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Ravens Landing: A City of Darkness

The greatest difference between "Our" world and that ofRavens Landing: A city of Darkness, is the presence of immortal monsters pulling the strings of humanity. Violence and despair are more common here, because they need to be in order for the Vampiric Lords to continue their existence. The city is bleak, but escape is an ever-present commodity, perhaps too present. The setting of Ravens Landing is a composite of its populace and their despair.



Bloodsucking cadavers returned from the grave to feast on the living blood of mortals. Monsters damned to Oblivion who avoid their punishment through life unlawfully stolen. Erotic predators who take their sustenance from innocent, struggling or, perhaps, willing? Both men and women.

Since time's beginning, humanity has spoken of vampires, the undead, the demonic spirit embodied in human flesh, the corpse risen from its grave possessed of a burning hunger for warm blood. From Hungary to Hong Kong, from Delhi to New York, people throughout the world have experienced chills of delicious terror contemplating the deeds of the night-stalking vampire. The vampire has haunted novels, films. TV series, video games, clothing, even breakfast cereal. These stories are mere myths, right? Wrong.

Vampires have walked among us from prehistoric times. They walk among us still. They have fought a vast, hidden war with one another since the earliest nights of human history. History, his story, our story, their story... Are you ready to know the truth? I hope so. And this eternal struggles final outcome may determine humanity's future, or its ultimate damnation.

The Others

The Vampires are not the only monsters to stalk the streets of Ravens Landing. Behind many a looming shadow lurks a pair of eyes belonging to something...else. The Vampires share the night with many other inhuman presences. When Vampires come into contact with these "others," the results are rarely pleasant, as the Cities supernatural denizens have vied for themselves, these others have societies of their own. Unfortunately, few Vampires have been able to get close enough to the others to tell, and fewer still have escaped to warn others. Among these other races these are the most common:Werefolk, Trolls, Goblins, Ghosts, Ghouls, Imps, Demons, Zombies, Lich Lords, and Giant Mutant Animals. There is also at least oneBansheethat has been sighted in Ravens Landing, how the Banshee came to be in the city is a mystery of great interest among the occultist and Vampiric Lore-Masters of the city.

The Mortals

The Mortals in Ravens Landing are not much different from us, except that they are treated by the overwhelming Vampire population of Ravens Landing as livestock so to say, the humans are given every luxury in life made possible by the Vampiric Lords that rule over their City, the cost of living is very economical in Ravens Landing, making it very easy for many mortals to live there, and have big fat families, with big fat children, and grand children. This makes all the hard work the Vampires of the Ravens Landing put inside their boardrooms, feel secure. The cattle are happy, stupid, and fat from wealth, making them easy prey.

The Hunt

When all is said and done, the most fundamental difference between "US" humans and "THEM" Vampires lies in their methods of sustenance. Vampires may not subsist on the foods of mortals, instead they must maintain their eternal lives through consumption of blood, fresh human blood. Vampires acquire their sustenance in many fashions. Some cultivate "herds" of willing mortals, who cherish the ecstasy of the Vampires kiss (Bite). Some creep into houses by night, feeding from sleeping humans. Some stalk the mortals playgrounds, the nightclubs, bars, and theaters, enticing mortals into illicit liaisons and disguising their predation as acts of passion. And yet others take their nourishment in the most ancient fashion, stalking, attacking and incapacitating (or even killing) mortals who wander too far into lonely nocturnal alleys and empty lots.

The Hunters

Vampires prey on the mortals, this is the way of things. As the elders are painfully aware, though, they may be preyed on as well. Vampires must step lightly, they must be ever mindful of their dark arts, were the humans as a whole ever to turn its attention to the Vampires, the Vampiric Lords of Ravens Landing would be quickly wiped out. Superstition is the Vampires best weapon. By enforcing mortals disbelief, by cultivating a smug belief in reason, by dismissing Vampires presence as the fancies of children and lunatics, the Vampires allow the mass of the mortals to do the work of shielding them from the few mortals who do know that Vampires walk the night. A few small clusters of quote unquote "Vampire Hunters" have spawned up in Ravens Landing as of recent nights, no doubt the result of the young and stupid Vampires born of the modern era.


Location: Ravens Landing.

Basic Information

Population: 2'628'088, metropolitan area 3'038'046.

Vampire Population: 70-80 (not including possible unknowns)

Newspapers: Ravens Landing Sentinel (Morning daily), Landings Journal (afternoon daily).

Weather: Ravens Landing is a winter wonderland most of the year. Staying at an average temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit a bulk of the year, and reaching average temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit in July. This is ideal for the Vampires whom are indifferent to extremes of temperatures, and keeps the mortals fat, lazy, and sluggish. Many people opt to stay inside of their public heated dwellings, rather than face the cold bitter streets.

Ravens Landing is a city of extremes. It holds many rich in its penthouses, but it houses many more people in its community homes. Some mortals think of Ravens Landing as a clean and prosperous city. Those aware of the truth of this Gotham type world know the city's wholesale exterior hides a much darker truth. The prosperity of Ravens Landing is only a veil covering its rotten core. At the heart of this beautiful winter wonderland is a toxic center, the corrupt business practices have seen to that.

Special Locations

  • City Hall
  • Ravens Landing Public Park
  • The University (College Students)
  • Ravens Perch (Night Club)
  • The Arena (Sports, Extreme and Athletic)
  • The Auditorium (Council Meetings, ect.)
  • The Old Crow Theater (Movies, Popcorn)
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Ravens Landing Public Museum
  • ST. Stevens Chapel
  • Miller Frost Cemetery
  • Public Sewers System

The Vampires of Great Interest in Ravens Landing

Overlord Malik

The Dark Father of Ravens Landing. The oldest and most powerful of the blood drinking fanged immortals, of legend. Overlord Malik is the only true Ancient Vampire unliving in Ravens Landing, he is estimated to have been remade from an unknown Vampire around 8'000 years ago. These are just the rumors however seeing as how no one would actually have the audacity to actually ask Overlord Malik such a pointless and trivial question.

Archbishop Goro

If Overlord Malik is the King of Ravens Landing then Archbishop Goro is his right hand. Goro is the visible leader of the Vampire community of Ravens Landing, seeing as how Overlord Malik stays in the shadows, and only speaks to the Archbishop and the Bishop directly. Archbishop Goro makes all the important decisions regarding Ravens Landing, for both the Vampire community, and in regards to the livestock. (Mortals)

Bishop Ennoia

The Dark Mother of the Vampires of Ravens Landing, as well as the black heart and soul, like a timeless ebony rose. Bishop Ennoia has amassed much wealth and power by being the center of attention in the social circles of the Vampire community, she is the eyes, and ears of the little people so to say. Ennoia has been coined the nick-name The Black Queen, or just Queen for short, it is not an official title just an amusing anecdote.

The Hierarchy

The Vampires of Ravens Landing have a status structure that is based on a Vampires personal status within the community. The Overlord, Archbishop, and Bishop being at the top of their hierarchy the list is as follows:

  • Overlord: Taken. NPC
  • Archbishop: Taken. NPC
  • Bishop: Taken. NPC
  • Lord or Lady: Open.
  • Elder: Open.
  • Mr or Miss Open.
  • Never heard of the guy, or gal. Of course open. We always need boot licks.

(This is a Location thread for the CVnU accessible by all for interactions and RPG's. Minor destruction of buildings and property is fine, but any major destruction and or killing of political/high ranking NPC's must first be authorized by the COE (council of editors) before hand. If you eventually wish to create a team, corporation, Industrial Empire, etc, I'll add it to the OP after clearance from the COE.)

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O_O f'n amazing job, Naamah.

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Nice! I love it.

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@OutIaw: @Amaranth_Strix:

Thanks <3's


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Actually, this might be a perfect place to place an alt. Assuming I make him at all.

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@Arquitenens said:
I...wow!  Actually, this might be a perfect place to place an alt. Assuming I make him at all.
Your gonna make a him? :o
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@Arquitenens: @_Legion_:

The funny thing is that I didn't even do this for myself, I did it for you guys. I hope you do put it to use.

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@_Legion_: You were here when we had Major's school, no? One half of my first characters was a him. (I may bring those two back, possibly)
And yeah, I could possibly make one. Possibly. It's a great place.
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@Naamah_Obyzouth: I thought about that! I thought, Is she making an alt!? Or just doing this for everybody else?
Still sad you aren't. But thanks for it!
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@Arquitenens: I though you were Zauberin O_o
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@_Legion_: I am. But before that, I was Chevaliere, who was at the time (before the name change) LordHuntingrathII.
HEY! He spelled it right!
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@Arquitenens: Good, then I'm not bad at picking out new alts. Just old mains I have problems with O_o
I'm just as surprised as you are.
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I might just have to bring one of my Vampire characters here from time to time. Or a certain Red headed Barbarian who is obsessed with killing trolls. :)

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: I can't believe I'm only seeing this now. Beautiful job :)

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:3 Thanks!

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@Naamah_Obyzouth said:

I might just have to bring one of my Vampire characters here from time to time. Or a certain Red headed Barbarian who is obsessed with killing trolls. :)

Dooo it!

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@Amaranth_Strix: I will if LL falls in love with her all over again! <3

It's a new Universe!

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: You're welcome :)

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Here is a poem I love for inspiration.

"At first the dark streets appear empty, desolate and eerie in their strange abandonment. Buildings lie vacant. Home to rubble. Rats and nothing more.

But a keen eye discerns movement in the gloom. Shadows begin to dart and dash among the neon poles, chasing each other in futile games.

Drawn by a chill wind from the lakes. Dense fog begins to roll into roads. Collecting in ominous packs beyond the shadows.

A creeping cold begins in the base of the spine. Slowly spreading through the rest of the body. A coat, pulled tight about the neck. Adds little warmth.

Distant noises draw closer. Things only half heard take on a new life. Sounds not sensed before become real.

The damp wind reaches feverish strength. Menacing everything in its path. Paper. Sweepings and other refuse sail from every direction. Striking sharply at the gutter before skittering off again.

Shapes spin by. Seen only through the corner of the eye. Hands reach for an anchor, but find nothing more than intangible air.

Feet, once firmly planted, tear free of the earth to join with the offal already launched. Hands frantically claw for stability, finding nothing and grasping at dreams.

As manic winds shred clothes, the screams of the lost cry out from beyond.

In a maelstrom of madness, who dares embrace sanity?"

... Demoniac frenzy, moping melancholy. And moon-struck madness. - John Milton, paradise Lost.

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I like!

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I like!

Thanks <3

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Glad you decided to help build the CVnU into something special by creating one of your brilliant locations for it. Luv the op.

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@Mr_LeBeau: Thanks <3 I do these things for all of us to have a pool to swim in. I hope people decide to get wet. lol

Ravens Landing: Entry 1

Jim Buckle called "Jimmy" by most of his friends, roams the halls of Ravens Landing's very own Public Museum after hours looking for some cheap thrills and perhaps a few choice items that he could take to his friend Susan Thatcher a local "fence". (Someone whom handles stolen property for resale)

Jim starts to feel like he is being watched as he enters into the basement level of the museum, he could have sworn he heard whispers. He wants to make sure he is all alone tonight, that no one else is muscling in on his job, or going to call the police...

He is indeed hearing whispers, but from where? Jim holds his lighter out his hand is shaking so bad he is burning the small hairs off of his wrist... And then something behind him blows out the light. His eyes widen as blood pours from his mouth. Their was a sharp pinch in his back, and his chest was on fire. He didn't even get a chance to scream... "Oh god is that my heart, something is holding my heart." his last thoughts, as everything fades to black.

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*Pluck! Pluck!*

Vermilion was in an all out sprint as he occasionally turned back to fire an arrow from his bow at the perusing vampires, having made some out of oak days after he was dropped in by air on a recon mission of the mysterious city. Finally he pulled out a napalm arrow and jumped up against the wall, bounded off of it and turned around mid air to ignite the two vampires into a cloud of punishing flames. Wounded, Vermilion tumbles onto the dumpster harshly and groans while holding his side that was cut by sharp nails minutes before the chase.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Oops :/ I peed in the pool

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Great job Naams! :D

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@Mr_LeBeau: You peed in the pool! Hits with water noodle.

@_Creed_: Thanks! If you go around killing Vampires, don't forget to wear protection. Hands him a condom.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Going out killing vampires, even if it's a quicky, wrap that sticky.

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Scrape! Scrape! Ssssscraaaaaaaaaaaaape! The sound of metal on stone was almost unbearable. The man in the tan suit hung from the roof, his claws slipping an inch every couple of seconds. "Ohgodohgodohgod." Blake whispered as he looked up into the feral eyes of the vampire above him. With a superior smirk, the vampire kicked the claws and Blake began to slip, but hit against the wall with his feet, his claws retracting with a flick of his wrists. He soared through the air, flipped, and then landed (not very gracefully), in a dumpster. He lay there for several seconds, the sheer force of his landing crushing everything by about a foot. He slowly crawled out of the dumpster and fell to the floor, smirking up at the vampires, then took off running as they leaped from the roof, deploying his claws again.

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Thumbs up. I love the name... This is amazing

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Ravens Landing: Entry 2

Ennoia the Bishop of Ravens Landing was delighted with herself. She savored all of her precious eternity, and her chauffeured ride as well. She snuggles herself more deeply into the downy-soft leather of the seats. Her date for the evening was passed out on Brandy, the man is a professor at the University. Ennoia had herself a little snack as he slept so peacefully unaware, leaving a few ruby driblets on his neck, but using her Vampiric gifts to lick the wound effectively closing it.

A Vampire of her status need not kill her food, sometimes she does enjoy the thrill of a good hunt, but not as often as she used to. These nights she has been too busy with the work of maintaining her strong sway over the masses, the Queen is a social being of unmatched character. Her greatest fear is to ever be considered an outcast again, it took her decades to reach her position, and there is literally nothing she would not do to maintain it. Even going as far as dating the mortals whom can help better sway the rest of their kind. Ennoia dates them all, and gains their favor, which in return gains her status in the Vampire community as well.

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Silence greeted the newcomer as she entered the chamber. The sole movement, apart from hers, was the flutter of thin cloth blown by the ventilation currents. Cloth that outlined, shroud-like, the lean forms of the vampires who stood motionless in the gloom. Only their eyes moved, and even then just to follow the newcomer as she strode to stand, fists on hips, before the master of the manse. At last, it was the lord who spoke.


She bowed her head only a millimeter, enough to let one midnight lock fall across her beautiful face. Her smile was that of a shark circling its prey."I see my reputation precedes me."

The Vampiric Lord watches her as she stands before his thrown, his face is as stone and his voice is as cold as the grave."Lets get to business... Even I don't have eternity to waste... My time is perhaps more worthy of another Lord or Lady?"

Her smile doesn't even fade, but she is boiling hot with rage on the inside. She keeps it hidden, somehow she finds the strength."Perhaps... If you would indulge me for but a moment of your time... I have some business to discuss."

He nods."I heard... We are having some unwanted guests."

Naamah is not completely surprised, Lord Tova has eyes and ears all over the city."My husband sent me here to offer my services to handle these visitors."She says as she tucks her loose hairs back behind her ears.

"Very well... His judgement I trust... He is a respected Lord of the city... You may go... Oh yes... And one more thing, don't keep me waiting."He smugly smirks, and turns his face away from her. She is gone from his chamber by the time he looks forward again.

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Okay. Priest away!

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@Arquitenens said:

Okay. Priest away!


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@Naamah_Obyzouth: You may have inspired me. I may end up making that priest after all.
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@Arquitenens: Everyone is welcome here <3 And of course that includes you.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Yeah, but there's still stuff that needs fleshing, and so many others that need doing.
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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Hector Eckhart knelt in front of the main alter inside St. Stevens Chapel. His hands clasped together and head tilted downwards, the man not of this world recited a prayer he discovered from a faith unfamiliar to him. The strangeness of the phrases did not matter to him, as the intention of the message he conveyed to the higher-powers that ruled over this realm revealed his need for guidance. "Give me a sign, please!" He cut himself off near the end of the prayer, his head raised while shouting up towards the ceiling.

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Bishop Ennoia

"I am here, Lord." The voice was pure velvet, and yet the woman's face and form put it to shame. She slid from the shadowy arch of an antechamber, dropping to one perfect knee and bowing her angelic head before her Lord, at least she thinks. "What, or on whom, would you have me perform this evening?"

She is completely unaware of the stranger whom has entered her Lords domain. It is the time of the evening she usually meets Archbishop Goro to discuss a great many details about her duties for the evening. She heard Hectors shouts and assumed it was he.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Hector quickly rose to his feet and turned to face the woman who had appeared. "Who are you?" His question echoed loudly through out the Chapel.

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The Bishop snarls as she leaps back and vanishes into a mist of green smog. Her voice still echos inside the confines of the chapel."Who are you to question me... In my city?"

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Hector raised his hands submissively and takes a couple steps backwards until his back makes contact with the alter. "I apologize. My name is Hector Eckhart and I am new to this planet. I did not mean to offend you." His words were sincere as he did not want any confrontation.

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@ElusiveStorm: The mist circles around Hector's feet, forming a large circle of thick green smog around his body."What is an Alien doing in Ravens Landing?"she says as she regains her solid form behind him.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Remaining where he stood, not turning around, Hector contemplated for a moment on his response. "Visiting, miss."

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@ElusiveStorm: "I see."she says as she starts to communicate with all of the Vampiric Lords of the City via telepathic connection, sharing the news about the spaceman."Well enjoy your time here in my city darling. You will get used to the theatrics."she says in a very upbeat tone. Then she vanishes from the Chapel.

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My theme song... LOL! :)

Loading Video...
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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Hector smiles after the mysterious woman leaves. "I've had more than my share of theatrics." He says to himself, referring to the destruction and massacre of four billion of his kin that he had done to his home world.

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(That was a good intro into the city, don't you think?)

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: (Especially since I;m kinda wasted)

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Ravens Landing Entry 3

Overlord Malik clutched the edge of its fluttering cloak with one long fingered hand, drawing it closer around itself. It strode quickly from the study, and the misshapen creatures in the hallway scurried quickly to its side as it walked.

"No," Overlord Malik hissed, glaring at the hideously re-sculptured monsters.

"No, no, no, I require none of you. Where is Ennoia? Bring me Ennoia."

"I am here Dark Father."Her voice was beauty incarnate, mixed with a sultriness that read liquid sex. She slid from the shadows, behind an alter. Once before her Dark Father she dropped to one of her perfectly sculpted knees, and bowing her divine head before Overlord Malik."I am ready to serve you Father, in anyway you see it. I can and will do anything to please my Lord."

Overlord Malik beloved his Dark Daughter, but it knew better then to ever trust in her. For it is in their kinds very nature to be predators even with one another, the world that they walked in was a primordial shark-tank. Still it stepped closer to Ennoia, and placed its hand upon her angelic head. "Indeed."