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After entering into the deadly bloodsport for reasons fair or foul the two kombatants find themselves paired off the the first round of the brutal tournament.

The island itself is covered in cameras and other recording devices, streaming live on the internet. Bets begin to roll in as soon as the fight is announced. Chat rooms fill with chatter, both mundane, bloodthirst and expert. Some governments block the stream, but there are always ways...

The location is a small island, sandy beaches, beautiful greenery.. and soon the crimson splash of blood!

Each fighter is dropped off on opisite beaches of the island, out of line of sight to each other and with roughly two hundred yards between them. They have their standard gear and equipment as always.


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One Week Prior to Round One, Unknown Location

 "You want me to do what?" Charles asks through his communicator. "We want you to enter this tournament the Arcani are setting up. The higher ups want information. About the Court, about the fighters, everything." the faceless voice of O.M.E.G.A. answers back. "Don't they have some more appropriate agents for this? A man wearing a flag is a bit obvious, isn't it?" He couldn't lie, he'd been wanting to do something a bit unorthodox, but his training tells him to be cautious, clashing with his body's need to be put to use. "They think you're more likely to survive it than most of our agents and still fit the requirements of the tournament. They also think a flag on those stream's videos might do something for moral, or something like that. I'll be there for you, Charlie Boy, don't worry." Nameless, Faceless, but still a friend. Weird how these things work, isn't it? "Gotcha, gotcha. I'll get my equipment ready. Legion out."

Present Day, Combat Island

Legion steps of the small helicopter transporting him, dropping and digging his boots into the sand. "Small island with a bit of foliage. Nice, nice. Not a lot of room for guys with guns-or bows from what I saw back at that main island- to shoot me in the face. Enough to close a distance. The guy didn't look like he had a gun on him, but you never know. He didn't look too big either, so hopefully that means I got melee on him.... he was a bit strange looking though... careful, careful, don't over think it Charles." The Star Spangled Hero thinks to himself as he lifts his shield to his back and latches it. He takes a few steps through the beach. He didn't see any traps or buildings or anything, just an island. He did manage to spot a few cameras in the foliage, however. In the case he ever wants to put on a show. 
He take a stand on his knee, looking into the foliage. "Let's see if I can find you...." his eyes shift color to a deep black as his brain signals the activation of the x-ray vision. The foliage all but disappeared before his eyes. He saw the bones of a few animals, namely a bird or two, and in the distance, just as promised, was his opponent. He shuts off the invisible light show in his retina and stands up. This should be simple enough. He marches along the beach, taking the long path instead of the dangerous one in the foliage. Stealth is fine when your dressed for the part, but he was wearing a flag and he was a big guy. Stealth wasn't the best idea. He draws his SMG from his belt. He'd modified it- security rounds, designed not to pierce the skin, just hurt whole a lot. He wasn't in here to kill anybody he didn't need to.
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Then: Kariya, Japan

It had been months since the entire Takahashi family had been able to gather for a communal meal. Now they sat around the short table discussing recent events. Chokichi had passed his police exam with flying colors. He had just been assigned to a post in Tokyo. With a slight smile he told how he was also on the 'Godzilla Defense Force', a team put together just in case a giant monster DID try to attack Tokyo. Akeno had acquired a teaching position at the University of Kyoto.

"And what about you Katsumi? How has your...heroi-ing...been going?" Takahashi the Elder looked glumly at his youngest son, who was messily eating his Udon. "Mm?" Katsumi wiped his mouth. "Oh, I entered in a fighting tournament. Maybe I'll get a cool new suit, like Spider-Man! It's some Immortal Kombat thing or whatever, shouldn't be too big a deal. Do we have any hotsauce?" Akeno and Chokichi looked at each other, aghast. "Katsumi...you just made yourself a modern-day gladiator. Let one of us take your place, you WILL die out there," Chokichi pleaded with his little brother. "You can't let him do this," Akeno told his father.

"Don't be silly, I know you're jealous. Anyway, it's street level fighting, you guys are banned." Takahashi the Elder shook his head sadly. "He committed himself to this. He has to follow through. I'm sorry." Chokichi, keep an eye on him. Don't interfere unless he would die otherwise. Then apologize to the tournament heads and withdraw him from the tournament. Hopefully he'll have enough common sense to take himself out before then, but...this is Katsumi. Chokichi nodded almost imperceptibly at his father's mental command.

"Hey mom? Will you pack me a lunch for tomorrow? And did anyone get plane tickets, I don't know how I'm going to get there."


Akeno had flown him to the island specified, having received special permission to transport his brother. "Good luck Katsumi..." he said, dropping the young hero onto the sand. "Hey! When I'm in costume it's Masquerade!" Katsumi said to the departing Akeno. Too late. His brother was gone. Katsumi adjusted his cape, wishing he had a summer uniform or something...it was hot. He glanced around. Nice place. How the hell was he supposed to find the guy he was fighting? Okay, he was an American...where would one find an American? Katsumi's first thought was MacDonalds. That wasn't helpful.

Luckily, his opponent solved that problem for him! He was just kinda sauntering along the beach. Katsumi waved at him, simultaneously calculating the distance, height and velocity he'd need. As the American drew his gun, Katsumi leapt into the air, shifting his center of gravity so he fell towards his enemy, wobbling crazily through the air. Bullets flew around him, largely crashing into his cape (it made him look a lot bigger than he actually was), but a few grazed him, leaving nasty welts. They stung like gigantic bees.

Katsumi's plan was simple...he was going to purposefully overshoot the American, landing sideways on a springy-looking tree. The tree would bend backward, and he'd launch himself back off it, grabbing the American's gun if he could. This would be a distraction for when the tree recoiled, hopefully smacking the American pretty darn hard. If he got the gun, he'd shoot it at his foe while darting a little ways in to the forest.