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This is the OOC thread for the closed RPG fight between Maestro and Billow found here:


The situation is that the wraith detective is on the trail of a mobster that exhibits paranormal traits, particularily the skill to use magic. One thing leads to another and clues lead Billow to investigate an abandoned Cathedral tucked away in the mountains that seems to harbor more secrets than he wants to find out at this point.

However, the move was anticipated and the unknown sorcerer has prepared a surprise by pitting an old gang aquaintance against the wraith without permission of course. The chemistry could be explosive!~

Feel free to chat it up and talk about who might win or what's going on in current posts ^_^

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Sh!t. Very nice OOC, i'll start mercing you tomorrow.

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lol! Glad you enjoy the intro ^_^

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Oh boy o_o

Looks like the ghost is gunna get down with the music. *Badum-bish*

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Good luck children.

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Just now saw this, very cool and good luck!

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Thanks everyone ^_^

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@Arik: posted.

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: Posted =D

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@Arik: Sorry for the late post, school work and the weekend.