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Dare sat quietly in the abandoned ware-house, Some people thought the ware-house was Haunted but Dare did'nt really care. He sat patiently, He could sense that a "Godly Being" was coming. It was Cryo-Wolf coming, The Master of Water and King of Wolve's.

Dare awaited the Wolf to attack, "Come out, Come out were ever you are" Dare snickered.

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Cryo leaped from rooftop to rooftop, quickly and silently. The rain fell endlessly onto his fur and tattoos, and the wind whipped the soaked fur around. He had recieved a message earlier about the fight. Many had challenged him before, this was no news to him.

Cryo landed and perched on the window sill of the warehouse, checking the soaked paper in his hands to get the address right. His eyes looked around the darkened warehouse until he found his challenger. A grin swept across Cryo's face, revealing his canines. He breathed in deep, and let loose a sonic-howl throughout the warehouse. The echoes only enhanced its strength, one advantage of fighting in an enclosed space. Boxes tumbled to the ground from the force o it.

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The Sonics Echoed. BAM BAM BAM! This was one of Dare's weakness's. The Echo's of the Sonics caught Dare off-guard, His Ear bled out prefusly. He used some of his last energy to say "Cryo? Have you come?" and with that Dare's body came to a Flaming Skeleton. "Good Evening Cryo......Yes, I am a Ghost Rider".

The Rider jumped back, and Whipped out a Chain "COME TO ME CRYO!"

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The chain wrapped around Cryo's wrist with an unearthly clink. He barely had time to look from his wrist to his challenger before he was pulled forward. He flew through the warehouse, being dragged against his will by the chains. Cryo grinned again and decided to use this to his advantage.

He surrounded his hand in intense cold and balled it into a fist. As he got closer, he prepared to perform an uppercut to Dare's skeletal jaw. "Eat this, Flamehead!"

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Dare was hit but the Cold Icy Fist, It did alot of Damage, He was shoved back aa few feet. But Dare still held onto the Chain, Dare stomped his foot and brought Cryo closer to him...."Cryo....Your Soul is stained with the blood of the Innocent. Feel their pain a hundred times over. Now look into my Eyes"

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Cryo was brought closer by the chain. He need to find a way to break out of it somehow. "Now look into my eyes."

"Never!" Cryo yelled, shutting his eyes tight. He'd have to do all of this without seeing. His mind raced on a way to get out, when it came to him. Cryo reverted to his rarely seen human form, and his wrist shrunk enough to squeeze through the chain. Once it was through, he quickly somersaulted backwards and landed crouched down. He'd have to do this battle from long range.

"Now something to even the score." Cryo lit his hands with cold and began cooling the air around him rapidly, dropping a few degrees every few seconds. "I can stand the cold, can you?"

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"Perhaps I can' The Rider said. Even though he was growing Weaker,He whipped out two Chains and set them a blaze, He twirled them around and around, Heat now filled the Air. "Hmmmmmm, Is'nt that better?"

The Rider kept his Chains out and walked closer to Cryo, "You don't belong on the Mortal Plane, You have the powers of a God and yet use them for Evil? You belong in the Blazing Pit"

Dare sheer heat caused the Sprinklers to go off and yet the Water turned to steam....A Cloud went over the room.

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Cryo stood up, still freezing the air around him. "Y'know, I do have the powers of a God." Cryo darted his eyes around, trying to find out where Dare was. "Maybe It's about time I use them."

Cryo closed his eyes, and his tattoos began to glow. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were glowing bright blue and a harsh wind began whipping through the warehouse. It tossed his fur around and blew away the steam. "All beware," Cryo began to speak. His eyes caught Dare and he smirked. In a single act of glory, Cryo brandished his fist in the sky and proclaimed, "THE CENTURION'S MIGHT!" A wave of blue energy began emanating from his fist, coursing down over his tattoos. The tattoos began to grow, and negulf Cryo's enire body. A chestplate formed, along with a helmet, gauntlets, and shinguards. A tunic wrapped itself around him and a cape flowed from his back.

The blue glow faded, and there stood Cryo in his Centurion Form, wind still wipping his fur around. "You picked the wrong day to mess with The Centurion, Rider." Cryo raised his hands up and frost began to appear on the edges of corners in the warehouse, and the temperature dropped drastically.

"Armor," Cryo spoke silently to his armor, "Tell me everything there is to know about Ghost Riders." And just like that, data rlayed itself across Cryo retinas. His eyes took in everything; every word, every letter was now burned into his subconscious. "Bingo." Cryo formed an ice crystal in one hand, and used Dare's own power of flame to manifest a glowing fire in the other.

"From what I hear, Ghost Rider's don't like sunlight. Let's see if we can get you back into your human form, shall we?" Cryo merged the two elements, the ice in front and the flam behind it. The light from the flame magnified itself through the ice, casting light everywhere.

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Dare's Flames went out, His Flames died out, He was only smoking now. He hissed like a Vampire due to all the Light. "Centurion, Eh?". "Cryo...I don't like you. You are a no better then a Demon in my opinion" He said with a few last breath's. "You dare to mess with me? Well, Then let us see what your Weakness is. Shall we?". Dare in a flash was teleported to a Realm of Dreams and Nightmares. He peered into the Heart and Soul of the Wolf. He returned in an Instant. His Flames not burning but he was still a force to be reckoned with. He made Fifty Spiders crawl on the Ground around Cryo.

"You are the son of a God but you are also an Aracno Phobic" Dare cackled. The Spiders crawled all over the Floor.

Their small Hissing Cock Roach like Bodys seemed to keep crawling all around in a Perfect Formation.

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"Ahh!" Cryo screamed at the sight of the spiders. Terror gripped his heart. He hated spiders. He thought they should be wiped off the face of the planet. He threw the ice crystal at some squishing them, and sent the fireball toward another group, singing them. 20, at least, still kept crawling. Cryo tried stomping on one, but more crawled onto his foot.

"Get the Hell off me!" He screamed, batting them away and freezing them off. He finally couldn't take it anymore and singed the little beasts till they were ashes. Cryo stood breathless over the ashes. He hated spiders. Hated them. Cryo shivered and looked back up at Dare. "I...hate...spiders."

In anger and rage, Cryo howled a magnified sonic-howl, as well as let snow fly from his hands. The snow swirled until it covered the entire warehouse, turning it into a freezing, icy playground.

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Dare was even more weak now. He kept bleeding from all the Cold and Ice. The Blood dripping from him turned all the Ice and Snow to Red. Dare used a small fraction of his Energy to create a Chew toy, He threw the Chew toy at Cryo.

"Be a good boy and fetch" Dare said weakly. The Chew toy flew through the air, But as it flew it slowly turned into Silver. He knew Cryo would'nt know that it would turn to Silver. And Silver is a Lycan's worst Weakness. Silver even weakned Dare. Oh

did that Toy fly. It flew like a Screaching Bullet, Begging to be caught.......By a Cute innocently gullible Puppy.

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Cryo stopped his howl and and looked to the chew toy. His eyes grew wide and he followed it. The mask to his helmet receded into it so he would be able to bite down on the chew toy. His tail wagged slightly. He ran back, his cape fluttering at his heels. Fluttering too much at his heels. He stepped down and tripped over the cape, falling to the ground.

Cryo turned, reaching out for the toy as it flew past him. Then it clinked to the ground. Wait. Clink!? Chewtoys don't clink! Cryo looked closer and touched it with a finger, the burning sensation letting him know it was silver. He gritted his teeth as he covred it with water, cooling the pain. Thankfully, he hadn't bitten down on it. He glared at Dare. The mask repositioned itself over his mouth.

Ripping FrostBite from his neck, it transformed into the glorious Centurion Bow. Cryo closed one eye and with god-like accuracy, he sent three ice arrows flying toward Dare, aimed for his head, his chest, and his stomach in a line.

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Dare grabbed one of arrows that aimed for his Chest. The one hit his Stomach and the other one hit the snow instead of the Wizards Head. Dare's stomach bled out, His Bleeding was begining to be a problem, He used his Magic to sow up his Wounds. He crouched like a Tiger, and formed Magic Gauntlets. These Gauntlets charged his powers and made the Ware-house Dim. He changed into the Rider with a weakened body, The Skull fires burned once nore, "DIE" The Rider said whipping his Chain out.

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Cryo quickly morphed FrostBite into its shield form. The chain clinked off FrostBite. "You're near your ending point, Doctor. Don't worry, I'll make sure your soul is ferried to the Elysium fields. Right after I enjoy devouring you."

Cryo licked his lips behind his mask and morphed FrostBite into its sword form, brandishing it in the air. He began speeding across the warehouse, poised to slash at Dare's stomach and reopen his wound.

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The Wound gushed out Blood but the Rider absorbed the Blood, It fueled him a little. "DIE CRYO" The Rider said as he pulled out a Chain and wrapped it around Cryo's neck. He tried to Choke Cryo. "DIE"

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The chain grew ever tighter around Cryo's neck, but Cryo willed himself to stand it. He was standing inches from his enemy, with his enemy gushing from an open wound that could spell the end for him. He was inches from victory, he had to be. Cryo had taken note throughout the battle how the cold and ice had affected Dare. It must be a weakness of his.

Dare's open wound beckoned the ice like its sweet mistress. Cryo grinned through the pain and surrounding his hand in arctic cold and thrusting it forward, hoping to nter the wound and freeze Dare's insides.

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The Ice turned into Water from the Rider's heat.The Freezing Water spilled on the floor. Blood continued Gushing but this Blood was hot, For it twas not Human Blood but rather the Blood of an Angel. An Angel and a Demi-God. It seemed like this was taken from the Bible itself. "You honestly thought that would work? My god" The Rider chuckled. He had taken notes as well, He knew that Cryo was weakened by Spiders and Silver and Chew Toys and so, Dare created more Spiders. The Spiders crawled all around Cryo. "BURN" The Rider said.
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"F#ck this, Sparky." Cryo wrapped his hands around the chain, cnstantly channeling cold through it, freezing it and freezing it so it wouldn't end. Ice began to accumulate on the stiffened chain.

Cryo stamped down on the floor, sending a wave of ice to freeze the spiders and sent it for Dare's feet. The chain was close to breaking, and it was now subzero arctic temperatures. "You may be a Ghost Rider, but I'm the Son of a God. Give it up, Sparky. The warehouse is already frozen, cold air is all around us."

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The Rider's Last bit of Power was Weak but strong enough to make one last Attack. "DO NOT CALL ME SPARKY" and with that the Rider sent out a Barrage of

Sonic Blasts that went through out the Ware-House, This was the blast of a GOD like Being, The Soinic blast even weakened Dare but it was worth it in an Attempt to end the Wolf. The Blasts kept Shaking the Ware-House. The Rider kept the Blasts going. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The Rider screached. This power not only weakened his power but Weakened the Rider's very Soul. The Rider transformed back into Human Form, "Ahhh" He sighed in relief. For if he had gone anymore with that power.....It could've killed him.

Dare put out his Hand for Cryo to shake "Call it a Tie?" He said pulling out a Bandage to wrap up his Wound.

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Cryo was sent flying back, the ground sparking as Cryo tried to slow himself. His helmet blocked some of the blast, but not all of it. It indeed got to him, causing him to cover his ears. Cryo screeched in pain, until finally it stopped. He was still standing, thankfully. His armor had absorbed most of the blast. Stiffly, he got up and walked to Dare. He simply ignored his hand and whipped out FrostBite, holding the trident up to Dare's neck, not moving.

"I don't take ties." His opponent was weak. The life signs shown in his eyes signaled he was near his end. Cryo still had some energy in him, and he had the advntage now. One move, and Dare would have a trident through his throat.

"I'll make it quick. But I'll devour you slowly."

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Dare put his hand out and pushed the Trident out of the Way, "Please, You could poke someones eye out with that" Dare chuckled.

He jumped back a little and wrapped the Bandage around his Wound. "Cryo, I have a question for you. Are you afraid of the Dark?" Dare asked as waved his Hand around, All the Lights went out, "Shazam @*&$!" Dare said with a Dark tone. He could'nt be seen. An Upper-cut was sent to the back of Cryo's head.

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Cryo spun around and held up FrostBite in its shield form, delfecting the uppercut. Cryo's lupine eyes could see in the surrounding darkness, but just in case...

Cryo lit up his Tattoo armor, shining in blue light. "Why won't you die! I've played to your weaknesses and you won't f#cking die!" Cryo couched down and began cooling from his core. He outstretched his arms and began sending off concussive waves of ice and snow around him in spheres, the ice kept coming at coming. The fury and rage of The Sea God was channeled through his son now. These were turly extreme amounts of Cold.

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Dare disapeared in a Cloud of Smoke, "Untill we meet again Wolf. It's a Tie" Dare chuckled as he disapeared.

Laughter could still be heard.

Dare left one thing on the ground which was a Note. The note read

"Dear Cryo..........I challenged you to harness your power. While you were not looking (When you captured the Silver Chew Toy) I absorbed a Fraction of your Power. When we meet again.....We shall be Equal. It did take some time for me to fully absorb your power but a Fraction of it is mine, If you want it back. Call this Number.


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Cryo-Wolf says:

"Ok, A) You left, so I win. B)You can't steal my powers. C)You can't say that the chew toy just zapped my powers. You had to say that when you made it, so there goes that right out the window. D) You are a no0b because you can't RPG."


A- Thats fine, You win.

B-Sorry I did'nt know that

C-One again, Sorry.


I am not a noob.

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Ok, A) You left, so I win.

B)You can't steal my powers.

C)You can't say that the chew toy just zapped my powers. You had to say that when you made it, so there goes that right out the window.

D) You are a no0b because you can't RPG.

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Doctor Dare says:

"I am not a noob."

When you RP with stuff like you just did, yeah, you are.

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Cryo-Wolf says:

"Doctor Dare says:
"I am not a noob."
When you RP with stuff like you just did, yeah, you are."

Okay, You need a Girl Freind or something. I've had many people on Several Sites say my Writing and RP'ing was Five Star.