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Gone is the romance that was so divine.  A love that knew no bounds bludgeoned for reasons unknown.  Some say this adoration was shattered to prevent a future where happiness isn't ever after.  It all began about four years ago.  Before the appearance of powers filled media outlets with overzealous dramas; there came this tale unlike any other.   Thee American dream a rebellious teenager would say.  An adventure which can no longer be contained.  Behold a disaster so beautiful!  Certainly your curiosity cannot refrain. 

Fatal Crossroads

He wishes his life had unraveled differently.  One mistake shattered an organization based entirely on trust as well as loyalty.  Mister Zeraz and his adopted son Noah had recently thrown a gargantuan blast for Mister Dorian's daughter Clarice Michelle.  Her recent engaged to Noah meant wonder for their respective affiliations.  These two youngsters were surely meant for greatness.  Their union expected to unite two of the world's most internationally renowned million dollar franchises from two different states.  Zeraz hailing from California and Dorian from Chicago, Illinois.   
In just three hours vows would have been shared.  A violet eyed gentlemen and his blond bombshell shared the night with optimistic smiles.  Their immaturity intended on making an honest living from their fathers' flourishing business.  However, neither party expected the emergence of a peculiar lass.  Marissa Lilith clumsily returned from obscurity.  An ex-wife of Mister Dorian and mother of one Clarice Michelle.  No knows how the conversation started, but words were said how the Zeraz aren't even entirely Italian.  Push came to shove and secrets were revealed.  Clarice Michelle was no Dorian but a Zeraz indeed!  A travesty of sorts for those with investments.  Bullets went blazing as the scandal bled onto whitewashed walls.  An engagement dissolved when star crossed lovers realized they might as well be considered siblings.   
Deception and disgust coursed through the veins of Mister Dorian.  So much so that he shot Marissa three times on the medically manufactured jawline.  Frazzled and grief stricken the Chicago based gangster called off the wedding expected to headline various news outlets.  His blind fury nearly costed the life of Mister Zeraz.  If it not were for Noah who knows what could of been?  Arguments were shared rather vigorously between all four crafty individuals.  Nothing more shocking than the trading of children.  Upon the time of 11:11 pm the two fiances switched locales.  Noah leaving with Dorian, his distrust of his supposed father very much apparent, and Clarice staying in such a grim city with her one true father. 

Even with tremendous tragedy, Mister Zeraz had an extremely extraordinary sense of hope.  Didn't even shed a tear.  He said he experienced a version of this scenario decades ago when his last name was much more profound.  He never did divulge in this previous event.  Although he does consistently repeat that time often times repeats itself.  One can never tell when Mister Zeraz's sayings are truth or false.  Nonetheless this is how the family that nearly took over the western hemisphere never came to be.  How are they now you may wonder?  Well after four years of separation everyone's changed for better or worse.  Their lives have become an entirely different genre.  An epic that has no intentions of ending.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today ~ James Dean
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Sweet, keep it going

Can't wait for Great Gatsby

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@Mr. Mercury: Thank you. 
Me too. I'm loving the cast 
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Yeah, Gemma Ward is supposed to have a minor role in it

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@Mr. Mercury: Really? That's interesting
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Wow, looking good!

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@Kratesis: Thank you ^.^

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I was drawn in with the very first line. Great job

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@_Sojourn_: Thanks boo xD
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@Thunderbolt finally... And you're welcome
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@_Sojourn_: Now go make a CVnU character for me :)

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@Thunderbolt hmmmmm