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"My daddy used to make lots of people go dead. Mommy said it was his job. She said he did it because he had to, because he was taking care of us. Sometimes he let me meet his friends. They were nice, but I didn't like the scary airplane they used with the hat that span and took my daddy up in the sky for lots of sleeps. This one time, I found some of daddy's guns in the garage, and I asked mommy if he was a bad man, but she said no. Then daddy came home and he had lots of sores, and he spent lots of time in bed, and mommy said I should let him rest, but sometimes I tip-toed in, I tip toe because it's quite and mommy won't hear me, and I tip-toe in, and I sit with daddy and we talk for a little, and I know daddy isn't a bad man, because he's laughing with me and he's smiling and I know.

But then one day daddy is gone for long, and I see mommy crying all the time, so I ask her, I ask, "Mommy, what's wrong?" and she doesn't answer, and she cries some more, so I ask her again and she just puts her hand on my cheek, and I think maybe she's too sad to talk, so I don't ask her again. And then I don't see her so much, and she's always in her room but I can't go inside because mommy locks it, so I just watch some Spongebob, and I feel okay, because Patrick and Spongbob are best friends and they're nice, so I just watch them.

And so I see Spongebob get Squidward a present, and I think it's very kind because Squidward always looks sad. So I make my mommy a present, and I leave it by her door because she hasn't come out in a while, and so I go to bed, and then when I wake up in the middle of the night I see daddy's by me, so I hug him and I think he's crying so I ask him what's wrong, and I see some men in white clothes in the house, and outside my window there are red lights that keep flashing, but I don't know what they are, and they're carrying someone out of the lounge, so I ask daddy who it is, and he just cries a little more and picks me up and we just sit there for the whole night, and before I even know it, I've fallen asleep.

So when I wake up, daddy and I aren't home anymore, and there's something sore on my arms, I can't move much, and the room is very dark, and I'm sure I smelt something funny, I was cold too. I see daddy, and I think there are ropes on his body, and he's bleeding a lot. So I start crying because I can't talk, all these big men wearing dark clothes walk into the room and start talking to daddy. They hit him a lot, but I don't see much because I'm crying, and then a grandfather walks in and talks to daddy, so daddy spits in his face, his spit is red, and the grandfather gets very angry, and the men hit him more. The grandfather takes the ropes off of me and carries me away, and I hear daddy scream, and I turn around, and I see him stick his arm through one of the bad men's stomach, and red light flies from his eyes and burns the others. I try to say, "daddy save me" but the grandfather puts a gun on my head and then I can't see anymore."

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I like the unconventional style. Kept me entertained.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: You know what's eerie? I woke up a few minutes ago and just logged in after 8 hours of sleep, like one minute after you'd posted that comment. How eerie? Oh and thanks.

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Nice, kinda got a creepy vibe!

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Aww, I got feels. I like the child imagery. Although I got confused by the airplane with the hat. 
What was that?

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@Saukerl: Helicopter. I got feels too after writing it, so many.

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Writer feels!
Also, I feel kinda dumb for not getting 'helicopter.'
I smell...partners.

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@Saukerl: Partners? This is just an alt!

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I treat all my alts as equals.

Besides, I wasn't talking necessarily about me.

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@_Strigidae_: I have no idea what we're talking about.

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@Ultrus: Eh. I've been running through sleeping pills and still haven't managed to fall yet. Maybe that means they're having some effect.