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Again internet streams light up, bets roll in! Fight experts pitch in on chat-rooms, and internet forums! Trolls troll and haters hate!

Another of the fights in the first round of the gory Immortal Kombat Tournament has arrived!

Both deadly warriors are dropped onto the the wind whipped and surf battered isle. Two hundred yards apart, with no line of sight to one another, but they are aware of who they are fighting..


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Blake sighed, looking around. The wind whipped around him, rendering his advanced sense of smell almost useless, the wind seeming to come from all directions as it did. His hair was tied behind his neck, inside the cowl. His green eyes looked around, scanning the entire scene that lay before him. As he turned his head, he saw a thick growth of trees, and moved fast, but cautiously towards it. By going into the trees, I can launch an ambush. He slowly ascended a tree, looking around for his opponent. He tensed, all his leg muscles bulging, then leaped, an explosion of movement with the merest whisper of sound. His landing was equally as silent, although he hit the branch with some force. He leaned forward, and sniffed the air. Could that be his enemy's scent? He began to traverse the trees, leaping from branch to branch. He was the cat. This was his territory, his home.

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Million Dollar Killer

"Who am I..?" the young man asked himself as he cruised over the chain of islands that hosted the Immortal Kombat. His Hyperion Armor jet boots pushed the warrior at mach speeds to coordinates given to him by the tournament officials after he refused to use their mode of transportation for the first round. It has only been months since the Amnesiac Death Dealer lost his empire and his memory of who he was,and the only things that came to him from the past was his deadly skills as a ruthless mercenary which has helped him this far....

A contractor of his suggested this brutal bout of warriors if he wanted to try and find out who he was,after all the battles were syndicated across the globe,streaming from secret feeds. Its audience were government officials looking for a new super soldier ,crime lords looking for a new gun, and those who were willing to bet fortunes for the hell of it. It was perfect.

Slowly, Akira began to descend to the patch of sand that faced the rocky and vegetated isle where he was to due battle with the man known as Clawed Puma. Upon landing the Steel Dragon drew in a deep breath of the salted gust of wind and focused his chi while quickly drawing in every detail of his surroundings. This venue provided a overbearing serenity ,and chaos was soon approaching. It was all about balance.

" Come on out! I don't have time to play Cat and Mouse." Yamato smirked a little bit after he yelled out to his hidden opponent and drew his immaculate Pearl Katana waiting for a reaction. The winds began to pick up and the clouds began to get a little darker,a storm was near.

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Blake heard his opponent call, but did not heed his command, leaping lightly from tree to tree. The forest was beginning to thin out, but now he could see his opponent. He didn't increase his pace, knowing he would give away his position, and even now he was a blur of tan suit and cape. Now he reached the edge of the forest, and leaped to the rocky wall, ascending to where his opponent waited, his fingers finding purchase on the rough vertical surface.

He reached the top of the wall and performed the Cat's Pounce directly upwards, launching himself as high as he could, then landed on the top of the isle's peak. He leaned forward, the perfect image of the puma, tensed to lunge onto it's prey, and flicked his wrists, the claws sliding out of his gloves. "But Cat and Mouse is my favourite game." Blake grinned. "I am a Puma, after all." He laughed at that, a single gust of air that escaped from his lungs loudly. In his head, the Werepuma guffawed loudly. That'sssss it, Blakey. It hissed in a cat-like tone. That'ssss the kind of attitude we need to sssssee.