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The time has come. The numerous incarnations, character variations, and other such continuity benders have caused the Vineverse to begin collapsing on itself. It is all the product of a truly evil being... The AntiL.A.M.P.!

Take control of your character over the infinite universes of ComicVine! You use all of your character's versions, and we all start in the same place. No autohits, spamming, etc.

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"Why have you brought us here?" Golem asked as the Vine's heroes and villains stood before the great man. He called himself the Casconitor.

"The Vine itself is being unraveled. The numerous alternate universes and timelines being created have interfered with the fabric of tim and space. Think of it as a balance. You have to balance the two sides, but under enough stress, it will shatter and fall asunder. You- the heroes and villains of the vine- must stop my counterpart the AntiL.A.M.P. from absorbing all of creation as we know it!"

At that moment, they were all back in their own universe, standing in front of a massive portal. Golem stood there, shocked at what had just happened. He saw a small panel next to the portal that said "ENTER DESTINATION"

Golem smirked. "So...lets save the universe."