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The year is 1924, Prohibition is in full swing, Capone is on the rise, and the Chicago is beginning a spiral into gang violence and death. In the wake of this all the police seem powerless and the government is yet to truly intervene. Seeing their city in danger, a brave few have begun to rise, hoping to take down the gang violence with vigilante justice. But the police are their tails, corrupt or not, and things are getting heavy. No one knows what side anyone is on, no one can trust be trusted, no one is safe, because this is Gangland and one mistake is all it takes to end it all.

This is obviously an AU RPG, so all characters will be alternate versions of main or CVNU versions of a character.
All normal RPG rules apply.

You can control any NPCs, even Capone; just make sure they’re in character.

Keep powers low street level. I know people like using powerhouses, but this isn’t really the RPG for that.

Please remember to kill of important NPCs or destroy important locations without warning.

If anyone is more knowledgeable on Prohibition era Chicago and the various gangs, I’d really appreciate the help.   

This is the OOC thread. I'll have an RPG thread up by tomorrow at the latest. 
This is an open RPG, but please post here before you jump in, just so everyone knows who you are. 
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Crap, forgot to put OOC in the title. I'm an idiot.

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Your not an idiot stfu :)
  @Decoy Elite
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@614azrael: I fixed it, just need to remember to put RPG on the end of the actual RPG thread.
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@Decoy Elite: Born in 1892 in China, Wu Zhang emigrated to America with his parents in 1900 to California. His childhood was rough growing up in the mining areas, though the gold was mostly gone, silver was still there and that his how the Zhang's eked out a living. When the conditions and blatant racism had become too much, they moved to Chicago, while not as racist they could only find work in laundries. In 1915 a gang run by Diamond Jim Colosimo, tried to squeeze money from his parents. Wu beat them up using the kung-fu he'd learnt all his life, surprising the mainly pugilistic fighters of the time.

They returned and being unable to identify which "yellow bastard" beat them up, set fire to a large section of Chinatown killing Zhang's parents and dozens of others. The police did a sub-par job of investigating because, well they were only Chinese. A very angry Wu hit a police officer who ignored his accusations. The punch got Wu publicly beaten to with an inch of his life and then six years in County Jail.

Upon his release in 1924, Wu wanted revenge. But Colosimo had been shot and killed in 1920. His gang had merged and become the Chicago Outfit, worse than the monsters who'd killed his family. Wu decided to take them out, but being Chinese infiltraiting them was nigh on impossible. He went to an opium den to plot his revenge. Whether it was the fumes or the tea or the divine, Wu had a vision about a dragon, clearing the streets of Chicago with fire.

And so 9TH Dragon was born! Wu using his kung-fu to deadly efficiency, plus playing on the white man's superstitions 9TH Dragon plagues the gangs burning their stills, firebombing their homes and looking for a way to take down Capone forever!

9TH Dragon

Real name: Wu Zhang

Powers: Thirty years of kung-fu (on par level with say Shang-Chi, Bruce Lee, Yip Man etc), Tri-lingual (Chinese/English/Italian)

Weapons: Modified Luger pistol with front drum magazine (8 bullets in the handle, 32 from the drum) Effective range of 50m, Smoke bombs, petrol bombs, firebreathing chemicals & igniter, firecrackers

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@batkevin74: Nice!
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@Decoy Elite: Diamond Jim Colosimo ran the gang that would become the Chicago Outfit up until 1920 when he got shot & killed. Capone took over in 1924, he even kicked the newly elected puppet mayor down the stairs of Town Hall when he spoke out of line about bringing down Capone. Here's Al's wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Capone which has got pretty much Al's life, hope it helps.

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@batkevin74: Thanks, I actually read the kicking the mayor down the stairs thing and decided to have this AU be set around that time. 
Didn't know about Jim Colosimo though. Interesting stuff.
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Gonna have the OP for the RPG thread up tomorrow due to tiredness. >.>

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@Decoy Elite: A 1924 Chicago newspaper, slightly altered :)

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