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A century of friendship and brotherhood bound by god and by steel for the protection of the sacred lands. Oaths sworn and honored till death for generation families lived and died by the code, fathers passed their duties on to their sons and so on till the purge. Then came the conflict of the houses and the great retreat as the once proud and noble defenders of the faith hid from their extinction. Mother church abandoning and pursuing its former champions, the Slays hidden in an Italian monastery high in the alps carried the weight of the old ways in secret hidden from the eyes of the church. The Knightfall's survived the purge in their own way fleeing from their history and hiding in the plain sight using their lethal skills when needed to keep hidden behind the veil. Centuries after the purge with the hunting of the purge over and the reemergence of the former Templar families resulting in a new kind of conflict between the former allies, A conflict neither family could avoid or last entirely in tact. And so the tension increased until the time came to attack

"The GPS says we are right on top of the tracking beacon you stashed in the museum." laughing through the complex mesh of metal and Kevlar that made his infamous crimson mask "On top of ?, poor choice of words brother" reaching out slowly with his left hand hand the Slay assassin wiped it down the ancient and rancid wall flicking the dust from his fingers after he did so. "Gonna knock nicely, prepare for feedback" Placing a small explosive device next to the wall he then retreated to a safe distance " Explosion in 3-2-1 BOOOM" the enclosed tunnels echoed the explosion around for what seemed like an age "Ok its safe to say they know i'am here. Now to work"

Stepping over the rubble of the once was wall, Cassius could feel the assuring footing of a cold and hard industrial style metal floor. Crouching down and looking at his GPS drawing his favorite pistol as he did so "Mark location of lower museum, appears to be the potential stronghold we have been looking for. Radio silence as of now except on my go over" creeping along his body low his foot steps muffled his pistol prepped and his mind trying to absorb every detail he came to a decision.

"Follow the power lines"

Slowly and sure footedly he moved looking for security devices personnel anything, then a distant glow. His visor refocusing for range as he slowly inched closer the tell tell shape of a target came into sight. Continuing his slow advance Cassius finally got within attack range but he stalled hidden in the shadows as his mind made the connection "Its him the one who hit you with the nerve toxin throwing stars, the one that gave you the dam nerve twitch for the last 4 weeks." Putting his gun back into his holster he pulled out his knife instead before pouncing from the shadows blade first at his opponents back.

And for thoose of you who want something different or just like the idea here's the post in audio
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It had been nearly a month since he last encountered the Crimson Clad Slay during an unforgettable infiltration of the prestigious Knightfall Museum. An event that culminated in an intense confrontation between the two factions. Since then, the Catalan Knightfall had immersed himself in an unexplained sabbatical, physically and mentally refining himself, feeling that the string of failures in capturing the deadly Final Arrow served as powerful indicators that improvement had become a requirement. Opting not to contact his family, rendering them uninformed of his current situation and location, the Morte Knightfall had embarked on a fruitful period of seclusion.

Having completed his rigorous self-training sessions in a self-imposed exile in undisclosed patches of wilderness in the North American continent, the Morte Knightfall had returned. Once again clad in his symbolically distinct Knightfall suit, and armed with his versatile array of weaponry, the strategical Morte Knightfall found himself in the lower areas of the Knightfall Museum. Opting not to contact anyone through the SEER systems yet, the Shadow of Catalonia spotted a somewhat familiar figure in the shadowy distance. Prior to his impending physical response, he felt a blade violently drive into his back before he quickly evaded any further damage by establishing distance between him and his attacker.

His cybernetically-enhanced healing factor was immediate in reacting, healing an otherwise painful wound. The internal technologically-enhanced crystal layer in his eyes granting him peerless perception and clear vision. It was him. "You!", he yelled, his voice laced with anger as he unsheathed a black bladed katana from his back. "You're here again? This time, I'll kill you", he vowed, dashing towards him, executing a speedy vertical slash aiming for the Slay's torso.

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His opponent shrugged off a wound that floor a lesser a man confusing Cassius to exactly what he was up against. A blade buried between the shoulders of any normal man would make any and all movement of the arms shoot pain signals throughout the top of their torso. Yet this Knightfall had not only taken the hit and removed the blade he now advanced on Cassius his arms apparently unimpaired to the damage in his shoulder muscles. Screaming at Cassius as he dashed at him sword held high "This time, I'll kill you" a furious flash of steel reached out for his torso as his opponents blade cut through the air towards him. With nothing else at his disposal Cassius twisted his wrist raising his pistol in an upside down grip. Pushing the bottom of his fist barrel side first towards the incoming blade. Steel meeting steel a loud clang echoed around the room as the sword and pistol clashed the force of his opponents attack pushing the limits of the slay assassins grip. The black blade of his opponent scratching down the barrel and bouncing off away from his vital organs and nipping at the assassins bicep as the full length of the blades initial attack passed the assassin's body.

As the blade passed by Cassius felt the stinging surge coming from his arm, the glint on the first drops of blood running down between the plates of armored jacket. Having diverted a potentially fatal attack he had managed to guide the blade into one of the few weak points of his amour. "hows that for bad luck" he thought as he tried to concentrate on how best to take advantage of the situation. Reaching with his good arm towards his opponents wrist he tried to push his opponents sword arm up and away from his opponents body. With a switch of his feet and a graceful roll the Crimson Slay rolled under the arm and fired his pistols. His trigger held down pumping out a small barrage of rounds aimed as he rolled into the underside of his opponents blade arm.

Pulling himself up to his feet and looking at his opponent anticipating an infamous Knightfall style dodge or parry he replied to his foes former jibe " You can try, but this time i'am ready. and you don't have any else to get my attention so you can cheap shot me from behind like last time"

A few minor mistakes ( Re-recording over and over is pain)
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