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Maybe this is a good reason to try out the supernatural society I was thinking about.

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@_Legion_ said:

Maybe this is a good reason to try out the supernatural society I was thinking about.

That'd be pretty badass.

@Naamah_Obyzouth: Having strenuously exerted extensive effort in reaching the unlikely destination, the tragic yet enigmatic Ishin walks with an instinctive confidence and poise, a characteristic class that undeniably defines him. With the unspoken intention of meeting with prominent vampiric mistress, Ishin resumes his unimpaired journey.

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There are rumors of many outsiders visiting Ravens Landing, most seem to be looking for trouble, and or at least alert to the hidden community of Vampires. Orders have been passed out from one of the Lords of the City to investigate and if necessary destroy enemy threats, the orders were given to Naamah. She has stumbled upon one of the outsiders, she is almost positive, she ghosts him throughout the cold streets filled with living darkness. He looks like he doesn't belong there, with the herd, he has a different way about him. She follows from a distance that a human could not. Once they reach a stretch of road that is void of preying eyes, she moves in. Stepping out of the very darkness, that she uses to travel quickly throughout the whole of the city. "Welcome to Ravens Landing, I am not here to harm you... Yet... But we do know about you, and I have been sent to greet you, and extend a welcoming handshake as long as you are not here for trouble."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: (No worries, I know you wanted to bust out a perfect response for me ;))

In a temporary moment of silence, the masked Grandmaster's vibrantly colored eyes scan this confident woman's posture with fearless observation. Calmly dismissing any potential threatening intentions, he greets her, "I'm not here to harm you as well. Thank you for the welcoming", his composed, deep voice stabbing the fabric of eerie silence in the secluded area of the city. "I'm here to see Ennoia".

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She looks up at the moon with his words. "The Dark Mother is all around us... I am sure she has already seen you... She has a way of finding us all... Even now she is here with us." she says as she taps one of her long fingers against the side of her head. "She sees what we all see... She hears what we all hear... And she knows what we all know..." Naamah stops talking for a moment... as if her mind is being intruded. "Yes... Mother... I see." Naamah pulls a business card out of her handbag, and writes an address on the back of it. "She has agreed to having a meeting with you." She hands him the business card with a genteel smile on her face. Then she backs away slowly and disappears into the darkness of night.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Mysteriously, an unseen mental intrusion seemed to have persuaded her to aid the enigmatic Impero with his objective. Quietly accepting the business card, he offers a calm nod in the woman's direction before making his way towards Ennoia's supposed abode. Standing in his characteristic posture of instinctive confidence and wordless charisma, Ishin rings the doorbell.

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@Impero: ( It may be a little bit <3 Jack is upset.)

@_Red_Eyes_: (Nice)

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: (No worries girl ;))

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The Ravens Perch

The Ravens Perch is a three-story nightclub with a large dance floor and numerous darker areas. It is a popular nightspot for Ravens Landing's Vampires. The lights are dim, the music is loud and the action is heavy. Ennoia is also present, charming a suitable mortal into becoming her physical companion for the night is her plan. Before long Ishin enters the club. Everyone stops what they are doing as their attentions are drawn to him. Ennoia waves her hand to Ishin, calling him over to her table in the back corner. This is a club full of Vampires, and willing humans, whom enjoy being lovers as well as fresh blood, just enough to enjoy themselves, not enough to cause any actual harm.

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An elegant creature strode into the night club, its slender form draped with deliberately revealing clothing. He placed himself in a booth at the corner of the room, his beauty drawing stares. Most nearly mistook him for human, until they actually took in the scent of his demonic blood. However, his preying eyes did not discriminate, and gazed out on them with something resembling hunger.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Don't make a twilight joke, don't make a twilight joke....DON'T!". Vermilion thought to himself as he was in full gear, hitting back another shot of whiskey in the vampire club, U.N.M.A inserting him into the city for recon on a place they don't have alot of intel on.

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This place, it was a land of fable itself. Amelia took a sniff as incoming winds blew mixed fragrances across her way. Her golden locks ruffles as the winds touched it. She also felt many creatures lurking around not to far from her. She was only here to find essential ingredients that grew around in this city. But she had to venture further north where the mountains lies. Walking with caution the nature witch looks around from side to side at the corner of her eyes, hands gripped tight into a ball just waiting for what dangers awaits her.

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Two sets of yellow gem eyes peer through the darkness, with another pair of white eyes below that scuttles along with it. An ominous noise of nibbling prattled through the cold winds. It was the sound of cabbage, of lettuce and mixed greens. A quadripedal mammal with fodder at the end of its mouth. Arius found a loney critter and decides to mount it, so far everything in this town is welcoming. Some fanged folk walked by uninterested as he has no blood nor any red fluid in his 'veins' which he also did not have, he is just a visitor and now there is lady. They approached her slowly.

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@Regal_Rumble_Man: The sounds in her new environment startled her. she was too unfocus, the vibe that the area emitted dazed her senses. Without warning she hears the silent critter's behind her. "Hello..." she asked nervously, she felt that were harmless but who knows, expect the unexpected.

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@Madame_Orchid: The critter stared at her as he stopped his giant gerbil, she reacted with a greeting and the little fella reacted in kind. Arius dismounted from the rodent as it gobbled down its vegetables, munching vigorously knowing that this meal may be its last. "Howdy..." the little critter replied with a smile gesture.

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@Zavala: Vermilion noticed what he assumed was a feminine looking man, finishing another shot he walked on over to him and sat down. "You look like you know a bit about this city.." He said rather straight forward.

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@_Creed_: His eyes drifted over to the newcomer. Zavala made no effort to conceal the fact that he was mentally undressing the man with his gaze. "No. But give me a few hours and the right people to sleep with and I could know everything."

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@Zavala: "Oh!...Uhh..This is going to be awkward isn't it?"

Vermilion was clearly a bit unsettled by the man's lust filled gaze, but he cleared his throat and continued. "Right..Anything you can tell me about this place?".

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@_Creed_: "It's full of inhuman things. Mostly vampires. Most of the humans don't look as.." His lips curled into a predatory grin. "..appealing, though."

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@Zavala: "...Do you usually flirt with most men this early in meeting them?" Vermilion chuckled, trying to amuse himself was not working.

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@_Creed_: "No. By now, I've usually bed them." He held his hand out in front of him, fingers-outstretched. His lips temporarily curled into a frown, and he made a remark about disliking the shade of polish he'd used on his nails.

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@Zavala: "It's a red alert..."

Vermilion raised his brows in surprise. "Yeah, I should probs just be...Going now..".

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@_Creed_: "Uncomfortable?" He asked, the grin returning. He released a small, controlled burst of pheromones into the air. To play with his head, if nothing else.

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@Zavala: "Ok yeah that's not me..Some sort of pheLook at the amazing lips.....Oh dear god, bail out!"

Vermilion stood up from the chair and gave his head a shake. "That! Is just creepy man!" He yelled while pointing at him, then turning around and walking away.

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@_Creed_: The incubus couldn't help but break out into a giggle fit, covering his mouth as he bent forwards. "Never fails."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Genetically superior to ordinary humans not unlike his fellow Keijijo clansmen, Ishin's wordless indifference to the unanticipated presence of humans in the nightclub was self-explained. Making his way towards Ennoia with an instinctive aura of charisma and enigmatic class, the powerful Impero charmingly takes the vampiric beauty by the hand, "You saved me quite a lot of trouble my dear".

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"I saved you... You say?" she says with a smile on her face. "Well then... How about you return the favor and make yourself comfortable, here beside me... For you see... Despite my many, many... Um... Friends" She looks like she is going to puke when she refers to the boot-licks and brown noses in the room as friends. "I am quite bored."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Why yes you did. You saved me the trouble of finding you", he replied, taking a seat beside her as requested. "You're a very powerful woman Ms. Ennoia", indeed, ambitious intentions governed his journey to her. "Perhaps there is something you could.. help me with".

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@Impero: She giggles. "Please... Its just Ennoia, unless you are one of my kind. Then... And only then... Are titles important." She is quite amused by his conduct. "So... You traveled all this way, to meet with me, and to ask me a favor?" She shakes her head. "This is not our way... It is the custom for the visitor to first extend his or her own services, before asking for return favors... It's simply the way our world works, I am afraid. However, you were polite enough to seek me out. Something that is considered good form." She lays her head on his shoulder, and takes a deep breath even though she does not need to breath, as a way to make others feel more comfortable around her. Its the little things like remembering to breath, or blink her eyes every once in a while, she puts forth the extra effort for guests. "I would like to hear what you would ask of me, and I will consider your request?"

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: As she gently lay her head on his shoulder, the masked Grandmaster softly wraps an arm around her desirable frame. "Forgive me my dear if I had not made clear before that I do intend to repay you for any favor you grant me". Taking notice of her rather generous attempt to put him at greater ease, he continues, "I need your help to confront... interesting opposition if I will. They fear what the extraordinary abilities of individuals such as ourselves can bring. They seek the extinction of all things that are not exactly... human. And what I want is to destroy those who wish to bring about our end. And what better way then to gather powerful allies? And of course, tis always pleasurable when my allies are.. ravishing".

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She nods as she cuddles up beside him, she uses her blood-magic to make it to wear her body is surprisingly warm and rosy for a walking and talking cadaver. "Trust me when I say I sympathize with this just and noble cause... But I need to think of my people. If a Vampire were connected to this crusade you are on, and rumors did happen to get around that Ennoia the Vampire Queen of Ravens Landing was involved in a war against the humans, then we could have another Inquisition... I lived through the first one... And trust me when I say, we don't need another. The burning times... A legendary army of farmers and The Church, using weapons of courage and Faith, began to strike back at us... It was during the time of human history you call The Dark Ages, and we refer to as Long Night... Many of us met our end... Few of us survived... We had to rebuild much of our culture." She stares off in the distance, as she is revisited by dark shadows of the past. "It is not something I can take lightly... I can aid you no doubt... But to what extent... I am not yet sure, it is not a decision I can make lightly."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Her concern for the potential safety of her people was understandable. "I understand your worries my dear", he assured, prior to gently placing a hand on her cheek, turning her face towards his masked one. As his vividly colored eyes met hers, he continued, "I wouldn't let any harm come to you. After all, it is the least that I could do for you should you aid me prominently. My allies and the Keijijo Clan, we will help you if your people are threatened because of your involvement in my cause".

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"I need time to think on this matter... It is a heavy choice I would be making. We have stayed safe here by staying here in Ravens Landing and not concerning ourselves with matters that take place outside of Ravens Landing. We keep our own business handled with great zeal. But we have remained disconnected with the rest of the world, in almost every aspect except professional business, and resources... I really do care... I wish you believed me." She looks down, but stays cuddled closely to him.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "I do my dear. The sincerity with which you've replied to me is nearly as compelling as your beauty", he answers. Indeed, had she not been speaking the truth, why else reveal so much information to a man who's face remains a mystery to her. "At the very least, I have you considering it. But enough about that. Tell me about yourself Ennoia".

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@Impero: (She can see more then you think <3... Her eyes can see what the shadows see. And seeing as how it is dark under that mask... It kind of goes without saying.)

"My past is storied handsome... I am afraid you will have to be a little more specific... How about the home of my birth..." She smiles a sweet smile. "I am Greek... I remember Carthage... Like it was yesterday... It was during Carthage that I was reborn... From a Roman invader."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: (Ah, alrighty then LOL)

It seems that she is perhaps even older than he. "Greek? I wouldn't have been able to guess that", he admits, "Maybe a more precise question. You've amassed quite an amount of power, would you mind elaborating on what drove you to this?".

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"I was a slave... For a very long time... To a tyrannical Lord of a Sire... The Roman whom made me... He was destroyed many years ago... And I was set free from his rule... I was free to live for myself, and have been doing so ever since. Is it wrong of me, to crave power?" She asks as she looks at him with her hauntingly beautiful eyes glowing bright in the darkness of the room.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Our stories are quite different Ennoia", he states, "To think what they had done to you when you were still a slave... it is tragic", he continues, meeting her eyes with characteristic self-confidence. "To crave power? No it is not. It would be hypocritical of me to say so. But I believe what I seek may be... different".

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@Impero: "Some of us are meant to rule... This power was not handed to me... I earned it. And in my world that is saying a lot that doesn't need to be said."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Power is not to be handed to people. It is to be earned with effort. These are the basic principles of my clan", he revealed, harboring a similar sentiment to hers. However, his burning desire for immortality in order to achieve his uncommon goal was what governed his supposed hunger for power. "Tell me Ennoia, you seem to intimidate most of these.. men if I may call them that. Does it at times refresh you when one approaches you without hesitation?".

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"It has been known to happen... Ignorance is bliss." she says with a smile on her face. "They fear me, because they know me... They have heard the stories and know what I can, and will do to them if they challenge my rule." The Queen is not boasting, she is simply stating a fact. For if you were to walk up to almost any Vampire of the city and ask them why she is the Bishop of the city, they would say the exact same thing.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Your certainty is an alluring trait my dear", he smirks calmly beneath his alabaster mask. Affectionately stroking her cheek, he continues, "They both fear and admire you. Tis interesting though. Powerful men are followed or opposed. But powerful women are always feared".

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@Impero: "Women having power is a common fear of men... Where as women without power are afraid of everything, same as men without power, or no guiding stars towards it. Ambition is not learned in most cases, you either have it, or you do not... Most Vampires have at least some degree of Ambition... It comes from our Vampiric souls, that coil within the husks we call bodies... Why do you wear the Mask?" She asks, sincerely wanting to know.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Many question why the prodigious Keijijo conceals his face with the unmistakable mask of the Impero, and few are capable of grasping its spiritual significance to one in his position. "This mask is a symbol to my clan, the Keijijo. It serves to identify the Grandmaster, the clan's most powerful member. Its esoteric properties make it a source of great wisdom and spiritual guidance", he explained somewhat cryptically.

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@Impero: "I am sure there are other advantages to wearing a mask as well... I could see it being unnerving to some people with weak constitutions, for an example." she says. "We all wear masks, but not all of us literally wear them."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "Not many have the obligation of an Impero to wear this mask. This mask, it is of great prestige to the Keijijo. Many have attempted to steal it", he reveals. Coincidentally, the expressionless mask serves as a perfect method to conceal his prominent facial scar. "But aside from its significance to my clan and my position as its leader... I have no other reason to wear it", Ishin admits, calmly removing his iconic mask.

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@Impero: Ennoia shows no signs of even caring about the scar, to her it is completely meaningless, she is elated that he felt comfortable enough to take the mask off. Her eyes are actually smiling, as well as the lips of her mouth.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: She like most, seems not to mind his scar, a trait that he harbors. Despite his permanently altered face, he somehow retains undeniable composure and charisma around others. His scar had never bothered him, it was to him a symbol of his messianic destiny and pride regarding not only his clan but his path as a martial arts prodigy. "I must be going Ennoia", he smirks before planting a rather gentle kiss on the corner of her lips. Placing his legendary mask back on, he rises from his seat, "I'll be sure to see you soon", abruptly, he vanishes in an eerie flock of dark crows.

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The kiss left her a little surprised but also left her wanting more. His theatrical exit makes a smirk cross her face, and she has to telepathically tell some of her Dark Children not to do the same except with Bats, or Rats. The display makes them feel envious to prove themselves to their Dark Mother. She just smiles, as she returns her attention to the crowd... She still needs to find a date to take home with her for the night.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth said:


The kiss left her a little surprised but also left her wanting more. His theatrical exit makes a smirk cross her face, and she has to telepathically tell some of her Dark Children not to do the same except with Bats, or Rats. The display makes them feel envious to prove themselves to their Dark Mother. She just smiles, as she returns her attention to the crowd... She still needs to find a date to take home with her for the night.