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"Ladies and gentleman. the Hudson has always been known as a dumping ground to the entire city of New York, today, we aim to no longer deter that belief, but encourage it. No more landfills and incinerators," Stepping across the podium the speaker pulls his thousand dollar suit straight, parting his hundred dollar haircut as he grips into the blue velvet curtain obscuring view of the open river, "Today we break ground in new territory and evolve ourselves past the carbon footprint of our ancestors. This underwater facility, will be the monumental change in waste disposal for generations to come. We've contracted 36 other plants nationwide, and will debut in Europe and Asia in the next six months." His hand still on the sheet as the anxious and annoyed cluster of photographers and reporters clamor closer to the stage with extended microphones and shuttering lenses, trying to take a desperate peek milliseconds before the rest.

"Without Further ad- !" The curtain drops and eyes widen, peering upwards expecting what would've been a towering spire of a machine shadowing above, their eye lined sharpened to the sight of destroyed metal floating over the curtain to blot the sun for a full second, before hurtling back down towards the crowd, common sense kicking in as the slew of journalists shove each other in all directions. the ball of crushed white iron impacts the ground shooting a ring of dust outward into the mouths and eyes of the gawking few .

Out of the destruction of the small plant a head rises from the water, unflinching, unblinking cold blue eyes piercing the horizon as his full form strides onto the land, broad shoulders with naturally tanned and almost rubber quality skin wrapped in a scaled wet suit stands between the water and the shore, camera's already boldly snapping as steps into the gauntlet of distant microphones and press vans, anger swelling in his eyes as his jawline flicks, speaking through gritted teeth

"For too many years...the surface, has invaded the deep. You've only been given allowance, to stand as a testament to the evil of your predecessors for one reason: A reason I can no longer remember. Pray for my recollection"

Springing backwards with fluid motion the King pushes off the ground, ejecting into the sky. Mid flight his hair turns a golden blonde, skin hardens to a pale peach as he pulls a thin rod from his back, pressing the side to snap forward and out to the sides

"Your lives depend on it"
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This is one of my favorite things I've read in a while.

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Yeah! I like it.

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@Cassidy_ORourke: @Amaranth_Strix: Appreciate it :)

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@Surkit: It took me a while to figure out who it was too lol

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@Cassidy_ORourke: lol Good. He's going to be different from my norm in as many ways as possible.

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sweet a water manipulator