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@clara_mass: "Tis a mere joke my dear. I am very... picky with my women", casting a taunting wink in her direction, his response showcasing an underlying truth in regard to his specific tastes. "Such generosity querida", he chuckled softly, "But you must treat my amor like the diosa that she is". His charismatic demeanor and perpetually stylish flair dissolved as a more serious expression had overcome at the implied mention of the Registration Act and his potential stance. "You are an... intimate acquaintance of the president senora. That should answer your question", his refusal to offer a complete answer hinted towards his rejection of the Registration Act.

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@morte_knightfall: Conversing out loud was risque in her line of work, but this Knightfall didn't scream trouble. In fact the brash brunette felt entirely comfortable "Foolery doesn't suit you", she said, playfully nudging his broad shoulder. A tilted head and a laid back posture conveyed relaxation for those who stared. "If you she's as nice as you say than I'll act just the same". Her jolliness shifted instantaneously as he avoid indirect questioning. Whatever the matter he and the president were at odds. It wasn't in Ziev's best interests to create enemies, but naysayers persist no matter the atmosphere. "Cute but the president and I have something that's purely professional", she didn't care if he believed her words yet she spoke anyway, "Anyhow I thought I'd stop by and reintroduce myself. I just wanted to clarify and preconceived notions and start off on proper footing". She smiled like a giddy teenage girl before lending out her hand with the utmost respect for her intriguing acquaintance. "Have a good evening."

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@clara_mass: "Adios, senora", issuing a polite nod in the woman's direction before himself departing from the scene.

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@armistice: At that point his somewhat specialized talk (at least, it seemed that way to her) started flying right over her head, her general expression changing to one of confusion. "You'll take me there, right? What happens after three months? And I'm sorry, but a what card?"

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What was the name of the rock this girl has been living under?

Ian had quickly become as confused as the young lady by her complete lack of understanding at modern life. Part of him wanted to make a joke that there was no way a girl would not know what a debit or credit card is, but that would not only be sexist, but she would miss the point.

Ian - "Of course I will escort you there Arturia, I don't want to think of you stumbling around on your own and getting lost. If you decide to stay there after that long I can always extend your stay, but you might want to move elsewhere by then, this is just for now. The debit card is a way to pay for things like your tea, but not have to carry the money, that is kept in a bank."

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@armistice: (Just a note, last time you gave me $20,000, just saying)

"I can normally handle myself, but I don't know where it is," she came back somewhat defensively, her brow furrowed ever so slightly. "And I still don't know what you're talking about. Can't you just keep buying things for me, make it all less complicated?"

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Ian - "Well what are you going to do when I am not around? You do not want to be totally dependent on another person all the time. All you have to do is hand them the card and they will give it back when they are done with it. I understand it may seem all a little overwhelming right now but you will get the hang of it."

Getting up he stood next to her chair and placed her hand on his arm for balance in preparation to escort her to her soon to be temporary home.

(Do you know what 3 months in a hotel in California costs??? I'm shelling out way more than $20,000 on you this time.)

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@armistice: (How should I know? That's way out of my reach)

Again, the muscles in her arm tensed up, in anticipation of his touch, but she eased into it gradually, grasping his arm gently as she stood. Though disappointed, she gave a shrug and sighed. "Fine. Never depended on anyone else for anything much anyway. I guess it's a step up from what I'm used to."

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Ian - "You seem to have some kind of expectation that I am missing here, what were you hoping for that I have yet to offer?"

He had to admit to starting to get as confused as she was, her lack of understanding as to the modern world combined with the obvious disappointment with the arrangements suggested and placed in her stead so far. All of her answers had so far been purposely vague and cryptic, he really wished she would just speak her mind so they could make some real progress.

Ian - "You have not given me a lot to work with, I'm pretty much guessing as to what you want or need at this point, feel free to clue me in at anytime."

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@armistice: Pulling away from him, she held her arms in close to her body. Again she shrugged, somewhat sheepishly. "Nothing, sorry. I guess I'm still just a little on edge. This kind of treatment, I'm not used to it. Not sure how to handle it. What do you want?"

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Placing her arm on his again Ian led her out of the cafe and into the street. The hotel was only about a 10 minute walk under a leisurely pace so he decided against getting a taxi, the walk would give them time to iron out the disconnects between them.

Ian - "All I want is for you to tell me enough so that I can understand exactly what it is your looking for from me, so far nothing I try seems to be enough or to your liking. As for the treatment, if I may ask what exactly are you used to? If I am doing something that makes you uncomfortable please speak up, your not going to offend me."

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@armistice: (Why do you keep making me feel bad!? Stahp! >_<)

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(because you complain too much!!! free stuff and your never happy :)

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@armistice: *You're never happy.

Socially awkward!

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Ian is just concerned and does not like that he cannot understand what you want or need, he is not mad at you.

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@armistice: Outside, it seemed the rain had subsided, meaning she could better navigate without him. Even still, she didn't jerk away, for fear of upsetting him more than he already was. "I'm not looking for anything, if you don't want to. Most times, people just ignore me, like I'm not even there. And the ones who do pay attention usually aren't very nice. After a while, you get so used to it, when you do meet someone who seems different, you start waiting for them to push you onto your face."

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There is a hostage situation taking place, a burglar holding a woman at gunpoint. With a gesture Asura calmly creates a homing bolt of lightning, striking through the woman to fry the assailant. Killing both of them on the spot, as their corpses separate he sends another bolt to the lady. Resurrecting her as Viktor did to his monster.

"A good day's work"

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@morte_knightfall: Having immersed herself in the obscure knowledge of the clandestine Kejijo Clan, it would be impossible for young Shiho not to get curious about the secrets that lie within. Upon learning that there was one who was well-connected with the clan like Quintus and possibly held knowledge and guidance, but was also on good terms with Amaranth and may actually be willing, a messenger was sent, intent on relaying a desire for meeting atop the Vincent Thomas Bridge, where the Strigidae could often be found during thunderstorms.

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@_strigidae_: Predictably enveloped in the intellectual refinement of the various scientific and esoteric disciplines obsessively analyzed under studious light by the Knightfall Don, Andres' positional solitude in a serene park bench served as an appropriate location for his attempted mental fusion of biochemistry and alchemy. Circumstantial interruption however, brought about the disappointing halt to an otherwise mentally fruitful intellectual endeavor. With information successfully relayed by an unidentified messenger, the Armani-clad Aristocrat nimbly departs with iconic rapidity prior to arriving atop the Vincent Thomas Bridge as requested. Instantaneously, aesthetically mesmeric dark blue eyes catch sight of a brooding, feminine figure of slender proportions deceptively containing a considerable quantity of energies. "Senora?".

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@morte_knightfall: "Senora?" Searching her language and memory banks, she could find no recollection of the word or its meaning. Silently puzzled for a moment, she recalled hearing of how this Knightfall sometimes spoke...oddly. But then, Don Andres was full of complications. Like the way he seemed to enjoy dealing in formalities, which was simply not her typical style. Turning to face him, she bowed politely in greeting. "Konnichiwa."

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@_strigidae_: A raised brow was offered as the initial reactionary response to her opted showcase of Japanese linguistics. "Forgive me senora, I'm not fluent in Japanese", the Martial Arts Maestro admitted with charismatically appealing humility prior to the resumption of the prioritized conversation. "Your messenger came to me. What do you want?", he asked with characteristic boldness yet jointly accompanying politeness.

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@_strigidae_: @morte_knightfall: "Ahhh Andres, I knew you'd lure one out," He thought to himself as he observed the Catalan Knightfall converse with someone reeking of the Keijijo's inherent scent. For days since there first meeting Yusuke had been stalking Andres, intent on appearing the moment another of the Impero's associates surfaced. For now he chose simply to remain in the shadows, and absorb what information he could. But before the conversation came to a close, the Namikaze Nightmare would strike.

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@_strigidae_: @morte_knightfall: @tranquil: Assault had taken a short period of leave from Gothic City, opting instead to dip his kleptomaniac toes in the treasuries of other places. He'd recently come by Los Angeles and was thoroughly enjoying his stay here. The resistance proved entertaining and the attention was unflatteringly low. The misfit had been on his way to a museum when he'd come across a figure crouching in a dark patch of shadows, almost invisible. Curious and reckless as ever, he had tip-toed over, standing frighteningly near the being before he spoke.

"Yo. What are we lookin' at?"

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@morte_knightfall: Glad that his manner was as prompt as his response to the summons, Shiho granted his request without too much thought. "You are forgiven." Then, thinking carefully on how she gave her words, she moved right on to business. "You are Knightfall. Familiar with the Kejijo in Japan. You know something of the clan. Where is Impero Ishin? I would have words with him."

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@assault: With 360 degree vision, no one could possibly sneak up on him without masking themselves on both an auditory as well as a visual level, thus the man's arrival was more than expected before his hushed utterance broke the silence. "Nothing of your concern. Now if you will not leave, at least be quiet for a moment." Yusuke cared little for the man and his intentions, his mind was focused on a single objective, taking down the Keijijo where ever they stood.

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@spectrion: (Well, technically not a Kejijo. Not by birth, anyway. Does that still count? Eh, I dunno)

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@spectrion: Gothic City's most notorious thief was surprised by this masked fellow's prompt, calm reply. Normally when Assault did his sneaking thing it made people jump clean out of their skin. Eyes in the back of his head? Who knew. He'd asked the domino-masked kleptomaniac to keep silent, and were it not for his schizophrenia, Assault might have even complied.

"Where do you think he got such a swanky mask? I don't know, I just met the guy! Yes, but where do you think? I mean, our little domino thing is cool and all but that's like, some serious shit. True, true. I wonder what he's looking at? He said it wasn't of our concern. So? What if it was of our concern but he didn't know, so he got it wrong? Ask him again. Okay, okay, I'll ask him again. Hey, Quiet-Man, are you lost? Because, I've got a map. Well, it's more of a GPS time thing, and it's kind of installed into my mask but I can... Ooooh wait dude I don't even know your name. What if you try to kill me? What if he tries to kill me? Nah bro we can take 'im. You think? Duuude we are hard."

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@spectrion: @assault: @_strigidae_: Shiho's apparent lack of aristocratic linguistic manners did not strike him as surprising given her unorthodox, warrior-oriented biological origination. Arms regally folded behind his back, mirroring the magisterial elegance of his supposedly deceased father, Don Andres while blunt, exercised a combinational degree of verbal gentleness. "Ishin is dead. His father killed him", the Knightfall Scientist's revelation was instantaneously paused at the anticipated detection of Yusuke Namikaze's presence followed by that of an unknown individual. "Don't be stupid, nino", his demeanor rapidly transitioning from characteristic politeness and composure to authoritarian calmness while addressing Yusuke's abrupt manifestation. His evolutionarily escalated electro-perception having enabled him to detect the boy's presence at the incipience of his attempted following. "And you", addressing the secondarily materialized interruption, "Irrelevant", prior to diverting his attention back to Yusuke, "I said I'd help you kill the Impero's father, nothing else. Don't force my hand boy". Perpetually disinterested in potential fruitless conflict, Rey Blanco lightly positioned his palm on Shiho's shoulder, "Forgive the interruption but come with me if you want your questions answered", his intention upon Shiho's verbal confirmation would be to envelop them both in situational isolation by utilizing zepto-based high energy collisions that would envelop both in an appropriately manipulated wormhole wormhole, momentarily transporting both to the solitude of the dimensional confinements of his genetically unique Zero Field.

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@_strigidae_: (Anyone affiliated with them, such as having a standing worthy of respect is a target.)

@assault: @morte_knightfall: The incessant, insane banter the acquaintance continued with pressed on Yusuke's nerves. Before he could stifle the useless chatter his position had been discerned by none other than Andres himself, who turned upon the boy with the slightest bit of discontent, evident in his tone. The issued threat did not phase him, and only served to anger him further as the couple disappeared. Yusuke began examining the area the once stood, searching for something that would allow him to pick up on-- yes! His advanced visual perceptions picked up on trace amounts of dead skin cells. After collecting a few he committed the scent and genetic structure to memory. "You can't stop me Knightfall. I'll have my revenge," he declared upon the discovery that the woman was no longer within this realm.

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"You can't stop me Knightfall. I'll have my revenge."

Assault watched the man for a moment, slightly bewildered. Some other strange looking figure had issued some threats and said some Spanish and had disappeared into nothingness. Now this blonde haired fellow stood talking to air. Or perhaps he too, was a schizo? Several moments passed and the misfit could have sworn he heard crickets chirping in the distance.
"Well... This is awkward."

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@spectrion: @assault: @morte_knightfall: There were few things in the world that could truly phase Shiho, since losing her lifestyle and family. Taking after Kratesis, her response to most people or things in the world was plain, apathy. But Impero Ishin was one of the few who managed to earn her affection. Not any kind of response like she would have imagined, she could not think of many whom could manage such a feat, and so was visibly shocked by the revelation. A lesser person would've lost her balance and fallen off the bridge, but though she didn't fall, and tried to mask her feelings, she was far from fine. In the moment, all other questions were pushed to the back of her mind, vengeance occupying her thoughts. Add to that the apparent appearance of others, and her hands shot down to her waist, producing two Zythium katana just before he whisked them away.

Though she'd almost committed to doing so herself, the thought of someone actually managing to kill the Impero remained intimidating, at least on some level. Even still, she steeled her heart, focusing on the only question that mattered at the moment. "Where is the father?"

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Situated in the dimensionally bleak interior of the Zero Field, the resumption of their conversation had ensued. "His father is in Antarctica. That's where he spends most of his time. The cold is where he is most at home. Senora", Andres began, a curiously raised brow jointly accompanying his following question, "Do you plan on seeking him out?".

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@_strigidae_: (The Keijijo destroyed his clan. Your just in one of those wrong place wrong time scenarios.)

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@morte_knightfall: Antarctica. Frigid temperatures were never her ideal type of environment, but through training, she had learned to bear them well, even if not preferable. Filing this information away in a mental database, the answer to his question seemed obvious. "I do. I will gather what information I can, then I will strike."

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@_strigidae_: (I'm not the one who ran away with the Don now am I? :P)

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@spectrion: (That's because there are more important things at hand than the likes of...you)

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@_strigidae_: "Bueno. I planned on attacking him as well. Be wary though", he warned with deceptive nonchalance, "Ishin's father while not as powerful is very very strong, physically. And Antarctica is the ideal location for him, tis a place full of ice, perfectly complimenting his elemental prowess".

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@_strigidae_: (Like what? Impero's father? We got that handled, you just worry about where you're gonna hide when Andres ain't around. I got your scent now.)

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@spectrion: (I've heard of death on your heels, but you're chasing an early grave)

@morte_knightfall:Had she gone ahead and commenced learning the Water Yoso, his warning might have held less weight. Now, among other things, she deduced certain uses of her powers and equipment would be restricted, others featuring more prominently in the coming battle. Responding with her own deceptive calm, she shrugged. "I can handle him."

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@_strigidae_: (I've battled death at my doorstep and won. I'll bring it to yours.)

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@spectrion: (You got beat up by Milo. Irrelevant)

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@_strigidae_: "I know that. But now you have the advantage of knowing about his abilities", Rey Blanco highlighted with, instinctively crossing both arms with characteristically stylistic mannerism. "Is there anything else senora? Or shall we return?".

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@morte_knightfall: Staring up at the Knightfall a moment, her eyes squinted as she stopped to consider a few things. "The one you were addressing, just then. Who is that? Should I kill him?"

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@_strigidae_: "You probably should", comfortably fitting both hands into the pockets of his stylish, light grey Armani dress pants. "He is called Yusuke Namikaze. An orphan of the Namikaze Clan, he's alone in this world because of Ishin. The boy's clan was destroyed during a war between it and the Keijijo. He seeks revenge on Ishin for the end of his clan but because he is dead, he instead seeks to kill Ishin's father, and then the Keijijo".

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@morte_knightfall: Even if a little petty, Shiho wanted no one else stealing a kill she felt was rightfully hers; after all, she had cared for the man who was killed. She understood revenge as a motive, but this man just happened to be on the wrong side of it. Placing the swords back in their respective cases at her back and waist, but not yet removing her hands, she gave thanks. "Ariga-...Thank you. I am ready, now."

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@spectrion: (You got beat up by Milo. Irrelevant)

(Thats it, I'm calling your bluff. Say when.)