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@Tranquil: "Don't worry sir, they got nothing that can stop me" Ultra Girl said reassuringly "I recommend you get to cover I'm going to storm the place"

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@Ultra_Girl_: His eyes widened. "Wh-what?!" He stammered. "Are you sure that's going to work? What if they kill you?" Milo feigned interest in her well being, eyeing the building as he did so to ensure that none of its patron's were viewing the exchange between him and the girl.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "Its a reasonable reaction. I just want you to be relaxed", it was a mere attempt at reducing any potential stress she may experienced trying to decipher how he has lived for so long. A brief pause overcame him, his multi-colored eyes calmly meeting ZIccarra's as he considered her request. "Very well. I will teach you", he agreed, prior to being asked a question regarding a mysterious sword it seemed. "I'm afraid I'm ignorant on the subject, Ziccarra-san. Please, tell me".

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@Tranquil said:

@Ultra_Girl_: His eyes widened. "Wh-what?!" He stammered. "Are you sure that's going to work? What if they kill you?" Milo feigned interest in her well being, eyeing the building as he did so to ensure that none of its patron's were viewing the exchange between him and the girl.

She looked at him with a cheesy grin "I'm bullet proof and create force fields with my mind, all I have to do is blitz through and since I have super speed this should be a piece of cake" she stopped the grin and spoke softly "don't worry pop's this isn't my first rodeo"

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Somewhere around the 5 century, there was an empress of China; she was said; to have held two blades that could raise the dead, and the other slice through gods.” Z started, sipping some more of her tea. “She was betrayed by her servants and cast away inside a stone pillar; the blades served as keys to keep the evil Queen sealed” Z rose to her feet and walked across the floor; opening a weapon case she showed him the “Black Rose Blade” forged from Black Chinese steel, the weapon was alive.

“The legendary weapon is now in my hands…and I fear I have wrought forth evil”

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Very well. Vincent will be somewhere in the top of the fortress, he will know where my son is." Tranquil stepped away, seeking a spot from which he could observe whilst she made her entrance.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: (The Queen is Y?)

Listening intently to her words, he realizes the great power such a weapon granted its wielder. It however, served as a key to the revival of a malevolent Queen. "And what was this queen's name?", he asked, curious, "If she really has been unleashed on the world, then she must be confronted", he suggested, wordlessly offering to aid her in her current predicament. "Could this be another reason you seek training? To learn and grow as a fighter and a thinker so that you'll be readier than before to face this queen?".

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Ultra Girl waved him fare well and calmly walked to the front door, she raised both hands in front of her and began manipulating the metals in the door and unlocked it, slowly it opened for her and she walked in casually while talking to herself "I love my powers"

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@Tranquil: The sun, the surf. It was perfectly tranquil, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a slender woman approaching with a tray of drinks, as she approached he sat up, the act saving him from an assailants bullet, instinctively he rolled to the right, kicking the chair up for cover and hauling the server down with him, calmly speaking to her in Spanish telling her to stay down. He hadn't seen the sniper, but by the sound of it they had to be near by. Spying a small bar further up the beach he rolled from cover, keeping low as he sprinted for the next bit of cover..

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@Impero: Yes

“Her name is Xiao Zing, It’s believed that her spirit is immortal; she goes from victim to victim poessing them until they’re mindset becomes one with hers” She explained, placing the weapon back in it’s case. “It is the reason I seek training, I need to be both mentally and physically fit”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Initially he was somewhat hesitant to train the knowledgeable Ziccarra, however, recent revelations have completely swayed his stance on the situation. "Xiao Zing", he repeated, mentally memorizing the name in case of a potential future encounter. "I will help you, Ziccarra-san", he agreed with a nod. "Do you simply want physical and mental conditioning or do you want to learn some of our esoteric arts as well?", he asked, to know whether or not it was necessary to commence the training in the highly secluded Reisho Monastery or elsewhere.

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@The_Assassin_: "Sh!t," Milo proclaimed as he refocused his aiming, trying to get another shot. An unexpected variable intercepted the bullet, saving the man from his execution. "Unit four move in, contain him within the area while I make my way over there." He placed another shot in the empty space between the bar and the next cover spot, to impede his target's advancement as soldiers began to surround the beach, eight in number.

@Ultra_Girl_: A couple of armed guards stepped up to meet the woman whilst Milo scaled an adjacent building, SD700 slung across his back.

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@Tranquil Dodging yet another bullet, Caldwell bounded over the bar, using the sturdy wooden construction as cover. When the soldiers reached it he'd be nowhere to be found, having seemingly vanished.
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@The_Assassin_: "Sir we lost him." One soldier told Milo just as he'd arrived. "What do you mean lost him? Its a goddamn beach! You wanna get paid? Find him!" The mercenaries split up whilst Milo began to investigate the scene, searching for any trace of the man.

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@Tranquil: Bursting from the sand the master assassin quickly placed the barrel of his pistol at the base of his would be assailants skull. "So, what's the price on my head today?"

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@The_Assassin_: The warning bell sounded in Milo head as he felt the sand under him began to shift. The target sprouted from the sand, weapon drawn. More than prepared for his sudden appearance Milo drew his firearm and two were at standstill, staring down each other's barrel. "Just under a quarter mill," The soldiers were on the seen, they're sights trained on the sand riddled man. "Now, let's say, you squeeze that trigger. Before the round enters my skull, more shots than you can count will be embedded in your carcass. On the other hand, you could come with me, and actually stand a chance at survival." He pulled back the hammer of his pistol and smirked.

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@Tranquil: "Under a quarter mil? That's insulting..." Shaking his head at the notion. "Now have your friends drop their weapons, you drop yours, I'll drop mine, and we might talk."

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@The_Assassin_: "Your not in a position to make demands," Milo holstered his weapon with a dexterous twirl. "The soldiers will not shoot unless you give them reason to. Now if you intend on keeping things civil, follow me," He said. Then strode over to the BMW X6 that sat across the street.

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@Tranquil: "Oh hello there, my name is Marcy I have an appointment with Victor" Ultra Girl lied as if it was the truth.

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@Tranquil: Grabbing his bag and pulling his shirt on, Caldwell holsters his pistol and follows the masked man to the waiting car. "You plan on shooting me in the middle of Malaga and you park across the street? You haven't been doing this very long have you?"

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“I couldn’t possibly ask you to train my body in such a manner as your mystic arts, I’m afraid I might not be able to survive it; I do wish to be trained both mentally and physically.” She said, keeping eye contact. “Have you ever trained anyone you wish you didn’t?” she said, trying to gauge his morality.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "Then there is no need to take you back to the monastery", he revealed, "I can train you here in your home if you'd like", he offered. With maintained eye contact, he pondered her question before answering, "Yes I have. I've lived long enough to know that there are times when we must forsake our own personal beliefs and such if it benefits the many", he replied, his words resonating with a sense of moral ambiguity. "When would you like to begin, Ziccarra-san?".

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His answer hit the head, as long as he lived, she knew someone like him had seen his share of nutcases; despite this Ziccarra rose to her feet and bowed before him. “Then I am your student” she said, with a smile. “We can start whenever, you are feeling up to it”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Smiling calmly in response to her readiness, Ishin replies, "Then we may start now", he paused, "You want to refine your mental and physical prowess. Which would you like to do first? Mental refinement will be faster than what you seek physically".

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The graceful Malagan woman once again took her seat. Removing a headband from a nearby table; she wrapped her long hair into a ponytail. “Isabella…make sure we’re not disturbed” Z said, taking the grandmaster by the hand.

Walking to towards the balcony, the Sultry Spaniard removed a book, which shifted one of her bookshelves revealing an underpass. “This is the Liafador Family Dojo; it’s been the spiritual chamber for my family for eons” she said, leading him deep down into the dungeon.

As they entered the motion sensor lights came over revealing what appeared to be a regular gym set up, on the far side of the room a fight altar with an amphitheater style. “What shall we do first?”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: As she led him towards her family's secluded martial arts dojo, enigmatic Ishin's perceptive eyes absorbed the passing minute details of Ziccarra's home. Upon their arrival, Ishin felt a genuine sense of exclusivity at being allowed into an area characterized by undoubted rarity. "It is cleverly hidden, Ziccarra-san", he noted, having made quick, studious observations with elevated vision. "I'm inclined to ask you about that altar but only after we finish", he smiled, gesturing for the knowledgeable Malagan to sit on the ground as Ishin adopted a meditative stance, "We'll begin with mental conditioning. Please, Ziccarra-san, sit with me".

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@Impero: @Impero:

Z sat beside the grandmaster completely, engaged in what asked her to do. Years had gone by since Z became a master of the White Lotus. Wesley Weston found the Spanish beauty, at a local strip club; she was employed to lead and master the Red Cardinals; her tutelage under Pai Mei made her one of the most prominent fighters in all of Iberia.

Now at 39, she was learning again; to combat a new foe; one who thinks far more irrationally than anything Z ever came up against. The Flower of Carnage was a master at the human psyche; she knew what needed to be done in order to crack a person.

“I’m ready…” she said, using that as her motivation.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: As she sat beside him, Ishin calmly detailed the proceedings of what the exercise would entail. Little time was to be wasted, instinctively he wished to help Ziccarra obtain the necessary mental fortitude in the quickest possible manner. "Ziccarra-san, first you will meditate with me. Close your eyes, attempt to harmonize with your environment. You must mentally forsake the physical world for your consciousness to develop. Envision the place where you are most at peace", he instructed, "You must maintain that state of mind for six hours. Once you feel a lightweight sensation, tell me so that we may move to the next step in mental conditioning".

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Letting out a deep sigh, Z closed her eyes and slowly began her mental cleansing. Her mind easily rest back to Asunción a few years back; it was during this holiday that all of her family members were gathered together for feast and fellowship. Her job as a simple dancer, provided for her mamma and papa; despite it she lived a simple and happy life.

Hours of pure thought went passed; her mind began to get wrapped into her live and those effected by her choice. Turning towards the Grandmaster, she spoke with her eyes still clenched together. “I’m ready”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Hours of tranquil meditation had gone by, and it seemed that Ziccarra was properly conditioned for the proceeding step. "Ziccarra-san, your mind has now been touched by a degree of chi, its fortitude has increased. And you sustained mental peace for many hours. But now, its time to test your mental strength", he paused, "Now, begin your meditation again. But this time, envision your deepest fears and traumatic life events. Confront them, do not let them break you, or you will lose your mind. You must succeed against them, not through strength, but through necessity. You need to defeat them, otherwise, Xiao will not be stopped. Consider the consequences of potential failure. Don't stop until you win. If you feel your mind slipping away, do not concede".

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@Impero:You wanna just fast forward to the physical?

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Sure thing :)

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“This altar has been used in my familia for centuries” she said, crossing her hands across her chest. “I’ve never used it but my father says, in times of great strife you will find refuge here” she said, sending a blank stare towards the altar. “Do you have a family, senor Ishin?” she knew his whole clan could just as easily be his family; but more specifically she meant a wife or kids.”

“I’m ready when you are”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Ziccarra's words conveyed a cryptic mystique surrounding the altar. "It seems mysterious, radiating a kind of enigmatic allure", he admitted with a soft chuckle. A pensive expression overcame him upon hearing her question, family she asked? "My clan is my family. Specifically speaking though, I've never known who my parents were. I have no siblings, no wife, no child. So I don't have any immediate family", he revealed, "What about you? Anyone close to you, Ziccarra-san?", he asked, rising to his feet. "Begin the most strenuous and fatiguing exercise you know".

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Yeah right b!tch! Blast her." The men began firing away, bullets crashing everywhere. One collided with a stone along the jagged wall that Milo was climbing, causing him to flinch as dust and debris fell on his face.

@The_Assassin_: "Crime is so deeply routed in this city's infrastructure that when the right people are paid anything goes." Milo stepped into the drivers seat and the two men took off. "Are you familiar with Escobar Paulino of Paulino's pastries? You should be. You interfered with his smuggling operation last year by assassinating his top importer Jueles Rimaldi."

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Ultra Girl remained undeterred, hundreds of bullets hit her but was in vain the bullets flattened against her body like stickers. Ultra Girl scoffed once they finished shooting and began dusting the bullets off her body with her hands..not even her clothes were damaged.

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@Ultra_Girl_: The men reloaded, refusing to accept her invulnerability as truth. One dropped his clip and frantically scrambled on the floor as the other called in for backup and heavy munitions.

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@Tranquil:Ultra Girl calmly walked to the one that dropped his clip and grabbed him by his arm, "This is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you...well maybe" with super human strength she threw him hard at three other guards who were grouped together only enough to knock them out, after that she turned to the others and caused their bullets to detonate early via Geokinesis causing shrapnel to wound many not lethal but pretty painful.

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@Tranquil He chuckled softly, shaking his head. "I think you have me confused with someone else."
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“I have a brother; we’re not close at all. No husband, no children…just my servants” she said, taking a Wing Chun stance. Exhaling deeply from her body, she completely relax, a style like Wing chun was successful soley for the meditation technique.

The Spanish Viper’s eye’s squinted as she prepared for her first block of instruction.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: She was admittedly, not close to her immediate family, a somewhat surprising revelation to the enigmatic Impero. "I'd ask what happened between you and your brother, but I don't want to ask you things you may not want to share", he stated politely, "Ziccarra-san, perhaps one day you will have a family of your own, that is if you want one", he concluded prior to instructing her in the next stage of the informal training. "To physically condition you, you will need this", he paused, calmly clasping his hands together, the stylized Keijijo Geijutsu tattoos on his forearms glowing as he did.

Metaphysically transporting the intended item from the Resho Monastery via the link between his tattoos and the Keijijo Geijutsu symbols on the desired item. Quickly, a seemingly light armored bodysuit manifested before him. "Wear this. It is weighted clothing. Performing your daily exercise routines while wearing it will dramatically enhance your physical condition".

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@Impero: I haven't forgot just a tad bit busy.

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@Black Solace: No worries Z :)

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“Adios…mio”Z said, feeling her body weight increased significantly, she had heard of this sort of training; but never done it herself. Weighted training was supposed to make the body more lissome yet, durable; it became clear to the Cardinal Queen why he was a grandmaster amongst his clan. “I’m ready”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "I had a more rigorous training method in mind, specifically to develop your muscles but that would have taken too long", Ishin revealed, voicing his initial desire to esoterically train Ziccarra's muscle tissue. "Wear that armor for a week, indulge in your usual exercises and training methods. A week afterwards, remove it, and you'll notice a difference".

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The fragile Spaniard gritted just a bit, the weight from her new unexpected attire, placed a huge strain on her shoulder and knees. “Senor…” Z said, somewhat straining; the weight bearing heavily on her shoulders. “How am I to continue doing my routine training, if I am not versed in this art?” she said, bracing herself up against a wall to keep from falling.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: (You can NPC the clone :))

An understandable question that reminded Ishin to fully elaborate on the intentions of the training method. "Ah yes. That attire, in addition to being heavy, is enhanced by a technique of my people. It attunes to the wearer's physical chakras, so even an intense session of pushups will result in an eventual increase of great value", he explained. "But I will do for you is this", Ishin paused, clasping his hands together, instantly conjuring a dramatically weaker clone of himself, composed of unstable chi. "Spar with it. Practicing combat with the attire will accustom your body to its weight, and once removed, you'll find that you are stronger, and most significantly, faster".

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You want me to write out a real battle between them?

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@Ziccarra_Liafador He'd been in the country less than a day, renting a car, under an alias of course and making the relatively short drive to Malaga. After unintentionally stumbling upon information regarding the recently implemented registration act, as well as a little digging, he discovered those that pushed those who had pushed the bill through the House and Senate so quickly had an unnamed backer here in Malaga.

He'd parked farther up the street, the American strolling down the cobblestone sidewalk, to the untrained eye just another tourist. He'd done his homework and a list of several prominent individuals whom might be the mysterious backer. The trick was how to approach them, he didn't want to scare them off, then he'd likely never find them...
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The Malaguena sat quietly, French inhaling her cigarette smoke; a leather leash wrapped around her leg as her dog frolicked freely around the bench. The park was one of her favorite places to go; despite being one of the most open areas of the city, it was the centerpiece for Cardinal operations. Her yellow gown revealed a plunging neckline, as well as a split that left little to the imagination. As she sat her long moist legs overlapped each other; revealing her upper thigh.

Numerous people walk past, some she knew others she didn’t; however those she knew all shared a common trait, their eyes all lead Ziccarra to someone who truly didn’t belong. A foreigner. She sat casually on the bench watching as he approached. “Hola” she said, with hidden intentions