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in this RPG there are two sides. those who acept the curse and those who try to stop it. now if you acept the curse your power will double but at a cost. unlike DBZ you will lose a piece of your humanity to the curse each time you increase your power.the power is only temprary while loseing your humanity is permanant. each time you lose somthing it has to be drastic. you can't go i doubled my power by geting a demon pinky. at first a hand is lost then the forearm, then the bicep till it then goes to the other arm. i supose you see what i mean. you also have a psy-link with other cursed ones so your bsicaly never alone. the people who will apose the curse also can power up by drinking the mystic water but like the curse it has a side efect. you will start lose your risistance untill the 15th time where you'll sucumb to the curse. at the fifthenth time for the cursed ones you die basicaly so don't use it to often. in order to reverse the proces you must drink some of the holy water. it will not cure the curse but it will keep you humanity longer. the ones who defy tyhe curse keep it. you maynot teleport there directly you must first learn of the water and then of the location. this RPG will e like somthing we never had before. it will be like a book. each part will be a chapter. if i god mode its only to prolong the story. i would like your help on what main event happens in the chapters after so PM me with your ideas.