took care making sure Cutter wasn't making any lengthy swings with that knife anytime soon, it was time to step things up a notch, show why he deserves to be feared.

Hands became fists, Cutter became the victim in the room. He jabbed his collar bone to get him leaning back, to hold that broken bone with his hand, dropping the knife. Next the mask outstretched his hands to his sides, his two inner fingers pressing on each wrist to produce that lovely gas that instantly turned to 'web' when exposed to air. Pulling on the webs, he got up in the air so he could give his face a solid stomp from both of his costumed feet, Cutter was on his back with a broken nose in seconds. The costumed man was on the ground right after the kick, and right then he got that oh so old feeling he was accustomed to. It was like when his father always flicked his ear when he was a boy, a warning. Cutter went against his own title and pulled out a heavy pistol, mostly heavy due to how weak he was from his head smacking against the ground. Cutter pulled on that trigger like his life depended on it, for that may just be the case. The only result the criminal got was the man moving in a near blur, the wall behind him breaking apart from the bullets that were meant for the costumed man. Cutter would only find pain the next time he went to pull the trigger, for the tiny claws at the fingertips of the gloves found the flesh of Cutters wrist, it was by that point he screamed from feeling his veins being split apart at every squeeze, his other hand was forced against the ground by the man's foot. The man couched over the body like a spider over it's prey, his head tilted in an almost curious way, grabbing Cutter by the collar and bringing him closer to those glass eyes so he could witness his own horror the reflection.

"Why are you worrying? I'm guessing a person of your...Career choice didn't really need his hands to work properly, perhaps if you were a doctor, but who are we kidding? Cutter, is it? Such an intelligent name...How about we talk about your current employer, Boss.."The man said before throwing Cutter against the ceiling, not finding himself falling back to the ground on the account of getting webbed against the ceiling, the man leaping up and having both his feet and hands stick to the ceiling like child's play. Cutter of course was in both horror and panic at all that just happened, borderline sobbing. The man looked down at the girl webbed the knife over near her hands."Cut the ropes, then show yourself out."He said with a nod, like it was going to be all ok. As soon as she was gone, the man looked back at Cutter, using his hand to gesture him to continue. "Boss is some no faced big money figure, none of us have ever seen his face before, it's like he is a myth or some sh!t! Im guessing you know that he only started his enterprise in the U.S.A about a month ago, but word is that he was like a king of some kind in Austria or some Nazi sh!t before he "got bored" like some say, that's why he is here..We get all of our payments and work from some grease ball f*ck named Mr.Autumn, some suit that is like the Boss's messenger..Look that is all I know I swear ti Christ..Please let me live, please.." Cutter begged for his pathetic criminal life. The man simply chuckled softly. "Well that is up to you Cutter, more so on how 'tough' your body is, and if your do live? Tell Mr. Autumn that he is next on Spider's list...MY list..Happy trails cutter..""The Spider" said before grabbing Cutter by the webbing that held cutter and stood up, still on the ceiling, doing a sort of one handed stand flip to send Cutter catapulting towards the window of the building, screaming while breaking though the dingy glass.

An hour and twenty minutes later...

Commissioner Alda pulled up in his squad car to meet up with his assistant that was properly nicknamed "eyeball" for his keen attention to small detail. "So what the hell is it now Eyeball? Another Spider case?" He asked while looking at Cutter being carted away into an ambulance, he barely survived a six story fallonto a fire hydrant, he would never walk again. Eyeball diverted Alda's attention away from cutter to point up to the abandoned building, making the commissioner's draw drop slightly while cursing under his breath. The entire building up top was covered in webbing.

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