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Ultra Girl took a seat on the bench near the beach, she happily devoured a hotdog that had ketchup.

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“Ahhh Nippon” Ziccarra said, with Spanish parlance. “I have been to the land of the rising sun…” she said, petting her loyal pup on her head. “Yes, I was born right up the road” Z said, pointing in the north direction. “My family has lived here for centuries, I guess I can’t see myself living anywhere else” she said, resting her hands in her lap.

“What do you think about the events going on in America?”

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@Tranquil: The two of them moved through the densely crowded streets like a pair of serpents slithering through a thick brush. She gently grabbed his arm "Wait." She mouthed and began to walk ahead. She motioned for him to follow and stopped at a corner market, slipping into an alleyway. She pushed a dumpster in the alleyway to the side and drew two duffel bags. "You're going to need this." She said as she threw one of the bags towards him, hitting his chest. The bag was slightly heavy. Inside were an Armani three-piece suit in his size, along with a set of Cartier cuff links. "Those links. Don't lose them, or the boss will take it out of your check." She said with a smirk. Meanwhile, Adriana moved into the dark shadow of the alley and began to slip off her suit.

"The target is a man named Roderigo." she said as she struggled to slip the leather outfit off her arms, "He's the leader of a competing gang in Malaga. Last week he tipped the cops off to a shipment of the boss' goods. Needless to say, it led to a big mess; lots of arrests, and Roderigo was left with plenty of blood on his hands." Adriana tossed the leather suit into the duffel bag by her feet and proceeded to slip on a silk, red gown. "He runs a casino downtown. He's supposed to be there tonight..."

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "So this place has a degree of sentimental value to you", he suggested, perhaps the reason why she cannot envision herself living elsewhere. Calmly noticing Ziccarra's dog, he smiles, inherently harboring warmth towards animals. "That's a cute dog, Ziccarra-san". "So your family's history has great depth here in Malaga", he paused upon hearing her query regarding the events in the United States, the Registration Act no doubt. Pensively rubbing his chin for a brief moment, he answers, "Well, I don't like concerning myself too much with what happens there, most of what takes place there is largely irrelevant to me. But, this registration act.. it gives me an ethical obligation to oppose it. In theory, it may sound reasonable, but those behind the event are questionable, it seems more like a method to obtain more control and political influence", he stated, "But what I fear is that should it prove successful and become global, it will undoubtedly reach Japan", he admitted. "What about you? What are your thoughts on it?".

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@Adriana_Fox: Without a care in the world Milo disrobed and donned his new threads. After smoothing out his sleeves he tossed his former outfit into the dumpster. "Casino you say? Sounds right up my alley." Milo moved to step out of the alley but his mind posed a question that stopped him in his track. "I didn't catch your name," He said as he retrieved his phone from his pocket and began dialing in to the touchscreen's keypad. He placed the phone to his ear and spoke. "Yes, the mercado." In minutes a luxurious Chevorolet Corvette pulled up in front of the alleyway.

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After finishing the hotdog she let out a relieved burp and leaned back on the bench closing her eyes.

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@Tranquil: "Call me Fox," she said as she slipped into the car.

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“I believe we have differing opinions on the subject” She said, releasing a deep breath. “I believe that everyone should be held accountable for their actions; I don’t believe in mass punishment for the actions of someone else.” Z started, crossing her legs. Though the night was warm, she couldn’t help but feel the brisk kiss of the breeze coming from the Mediterranean.

“However, I believe this is a different circumstance, if we were dealing with people who could ONLY fly it’d be one thing, we’re dealing with people who can cast illusions, explode when angry even enter the minds of people” she said, rhythmically shaking her leg. “The world needs to know what it’s up against” Z said, not turning to face the enigma.

@Ultra_Girl_: (We can do something later?)

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@Adriana_Fox: The valet slipped out of the driver's seat of the sports car with out a word. Milo climbed inside and shut the door before placing the black leather gloves atop the dash on his hands. He reached over and popped open the glove compartment. Littered with small firearms and concealable weapons the mercenary grasped two glock .40's and placed them in the waist band of his grey slacks. After strapping a combat knife to his leg, just above the ankle, he started the engine. It roared to life, symbolizing the power behind the beauty that was the Corvette Z06. "Feel free to arm yourself," He said as they drove off.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: He agreed with a portion of what she said, indeed one of those principles were the basis for the traditional ways of his secluded clan. "Then we're similar in one aspect. I do believe people should be held responsible for their actions. What I don't believe however, is faulting the many for the action of one", he admitted. Calmly meeting Ziccarra's eyes, he continued, instinctively establishing direct eye contact, "Of course there's a potential danger in leaving them all uncontrolled", in truth, Ishin was concerned only for what could happen to the Keijijo should the act become global. "Perhaps I misspoke. What concerns me the most are those behind the registration. Can they be trusted with that much control? Vital information on all of these metahumans? It is risky".

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@Tranquil: Opening the glove compartment Adriana drew a Smith & Wesson 'Lady Smith' and strapped it to the inside of her thigh. "Do you know who you are looking for?"

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: (sure)

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@Adriana_Fox: "A rich, well protected individual with an ever rising level of paranoia?" In all truth he'd received only a name and a list of possible from the contact. This was the norm for his operations, Milo usually relying on his sixth sense to identify whom he was looking for. "Trust me, I'll recognize him when I see him. Anything else I need to know?" The sun was beginning to set and the purple haze in the sky captured his eye for a moment. The casino was just down the road and from where he was Milo could see that there was a large gathering outside.

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“Risky it tis” Z responded, breaking eye-contact to make sure her canine was alright. “This boils down to the delicate matter of who is more trustworthy; those with power or those without it” She said, reestablishing contact.

“Humans cannot be trusted to do what’s right history has taught us that, my kind has enslaved one another on the principals of skin difference” she said, referring to herself as human. The mask of Cortez granted Z her skills without them she was merely a woman.

“I can only pray, that the meta-humans don’t realize they have all the power to force a metahumans rule” her eyes went back down to her dog. “If only the life of a canine could be put into a human perspective…” she said, handing Birdie a treat.

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@Ultra_Girl_ said:

After finishing the hotdog she let out a relieved burp and leaned back on the bench closing her eyes.

Deep out in the ocean a pair of binoculars hovered just above the water, watching in silence as a group of six young males surrounded the lone teenager. "Wake up sunshine!" One of them said, cocking his fist back in an attempt to slug her right in the chin.

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@Tranquil: "WHAT TH-" Ultra Girl only had time to open her eyes and get stopped in half sentence as a man slugged her in the chin, surprisingly it caused null harm other than knocking her head back and causing her to slip off the bench startled, rubbing her chin she blinked her eyes dazed as the sun light rays hit her eyes "what's going on here?" she asked confused but with a frown.

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@Tranquil: Adriana glanced at the croud ahead. Her plan to sneak in quietly had just gotten a bit more difficult. "How do you want to do this?" She asked, "Sneak in threw the back, or just...walk right in?" She turned her head and looked over to him, cocking her brow and smiling devilishly.

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@Ultra_Girl_: The group swarmed her with a flurry of punches and kicks with the intent to do damage. The lone figure continued to watch from the deep waters, patiently awaiting the moment the girl decided to respond to such aggression.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: It was an admittedly difficult decision to make, a question quite difficult to answer. "There are only a select few with power that are qualified to make that kind of decision", he answered, "Power in itself is tantalizing. People sell their souls for it, forsake the entirety of their humanity for it. Those with power are perhaps even less fit for such a decision than those without it", he theorized. While technically a human, his people, the Keijijo are genetically superior, born with an evolutionary metaphysical advantage. "A degree of arrogance is needed for one to think themselves qualified to make those kinds of decisions. We will see the results of the registration". "Why do you ask though, ZIccarra-san?".

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"HEY STOP IT!" Ultra Girl said angrily as their punches and kicks felt like flies buzzing over her body, after almost a minute passed she had enough and took to the air, she did not go far...only enough so they wouldn't reach her about ten feet above them

"Okay what the hell is wrong with you guys? why sucker punch a girl?" she said frowning as she crossed her arms and nodded disapproving at them, she floated gracefully around them as she waited an answer.

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@Adriana_Fox: "Sneak in through the back and waste a chance to flaunt this finely tailored suit? No chance." He met her nefarious grin with a presumptuous smirk. He pulled up to the valet, exiting the vehicle with Fox and strutting right up to the crowd hovered by the entrance. "That's right, you all might as well hand over your car keys, watches and diamonds now because your money is mine." He boasted, drawing attention to the couple. Specifically that of the security, who had their eye on him the moment he pulled up. Walking straight up to the door to the casino only to be intercepted by a man who rivalled his own size. "And you are?" He said to the two of them, eyeballing Milo as he spoke. "Lamarcus Aldrige of the Portland trailblazers? Or don't you watch American basketball?" Milo's telepathy assisted this lie, forcing the feeble minded guard to accept it as truth. "And her?" He gestured towards the silver haired beauty dressed in red to the left of Milo.

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“Honestly, it’s been troubling me since day one, if people give other people the right to govern them; are they willingly accepting that they are weak to make decisions for themselves?” She said, not breaking contact.” Ziccarra’s eyes knitted together in worry.

“I teach my students that power is fickle, and the people who seek power often fail in their exploits” She explained, somewhat turning her body to face him. “What if you don’t seek power, what if power is given to you? Is it not yours to do what you want?” she asked, referring to the people’s right to govern.

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@Ultra_Girl_: They leaped as high as they could, yet the men couldn't lay a finger on the hovering girl, which became very frustrating for one individual, who decided to pick up a rock and chuck it at her. "Why isn't she fighting back?" The veiled onlooker thought to himself. Speaking into the earpiece he'd been wearing he gave the men a new direction. "Wreak havoc. Force her to fight." The men acted and began to attack people passing by as well.

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@Tranquil: "woh,woh,woh...you can attack me but not innocent people" Ultra Girl said worriedly, she hovered to the nearest thug and looked at him as she did so her iris's glowed yellow suddenly sand from the environment began to be manipulated by her a jet of sand shot high in the air and turned directions and began propelling towards the criminals intent on blasting away like a hose uses water to blast away fires.

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@Ultra_Girl_: The men were sent flying like rag dolls, their bodies tumbling as the sand collided with their frames. "Very good." Tranquil tossed the binoculars and began swimming to shore, eager to meet the super heroine. Upon touching land he stepped right up to her with a warm smile. "Excuse me miss, might I ask who you are?"

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "It does seem that way to an extent. Some may be too weak to govern themselves. Others perhaps realize that certain people have greater insight", he suggested, "Its difficult to determine a proper answer, Ziccarra-san". True, most who sought power often found themselves inevitably defeated in some aspect. Calmly turning his body to face hers, he adopts a briefly pensive expression before replying, "That depends on the circumstance. Seeking power for the sole purpose of power often leads to difficult situations. Seeking power for other purposes, such as protecting something of importance may lead to other things. But if power is given to you when you have never sought it, then perhaps it is a universal act of providence. What stance will you take come registration?".

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@Tranquil:Ultra Girl turned around surprised "Oh me, um...I'm Ultra Girl" the sand she manipulated slowly dragged the bodies of the knocked down thugs into one corner.

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Z thought long and hard, it was a bit difficult to answer his question; she gave the order for the execution of the congressman that set everything that was happening in the US into motion. It was HER who kidnapped the congressmen in the first place. “I never really thought about it…” she said, pressing her fingers together in thought. Two of her younger students from the dojo walked pass her, the moment the saw her and her guest they bowed in respect.

After acknowledging the two Cardinals, Z turned her attention back to Imp. “I don’t believe in the components of the American Registration Act.” She said, breaking it down. “I’d still require everyone to register, but place a tax on those who still wish to use their powers for crime fighting; that’d help pay for damages”

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Ultra Girl, I may need your help." His words were accompanied by a pleading look. "I don't know where to turn. The authorities won't help me and I can only do so much alone!" His voice projected great sorrow and helplessness. He peered into her eyes, trying to read her emotions.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Allowing her the time to formulate her own answer, Ishin's attention was briefly directed towards the passing Cardinals, he greeted them with a simple nod of acknowledgement before returning his attention to Ziccarra. "I see. I don't believe in those behind the Metahuman Registration Act. The idea of the act is interesting, I'll give it that. But beyond that, I have no positive opinion of it", he admitted, "You are completely human, Ziccarra-san? Normal?", he asked, attempting to shift the topic of conversation.

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Z let loose a little chuckle, all she could think about was the illusions she cast through the mask; she could implant illusions and hallucinations into one’s mind, but that power was no hers it was the mask. The Legendary Black Rose blade allowed her to conjure the dead, but again not her power.

“Yes, I’m as normal as I can possibly be” she said, again watching her pup yawn. “Would you like some tea? My villa is just up the street, it’s getting a bit chilly out here.” She asked, feeling she should converse in a more private area.

“Oddly enough, I was the only one of my siblings not to gain abilities from my parents”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Completely normal? Interesting. "So out of all your siblings, you were the only one who was born normal", he chuckled softly, "The way you hold yourself though. You seem skilled", indeed, thousands of years of reading even the most minute details of opponents and allies alike, Ishin has learned to decipher an individual's potential skill through mere sight. "That's kind of you, Ziccarra-san. I would like some tea", he smiled calmly, rising from his seat, politely extending a hand towards her, an instinctive reaction of his gentlemanly tendencies.

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“Come,Come” she said, tugging on the leash waking Birdie up. “Senor Ishin, You’ll find that I’m a highly curious person; one thing that I take pride in is knowledge. Despite not having any power against them, I can pick apart the best way to defeat each one of my siblings” she explained, leaning him up a small hill.

Z’s garden was filled with a massive greenhouse a storehouse for most of her toxins used to induce hallucinations. “Please excuse my home senor, it has been a busy week” she said, hanging both of their coats on a coat hanger.

“Isabella…prepare us some tea” Z commanded, whilst leading Impero to her study. “I have a bigger book collection then any one in Malaga, I plan to travel to every one of the Iberian Cities”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: The amassing of knowledge was a common interest they shared. "That's a common interest we share then, knowledge. As cliche as it may sound, knowledge is the ultimate power one can wield at times", he stated, an admitted collector of countless sources of knowledge. As they arrived, he briefly took in the appearance of her home, very different from what he had grown accustomed to in the Reisho Monastery. "Its fine, Ziccarra-san", he nodded with a calming smile prior to being led into Ziccarra's study. "You must be an intellectual. This is an impressive collection of books. What other cities have you been to that are in the Iberian Peninsula?".

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“I’ve been to Madrid, Barcelona, Porto, Lisbon; and obviously Malaga” she said, with a chuckle once again crossing her legs. “I’ve studied every one of these books, since I was twelve years old; from simple cookbooks to strategy books, I am prepared for any situation” she said, rocking in her chair. Isabella came out with a tray containing sugar two mugs of Spanish moss tea.

“Spanish moss has been used for many years in folk and herbal medicine, both externally and internally, because it is nutrient-rich” she explained, taking a sip of her tea. Ziccarra closed her eyes as she did so; on the believe that she could taste the ingredients without them. “Don’t worry senor, it’s not real moss it’s a rootless epiphytes.

“Now, Senor what is it that you do? Back in Nippon?”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "You're quite the traveler", he pointed out, "Were you particularly fond of one city compared to the others? Besides Malaga of course", he smiles with a soft chuckle. Nodding intently as she spoke, it was clear that this woman was studious, harboring a great deal of knowledge in her mind. "Preparation is essential in recent times. One can never be too prepared, the most unpredictable of situations can occur at any given moment", he replied. Giving Isabella a polite nod of thanks for the tea, he takes in Ziccarra's words, chuckling as she told him not to worry about the moss. Taking a calm sip, he answers her question, "I'm the Grandmaster of the Keijijo Clan", he revealed, he knew not if she knew of them or the documented Eastern legends surrounding them, but he was not overly secretive about his clan.

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“I loved Madrid and Lisbon; I guess those being the capitals of two nations I couldn’t expect anything but fine culture” She responded, swinging her hair from her eyes.

Z’s eye’s knitted together out of intrigue. Sitting her mug on a coaster, she made an “L” with her fingers and traced them along her jaw-line. “Hmm, I’ve never heard of the Keijijo Clan, is that a component of Daoism?” She wasn’t sure if any of the Chinese ideologies were big in Nippon, but she knew that often the Japanese used the teaching of Chinese prophets. “Or is it something completely different, you must be pretty well versed yourself to be the grandmaster”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "I haven't been to Lisbon yet. I've traveled to Porto and Setubal though", he revealed, "There's still much of Europe that I'd like to see", he admitted. Setting the cup of tea down in coincidental simultaneous movement with Ziccarra, he answered her query, "No, the Keijijo are a very secluded clan of superhuman martial artists and philosophers. We center our lives around the study of history, philosophy, martial arts, ethics, and all aspects of metaphysics. Our primary practice however, is mastering the metaphysical energy, chi", he said, harmlessly generating a ball of energy from his palm, "While many can use it to enhance their abilities and whatnot, we've taken a step beyond. We can wield the elements like weapons, conjure creatures of legend, cast illusions, many things", he concluded, evaporating the ball of energy. "We do so to achieve spiritual enlightenment. We remain secluded and hidden because it is as we agreed before, many people would seek to harness our knowledge as a weapon. Its not a risk we're willing to take".

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Z’s eyebrow protruded upward at the sight of the energy, something she deemed fascinating. Sitting with her back pressed against her chair, she crossed her legs still somewhat intrigued. “And you are the grandmaster of all that; that means you know how to use your chi in ways others don’t?” she asked, taking a sip.

(Getting tired, let's pick up tommorrow)

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: (No worries girl, get some rest:))

Nodding, he elaborated somewhat, "The Grandmaster or the Impero must be a master of at least four of the five traditional combat arts. While there are other techniques and fighting arts, those have been recently deemed forbidden due to the danger they can pose to the user. Some have physical drawbacks, others can lead to the corruption of the soul when improperly used", he stated, "Only the Elders and the Grandmaster may use what we consider forbidden. While fascinating, the teachings of the Keijijo are very difficult, one martial art often taking hundreds of years to master".

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@Tranquil said:

@Ultra_Girl_: "Ultra Girl, I may need your help." His words were accompanied by a pleading look. "I don't know where to turn. The authorities won't help me and I can only do so much alone!" His voice projected great sorrow and helplessness. He peered into her eyes, trying to read her emotions.

Ultra Girl's eyes were filled with concern and compassion, she ceased to hover and touched ground...she was much smaller than him being at only five feet and ten inches tall "I will do whatever I can" she spoke gently but with a determined and serious face.

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“I see…” she said, crossing her legs, with a slight smile on her face. “Senor Ishin, I do believe you to be hear on business, but perhaps you may instruct me on the way of your people?” She asked, not formally offering to be a Keijiko , because of the years it’d take; the mastering of a fighting style was what she sought.

Trained herself, in Bak Mei, by the legendary Pai Mei, Z already belong to the fist of the White Lotus; but a vast knowledge in the arts is what attracted her the most. “”You say that one of these arts takes hundreds of years to learn, how old are you?”

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: It was an interesting request. Smiling calmly at her request, he replied, "To achieve true mastery, hundreds of years are needed. But if adept enough, it is possible to obtain a reasonable level of skill in a year or so. Prodigies may take mere months to be reasonably skilled. Mastering however, is completely different", he explained. "You'd like to learn some things?", he asked, certain that this was indeed what she implied with her words. "I may not look it, but I'm over many thousands of years old", his physically prime appearance, a result of the sheer vitality of his monstrous chi reserves.

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Z’s draw sort of dropped, the revelation of his age shocked her. It was in that moment that the Black Cardinal turned towards the door; as if something startled her. “Y-Yes” she said, turning back to the grand master. A hidden revelation prompted her to make haste. “Yes; I would like to expand my knowledge on the arts”

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@Ultra_Girl_: "Follow me."

1 hour later

The two stood in front of a large fortress like building. Its archaic structure was a testament to its age. Milo adopted his role as the fearful father as he spoke, "In there, a man named Vincent Stallworth is holding my son captive. He wished for me to pay him for so called protection a few months earlier. I refused and my son was taken that same night. Any attempts I've made to enter the building have been met with overwhelming force. This is my dilemma."

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The Anti-Meta sat reclined in a chair on the beach, looking out over the water with a drink in hand. Soon the registration act would be passed and he'd no longer have to truly hunt the mutants. He'd know their names, faces, where they lived. All he need was to sit idly by while the United States came one step closer to tearing itself apart.

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@Tranquil: "What are the threats?" Ultra Girl said calmly as she cracked her fists.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: He was not oblivious to the shock his recent revelation generated. "Please Ziccarra-san, calm yourself", he paused, "I do know how shocking something like that may seem", he admitted. A curious brow was raised at her interest in learning from the Keijijo. "You're sure of this? Its what you want?", he asked, wanting absolute certainty from her, he needed to see if she was confident in her desire to expand her knowledge.

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“Lo siento, It’s just I’ve never met anyone with such a duration in life” she said, flipping her hair beyond her ear. “Senor Ishin por favor, if I didn’t want the training, I wouldn’t have asked” she said, leaning back in her chair again. “Can I ask you a question, Do you know what the “Black Rose Blade is?”

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@The_Assassin_: From a rooftop nearly 100 yards away from the beach Tranquil lay flat on his stomach, the scope of SD700 trained on the man's forehead as he laid back, catching up on his tan. With a small breath the trigger was squeezed, the loud bang immediately drawing attention from pedestrian as the bullet raced towards the temple of his target.

@Ultra_Girl_: "They're armed to the teeth. Everything from rocket propelled grenades to missiles. Much more then what you dealt with earlier." She seemed confident, cracking her knuckles as he spoke. "If your ready, I'd like to get my son back as soon as possible."