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"The space-time around Qoobus appears to be distorted just as general relativity predicts,"
  • Type: Planet
  • Official Name: Qoobus
  • Location: On the center of the Castor Galaxy
  • Population: Unrevealed
  • Capital City: Unrevealed
  • Government: Unspecified
  • Languages: Unrevealed
  • National Defense: Unrevealed
  • Places of Interest: None identified
  • Domestic Super Humans: None identified
  • Prominent Citizens: None identified
  • Superhuman Residents: None identified

The planet of Qoobus, Quadros in earthian English is cubical in shape It is sixty-third in a system of 96 planets and- has a population of approximately 258,264,789,000,000,000 inhabitants. It is a mysterious and mythical gigantic planet located at the exact center of the Castor galaxy. Unlike other known planets, Qoobus does not move around a sun. Instead there are several suns which orbit around it. In addition, Qoobus does not revolve itself; instead, the whole galaxy is driven around it. It is covered in greatly diverse enviroments and inhabited by many strange creatures

A cube world with feature six square faces and only up/down gravity toward the centers of these regions. In moving closer and closer to the edge, it would feel like walking up an incline and it would be difficult to stand up straight because the gravitational pull would draw towards the center of the massive cube, which wouldn't lie directly beneath the feet. Standing on the “edge” of this cube world would feel like standing atop a mountain range. The only easily inhabitable places on Qoobus world would be the centers of the faces – one would have to walk uphill in every direction from the centers on an every-increasing slope, slowly passing out of whatever atmosphere existed.

A star in the shape of a cube, orbited by a planet also shaped like a cube.
Sola is a super-intelligent stellar body that could analyze any attack and create defenses for it. Sola generates nova heat in plasma bursts capable of devastating planets. Sola could also generate microwaves and radiation, and distort gravity. It could also prevent others from traveling between dimensions.

The six faces would be completely cut off from each other. Six independent ecosystems on a single planet. A planet somehow altered into a cube that would have separate civilizations on each face, none of whom knew of the other’s existence, since it would be so difficult to ascend to the edges of the world that none of them had ever accomplished the feat. Six entirely separate ecosystems, evolving independently, with completely different inhabitants (different intelligent life forms). Besides being different physically, each intelligent civilization have totally different religions, and would have different social structures etc. One could explore six alternate ways of being.

While such a planet couldn't form naturally, it is a practical choice for a novice world builder like the Hazard who wanted to experiment with ecosystems on a massive scale as sort of an experiment in evolution. 'Qoobus' started out spherical like any other planet but Hazard transformed it into a cube for the benefit of its inhabitants. The planet was already inhabited at the time he cubified it. He had to reshape the entire sphere without disturbing the fragile ecosystem on the crust. Terra-forming in a literal sense, physically altering the shape of a planet in order to terraform it. Yet Qoobus has very thick hazardous atmospheres as it is a sentient, tentacled planet that scours other worlds prior to cubing.

Woe to anyone who lives close to the edge of a cube.

All six faces of the plant aces would boast temperate weather, centralized bodies of water and none of them would feature polar or equatorial weather. What’s more, the pointy edges of the cube would actually poke through the planet’s atmosphere like titanic mountains. The atmosphere goes up 1000 km above the Earth (when it is a sphere), and so is a sphere itself of radius 6400km+1000km=7400km. A cube with the same volume as the spherical Earth would have a side 10,000 km (6,400 miles) long so the corners are 8700 km from the center! They would definitely stick out above the atmosphere. So if you went on the tallest mountain on one side, you could see the world — you can see vast distances. You can sight down one edge of the cube to a far corner, a distance of some 6,400 miles. Even more strikingly, you see all the atmosphere and water has been concentrated by gravity into a blob in the middle of each face, with the corners and edges poking out into space.

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On spherical earth the horizon on average is a little over three miles away. On cubical earth you can, see to the edge of the planet, potentially a distance of thousands of miles. Up the slope you’re standing on, impossibly far off, you can make out a gigantic mountain peak — one of the corners, you realize, of your cubical world. The path literally becomes steeper with every step — you’ll have the impression of climbing up the inside of a round bowl.

The tallest known mountain in the solar system is Olympus Mons on Mars, 14 miles high from base to peak. In contrast, the vertical rise from low point to high point on cubical earth is about 2,300 miles — the atmosphere gets progressively thinner until there’s none at all and you’re in the blackness of space. One consolation is that your weight steadily decreases. If you weigh 200 pounds at sea level back on spherical earth, you’ll discover when you finally reach the peak that you weigh just 103. The peak looks like the tip of a three-sided pyramid. The three sides fall away steeply — if you lose your footing you’ll have a wicked drop.

The planet isn’t one world but six, each face’s segment of the biosphere isolated from the others by the hopeless climb. The only comfort zones would be along the edges, all of which are connected for easy travel, and wildlife will rarely cross the cube planet's border.

Erno Core

There is is a body-centered cubic crystal structure in the core of Qoobus which forms a cube with atoms in each corner and a further atom in the middle of this cube, making it look like a Rubik's cube. It is oriented in such a way that its great diagonal is directed along the Qoobus's axis of rotation, which makes it possible for the iron to evince sound propagations with the velocities in seismic observations. In seismic observations, they found that elastic waves pass more rapidly through this core in directions that are parallel to the earth's axis of rotation than in directions parallel to the equator.

The thermic balance is dependent on the amount of heat that is stored in Qoobus’s core. This heat is dependent on the crystal structure of the iron in the inner core. This structure forms a cube with atoms in each corner and a further atom in the middle of this cube. It’s orientation is such that allows its great diagonal to be directed along the earth’s axis of rotation, which makes it possible for the iron to evince sound propagations with the velocities observed.


"The planet seems to have strange biological defense functions."

Qoobus is the strangest planet in the sector. It's a world where the surface is covered by a single gigantic organism. Hazard slowly killed the creature as he terraforms the planet. He has converged it on a single dig site.


Qoobus, which is a living entity has the ability to shape the terrain of the planet with but a thought, and even the ability to mentally create "anti-bodies" to repel invaders (or to become invaders). Antibodies, in their nebula forms, possesses great power, including manipulation of matter and energy on a planetary scales, instantaneous travel across space, and the ability to hold a breathable atmosphere in their form. They can also shrink or expand her form as needed. They possessed the ability to take on humanoid form and memory. In humanoid form, she/he could turn into a living cloud with the power to fire lightning and mild telepathy. It can cause peaks of rock to emerge rapidly from the earth, large and swift enough to bring down an spaceship. I can also form immense holes in the surface of Qoobus. It can create a humanoid form for himself. In space, It can fly at great speeds and direct large swarms of meteors. It is covered with vegetation, which it could control and physically manipulate. With a command of sorcery and wizardry. It could project powerful bolts of magical force, confront others on the Astral Plane, and mesmerize others. It could absorb the life force of victims which it had entranced. Its tentacles can plunder other worlds.

Qoobus is an 'infant' planet and is still undergoing development, as it continues absorbing and assimilating debris, gradually growing larger and larger. Hazard's computers calculate that in given time it will eventually be many times larger than earth's sun. Soon it will be nearly 11 times larger than Earth’s.


In the process of sending the 'creature' back into the dig site Hazard had to create them in the first place, Upon arrival in the planet Hazard was awe-struck at the surface which was overrun by a massive fleshy infestation of an aggregate being which consumed everything in its path. The deluge of meat that extinguishes individuality by the virtue of bio-fusion, It was an angry flood of tremendous proportions. Wiping out several lifeforms, sending many others into hiding behind their powers. Even a single glancing touch would prove fatal, in a way that will drown the specimen in an orgy of agony. An abstract spasm that covered nearly the entire planet, in 'scabs' it was a weapon which attacked the planet as it was deep in slumber.

Hazard had came on the 36th day after the initial outburst, in truth he did not cared for the odd planet. Yet this endless stream would provide him with tremendous training potential. Within three whole days Hazard worked relentlessly to expunge the bio-armageddon that had previously eroded life. He limits himself to only his vision capabilities, with even more restriction that is placed specifically on thermal vision. Focusing the fury of solar heat to shave off the infestation, Each day resulted in surgical precision as the infestation had also retreated into the bowels of Quadros. Yet he did not falter, and burning rays cut through several layers of planetary crust.

What was once an infinite expanse to the horizon retracted into several hundreds of thousand of miles, which eventually shrank into a hole that can be seen from space. Indentations made by punches, so far there are a total of 21 indents located across the sides. They became markers in which he can safely monitor each area. The consciousness of the planet awoke from the sudden loss of life, and it met the super cyborg.Hazard then proceeds to create paradise on Qoobus and guides the survivors towards the next level of evolution as part of an interstellar community. Hazard family takes over the Qoobus in order to bring order at the “molecular” level and the does just that.

(If you want to make a location in this thread go ahead, pm first)



Hazard dug very deep pits to create livable environments due to the increased air pressure at the bottom and the greater heat to perform his own genetic experiments. He has mastered the art of changing the structure of living things to his suit his whims. He has also mastered engineering, which he uses to create his tools of mutation. This is where Hazard tinkers with the available lifeforms or create 'monsters' to entertain himself, so far he is in the process of creating new races.
Circuitry throughout its quadrants allowed it monitor every part of his being. This circuitry fed into a central data processor that operated as Underhive' brain. It is armed with gravity disruptors that could rupture a planet’s core

Dr Rubix

Dr. Rubik
Dr. Rubik was a scientist who experimented with genetic manipulation in unborn children. He apparently possessed no superhuman abilities, but is a genius in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and cloning. He's an expert in social erosion techniques, martial arts as applied to whole societies.
He has 5+ years experience in the military, law enforcement or security work. Excels in hand-to-hand combat. Proficienct in all of the following: mixed martial arts, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu, kickboxing. Adept at handling both tasers and scalpels
Dr. Rubik is chosen from Hazard's personal collection to oversee the evolutionary developments that take place on Qoobus.


Microscopic artificial life forms. Inhabit a small, synthetic planet Qoobus. 1.21. "A nano-species. A prototype miniature slave race with wide applications in microsurgery and genetic design. Bee-like in their simplicity; nothing much beyond a simple brain relay and a camera." Invented by Doctor Rubix. Take control of humans, which they turn into "bio-ships". Part of the character's transformation into a "mindless living machine". Takes the old concept of a cyborg and in essence links it to the a wireless network.

Meditating Room

Within the consciousness of Hazard, the cyborg is is in meditation. No Incident. Enlightenment will continue without mishap. Massive rage sustained momentarily.
The chamber is located in one of the various Underhives and is used extensively as his own private quarters, it is inaccesible and inside there is only a seal made from airtight components to ensure a total isolation from the outside. Nothing penetrates through when he is inside.


A new friend obtained from the Forgotten Isle, he lives in a wide expanse where there are a variety of prey to hunt. The area also provides stern competition to boost its survival skills, since complacency is the bane of apex predators. Every day new things are introduced and that way Graham can grow to be a stronger specimen.
However unlike other T-rex specimens Graham can emit a coherent laser beam from its forehead. Strong enough to excavate deep into the core of smaller planetoids.


  • Race: Taro
  • Appearance: Tall with green skin, tusked, four arms.
  • Traits:intelligent/sentient species.
  • Type: semi-humanoid race with four arms
  • Eyes: Two (on head; yellow seen)
  • Fingers: Five on their limbs
  • Toes: Five
  • Skin color: Green
  • Average length: Approximately 9-10'

Taro's are one of the 'six' tribes on Qoobos. They live undreground into caves. They've got a special link with the planet, they dominate it (networks of organisms which serve as vast information-cataloging systems, recording the minds of various star-faring races which have visited the planets.), and obviously without their existence the planet will die. Taro's are very peaceful and righteous. They really seem to be able to accept the cohabitation with other tribes, even if sometimes there are some misunderstandings.

Dream seems to be the only way of communication for Taro. Their method for manipulating mystic energy, refers to the ambient mystic energies of an environment. After learning to control his/her personal energy through the study of magic, a shaman may next learn how to connect his own life force to the ambient mystic energies of the surrounding environment. Once entwined, the energy may be manipulated to create a variety of effects As with individuals, some places have greater "mystic potential" than others. On Qoobus, magic energy flows through chartable courses called "ley grids". Temples are oftentimes built along these lines with sacred sites like Ironhenge and Skyshard occurring at points where two or more ley lines meet.

Once an environment's mystic potential has been tapped, a shaman may manipulate it to form and hurl energy blasts (usually referred to as "Bolts of Banishment") or erect basic shields. Illusions and disguises are also woven together out of ecocentric materials. One may even conjure up small "solid" items, though said items are not usually very stable and may disappear as quickly as they appeared. Classic elemental substances (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) are also available to the learned scribe and may be manipulated into weapons, shields or in some cases, minions.

Taro's had an extra set of arms that extend from beneath their first set, giving him four arms. In addition to this, they also had increased strength, resistance to injury, and stamina. They are also able to control their own mass. If they loses mass, the lost mass is shunted off to some unknown location, presumably an extra-dimensional space and they shrinks in size.

The Taro occupy the #1 side of Qoobus, specifically in the Tragedian Jungle.


The planet is open.

Is your character looking to better the world of adventure? Well then this is clearly the place to come. Also if your character feels casted out for being a metabeing? Or you simply have no home? Then this is your haven.


  1. This is a Location Thread for the CVnU and is open to all characters for interactions and small scale rpgs.
  2. Try to keep all interactions in character, for all out of character interactions please place all Ooc conversations in parenthesis.
  3. No godmodding (because god-killers will be used)
  4. You can destroy some minor landscape etc. but NO planetbusting.
  5. Anyone can visit the six sides, permission needed for Underhive and the borders.
  6. Anyone can invade but there will be damages afterwards
  7. The eight mountains will stay as the right mountains
  8. You may use the planet as a mining location or as a colony space (pm first)
  9. Given the nature of some events, Hazard might come down at any given moment.

Note: Hollow Quadros, Dyson cube, Ley-grids, Tribes and Six-Sides will be updated soon



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@Nufai_the_Defiler: Sweet, the rubber forehead alien xD

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Kikia, the beast girl, awoke on a healthy patch of dewy grass. The sun was just coming up over the horizon and a slight breeze blanketed the valley. Having no recollection of where she was, why she was there, or what she was doing before, she put on a fretful expression and silently cursed the Elven overlord whom she blamed for all of her unfortunate and unpleasant predicaments. As she stood up and rubbed her eyes she noticed that something was a bit.. off. Where exactly was this place? None of the terrain was familiar to her, neither was the climate. Her ocean blue eyes lingered on the ground until they spotted her enchanted bow, magic arrows and quiver, as well as her mystical cutlass sword. "Chai!" the beast girl exclaimed in relief, throwing her clawed hands over her head prior to retrieving her gear. "You go kill me, chal'e," she expressed at nobody in particular, "where I dey go to get back home?"

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Anao a Taro shaman saw a stranger in the plains of green, wandering off from the big burrows on the side of Kaleo to learn more about the planet as he connects with it. Energies, otherworldly appear on the surface yet it was not hostile at all. A meek individual, seemingly lost had just made noise. Anao communicates with his kin by way of dream, yet this being seems more verbal and in this special occasion the giant green decides to improvise. With a wave of his upper right arm the raised a dummy of Qoobus clay, the size of a doll to interact with her. It was as small as a child yet it can 'talk' or emulate some versions of incoherent speech. Its little clay hands moved to form symbols in the air, expressing ideas of greetings in the most basest of terms. Something that will hopefully translate into a universal gesture, to incite reactions of peace.

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@Rumble Man: Just as mysteriously as she had appeared into this world, so did a curious little creature, seemingly made from the mud of the land. "Chai.." she muttered under her breath, staring at it with a puzzled expression. "Wetin dey happen? I no no" she was talking to herself, trying to make sense of her circumstance. The clay creature began a sequence of expressive gestures, none of which the white-haired hare could understand, but whatever was left of her human intellect was suggesting to that it was some form of greeting. "Abeg, don't vex me," she warned. "How you dey?" Literally, she was asking the clay thing how it was feeling.

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The clay glows to emit a soothing aura to mean that it brings no harm and that it wishes to help her, as she is the first visitor that had landed on their plains in recent time.

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Sam lands on one of the peaks with a shuttle, the mission is simple. Establish a diplomatic treaty between planets, and make sure that their 'leader' is relatively sane at the moment to prevent a planetfall or two.

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@regal_rumble_man: Zool watched the young politician go on his crusade for good. Normally mortals are not the best with peace treaties, maybe he should join this mortal. "Oi young one!"

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"Oh hey Zool, I remember seeing you in the pro-reg programming where you won against that metallic monstrosity. The one called 'Hazard', that was a fun match and it was a good thing that none of you went all out"

[He knows stuff]

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@regal_rumble_man: Zool tried to smile, but he remembered he can not due to him having a mask. "I would not call him a monstrosity he was somewhat misguided, but thank you for remembering. My ring told me that some mission of great compassion was happening can you tell me your mission, if that is all right with you?"

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"Well truth be told, all I wanted to do is to make the world stronger so that it has a chance to compete with gods and invaders. A place where people do not depend on heroes to exist in peace, now I wish to extend a hand and research this place"

(can I make a colony here? I promise I won't hurt teh natives)

The natives are strong though, do send a pm to discuss details

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@regal_rumble_man: "That sounds great, but I do not think mortals can live in a society without heroes. Then again I have underestimated human strength in the past. Do you require assistance?"

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"That is exactly the point, the moment when you said that 'mortals cannot live without heroes'. Co-existence is fine by all means, but in some ways they are becoming humanity's crutch that prevents them from developing into higher beings. I wish to raise humanity to a level where they can play a bigger role in the cosmos. And yes, any form of help is appreciated. How would you like to join our organization?"

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@regal_rumble_man: Zool extended his right hand, then to his left. He was not sure which human custom would be courteous.

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@joeagentofhand1: To answer the entity, Sam extended both hands in a show of enmity. Shaking two hands regardless of his somewhat human heritage.

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