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Dendrite - The Aquatic World

Dendrite is a water-based planet that exists in a solar system next to the Milky Way. It should be noted that Dendrite is much approximately a quarter the size of Earth. The planet is practically a giant ocean with limited amounts of land; the land that does exist is similar to swamps and tropical rain forests. As a result of the planets make-up, the majority of the species which live on Dendrite are reptilian, amphibious, or fish-like in nature.

All of the sentient species of Dendrite live in harmony with each other, and as a result there are no civil conflicts and all resources are shared. All of the species inhabit constructed cities; some of them floating on the surface of the water and some linked with the shoreline of pieces of land. The atmosphere of the planet is an oxygen mix and is breathable for humans.

Dendrite is full of useful resources, much of which is deep below the ocean surface. As a result, much of the industry on Dendrite revolves around extracting these resources from the ocean floor. Some of the things extracted are minerals, natural metals, fuel sources, etc. Most of this product is refined and used throughout Dendrite, but some of it is exported off world to other planets. Fishing and aquaculture is also a major industry on Dendrite, which is attributed to the planets make-up.

Dendrite Defence Force (DDF)

Dendrite is a neutral planet; however, due to their enormous amount of resources they are often targeted by other planets. This continuing threat has pushed a conscription system upon the people of Dendrite, although it is only for a limited amount of time. As a result, all citizens are trained to defend their planet.

Dendrite City

Dendrite City is the biggest settlement on Dendrite. The tall, middle tower hosts the Government of Dendrite which handles all planetary issues. These issues range from military, to resources, to establishing new settlements. The government is socialist and any race may sit on the council. The population of the city ranges around 500,000.

Other settlements on Dendrite

Selachi City

The Dendro

The Dendro are said to be the first sentient species to inhabit Dendrite, and thus where the planets name originated from. The Dendro are natural warriors and hunters, independent, and strong-willed. They are warm-blooded reptiles, and are typically much taller and more muscular in humans. They are easily identified by many of their features; they possess long tentacles that extend from their heads that, big glassy eyes, and their wide variety of skin colours such as blue, green, or brown.

Dendro are exceptional swimmers are capable of keeping up to an average human speedboat, they have two hearts which are capable of beating separately, the ability to breath underwater, camouflage themselves to their environment, exceptional senses and an incredible healing factor that can regenerate lost limbs. A unique trait about Dendro is their bio-energy, similar to the bio-electricity of the human body. They can harness it for a variety of effects such as powering their weaponry, their vehicles and much more. The bio-energy is more of power source than a weapon; it cannot be directed as a blast or something similar.

(This is all a massive work in progress and I wanted to just get some of it up before I forgot all my ideas haha :P. I will continuously add to this as time goes on. And assume there is a transporter from Earth to Dendrite to get there, similar to stargate. This will be discussed later)

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Looks tight so far. Looking forward to watching it develop.

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All the seafood I can eat :D

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I'm going to hyper-extend myself.

This is pretty cool, I think. Format really works, love the images, and now I need to do some reading.

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I only got as much as I could up as I have my last final exam for the college semester today, so I was pressed for time last night! I'm hoping to get some more up later today, and hopefully come close to finishing it!


Let's see you try and handle me or any other Dendro ;)


Thank you very much!

Let's see who can figure out where all the names of the settlements came from, minus Dendrite city of course!

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This has my approval, unless you use human aliens without justifying their implausibly similar appearance, then I'm going to get pissed >:( especially if they're just an earth culture with the serial numbers filed off. If they are legitimately alien both physically and culturally I''ll give you a free internet cookie.

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@_azure: Well I don't want to kill their hero yet, let me start from a civilian :)

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All alien man, I have all the concepts in my head and as soon as I get the time, I'll write it all down here...no more human aliens lol.


All members of the Dendrite society are trained to be warriors, similar to conscription on your planet. The Dendro primarily remain warriors throughout their entire life span, unlike the others however.

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@_azure: The better to eat them then :D

I want to strip down when I'm alone, cover myself in dendrite blood and pretend I'm a slug

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You have quite the sense of imagination don't you Earth dweller.

Surely, I will hunt you but I will not kill you. I will catch you and feed you to the sharks of Dendrite. They are similar to the sharks of your planet, but ours much larger and of course much deadlier.

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@_azure: Tastier, now I really want to hitch an asteroid and slam against yer atmosphere

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@_azure said:

OOC: Mind if I bring the Birthstar war to this planet sooner or later?

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An impressive beginning. Well done!

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Just looked at this, VERY sharp.

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