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Now I shall speak of my husband Alabaster Benison and my Vampiric Lord. This is a tale that should be told by one whom knows it, so sit down and be proper ladies and gentlemen, eyes up, ears open, and mouths shut. With all do respect- Naamah

Alabaster Benison

Born Albert J Benison in 1830, J. Benison grew up in a pious and hard working English family who owned slaves and worked a cotton plantation near what would one day become Covington Georgia. The patriarch of the Benison clan, Edgar Benison, was well-known for his education and demanded that he placed on his three sons and one beautiful daughter to learn the Great Works and read the Bible.

Staunch Protestants, Edgar Benison also conducted prayer meetings for his family and slaves in lieu of allowing ministers on his plantation to witness them. Edgar had lived through the Revolutionary War and demanded that all of his sons be adroit in many different manly pursuits: hunting, boxing, swordsmanship, pistol-shooting and riding. These skills were to serve J. Benison well in later life.

J. Benison moved to Richmond, Virginia to be with his mothers sister and attempt to find his fortune in that city. When the Civil War broke out, J. Benison was among the first to enlist. He distinguished himself in the war as a fearless young man who actually charged a line of muskets. Fortunately, his bravery took the enemy so completely by surprise that he was able to slay seven men, by which time the rest of brigade had closed the distance as well.

Upon returning to Ravens Landing, flushed with success, J. Benison fell in love with the city. He returned home and learned that he had lost both two brothers and his elderly father in the Civil War, a conflict he preferred to call the War of Northern Aggression. Unlike many plantation owners, however, J. Bension did not believe that owning slaves was right and a good thing to do. He did believe that sharecropping was a perfectly acceptable alternative. If it were up to J. Benison in his youth, he would have the South be a feudal monarchy complete with oaths of fealty and serfs.

While in Ravens Landing during Reconstruction, he met a wise and wonderful woman named Estel, who instantly saw the greatness in him and decided to gift him with the Embrace of eternal life. Ever since his Embrace, he has accepted his destiny to be a great warrior-king for Vampires everywhere. Although he was surprised to be chosen as Lord, and although he dislikes the job, he gives himself completely to the role and will often do much just to "become a better Lord."

Since his Embrace, the bravery that Alabaster he now calls himself showed in battle during the Civil War has grown to an almost unmindful recklessness in the face of danger. Alabaster simply does not get afraid. Although he will become more cross and more vigilant if threatened, he is usually cool-headed in situations that would cause other Vampires to flee in terror. Alabaster Bension is after all, insane. His major flaw is his violent nature, which he tries to channel into useful purpose. Still, he loves Ravens Landing with a heart larger than any lion's, and under his hand she has prospered.

Although many believe that Alabaster's talking to people who aren't there is a result of his eccentricity, he is actually keeping in touch with some of his Hierarchy friends, wraiths who help him gather information about the city in exchange for special favors. The Inner Circle has used Alabaster's power to stop many Haunts from being torn down. He enjoys speaking to the Inner Circle and can see them most the time, quite easily because he does not fear death at all. He has gathered considerable knowledge of wraiths over the years, and this is why he is so successful as a Vampiric Lord. Not much happens in the city that he doesn't know about ultimately.

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The war of northern aggression hehe, a nice touch!

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He distinguished himself in the war as a fearless young man who actually charged a line of muskets.