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[Translated from Swahili]

"You were simple beggers,children, and peddlers before my soul touched yours. Now we will reach for the heavens and take down any who oppose us, we are the Roho za Giza!!" Before a man in garbs of red and black stand hundreds of men weapons held high into the air. Gunshots echo through the empty village they had just finished slaughtering. As the man stands his head held high they chanted "Tremble! Tremble! Tremble!" As he held his head high the ground shook beneath their feet as his hands glowed a bright purple and the village surrounding the group of soldiers cracked and closed around the small huts and buildings. The earth swallowed the entire village only a plateau holding Tremble and his men stood as a large crater surrounded them. A large smile come to his face as his people chanted his name, and he remembers how it all began. And had thoughts of taking not only Uganda but much much more on, his powers would not be stopped by villagers.

20 Years Ago

The young Jono was tossed from once again another bar, his AK-47 not enough to get him into the bar. He shouts in his native tongue "You junkards, wouldn't know a true warrior if he butt-f%$ked your mother right in front of you!!!" A stream of gun fire screamed through the cloth that acted as a door to the bar, Jono ran with his tail between his legs as the gunfire continued. As it seized he stuck his head out from the bushes and flipped the bar off "No wonder you havnt killed anyone in years you old bastards, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!!!" It had been years since an uprising in his small village, yet Jono was a man who knew nothing but war. 20 years old and he had already been fighting since he was a young boy, this village was at peace. Something that bothered him immensely, he wished for the carnage of war. His body shook with the anticipation of blood and gore. As he stared at the small bar his arms began to vibrate, almost shaking violently when suddenly a wave of energy shot from his body leveling the bar. The sounds of screams and the groans of dying filled the air, Jono slowly walked up to the rubble faces beneath stared at him and arms stretched for his help. His eyes wide he smiles hand holds a hand over the pile of rubble and it swiftly slammed into itself crushing every survivor.

Within a few months of his powers manifesting Jono quickly became a high ranking killer for hire. Many followed him as his rise to power crushed village after village, till finally all that stood in his way was a neighboring village. Filled with the most vile men, 34 miles west of his village these men slept. In the dead of night he and his men slunk into the village, slowly massing in the middle of the village his men fired into the air waking everyone within the village. Men, women and the men who were his competition burst from their homes. A smile came to Jono's face as they all took aim "Oh my oh my, why are some of you trembling so? Have you heard of me already? And so quickly?" A man spoke out shouting "You have no business here BOY, go back home and suck on your mothers tit. Leave the work to REAL MEN!" The man went to turn around when he went silent and still, his body began to shake violently before bursting into a cloud of blood and gore. "You know what I make you Tremble, that shall be my name...Tremble. And these are my ghosts, do you really think you can kill GHOSTS?!" Without another word from Jono the men in the village launched a hail of gunfire. As their muzzles cooled and their clips emptied they all stood wide eyed as their bullets stood in air, a drop of sweat dropped from Jono's brow as he held out an open palm. A thin force field stood between them and the villagers "My turn...." the bullets dropped to the dirt and as each villager burst into a cloud of blood. Men women and children all vibrated simply by their trembling bodies.

Now Jono aka Tremble was the best at what needed to be done, he was a killer for hire and a killer with a grudge. Everyone once thought the small and frail Jono who luckily survived the wars, was now a man to be reckoned with.

Back to the Present

Inside his small hut he sat reading a newspaper from the US, a city was emerging and with it an emerging new race of men and women. Meta's they flourished as the city grew, and Jono smiled as he finally found his newest conquest.....Vine City.

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thank u

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiice Good job :D

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@Kiara_Sullivan: thaaank u

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@Ghoulish: You are weeeeeelcome.... Now readeth I commandeth!

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What if theres no city called Vine City in the CVnU? You'll be f'd then huh :P

Was digging the revolutionary vibe in the opening though for real.

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@Gambler: if its not called Vine City ill edit it. figured id keep it that way. And thanks, Tremble's gonna be a nutter. yet a leader at the same time, gonna be pretty awesome

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@Surkit: thanks man, check out my new origin too bro. DC a hero

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@Darkchild: hahahahaha "nutter" you always type with an English accent man

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@Gambler: I blame that solely on Methos. I have a very irritating knack for mimicking how people talk in RL and its an ability that goes into my writing as well I guess.

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@Darkchild said:

@Gambler: I blame that solely on Methos. I have a very irritating knack for mimicking how people talk in RL and its an ability that goes into my writing as well I guess.

I do the same.... It doesnt help that I speak to brits on a daily basis. I'm picking up everything and when it comes out here at home I get the oddest looks... Fecking brits.

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@Kiara_Sullivan: yeah my family has grown to like it. in fact being friends with most of the CV has actually made me smarter cuz i read up on stuff they already know. ala smarter becuz of my friends

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@Nowaiowt: I dunno if anyone likes it. I get the odd remark that I sound scottish at times. Which is weird because none of the people I talk to are scottish. Pauls the only Irish person and Mark, Shaun, Luke, Dawn, Andi, Michael, etc are all from various parts of England. Mark and Dawn being the worst because they are both from around Manchester and Sheffield... They have this very distinct accent and every other word is punctuated with fck lol But I love them all.

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@Kiara_Sullivan: lol!!!!

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@Nowaiowt: You should hear the convos. And they love to give me sht. If they arent giving me crap or someone else crap something is wrong xD