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24 Hours Ago

The Olympian family had been riddled with deceit, secrecy, and lies. All of which have now inevitably brought upon an event that will forever alter the foundations of Olympus and the relationship between the Greek Gods of legend. The Olympian Lord of Lightning and Sky had been warned by the fates that such an event became increasingly possible with the birth of his most recent son, Alceus. The all-knowing fates had offered Zeus a prediction, or rather a warning of things to come as a consequence of Alceus' existence. They first pleased him with stories of his son's future heroism and title as man's savior, and it brought a smile to the condescending sky-father's face. However, their infamous words, "He will be a thorn in your side", only created an aura of indifference around great Zeus, and this aura was sadly followed by a trail of dismissive laughter. That was Zeus' first mistake, downplaying his son's potential threat to him. After all, it was only reasonable given that similar statements were made in anticipation of Hercules' birth thousands of years ago.

Yet the Lion of Olympus simply turned out to be a minor annoyance, a constant nuisance if one will. A slight diversion in Zeus' plans for the world and that was all. But sadly, Alceus was different. The hands of fate had shaped his destiny, and his accomplishments are to be massive. Interestingly enough, it was in fact Zeus himself who is the source of the division in the Olympian family, even before the birth of ruthless Ares, legendary Hercules, wise Athena and the rest, by banishing his own brother, Vasilias, Zeus had prematurely sealed his relationship with his children. Righteous Vasilias did not anticipate any worship from the mortals he chose to oversee, unfortunately, his Olympian brethren disagreed with him and so he was banished from ever laying eyes on his kingdom, and even then the senior Olympian did not vow revenge. Without question, he accepted his fate, almost as if he was the one who had done wrong. It is truly a mystery to many how this decision has come back to sting at a disappointed Zeus. If only he had known what his actions would have ultimately created. But now it is far too late to reverse this, like a true king, Zeus will face his opposition with the utmost courage and ruthlessness.

However, it seems as though heroic Alceus and his allies have prepared more rigorously and consistently for the upcoming war, particularly Alceus himself. Not only has he improved his mental faculties to their absolute maximum but has physically conditioned himself beyond even powerful Hercules' limits. But most impressively, The Champion has trained intensely and relentlessly in the art of manipulating energy, after benevolent Gaea unlocked his latent ability to tap into the forces of the ambient energies in his environment. Having taken an interest in learning how to harness the power of psionic energy, Alceus has focused his time and effort in improving his control over it. His siblings readied themselves as well, with Hercules training intensely, Ares arming himself to the teeth as expected, Athena reviewing the plans and working out any flaws she encounters, and Hephaestus has placed his smithing expertise to good use, claiming to be forging several armors, specifically made for each one of his siblings.

The Present

The Sun powerfully beamed down on valiant Alceus' fair skin, the sky as blue as his flawless eyes and his environment was tranquil to say the least. Lying on a vast field of soft short green grass, The Champion enjoyed his last moments of peace before the commencement of the war. The voice of a strong woman called his name, signaling the end of any relaxation. "Alceus. Hephaestus says he wants to give you something", Artemis said, armed with elemental bows and arrows. Before Alceus could even greet his sister, Hephaestus crept up from behind her, dropping pieces of armor and weapons before Alceus. Getting to his feet, The Champion's eyes widened as he saw the armor that Hephaestus had forged specifically for him. They were silver adamantine gauntlets, a golden adamantine helmet similar to his helmet worn prior to opposing his father, and a studded brown leather vest that granted him incredible resistance against electrical assaults, particularly Zeus' lightning. "Thanks Hephaestus", Alceus smiled, before spotting a golden sword and a silver spear.

"Those were specifically made for you. That spear is made of adamantine and it will amplify your elemental powers, while the sword is made of the same metal but enables you to open dimensional portals", Hephaestus explained, proudly smiling as he spoke of the capabilities of his inventions. "Alright, thanks. This'll be useful", Alceus smiled before departing to don his new armor and wield his new weapons. With Hercules donning his famous Nemean Lion Skin and wielding his unbreakable adamantine mace, it seemed as though The Champion's Olympian siblings were more than ready to finally return to Olympus after a month of absence. "You've reviewed the plans?", Vasilias asked, "I have, but not as much as Athena", Alceus chuckled. "Hehe alright. I'll be waiting with the rest for your command", Vasilias smiled, patting his nephew on the back before leaving. Nodding his head calmly, mighty Alceus took a deep breath, having not seen his father in a month. "This is what I've been working for", he murmured, "To set things right", he continued, with confidence. Appearing before his allies, Alceus' words were brief but confident, "You're all familiar with the plan, we've all reviewed it", The Champion said before instantly using his spear's dimensional capabilities to transport himself and his allies to the wilderness of Spain.

Wherever they were in Spain, they were clearly far from civilization. The sky was dark, infested with sorrowful grey clouds that had challenged the Sun for dominance of the sky and won. Thunder rumbled and the sky quaked in fear as the rumbling transitioned into a fierce roaring within a matter of seconds. Soon lightning spread rampantly and wildly across the sky, and finally rain poured heavily on the land, the sound of rain drops falling on metal armor filled the air. "Looks like he's ready", Alceus' eyes trailing into the sky then back at his allies as he referred to his father sitting on the throne of Olympus. "I'm going to bring the rest of our allies here", Alceus said, his eyes glowing white as he forced his will over the ambient psionic energy in his environment. Making use of his massive energy-reserves, The Champion used his mastery over his energy-senses to first search the energy-signature of Maya Lopez. Managing to locate it, he used his newly learned powers from tapping into psionic energy to telepathically communicate with the Trinity's leader. "Hey Maya, it's Alceus. We're all ready. Oh and my brother, Victor will be helping us. I'm opening a portal to your location", Alceus said, using his sword coupled with his energy-related powers to tear open a portal in Maya's location. Now having to bring in Victor, Alceus located his brother's energy-signature and established a telepathic link with him.

"Victor, it's time. I'm opening a portal in your location for you and whoever you're bringing", The Champion said, opening a portal in his brother's location as well. Now only Umbra and his cousin Seward were left. Establishing a telepathic link with them as well, The Champion opened portals in their respective locations. Waiting for the arrival of his comrades, Alceus then remembered the mysterious Olympian woman he had met at the Trinity Foundation's headquarters. She had given him her number and he managed to memorize her energy-signature. He contemplated asking for her assistance and decided to go through with it. Locating her energy-signature as well, Alceus telepathically spoke with her, "I hope you remember my voice", he said, not having opened a portal for her just yet.

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"Victor, it's time. I'm opening a portal in your location for you and whoever you're bringing" Alceus voice echoed in Victors head. Victor was sitting down at Fox HQ, the most likely place he'd been seen with Park and The Rumor. He spun his chair over to see his friends sitting aside him. "Alright, Alceus just gave me the signal" Victor explained to his two friends. "He's opening up a portal to god knows where" Victor enjoyed his own Pun. "Now, you grab whatever you need quickly, but I want you through that portal in the next two minutes" Victor said as if right on cue, an Dimensional Rift opened up to allow Victor to pass through. Victor paced around for a few seconds "What am I forgetting?" Victor then remembered his sword that he'd acquired during his time on earth. Made out of Adamantium and capable of amplifying any energy that was sent through it, Victor grabbed his huge sword, his reflection shining on it. "It's a shame I haven't given you a name yet" Victor sheathed it on his back. grabbed his hammer and gave it a few spins, testing it's balance. He tapped the hammer on the ground, nothing happened at first, when Victor gave the second tap, The magical energy of Olympus ran through his veins as he transformed into his powerful battle armour. Victor was ready now. "See you on the other side" Victor looked to see The Rumor and Park getting ready.

Stepping through the portal, a sudden change of weather rushed upon him and the air parted to give way to his sudden presence. It was raining, and the smell of moisture was everywhere. Victor took a few whiffs in, he loved the rain, and seeing it this strong just made him more happier. Hearing the skies roar, Victor heard the sound of thunder, followed by a lightning bolt a few seconds later. This was Zeus challenging them. Where was he though? He looked around to what seemed to be a bare land, filled with it's own attributes however, then he caught a figure through the rain, but no voice, Psionic signals though. Victor tapped into them for a brief moment to determine the mans allegiance. Delving not too deep into the mind of the man, he'd discovered the Psionic waves of his brother Alceus, but he seemed to be occupied with something else right now, so it was best not to interrupt. Victor walked to his brother Alceus, making his presence known. "Daddy's throwing a tantrum" Victor tried to crack a joke to Alceus to make his presence known. Indeed Zeus was either challenging them, trying to intimidate them or both, probably the latter.

"Don't close up my portal though, I still have two more coming through" Victor didn't expect his brother to respond, he needed to finish his broadcast after all. Victor found a wet rock to sit on not too far away. He was eager to meet his other team mates. Victor walked to the rocks which had been about two meters away, hearing the dirt underneath his boots. He sat down on the rock, looking to his brother. He hadn't know much about Alceus, and he was glad he offered his help on this. Victor wanted to do something good, and not only that, but this hit close to home, literally. Victor had hoped this would be the turning point in his life, and that this would define him. Victor then noticed a second portal near him, still open for another group of team mates to step through. He'd wondered who's it was. Victor had noticed something was off about Alceus, he had been taking some extra time through his current conversation and hadn't opened up a third portal yet. Was something wrong?

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This body needs a hero, come and save this body from itself.  Nowadays it seems her very humanity has truly been shredded by the maniacal beings of Mount Olympus.  She need not have a soul, for the Tenebrasque IN has eaten away at that as well.  What once was, will never be again.  No one can understand the pain she has suffered.  No one will ever beg to ask the question - Why has Clarice gone mad?  They will only make false judgement.  And so empathy only lies in her bloodline, but that is not enough.  
"I am your leader.  Yes, I am your leader. You're not a believer? Suck a big dick."  Clara Mass said jokingly, as she strode through the molten lands of Rigus Mortis.  Blowing away smoke, the redheaded mystery drops her Mary Jane onto the floor.  Upon hitting the ground, it becomes nonessential residue.  Her arms stretch out in exhaustion and she takes some time to relax on her cleverly constructed throne.  However just as she sits, her attention is pulled elsewhere.   
Her eyes dart downward to her chuckling subordinates.  And though her rank was not yet high, it seemed women flocked to her in these discreet lands, but still she would not stand for this laughter.  Stepping down from her adamantium throne, thee granddaughter of Hera blows a kiss to her obnoxious followers.  Eyes roll back from such flattery.  Others gasp as bodies collapse.
Their lives slip away and a sinister smile spreads across her face.  Kneeling down the crazed demigoddess caresses the fair skin of the fallen.  "The concept of death is overrated."  Pulling on the hair of the decimated, Clarice awakens their souls with the touch of her fingertips.  Although shells of their former selves, this is the first demonstration of what her powers can do.  She savors this moment for what it finally means.  Her reality powers are once again hers to withhold.  Returning her gaze onto those who obey, she talks rather calmly.   
"You're mission is to find Cassidy---"  
A monotone scream echoes when telepathic barriers are broken.  "I hope you remember my voice" , said the soothing voice of a familiar.  The voice of Alceus courses through her conscious mind.  Even though she had prior priorities, it seemed as though the fates had called upon the need of her presence.   "Go about your business my faithful followers.  I have something far important to handle" Clarice said, snickering with excitement.   
Clara Mass thrusts herself into the vacuum of existence, black clothing wrapping around her boutique frame.  Without the need for assistance, she appears before the almighty Alceus.  He who seeks to avenge the wrongs of Zeus.  Wrapping crimson locks, Clarice sits atop a shaved rock.  She wonders why he'd call onto the assistance of a stranger, but why not?  She is the definition of perfection.
"I see that you remembered me Alceus."  She said, patting her mouth from tiredness.  Soon enough the presence of an organism, makes her skin crawl.  
Clarice turns to the left side, only to see another man in close vicinity.  "Oh God, this is group effort isn't it?"  Clarice could feel the emotions of the incoming camaraderie.  Those she did not agree with would soon arrive.  She would have her revenge so long as the prophecy comes true.  Jumping up she walks to Alceus, gently grabbing his hand.   Her violet eyes meet his and together they share a moment of one another's precious time.
"I stand by you and you alone.  We will win this.  Just tell me what I must do."  While she speaks in an eloquent tone, the demigoddess creates a telepathic link with her young nephew.  Closure, its beginning.  The Olympian Champion has assembled a war effort against Zeus and his people.  It's just as we feared but we can use this.  The prophecy says I will be the Queen of Olympus, does it not?  Contact you're patron goddess, Hera, and get back to me immediately.  I must talk to my grandmother as soon as possible.  Noah, I'll see you soon.  Clarice out...

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"Alright, Acleus just gave me the signal." Park, Rumor and Victor had been passing time in the Eagle Eye when Victor gave them the news. "He's opening the portal to god knows where. Now, you grab whatever you need quickly, but I want you through that portal in the next two minutes." Right as Victor finished a swirling portal opened up behind him.

Damn, Park thought to himself as he ran to his room to grab his gear. Olympians have a good sense of timing. Park grabbed his jacket laid out with his typical equipment. Knives, grenades, flashbangs, plastique, two pistols all in a kevlar and leather package ready to go at a moments noticed, After that he rummaged under the mess that was his bed and grabbed a duffel bag he had prepared for just this. In it was equipment he'd been working on for a while, some of it even predated meeting Victor, that was meant to give him a fighting chance in Olympus. He called it the his Holy Insurance.Oh I just can't wait to see how this one goes. Before he left he grabbed two special blades, his adamantium knife, made from a shard of the metal he'd found and crafted for slashing and hacking, and a vibranium knife, two parts survival gear one part machete scaled down for balance and ease of use. Never leave home with out them.

"Looks like I'm going to war pa." Park said to a man long dead as he slung the duffel over his back and ran back to the portal. Deep breath buddy, He calmed himself. This is nothing you can't handle, just don't panic. With that Park stepped through the glowing energy and felt himself whisked away to wherever Victor's brother had decided to send them.

When he touched down Park was surprised, Acleus had made that teleportation a lot smoother than he had expected. In fact, a part from his ears popping at the change in altitude there was almost nothing to feel about the process. On the other side it was raining with lightning and thunder clashing over their heads. Park saw Victor sitting on a rock a few feet away from the portal and another man not far off. More lightning came, but it wasn't an attack, it was a display of power. The rain pelted Park's back and face slicking his hair down. As lightning cut the sky over their heads Park made his way over to Victor. So this is Olympus huh? I always thought there'd be like statues and all that, maybe we just landed in the Hicksville though.

"That wasn't bad." Park nodded to Victor. He walked over and leaned against a rocky outcropping next to his friend. "So you ready man?" Park asked pushing his hair up and out of his face. Guess that's why dad always had us get buzz cuts. He thought absently before nodding at the figure standing in the rain. "He one of ours?"

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Aquarius was born to Poseidon the god of the seas and Amphitrite the daughter of Oceanus in Atlantis. When he was born, Aquarius was hidden from his uncle Zeus because he was told by the Oracle that a child of Poseidon would attempt to kill him which enraged him. While growing up hidden from Zeus in Atlantis, Poseidon trained his son to become a great ruler, a excellent fighter, and taught him how to control his god-like powers. Once Zeus had found the location of young Aquarius he banished him to live with the mortals of earth instead of killing him. Spending most of his childhood with the mortals of earth, Aquarius quickly adapted after awhile and began to protect the people of earth while also joining the Trinity where he met his cousin. Now with the objective of exacting vengeance against his uncle, Seward decided to join his cousin in the war against Olympus.

Waking up after a long night, Aquarius felt relaxed, like his mind was made of clouds that were floating. All his thoughts cease and he was in a state of total bliss and relaxation. "Did I really sleep with Clara after our talk at the club?". The son of Poseidon said while getting off his bed and stretching knowing today was the day that he and his fellow cousins go to war against Olympus. "You never did sleep with Clara my child." A beautiful female voice called out from behind him. Aquarius blue ocean eye's grew wide hearing the familiar voice which brought back his past memories that haunted him all his life, but not everything in his past was bad like hearing the voice of this woman. Turning around he noticed his mother who still looked young and beautiful with her flowing black hair and small horns like crab claws. "It's great to see you mother but if I might ask what do you mean I didn't sleep with her?". He asked curiously.

"The young one gave you an impression that she slept with you by putting you in a dream sequence to think it was real." Amphitrite smiled while approaching her son and hugging him tightly. "But it felt, looked, and smelled real." The young god felt his temper rising from being tricked and not remembering what actually happened at the club. "I warned you to never trust a woman or believe one unless she could prove it." Amphitrite laughed while giving him one final hug for him to calm down. "I don't have time for this nonsense I have a war to attend to." He said approaching his wardrobe and opening it, finding the armor he would wear today for battle. "Actually that's why I came to see you, Aquarius. I don't want you to go to war and be killed. You know what the gods are capable of and you know that your father will stand by his brothers side." Tears fell from her beautiful blue eyes as she tried to convince her son to not go. "If I die, at least I'll die with my brothers in battle. You of all people know why I must go." He said turning around and hugging his mother tightly. "It seems I cannot stop you but take this....It will prove useful." Amphitrite snapped her fingers and suddenly a golden trident appeared in his hands. "My fathers trident? but mother why would you turn your back on your husband?". He asked curiously while eying Poseidon's trident. "I will never go against my own child maybe your cousins and friends but not you." She smiled before vanishing leaving him on his own.

Aquarius smiled now knowing his mother had never betrayed him but was helping him and watching him his entire life on earth. "If you can hear me mother, thank you." As he said those words a portal opened up in the middle of the bedroom, it was time to be with his fellow cousins at war. Aquarius took a deep breath before equipping hissilver breastplate with leather ties on the side, samurai shoulders, frays at the bottom chest and back plate, blue with leather ties at the shoulder and metal holder cape, a brown leather belt, a silver greave, burgundy tunic, two silver leg greaves, and strappy leather sandals. "I will become the new God of the Seas and King of Atlantis." After saying those words he stepped into the portal.

Finally arriving, Seward exited the portal with a serious look on his face while approaching both his cousins. "I see you two brought some friends." He said while looking up at the sky letting the rain drops hit his face. "Perfect weather for me. Anyway lets just say I brought some friends as well who should be joining us shortly." The young god said with a grin on his face before raising his trident into the sky and shouting loud enough for his father to hear who was possibly watching them from Olympus. "Leave my father to me if he shall dare choose the side of Zeus!" .

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Again he found himself sifting through the now familiar basement of his old home though this time he was not alone. “You knew her better that I did where would she hide the grimoire” his twin laughed a little at him “Really? I mean yeah I knew her better but not that well” the twins had reached the end of bookshelves and every other surface near them desperation sunk in Jeanne spoke before Michael could even get a chance “You don’t think…” her vivid electric blue eyes shifted over towards the tome at the back of the room he understood what she was saying “Worth a shot” and with that she dashed off a super speed. It took Michael a few minutes to the back of this enormous basement but once he had caught up with her she was futilely trying to move the stone that covered the tome “Jeanne you’re super fast, not super strong” she stopped pushing and looked up at him and when her trademark argumentative side appeared he couldn’t help but smile “Find then I’ll open it” with that Michael turned his attention towards the stone tomb taking a breath he “pushed” and the top of the tomb was thrown telekinetically in the air “See it’s not that hard If you’d practice with your magic more you might be surprise yourself and oh I don’t know…actually be able to use it”.

Without another word both looked into the tomb they were cautious, their mother was a very powerful but very dark witch she could have had a number of booby trap’s or spells to stop intruders……..Nothing, yes there was no spells or traps but inside the tomb there wasn’t anything no bones…just empty “Curse your soul Mom even in supposed death you taunt us” banging her fist’s on the tomb Jeanne was furious she was going on one of her tantrums, shouting at the top of her voice electricity crackled in the air and her words were mixing together, speaking far to fast Michael could barely understand the jumble of words “Imeanisitreallythathardtojustgivesusthebookbeforeshedied…isitreallysohard.” Knowing her anger was rising Michael jumped over the tomb to try and calm her down before she exploded into a full blown tantrum grabbing her by the shoulders in his most calm and understanding voice “Whoa.Whoa.Whoa…it’s okay we can work with this don’t worry sis we’ll get the book it’s gotta be here somewhere we’ll find it don’t worry just take a breath.” Even when they were little Michael always tried not to tell her to calm down that usually made things worse he knew how to deal with her anger it just took a little bit of talking and some reassurance “Okay let’s think…” looking around the room they had checked everywhere he’d have to give up there was now where left to look. Raising his head up towards the ceiling almost as if he was asking some higher power to help he saw the crumbling remains of a statue. That’s right he remembered now the last time he was here there was a study where he gained his former miniature spellbook that was weeks ago but that’s the reason he didn’t think of it the statue he destroyed the last time covered the study’s entrance *Whoever’s up there I own you one* he thought. Grabbing his sister by the hand Michael took off into the air heading up he reached the study ledge and there it was what they’d been searching for there family grimoire. With a sigh of relief he got his sister to open her eyes clearly she didn't like flying very much “Look sis the book it’s there on the podium” gripping him in a hug she ran off and picked up the book. For the next few hours the twins sat and read through page after page of the grimoire learning things both old and new until they turned the last page over and it was finished “Whoa” was all that game out of his mouth. Suddenly a voice echoed in mind Alecus has summoned him and true to his word a portal opened in front of the twins, getting up to leave he was stopped “Here takes this you need it more and Good luck little bro” with a punch in the arm she smiled. As he backed his way through the portal he shouted to her “Only by three minutes doesn’t count”.

On the opposite end of the portal he entered a very different environment the calm was replaced by a storm. Michael was immune to the effects of the weather he didn’t feel the cold, and he didn’t get wet from the rain but instinctively he put up his hood covered his hair. Stuffing his grimoire in the bag he was carrying that hung down over one shoulder and down past his hip Michael noticed the portal behind him was closing he must have been the last to arrive. Directly across from his were two other people he didn’t know who they were but if Alecus asked them here then he could trust them. A few steps away there was Alecus himself clad in amour along with another holding a trident in the air himself also wearing armour, looking at the other two armour again Michael looked defenceless compared to them but this didn’t worry him was always a raged fighter if he didn't have his power's ranged weapons suited him much better and if he needed to get up close and personal that's what his soul dagger was for. Through the rain Michael walked up to Alecus and the other unknown person “Well as you asked I’m here, I’m completely insane for coming here but you said you’d need help so here I am." This was it, this day was going to make or break them.

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The Utopian President watched as her bombshell silenced the nation of Utopia. The Super Human Registration Act destroyed the cohesion between American Superheroes; how would anyone figure it was a good idea to start in another country.

“My usage of the Super Human Registration act is not out of spite for the Super Humans, but to bring some type of equality to those not blessed with super powers. The one thing Utopia will teach to the rest of the world is accountability, the days of super humans destroying homes and allowing the taxpayers to pay the bill is over. This Law is not just for “super-heroes” It’s for any and every one ‘blessed’ with super powers. If you destroy my car and you aren’t government affiliated then I have to fetch the bill. If you destroy my car and you are government employed guess who fetches the bill; that’s right I do”.

Maya had spent most of her day in meetings regarding the Super-Human Registration act, since her bombshell only twenty four hours ago, she appeared on every Utopian News station explaining her stance and answering to the critics. Most painted her as a fascist, others as the Anti- Christ, her favorite were the bringer of Dystopia. Regardless of what they were saying about her she continued in her support for the new law. She had a meeting later on in the week with the United Nations discussing the complete shutdown of Utopia. “The only way, I can absolutely be sure that this Act is respected is if I shut down Utopia’s borders to the outside world; meaning I don’t want foreign Super Humans visiting Cairo and Sparta and Constantinople; If you’re a super-human and you enter Utopia you WILL register.”

She continued again, this time coming in loud and clear over her own TV set. Maya was fast asleep in her living room with little Alex sleeping on her chest. The mother and son combo both had such a taxing day; however they still found some bounding time. "Hey Maya, its Alceus. We're all ready. Oh and my brother, Victor will be helping us. I'm opening a portal to your location"

The Champions message came in loud and thunderous nearly giving Maya a mother sized heart attack. The Real Maya was currently meeting with the UN, The second Maya was currently task forced out in WAL. So the third would have to answer the call; duplicating yet again; Maya left little Alex in the care if the dupe. Running into her room she activated her black Trinity Uniform and then disappeared into the portal.

One the other side Maya could sense the tumultuous atmosphere slowly slithering in. Rain dead down upon her hair, as well as the vibrant flash of light. She felt out of place as if this wasn’t her battle, but she knew that getting involved here meant stopping future threats against Champions and his comrades. Another reason Maya, was on-board was to make sure the titans stayed locked in tararus for their freedom usually meant certain doom.

Maya walked up to The Champion and Victor with a light blue bubble surrounding her to block the huge rain drops. “Well, let’s hope this goes as smoothly as I think it will”. Maya said sarcastically, she had a vision that allowed her to see just how bloody the battle was going to be. It was only after she tried to lighten the mood that she noticed Park. “My skin just crawled that means Clarice is here” she said, making a foul face. “Are you guys ready to do this?” she said, balling up her fist.

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Two days before the assault.

The French spy, Rumor, sat across from a cloaked figure in his mansion, there was a silence as Rumor stared down his potential employer with confidence, "You know my methods, my skill and my price, now what is it you want me to do exactly?" Rumor questioned the silent man. "It is simple, I want the blood, of the gods, Zeus and all of the others as well... I understand you have connections with these people yes?" The shadowy man spoke with an aged voice, it crackled like a set of old stairs. Rumor chuckled while kicking his feet up on the old delicate table, "Indeed I do.. But this task will cost you extra, I want those lovely enchanted bullets your family has gained it's infamy from..". The shadow man scoffed while leaning forward a bit, "You drive a hard bargain Rumor.. But you are just the man that has the right connections for the job, so I suppose I can be lenient with your offer..". Rumor leaned forward as well, a smirk under his mask, "...Parfait...".

Present day.

Rumor listened to Victor's plan and explanation, they spy acted as if he almost cared while nodding, the portal gaped open before the three and the god asked Rumor and Park to get ready, upon looking at Park running to grab his equipment Rumor scoffed, "I am always prepared..". Rumor didn't wait for Park and quickly followed Victor into the portal, as soon as the spy walked through he was hit with rain drops and wind, it didn't bother him though, he simply sighed while getting closer to Victor and who he guessed was his cousin, he kept a bit of a distance though.

Another god stepped through his own, equipped a trident and a scowl upon his face, family matters after all had to be taken with a level of seriousness, the spy did not care for their talking, he was to busy observing the people he would be fighting along side, or against.. After the god's speech, a sorcerer of some kind came in through a portal, he looked rather clever, so Rumor kept a watchful eye on him. But then came the real situation, a hero named Maya, major league Trinity member...If Rumor was exposed during his secret mission, she could cause alot of grief for the clever French spy, just another complication to his job.

The plan was simple, fight along side the gods, and sure enough wait for them all to bleed, collect the blood undetected, get paid. Participating in this battle would not be a problem for the Rumor, it would be extracting the blood, one cannot simply explain their motives of why they are scraping up blood of a fellow "Team mate". But for now, Rumor just had his arms crossed in the back of the meeting group, trying not to get any unwanted attention for his temporary comrades, listening to their plot.

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Thoom! Another thunderbolt fell down, Drip! Drip! Drip! The rain hit hard on the floor, and rolled down from his hair. Victor was sitting on his rock. Victor was followed immediately by his team mate, the rumor, through the portal. The rumor seemed to be occupied in his own head, as if thinking something else over, but Victor wouldn't dare to intrude his friends mind without his permission or without neccesity. Victor then heard the air parting to give way to a new person near him, unbeknownst to him his Niece, Clarice. "I see that you remembered me Alceus" The woman was speaking to Alceus, Victors brother. Her sense of tiredness was overwhelmed when she sensed Victors presence, turning to look at him. "Oh God, this is group effort isn't it?" Victor chuckled. "You think it was going to be a two man army effort? Against Olympus?" Victor joked with the woman, she was beautiful, powerful and familiar with his brother, so she would be valuable in this battle.

Thoom! Another lightning bolt fell on cue as Park came right over to Victor, both his friends seemed to have come "You can close my portal now Alceus!" Victor shouted to get his voice through the weather "Everyone-"Thoom! A lightning bolt cut Victor off. "We get it Zeus! Cut it down!" he shouted at his father out of humour. "I was going to say everyone is through!" He shouted to Alceus. Park got to Victor by now, "That wasn't bad" Park sat on one of the rocks near Victor. "So you ready man?" Park adjusted his hair, with this, Victors heartbeat spiked. He was joining a war against his homeland, the thrill was overwhelming him, the suspense was building up. "I feel ready" Victor replied to Park. Park then nodded towards Alceus "He one of ours?" he asked Victor. "My brother Alceus, the guy running all this, you know why we're doing all this right?" he wondered if Park had ever been briefed.

Then his cousin Seward stepped through a portal, he looked serious. "I see you two brought some friends" Seward approached Victor and Alceus. "We'll need as many as we can" Victor scratched his head. "Perfect weather for me. Anyway lets just say I brought some friends as well who should be joining us shortly" Seward elevated his head to allow the raindrops to fall on his face. It seemed Seward enjoyed the rain as much as Victor did "Is this supposed to intimidate us? Because he doesn't seem to be doing a good job at it" Victor laughed at the Irony, him and his cousin enjoyed the rain that Zeus brought down on them. "Leave my father to me if he shall dare choose the side of Zeus!" Seward lifted his Trident and shouted out. "Will do cous, will do" Victor smiled.

Then an unrecognisable face came through another portal. the rain didn't seem to matter to him, not that it did to anyone. Then the man up his hood to cover his hair, made him wish he had a good hood to walk around with. Then the man put a magical book into his bag and looked at his allies around. The man then walked to Alceus and Seward “Well as you asked I’m here, I’m completely insane for coming here but you said you’d need help so here I am". Victor knew if this man was chosen, he must be powerful. He must've also been a sorcerer since he had a Magic book with him. "Welcome to the team" Victor tried to make his presence known.

Then the Golden Haired president of Utopia came through a portal. He'd seen her on TV proposing the Superhuman registration act, and although he didn't agree with it politically, this woman was powerful and would be of great help. “Well, let’s hope this goes as smoothly as I think it will” Maya said as she walked up to Alceus and Victor. "You already know the answer don't you?" he asked Maya. Maya couldn't respond to Victor though, “My skin just crawled that means Clarice is here” Maya made a foul face. Victor laughed at this, the two mustn't have been on good terms. “Are you guys ready to do this?” she balled up her fists, "I was born- ah what the hell, let's do this!" Victor grinned.

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His brother, Victor was the first to emerge from one of the radiant blue portals. Alceus smiled at the sight of his brother, "Good. He's here", however, something seemed different about Victor. Alceus felt a more intense and more powerful energy-signature emitting from his brother, it was only then that his senses detected the focus point of this new energy in the mystical hammer that his brother wielded. "He's more powerful than I thought", Alceus' eyes widened briefly, realizing that this would be Victor's first time setting foot on Olympus after countless years. His brother was quick to ask that Alceus not close the portal that he had opened for him, as two more allies were scheduled to emerge from the portal he created for Victor. Nodding at his brother with a smile, The Champion ignored his father's boastful display of power as lightning tore the sky asunder with it's uncontrollable might. In the meantime, Alceus received no response from the mysterious Olympian woman known as Clara Mass, better known as Clarice.

"Huh?", Alceus' attention was briefly swayed from his efforts as he instantly detected the emergence of extra-dimensional energy that he was not generating. Another being was arriving, who was it? His questions would soon be answered as Clarice emerged from a dimensional rift. "I see that you remembered me Alceus", she said, soon voicing her disappointment at the fact that she and Alceus would not be waging war on Olympus on their own as she was quick to spot the rest of the group. "You didn't think I was really going to do this on my own did you? That would be unwise", Alceus explained, chuckling at the thought that she was expected him to be on his own waiting for her aid. Clara wasted no time, grabbing Alceus' hand and making it clear that in this war, she is only his ally and would only follow his requests. Nodding his head, it became apparent that Clara would not work well with the others. "Alright", Alceus said, his voice eternally calm, "Then for the entire war, you'll be with me, fighting by my side. I'll be your right, and you'll be my left", he smiled, soon turning his attention to a teenage boy emerging from the same portal that Victor had used. It was the same boy he had spotted in Redemption Park, he was well armed and Alceus gave his approval with a simple nod towards the boy. Then the next to arrive was one of the most important allies Alceus had in this war.

Seward, son of Poseidon, and cousin of Alceus had arrived, emerging from a portal. Surprisingly, Seward claimed that he had "friends" who would be joining them in their fated battle against Olympus. "Good to see you Seward. You seem well equipped and ready. That's good. This will be the hardest battle of your life yet", Alceus said, he wasn't making an attempt to sound dramatic, he was simply being a realist, Alceus, Seward and Victor have never seen the full scope of their fathers' power. Next, Umbra emerged from his respective portal, his head covered in a hood to instinctively shield him from the heavy rain. "I'm glad you're willing to help Umbra. I'll need all the help I can get. Thanks", Alceus smiled, his words sincere as he placed his hand on Umbra's right shoulder. He was one of his most trusted allies, having helped him in the repairing of the universe's fabric of time and fundamental magical laws. Then, Alceus' Trinity teammate and leader, Maya Lopez arrived, using a faint blue bubble to shield herself from the rain. Sarcastically, Maya voiced her hope that the war could end with little bloodshed. "There'll be a lot of blood spilled today Maya, that I'm sure of", he said, then chuckling as Maya showed her hatred for Clara. Finally, Victor's final ally had arrived, the mysterious masked man who Alceus spotted in Redemption Park.

He didn't know anything about this man, all he knew was that he was an ally of Victor. And while he wanted to trust him, he simply could not, not yet, it would be too naive, and because of that, Alceus would focus some of his attention on him, monitoring his actions. Victor then informed Alceus that everyone he reached telepathically had arrived. Closing every single dimensional rift that he had opened, Alceus was ready to move everyone to Olympus. He was glad to see how welcoming Victor was to everyone and how enthusiastic he was to aid his brother in the war. Looking over to his Olympian siblings as well as Vasilias who stood taller than everyone, The Champion gave them a nod then faced the rest of his allies. "Alright, we're going to be moving to Olympus in a few seconds. Now let me just say that we're not going to be fighting atop some mountain. Mount Olympus is just the gateway to the Olympus dimension but we're not going to go through that gateway because it would be well... stupid. We'll all teleport there together. Oh and, for some of you this may be a little too much but hey, there's no turning back now. Expect a lot of bloodshed", Alceus said, addressing all of his allies, his realism apparent.

Unsheathing his radiant golden sword, mighty Alceus twirled it flawlessly as a giant vortex of colorful energy surrounded everyone. "I hope everyone's ready!", Alceus shouted over the noise of the whirling energy vortex. In an instant, the entire group was sucked into a rainbow-colored wormhole as The Champion did his best to limit the amount of dimensional energy that seeped into the wormhole so that his teammates remain unscathed prior to the war's commencement. In the blink of an eye, a blinding white light began to shine and in an instant, they were all standing in the middle of an enormous city of gold, sparkling water, a starry dark purple sky and jewelry encrusted infrastructure. "We're here", Alceus said, suddenly, detecting massive energy-signatures in the vicinity as the ground soon began to quake violently. Turning round, The Champion's eyes widened, as before him stood the legendary Titan, Atlas. Standing at eighty feet in height, Atlas was an imposing figure as he cast a large shadow over those who dared oppose Olympus. His body, housing more muscle than even Hercules as legendary strength coursed through his veins. But strangely, the titan's eyes were eerily white, devoid of pupils and irises. And why would he side with Olympus? "You will pay for your insolence child. So speaks this realm's true ruler", Zeus' godly disembodied voice echoing everywhere. Tightly grabbing his spear, Alceus prepared to engage Atlas in battle as the titan pulled his fist back in an attempt to crush the group to dust, all the while, Poseidon, Hyperion and the rest were on their way.

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The Dimensional Rifts around Victor started closing, no turning back now "I forgot to go to the restroom" Victor joked out of nervousness. Alceus then turned to everyone, with a tall man besides him, definitely an Olympian. It was his long lost uncle, no, not lost but wrongfully banished. Seeing the man standing there gave Victor the courage and strength he needed, the motivation that would get him through this. Alceus turned to the Olympians and nodded to them, Victor felt as if he was part of an exclusive club or something. Then Alceus turned to the rest of the Allies. "Alright, we're going to be moving to Olympus in a few seconds. Now let me just say that we're not going to be fighting atop some mountain. Mount Olympus is just the gateway to the Olympus dimension but we're not going to go through that gateway because it would be well... stupid. We'll all teleport there together. Oh and, for some of you this may be a little too much but hey, there's no turning back now. Expect a lot of bloodshed"

This wasn't a pep talk, this was serious and made Victors heart beat faster, this was it, the day he'd anticipated. Back then Victor had his own agendas, but now he was fighting for his uncle, and became a part of something bigger than himself. Victor was glad that his brother explained to people the mortals common misconception of Olympus. Olympus wasn't just a mountain, it was a gateway to a whole other world. There's no turning back now. Expect a lot of bloodshed. Victor took a deep breath, this was it. Then Alceus pulled a golden sword that gave off an energy signature "Aye" Victor thought his brother raised the sword to signify the end of the speech, but then felt the awkward silence overwhelm him.

Alceus then started twirling his sword, Victor would've like to make a joke about how Alceus looked as if he was dancing, but his team mates would lose faith in him, and Victor would need to acknowledge that this would make or break not only him, but the whole Olympus and his allies. Suddenly a colorful wormhole opened up. The wormhole instantly started to Vacuum everyone in "So this is how it feels to be sucked by a Vacuum?" Victor sarcastically said to cover up his Anxiety. A white light had started shining. "Alceus Damn it I see the light, you trying to kill us?" Victor laughed his last joke away as in an instant, memories flooded him as Olympus stood before him. It's beautiful, just like It was back then. Victor started rotating to look around at Olympus. Everyone was here, his friends around him, Park had previously asked how Olympus looked like, wait until he gets a load of this.

"We're Here" Alceus managed to say, Suddenly his feeling of awe was replaced by curiosity as an energy signature had came to Victor, that of a- but before Victor could pick up on it, the ground began to shake. "Who farted?" Victor scratched his head. Victor then picked up on the direction of the sound and turned on cue with his brother Alceus. There was a face he didn't expect to see. It was the Titan, Atlas. No way Zeus would have freed the titans, and why would they work with him? Looking high above to gaze upon the Titans face, but his gaze was met back by devoid white eyes. "It's not him" Victor couldn't help but speak out loud. "You will pay for your insolence child. So speaks this realm's true ruler" Zeus voice could be heard from all around. "Daddy, I'm home" Victor whispered. Alceus grabbed his spear and got ready to engage Atlas in battle. "You're not going to kill him right Alceus? This can't possibly be him?" Victor knew that Alceus must've already figured it out himself. Then the titan pulled his fist back, getting ready to crush them, being in control or not, Victor had to protect his team mates.

Victor reached for his mystical hammer, duel wielding it with his God-killing sword. Then Victor saw several titans behind atlas, all on their way, among them stood Poseidon. "Seward, He's all yours" he nodded to Poseidon. Victor got into battle position, ready to use all of his abilities as efficiently as he can to save his family and allies. "Alceus, awaiting for your instructions" Victor banged his hammer and sword together, ready for anything.

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"I stand by you and you alone. We will win this". Aquarius blue ocean eyes darted toward the familiar voice knowing that voice had belong to Clara. "I'm watching you Demigod, if you shall dare hurt both my cousins I will deal with you personally and trust me I am not in a pleasant mood today." He said to her before one of his cousins had placed his hand on his shoulder to calm him down. Even though the young god didn't know his cousins for that long he still saw them both as brothers and after this he was hoping they all could go out to celebrate their victory.

"Good to see you Seward. You seem well equipped and ready. That's good. This will be the hardest battle of your life yet",Alceus said with a serious tone. Aquarius sighed with a nod. "I agree with you cousin but like I told my mother If I die, at least I'll die with my brothers in battle." He smiled before turning his attention towards Victor his other cousin who seemed to be making a lot of jokes about the rain and thunder their father was throwing at everyone. "Are you nervous cousin? It's okay to be because I am too but know this I got your back till the end." Seward smirked before turning his attention back to Alceus who began to speak towards the allies as the portals began to close.

"Alright, we're going to be moving to Olympus in a few seconds. Now let me just say that we're not going to be fighting atop some mountain. Mount Olympus is just the gateway to the Olympus dimension but we're not going to go through that gateway because it would be well... stupid. We'll all teleport there together. Oh and, for some of you this may be a little too much but hey, there's no turning back now. Expect a lot of bloodshed",He warned everyone before unleashing his golden beautiful sword and creating a vortex with it which surrounded everybody like a gate. "I hope everyone's ready!", Alceus shouted loud enough over the noise so everyone could hear. Aquarius could feel his heart beating fast like it was gonna rip out of his muscular chest but he was able to pull himself together and get ready to fight to the death. "I wish you all good luck!". The young sea god shouted before everyone was sucked into thevortex. "So this is how it feels to be sucked by a Vacuum?" Victor blurted out of nowhere. "We're in a Vacuum? Interesting." Aquarius said not getting the joke before noticing the beautiful white light and then suddenly stood before them was Olympus.

Aquarius blue eyes darted around the beautiful palace with amazement at how beautiful Olympus looked. "Atlantis is nowhere near perfect as a place like this." Seward said before his eyes caught the sight of the giant Titan, Atlas. Aquarius has heard stories about this Titan and the others but has never seen him face to face. "I thought your father punished him?". He said to both his cousins. "It's not him", Victor shouted loudly for everyone to hear. "What do you mean it's not him? Who else could it--". Before he could even finish his sentence, Atlas pulled his fist back, getting ready to crush them like insects. "Look out!". Aquarius shouted before getting out the way and getting into a gladiator fighting stance. "You will pay for your insolence child. So speaks this realm's true ruler" Zeus voice echoed around the room.

Tired of standing around and just staring at the giant, Aquarius was about to strike the titan with his trident and begin the battle until his eyes suddenly noticed the man he wanted, Poseidon who had long black hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and sea green eyes. "Seward, He's all yours" Victor said to his cousin. Poseidon face didn't seem to be shocked at all since he probably knew his son was coming before they even arrived. "If I shall fall brothers make sure you bury me on the beach." He joked before spinning his trident getting ready for whatever awaits him.

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Park watched as the rest of the hostile-takeover party arrived through their respective portals. There was a redhead who seemed familiar but Park doubted they had ever met, another armor adorned figure with an imposing trident and a scowl on his face, a very sarcastic blonde woman, a hooded boy with a heavy book and the air of magic about him and of course there was Rumor. Park kept track of their interactions and saw that there wasn't much love for the redheaded woman and she hardly had much love for the idea of teamwork. Park couldn't make out the hooded boy's face but when he heard him speak to Alceus he could tell the boy was a teen, maybe even younger than himself.

"Are you guys ready to do this?" The blonde woman asked balling her hands into fists. Park nodded calmly in both a response and recognition that she appeared aware of his existence. Must be hectic keeping up with everyone, especially with all these Higher-ups around. Having never been outside the U.S. before and not being very political Park had no idea that she was the ruler of Utopia.

"Alright, we're going to be moving to Olympus in a few seconds. Now let me just say that we're not going to be fighting atop some mountain. Mount Olympus is just the gateway to the Olympus dimension but we're not going to go through that gateway because it would be well... stupid. We'll all teleport there together. Oh and, for some of you this may be a little too much but hey, there's no turning back now. Expect a lot of bloodshed." Alceus stated turning to face his allies. Can't believe I'm included in this. Park thought. When the god finished he pulled out his sword and Park wondered what the hell he was doing before he slashed open a gash in the air and another portal appeared.

"So this is what it's like to get sucked by a vacuum." Victor joked. Park felt a bit more at ease with Victor making jokes than he had felt after their coach's encouraging speech.

"Nah man a--" Park started but the rest of his lewd joke got torn from him with his breath as he hit the portal. He had walked into the portal expecting it to be an easy ride like last time, he had been wrong. His vision began to blur with white and it nearly blinded him as he felt the air being ripped from his lungs. Not pleasant at all. Park thought as he landed in Olympus. He looked around and saw the gods seemed unaffected by the transportation. Must be a mortal thing.

Before Park got a chance to take in the scenery and see what Olympus looked like the ground began to rumble and a shadow fell over the merry band of regicide.Park looked up to see a giant... well a giant guy with blank white eyes drawing back his fist to crush them.

"Its not him!" Victor called out to the group. Oh thank god, for a second I thought we were dealing with a named enemy. Those are always the worst. Park thought as Alceus moved to attack and Victor moved to protect.

"You will pay for your insolence child. So speaks this realm's true ruler." A very powerful voice echoed in Park's head and reverberated throughout the whole area.

"So that's Zeus huh?" Park asked pulling out a knife. "I always assumed he'd be more tangible than disembodied voice, y'know?" Park decided he needed to act before he got completely overwhelmed by the situation. He ran out toward the giant's legs brandishing his blade and grabbed something from his duffel. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Aquarius charging towards a powerful bearded figure. All former anxiety was replaced with action and Park felt his worries slip away. Guess who just got back today, those wild eyed boys that've been away, haven't changed, haven't much to say, but man I still think them cats are crazy. Park hummed in his head as he charged forward.

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Hera sat on her throne as the gods and goddesses act as foolishly as their bastard children.  Sipping on the finest of wines, she claps at the very entrance of her wondrous soldier.  His silver armor glistens as the lights of warfare flicker above.  Brushing out his hair, the ever so handsome kneels before his patron goddess.  "They come for your--"  His voice is taken away as the Queen steps down from the pivotal artifact.  She is bothered by the cockiness of this foul generation.  Lifting his body upward, she can only glare into his yellow eyes.  
"You arrive just as the others do.  Why act against a woman who's risked her very life by helping you and yours achieve the goals of eventual domination?"  She said, throwing her glass against the face of Eris.  Although covered by the smell of century old liquor, the goddess promises to discuss such disrespect at a later date.  Returning her thoughtfulness to the Son of Thunder, the benevolent Queen touches his ample lips.  She cannot fathom how quickly this chaos has ensued.  Not to mention the appearance of her redheaded granddaughter.   
"My dearest Noah, have I not treated you all like family?"  Hera asked pulling on his collar.  "I have done as Merola has told me.  When this is done, you must tell me.  Does the prophecy foresee me as the rightful ruler of Mount Olympus?"  She knew the answer but still she had hoped for a far better future.  Since the conception of Clarice Michelle Zeraz, she has done her best to push the demigoddess away from Zeus' view.  Too keep her hidden and unaware of her heritage.  "Tell me, my warrior.  What does the future hold for me?"  She says trembling to her knees.  Following her downward, the Son of Thunder wraps his arms around his mentor.  He even tries to console a goddess but he cannot. 
"Queen Hera, I am so sorry but your granddaughter will ascend to take your place.  As will the others but I won't allow it."  She cries on his shoulder as he talks about tomorrow.  "You can promise me sal--"  Her eyes roll back as his dagger slashes her throat.  Lightly kissing her perspiring forehead, he to tears as her consciousness slips into a slumber.    Slowly laying her body on the floor, Noah says a prayer for goddess who will one day meet the truest lord of them all. 
Yanking his sacred helmet off, the last mortal warrior screams his lungs out as the prophecies come nearer and nearer to reality.  And so the entirety of this realm will no doubt hear his cries.  "I've lost my soul.  Clarice, I'm a goner."  Noah says as he falls back against a elaborate statue of this kingdoms rulers.    His sadness is cut short as the humming of his aunt breaks this somber moment.  She applauds him for getting down and dirty.  Holding his palms, she jumps ecstatically.  It's finally happening. 
"I can't thank you enough.  Noah, forget about all those people.  Forget about the fact that we've been abused for most of our deranged lives.  This is our defining chapter.  This is the day of all days.  Our destinies finally fulfilled.  I will rule this world with an iron---" 
"You mean we will rule this world."  He quickly interjects.   
"Yes, that's exactly what I meant.  Noah, don't tell me your getting cold feet.  I didn't get tortured and killed by the fucking Dark Huntress, just for you to betray me at the last possible second."  She pushes him against the statue yet again.  This time applying the pressure of her abnormal super-strength.  Her violet eyes illuminating as rage consumes her black soul.   
"Of course not.  I'm just flabbergasted as to how fast things are going.  Distract Alceus and his concubines.  Fight this meaningless war.  I'll prepare the ritual and tonight you'll be ordained as the new ruler of Mount Olympus.  Our ancestors would be proud of our accomplishments.  I know--"  She kisses him on the lips, his body unwilling but still he accepts the gesture.  Her astral form vaporizes, as his yellow eyes return to the fallen body of Queen Hera.   
"Clara Mass is dead.  What happened to her?"  Noah says, clenching his fists from bottled fury.  "What have I become?"
"A borderline incestuous bastard!"  Yells the goddess of marriage.  She claps her hands together, focusing her energies on the traitor.  Setting his armor on fire, the sole Queen watches as he burns alive.  Adjusting her plain white dress, she looks down angrily at a once promising individual.  She is utterly disappointed.   Walking over to her balcony, she watches the battle waged below.  Like insects the gods are easily handled.  Embarrassed by her own people, Hera turns one last time to the handsome beau. 
"Did you honestly believe I would die so easily?  Have you not learned from your past mistakes?  Consider our agreement with Merola done with!  Our relationship is finished.  And when this is all over...the Olympians go to war with the All-Seer nation.  Too think you and Angeni were once meant to replace me and Zeus."  Hera pauses, pondering the location of the annihilator machine.  
......His eyes reopen 
...........far more red than divine blood.

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Atlas' mere fist was so monstrously enormous that even it was capable of casting a looming shadow over the valiant band of heroes. "Victor, it's time to attack. Use whatever you can do and throw it at him but don't let him get his hands on you. Don't forget that he's a Titan", a fearless Alceus instructed, briefly turning to face his brother. "You're right, something is wrong. He's not in his right mind. But that is a problem to solve later, after we defeat him", The Champion continued, before returning his attention to powerful Atlas. Smirking at the thought of actually engaging one of the mythical titans in battle, mighty Alceus' confidence didn't waver as he signaled for his divine brothers to attack the fearsome titan. "Hercules, Ares, Athena, all of you, attack relentlessly!", Alceus' strategy was clear, he intended to use the number's game against his massive opponent, the very same manner in which Zeus and the older Olympians defeated the titans all those countless years ago. "That goes for everyone", he added, referring to all who were his allies.

Tightening his grip on both his golden sword and nigh-unbreakable spear, The Champion quickly leaped backwards, evading Atlas' earth-shattering punch as it cracked the shiny marble-adamantine floor they were standing on. Landing on his feet, Alceus' eyes widened, realizing just how ridiculous Atlas' strength truly was. "He cracked the floor? Damn", true the floor was not pure adamantine and not as durable, it was an adamantine-based alloy and was still quite durable that even Hercules and Alceus aren't even capable of scratching it. But still his eyes showed no fear, he was eager to fight. Briefly turning to look at Clara Mass who made it clear that her only ally in this war is Alceus, The Champion requested that she fight beside him, "Clara, fight with me. Follow up my attacks", and with that, mighty Alceus murmured, "Vos", his voice becoming oddly identical to Uranus' own booming divine voice. "You speak with the voice of Uranus! My grandfather... what has become of you recently son?", Zeus' voice echoing from Atlas' mouth. "There's your answer Victor. Father's controlling the Titans", Alceus said, speaking with Uranus' intimidating deep voice, forcing the environment to quake.

The grip on his spear tightened even further as electrical energy surged through it while valiant Alceus' eyes grew devoid of pupils and irises as white electrical energy began glowing from them. Thrusting his spear towards Atlas, a gigantic bolt of supernatural white lightning was discharged from it's tip. The monstrous bolt split the air as it sped straight towards the towering titan. An amused grin crept onto Atlas' face as he shockingly swallowed the colossal lightning bolt, sustaining no visible wound. With Seward on the verge of confronting his father, The Champion found himself at a difficult point, facing a seemingly invulnerable opponent with peerless god-like strength. "Yeah, he's stronger than I thought", Alceus thought, charging towards Atlas. "Foolish child", Atlas insulted as he banged both his fists on the ground in an attempt to smash his adversaries, generating a tremendous shock-wave, shattering nearby buildings and infrastructure constructed from gold and jewels. Having jumped onto Atlas' forearm during the titan's attack, The Champion speedily ran towards Atlas' shoulder and ruthlessly thrust his adamantine spear into the titan's muscular shoulder, causing him to shriek in pain. "Attack him!", Alceus demanded.

Channeling all of the electrical energy at his command into the spear, The Champion managed to internally electrocute powerful Atlas while Ares ferociously slashed at him with his adamantine blades. Athena shot bolts of mystical energy at the titan, Hercules brutally smashed and smashed away at Atlas with his adamantine mace while the rest did what they could. Imposing Atlas was so physically powerful that in spite of the amount of power the heroes were using in assaulting him, he was sustaining only bruises and cuts. Feeling an unbelievable surge of energy behind him, Alceus sighed at the sight of Hyperion. But then a sly smile slipped into his face, realizing that he could use the other titan to his advantage. "Good. This is good", he smirked, having formulated a plan to defeat both titans while exerting very little of his own energy.

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"Victor, it's time to attack. Use whatever you can do and throw it at him but don't let him get his hands on you. Don't forget that he's a Titan" Alceus instructed his brother Victor with a sense of warriors fearlessness in his voice. "You're right, something is wrong. He's not in his right mind. But that is a problem to solve later, after we defeat him" Victor shifted all his muscle to his legs, and in a swift movement retracted outwards and jumped above. Turning back to see his group of friends getting ready to attack, Victor formed an indestructible forcefield as he was in the air to protect anyone from the mighty Atlas's punch shall anyone fail to dodge his attack in time. Even though the force field withstood the force of Atlas's punch, he could sense the power emanating from the titan, unbridled and unmatched by even Hercules. "Hercules, Ares, Athena, all of you, attack relentlessly!" Alceus could be heard instructing the Olympian Family with as much precision and calmness as a true leader would. Still in Mid-air, Victor found his footing on the titans bicep. "That goes for everyone" Alceus voice was becoming faint due to the distance between the two and Victor struggled to hold on to the giants arm as it swayed left and right.

As Atlas threw a punch directed toward Victors allies, he plunged his Adamantine sword into the titans arm, swaying the punch, but only slightly. Hearing the force of it connect as two objects collided, there was collision between the adamantine floor and the might titans punch, looking down to see the floor breaking from the force of a titans attack. "He cracked the floor? Damn" Victor could hear Alceus better from his position now. Retrieving his sword, Victor plunged it again, going for multiple attacks surround the same muscle in an effort to weaken and tame the Titan. But Victor had underestimated Atlas's durability and it seemed like he could take much more punishment before felling to the Olympians and their allies. "Clara, fight with me. Follow up my attacks" Alceus was still instructing troops. "Alceus, this won't be easy" Victor said perhaps his first serious comment, under the circumstances he decided this was a life or death situation and lives hanged in the balance. But he was a mighty Olympian and possibly of the most three powerful people of the team, a heavy duty fell upon him as he prepared for a follow-up attack.

"Vos" Victor heard Uranus's voice. Turning to see if Uranus had indeed come himself to fight them by instinct he was ready for a defence attack. However there was no Uranus and indeed it was just his brother Alceus. "You speak with the voice of Uranus! My grandfather... what has become of you recently son?" Atlas opened his mouth to speak but only Zeus's voice come out. "What the f*ck is this sorcery!" Victor couldn't help but be confused by how this was happening, but quickly made it out on cue for Alceus explanation. "There's your answer Victor. Father's controlling the Titans" Alceus spoke with Uranus's deep voice, one that caused the environment to tremble by its very presence. "Mind... blown" Victor made out the words as he hanged on the titan. Alceus was already one step ahead of Victor and was planning his next attack, that much was obvious and Alceus grabbed his golden mighty spear.

Suddenly electrical energy surrounded his brother Alceus, being channeled into his fear as in one swift but powerful motion, it was thrown at the great titan Atlas. Catching the titan off guard, the spear entered his mouth but didn't seem to leave him at any discomfort. "Yeah, he's stronger than I thought" Alceus could be heard saying. "What gave it away? When he swallowed a spear or cracked adamantine floor" Victor became nervous again, but this did not deter his ability in battle. Alceus charged against Atlas, hearing his fathers echoing voice come out of the giants big mouth "Foolish child" Victor couldn't think of any quips, so he turned his attention to the titan.

Victor reached his hands into his armour and pulled out his trusty hammer, augmenting his strength to great degree, he thrust the hammer down onto the might titans shoulder. Atlas's discomfort could be heard, and this indeed caused his muscle spasm as he swung his arm, losing his equilibrium, Victor flew off the mighty atlas's arm and into the air. Quickly Atlas, or Zeus as he seemed to be reached a hand to catch Victor and crush him in his arm, with great big hands coming after him, he was almost in Atlas's clutches. Seeing an opening between the titans fingers, Victor waited till Atlas's arms were closer, than took a quick flight burst through the fingers and landed on the titans backhand, climbing upwards and trying to reach his head. Then Victor realised his brother was doing the same, he was on the titans other forearm and was trying to reach higher ground. Mimicking what Alceus was doing, they'd both reached into the titans shoulder, into which Alceus plunged his spear into deep tissue. Using his Adamantine sword, Victor gave it all the strength he could and plunged his sword into the titans sensitive tissue. Their combined might made the titan shriek in pain for all the land to hear.

"Attack him!" Alceus was taking advantage of the situation as the whole team coordinated as one and gave it all the power they had to try and fell the titan. "Hey Alceus, how's his internals, he can't be as tough in the inside right?" Victor had a crazy idea in his head, but seeing his brothers now sly smile, he'd wondered who had a crazier one. "This could turn out really well, or really bad, he said hopefully" Victor teased as he tried to keep his balance, waiting for his brother to execute his plan.

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The very thought of his own children rallying up against him was sickening and disgusting. The king of the gods would not allow such opposition to go unanswered. While he foolishly hoped to intimidate his children with a terrific display of elemental pyrotechnics on Earth, it only functioned more like an invitation than an intimidating threat. However, like his own son, Zeus has planned for this fated encounter the day that one of his most prized children declared war on the home of the gods. No longer underestimating his son's potential, the Greek god of sky and thunder planned extensively for the war. "This boy is stubborn!", the senior sky-father roared, his anger apparent in his fierce eyes as blue energy pulsated from them. "He dares stand against his own father! The one who gave him life... the one who can just as easily strip it from his very being!", Zeus' voice echoed in the halls of his tall and mighty castle, far from Atlas' battle with Alceus and his comrades.

But could his children and the heroes of Earth really stand against him? Could they stand against the combined might of the most powerful of Greek gods and the Titans? It is ludicrous to think so but no longer is Zeus underestimating the potential of his children. Pacing around his jewel-encrusted throne made of pure gold, Zeus was lost in his thoughts, seizing certain seconds to glance at his crystal ball to remain aware of Atlas' success against his opposers. "He is failing. Perhaps influencing his mind to do my bidding is not enough", mighty Zeus murmured, alone in his throne room. "Forcing my full control over the Titans will be a more fruitful effort. While I prefer the manipulator's way, altering the Titan's mind to fight for me is not enough, his buffoonery and simplistic fighting style does not make use of his full power", Zeus continued as he pointed his glowing index finger to the empty spherical center of the room. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the spherical surface parted open as a colossal blue orb of raw energy emerged from underneath, levitating in the room's center. Smirking fiendishly, the God of gods wasted no time in powering himself with the orb of near-limitless energy, enhancing his power to unbelievable reaches.

"The collective energy of the other Titans", Zeus chuckled triumphantly, "Even Vasilias will cower before my might", he boasted, using the the orb's ridiculous power to force his full telepathic control over both Atlas and Hyperion, both their eyes now glowing similarly to Zeus'. "Alceus, Victor, my two sons conspiring against me. Even you Heracles? All of you? Do you not want this cycle of hatred between father and son to end? Uranus hated his children, and so Cronus castrated him, Cronus hated my brothers and I, and so we defeated him and cast him to Tartarus. My rule was to bring an end to these tensions in our family. Do you not want this to end without your death? Halt your assault on my kingdom and leave Vasilias to his banishment like it destined to be. Do not oppose me my children. I gave you all life", Zeus said, speaking through Atlas, making an attempt at manipulating his children, coercing them back to his side, however, The Champion and his comrades were already certain of their goal.

And while the war ensued, those who chose not to include themselves in such petty acts of violence simply watched and hoped that whichever side succeeds, does it with little bloodshed... or so they claimed. While there are those who are truly neutral such as Eros and Persephone who could care less about the entire event, Aphrodite has a much more sinister agenda. Lying provocatively on the silky smooth crimson sheets of her colossal bed, the physically flawless goddess of love and pleasure sighed, "Ah the war... betrayal and distrust run amuck, how interesting", her soft soothing voice echoing in her marble room. Covered only in a sea of red roses that concealed her nudity, Aphrodite allowed a sly smirk to creep into her face. "Fate has an amusing way of rendering life easier for others, but everyone else's life will unfortunately become difficult for them. Soon.. very very soon", her smirk grew wider and more devilish, her intentions unclear and cryptic but with a deadly air to them. What exactly was the goddess of love plotting?

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"Hercules, Ares, Athena, all of you, attack relentlessly!" Alceus called down to his brothers and sisters as he led the charge. So far Park had managed to escape any hostile attention, normally he'd be offended but today he wasn't really sweating it. "That goes for everyone"

Park felt the ground quake and watched as the marble gave way beneath Atlas' punch. I'm so out of my league here. Park thought as he braced his legs and continued hacking away at the titan's foot, so far he'd gone almost completely unnoticed because of his lack of size and energy signature, not to mention the first time he tried to cut Atlas the knife broke. Park was now wielding his unbreakable blade and had managed to slash open a decent sized hole in the giant titan's heel. It won't kill him, but the blood loss might slow him down... I think. Park thought as he pushed a grenade into the flesh and ran over to the other foot.

"Attack him!" Alceus shouted again as the explosion went off behind Park. He turned back and groaned. Not a dent. Ok time to step it up a bit. Park thought dropping the duffel to the ground and pulling out several tanglers. My personal favorite. Park had been making these since Victor told him about his plans for Olympus, now he would finally get to see if they worked. Park threw four out knowing the only way to do any damage at this point was volume. Four containers landed in Atlas' wounds and immediately exploded into and web off high strength electrical wires hooking him to the ground beneath them.

Y'know Vic, Park thought to his friend and now brother in arms. We might just be able to get this guy to tear down Zeus' house by getting him to tear sh*t up. I mean look at what he did to the floor. Park finished his thought by digging in to Atlas' calf muscle with his knife and pulled himself up before pushing some c4 into the fresh wound. He then pulled himself up again and repeated the process.

"Alceus, Victor, my two sons conspiring against me. Even you Heracles? All of you? Do you not want this cycle of hatred between father and son to end? Uranus hated his children, and so Cronus castrated him, Cronus hated my brothers and I, and so we defeated him and cast him to Tartarus. My rule was to bring an end to these tensions in our family. Do you not want this to end without your death? Halt your assault on my kingdom and leave Vasilias to his banishment like it destined to be. Do not oppose me my children. I gave you all life" Zeus' disembodied voice bellowed through the halls.

Uh, actually Vic. You never did tell me why we were fighting big Daddy up there. Park asked his friend as he climbed higher. I don't suppose it's too late to ask for an explanation.

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Past: Reason of Disappearance

While traveling to the Desert of Lost Souls, Angeni was captured by undead soldiers who were sent by Hera to prevent Angnei from overthrowing the Gods of Olympus and was then taken prisoner as a gladiator. While a slave in the Colosseum the young goddess had to fight everyday for her survival until she eventually given up and dropped dead but since she was trained so well by her mother and was born with such incredible powers and abilities, she was able to hold on and keep fighting whatever the wife of Zeus threw at her for a month.

Two months later, another soul was taken into slavery. Peter Matthews, the hero known as Overkill, was abducted by soldiers of Phobos, God of Fear. Angry at Earths Mightiest Mortal for what he did to the divine being during their attack on the Champions of Peace, Phobos had Overkill arrested. While being escorted to his cell, Overkill had found the bruised up body of Angeni sitting there in her cell waiting for her next match which was a tag team battle and if she and her partner survived they would be free.

It was in the eventing that the match was getting ready to begin, Angeni was shocked to hear that her friend was abducted as well and had no idea she would be paired up with Overkill against two mighty strong gladiators who were known all over Greece and Athens for winning every single match, but she also didn't know if she could win this battle due to her being all weak from fighting in the area for a whole month. Overkill wasn't planning on dying in a hellhole so he encourage the daughter of Athena to use the last of her remaining strength and skills so they could go home, Angeni taking his advice just glanced up at him and managed to give him a nod.

The match began and before you knew it Overkill and Angeni were taking on the deadliest two gladiators. It wasn't easy of course with her being weak and all but somehow Angeni managed to use all her rage and frustration on one of the gladiators and killed him with her bare hands using her strength. After the battle was over, Hera declared that Angeni and Overkill were released unharmed and everyone knew that Hera was not pleased about Helena's survival including Zeus. After surviving a month of fighting on her own, Angeni returned to Athens and her people before thanking Overkill who departed until next time.


Surrounding the daughter of Athena and Hephaestus in the center of the room stood the four statues of the Olympian Gods who were allied with her, Apollo, Hermes, Athena, and Ares. Apollo is the god of healing, light, knowledge, prophecy, literature and poetry. Apollo was among the most compassionate of the gods, interested in the well-being of mortals for their own sake. His followers tend to be scholars, sages, courteous, learned, and wise.

Hermes is the god of cunning, trickery, luck, commerce and messenger of the gods, he rules the four winds and guides the spirits of the dead to the underworld. In addition to merchants and bards, he also counts the most daring of heroes among his patronage.

Ares the god of war and courage, was well known as a hardened veteran. He calls on his followers to be courageous and tough, to rely on themselves and their own strength rather than pretty words and the protection of others.

Athena the mother of Helena Troy also known as Angeni in the hero world is the goddess of wisdom, order, military strategy, and tactical thinking. The only god with the authority to wield Zeus’ thunderbolts, she dispenses justice with firm resolve. She expects those who follow her to carefully discern right from wrong, to be steadfast in their judgment, and fully commit themselves to all that they do.

While looking up at the statue of her mother, Helena let out a sigh. "What have you been up to mother? I feel that your ignoring me ever since my disappearance." She said to the statue of her mother, but as she said those words the statue replied."I do not attend to ignore you on purpose my child." Athena explained. Helena smiled, hearing the voice of her mother always made her feel happy during trouble times. "What has been going on? It's not like you to ignore your only child." Angeni knew something was going on but she didn't know what."I tried to prevent you from joining this war for your safety even though you planned it as a child when you first became a princess of my city, but you are needed now than ever and I shall explain.It all began with great Zeus' suspicious secrecy, then it evolved into lies, lies that would eventually tear apart a family once so united and together. During a supernatural misadventure known as the Wheels of Time, mighty Alceus was put in a position where his very destiny was at his fingertips. Fate was forever changed for the heroic Olympian. During the infamous event, The Champion joined forces with the world's greatest and most prominent sorcerers and wizards to cleanse the fabric of time from a perverted and twisted state. And it was in the nexus of time where Alceus was awarded the opportunity to see what his heart desired... the secrets that Zeus so strongly attempts to hide from the eyes of the younger generation of gods. The apparition of a senior Olympian appeared before a shocked Alceus, this was the first ever meeting between valiant Alceus and his wrongly banished uncle Vasilias, Olympus' original and rightful ruler. With the reasons behind his banishment revealed, a white hot flame of rage burned within the Son of Olympus, he could no longer side with a father that has gravely wronged his own brother for petty reasons. After all, what would become of him if he opposed Zeus just like Vasilias? The lies, the betrayal, and the denial, brought upon an age of distrust within the Olympian family. Eventually, a division occurred when The Champion fearlessly confronted his father with the knowledge that he had gained. A brief battle ensued between father and son, ending with the thrashing of righteous Alceus. It was then and there that everything crumbled to dust between the older and younger generations of Olympians. Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera and the older gods, having known of Zeus' treacherous behavior against Vasilias, sided with him, for they too like Zeus, demanded worship from mortals (unlike Vasilias) and aided the thunder-wielding skyfather in the banishment of innocent Vasilias. However, Alceus, Athena, Ares, Hercules and the younger generation saw the wrongness in Zeus' rash decision and went against their father, only to be threatened with violence and possible banishment. Defying their condescending father, Alceus and the younger Olympians left the halls of Olympus for a new home in Vasilias' personalized realm where The Champion convinced his brothers and sisters to aid him in returning Vasilias to his rightful place as ruler of Olympus, and the only way to accomplish this... would be through war. Declaring war against Olympus, Alceus aware of the sheer power that would oppose him, sought not only aid from the forces of his fellow Trinity teammates, but a select group of individuals to aid him in the ensuing war. But I must also warn you my child, I fear there is a traitor amongst the allied group."Athena explained to her daughter.

After learning what was happening in Olympus and learning there was a traitor, Angeni turned away from the statue of her mother and walked towards her breastplate and weapons which was held in the closet. "I thank you for protecting me mother, but you know I must be apart of this war. I shall meet with you and the alias very shortly but do not wait for me.. start the war." The young princess calmly said removing her dress and putting on her breastplate which hada red star in the center and lying just in front of an eagle crest and her blue shorts patched of white stars."I shall teleport you to the battle once you are done, my brave child."After saying those words everything went completely quiet.

Preparing for war, Angeni equipped her Bracelets of Victory on both of her wrist which was given to her by her father as a child, she gently took her Royal Tiarawhich had a red, decorative star emblazoned upon the front and placed it upon her forehead, and last she grabbed her sword and lasso which was glowing a bright yellow color. After finishing gathering and equipping her stuff, Angeni quickly tied her hair into a long ponytail and now was ready. "I am ready, mother!". She called out before a portal opened up in the middle of the room. "I shall send Hermes to deliver a message to the Athenians stating I am at war and will be back soon." Helena said before stepping into the portal which closed behind her as she entered.


A large portal opened up in the middle of the battlefield, Angeni heard so many familiar voices and as she stepped out of the portal she noticed the alias including her mother and father attacking Atlas who she had never met but heard stories of. "Titans? I can't believe he--Zeus you coward!". The beautiful goddess shouted with anger before removing her tiara from her forehead to aid her friends and family.The tiara is used on occasion as a ranged attack weapon, and with the combination of being very sharp and magical it can harm those who are otherwise impervious to physical damage. Angeni aimed her tiara at Atlas throat before throwing the tiara with full speed. "I hope it works.....". She said to herself. Angeni hoped the tiara slit his throat but just in case it didn't she drew out her sword and charged at the Titan, forgetting that there was a traitor somewhere in the group.

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Again almighty Zeus spoke through the colossal titan, Atlas. Making an attempt at coercing his children back to his side, the Olympian sky-father however, failed, Alceus' heroic resolve was not shaken, his objective only grew stronger. But he had taken notice of something, a sudden but powerful surge of energy inside of Atlas, strikingly similar to Zeus'. "You must really underestimate my state of mind if you think I'm going to believe anything you say at this moment", The Champion responded, showing no hesitation in his icy blue eyes as he violently pushed his adamantine spear deeper into Atlas' shoulder, forcing the titan to scream in pain and agony. However, his attention had not completely strayed away from approaching Hyperion, Alceus' mysterious energy-senses constantly warned him of the incoming threat that is yet another titan. "Looks like Zeus has taken control of the titans. There's no mistaking the energy that I'm sensing in them now, is his", Alceus realized, his eyes briefly widening in surprise.

Quickly peeking over at Atlas' other shoulder, Alceus spotted his brother Victor with his own sword piercing into Atlas' other shoulder. Smiling, mighty Alceus found the teamwork advantageous to their situation, after all, none of them could defeat a titan without relying on team efforts. Below them, Victor's comrade, Park also aided in the team's assault as the determined youth managed to cut into the titan's foot. His clever nature was prominent as he tossed grenades and explosives into Atlas' foot, causing a degree of internal damage. "Good job Park! Keep doing that!", Alceus shouted, charging his adamantine spear with the strongest bolt of lightning he could generate, internally electrocuting Atlas. "Enough!", the titan shouted, blowing Alceus off his shoulder with a gust of wind from his mouth, but not before the heroic Olympian pulled out his indestructible spear. While in mid air, The Champion managed to reposition himself and landed on his feet before Hyperion ruthlessly bombarded him with explosive blasts of light. Managing to fend off the last blasts of light by swiftly evading them, Alceus whispered, "Ixus", his voice changing from Uranus' back to his usual voice as his energy manipulating powers were now accessible.

With blood dripping from his wounded left arm, the Son of Olympus discharged a gigantic beam of energy from his spear at Hyperion. The titan was struck by the powerful attack but was not injured. However, he was enraged, and Zeus decided to capitalize on the titan's anger. Having Hyperion chase after Alceus who cleverly ran towards Atlas, The Champion leaped into the air, right in front of Atlas, urging Victor to jump off the titan's shoulder as Hyperion shot an immensely powerful blast of light from his opening mouth. Managing to barely escape the blast's range, only Alceus' left arm was severely injured as the blast not only blinded Atlas, but rendered him weak. "Hyperion is the titan of light... then he'll be much easier to defeat, I can advantage of his powers!", Alceus realized, as Atlas dropped to a knee from Hyperion's attack. On the ground with his left arm broken and useless, Alceus laughed triumphantly as Hyperion marched towards him. "You laugh boy?!", the titan roared. "I just realized you can't harm me", Alceus chuckled, although what he was about to do was a gamble. "Give me your best shot, I won't even sustain a scratch", Alceus smirked, with a bold boast. In truth he was toying with Hyperion's sense of superiority.

Laughing with amusement, Hyperion eyes began to glow brightly, "So be it child", and within an instant, the titan shot a massive energy beam towards Alceus, the most powerful the Olympian has ever seen. "Damn.. I hope this works", he murmured, having been preparing his body for this during the minutes he was stalling. Once the beam was inches away from him, Alceus absorbed all of it's energy into his palm as it vibrated painfully, "Gnnaah!", Alceus was in pain, and the situation only worsened when Hyperion grabbed him and began to slowly crush him in his right hand. "That was it?! How pathetic... a son of Zeus reduced to this... then again you are not really... my son, you are a simple creation, one that I can recreate", Hyperion said, speaking through Zeus' influence as he brought Alceus to his face to take a last look at one who was on the verge of perishing. "I can't believe how easy this was", Alceus chuckled, unleashing the energy he had previously absorbed from Hyperion in the form of an explosive energy wave that injured the titan so severely, he was knocked into a comatose state. Landing on the ground, Alceus was injured, his arm broken, his body having nearly been crushed and his other arm was numb.

"Alceus!", Apollo shouted, approaching his panting brother. "Do not worry, I am here", he said, using his powers as the god of healing to cleanse Alceus of his injuries and wounds. Having been restored to his full strength, Alceus smiled, "Thanks", but Apollo found no reason to rejoice, "Unfortunately, I can only use my healing powers one more time so try not to take risks like that again", he warned, patting his brother on the back. Nodding, Alceus looked at Hyperion's fallen body and could sense that the titan's energy-signature was fading. Returning his attention to an injured but still capable Atlas, The Champion prepared his spear, that was until a portal tore open in the battlefield and a radiant woman of peerless beauty emerged. The woman hurled her sharp tiara at Altas' throat, and by exploiting Atlas' weakened state and open defense, the tiara swiftly slit his throat as the titan collapsed, falling into a pool of his blood. Having not yet gained a proper image of the woman who had come to their aid and defeated Atlas, The Champion approached her, then surprise overwhelmed him as he saw her face, her unforgettable beautiful blue eyes, it was Angeni, the goddess he met at Loners Nightclub. "Angeni, you're here", he smiled warmly, however the encounter was to be interrupted as though the titans were defeated, Poseidon and Hades appeared, fully armed with an army of their own personal minions. "Your triumph over the titans was impressive... but, it is time for the real battle to begin", both Hades and Poseidon said, speaking in unison.

"Fine", The Champion smiled confidently. He wasn't using his power at it's maximum against the titans, he was conserving his energy for the top Olympians, and now that two of them had emerged, he no longer had a reason to restrain himself. White electrical arcs surged around him, generating a static sound as the ground beneath him cracked lightly under his power. An outward flailing aura of radiant yellow energy radiated around him, his eyes grew devoid of pupils and irises as they pulsated with bright white energy. Alceus' power was at it's maximum glory, and it could be felt among his brothers. "Let's end this", he said, pointing his spear at Hades while the rest of his siblings readied themselves. Without warning, Poseidon raised his arms, summoning forth a monstrous tsunami of mountainous proportions, while Hades remained a puppeteer, sending his minions to battle the band of heroes, while Aphrodite waited for the perfect opportunity to strike.

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Talk that Talk

These children play their game of thrones, meanwhile the only grown up among the fiendish takes some time to win this board game right.  Slipping away from the eyes of Alceus, does she stride through the broken gravel of Olympus.  Her nostrils can smell the scent of lies, betrayal, and loss.  Grandmother is onto her game so she'll do what daughters do best.  Cry to the dearest of daddies.  And although her presence had not been felt in this realm for months, memories return as her body embraces the soggy surroundings. 
Water beneath her feet, the highest of Gods is on the offensive.  Her eyes roll at the stupidity exuded by Alceus, the Olympian Champion.  How easily he placed faith onto her shoulders.  Regardless, it'll only assist her ever so allusive contingency plan.  Shifting through rubble the redheaded mystery dissolves through the cracks of a fractured dimension.  Her consciousness splintered, she can feel all that is made cry out for safe keeping.  Untouched by its whimpers, Clarice continues creating telepathic tethers and reading the minds of various.  One of which remains uncompensated.  Bothered by resistance, she breaks focus and water form boils.   
Shaken from stress, the liquidated form of a third-generation goddess is pushed upward.  Hands clap and lightning courses through her form, changing her form into something more gaseous.  This attack is painful but she manages.  Hands clap once more and she can no longer handle the actions of the unseen.  Thee devilish thoughts recreate the perfect frame that is Clarice Michelle.  Violet eyes widen upon the sight of the All-Father.  He looks down upon her, prepared to wipe away this fiendish imp as fast as she slithered in.   
"Child you dare intrude my quarters!"  His commanding voice, vibrates the very fabric of Mount Olympus.  From her crimson locks does he pull, risen from the very tattered ground, she is too far up to see what was once below.  A face painted with despair yet the somber cries are easily ignored, he is no boyish lackey.  Zeus knows very well of her existence.  He knows of her prophecies, adventures, and love interests.  He has even allowed Hera to entertain the Zeraz family, so long as she never interfered with his reign as the overlord of this realm.   
"Do not talk to me in that manner Zeus! Your wife has conspired against you for the last ten years, preparing my family too murder you and make her the sole ruler of this realm.  As you can see....your Olympian Champion and his concubines have entered this domain in hopes of yet again changing the playing fields.  He has yet to tell the of Vasilias and all of your wrong doings.  They follow him blindly like coke whores in a YMCMB music video.  I see this catastrophe as something far worse than my destiny.  They will humiliate, banish, and ridicule you.  Most of all Zeus...they will make a mockery of all of your accomplishments.  So, I beg to you All-Father...allow me the seat of Queen and I shall willing put an end to all of these shenanigans."  She crosses her arms, smirking as if the war has already been won.  
While the battle wages on the outskirts of this room.  His eyes distracted by her untamed beauty.  The powers of beyond conspire against this Olympian King, for her powers are something he himself cannot even fathom.  Releasing his grip on the talkative vixen, Zeus pulls her inward.  Peering into her soul, searching if her thoughts conspire against him.  Her words are honest as long as he works alongside her guidelines.  Her are charade yet they've stricken a chord that dates back centuries.  "I'll handle Hera and protect your nephew but what can you do...that I have not already tried?" 
Playing with his long golden locks of hair, Clarice lightly kisses the All-Father on his unsurprisingly moist lips.  She receives a collage of thoughts, including the very inception of Alceus.  He is a rather calm and composed individual, but he is now God.  He is an abomination to the Olympian kind, a creation manifested by the thoughts of the gifted.  Made only to vanquish humanity when it had become self-indulgent and destructive.  How creative thinks the redheaded mystery.  Ha! Ha!  Clarice chuckles to herself.  These Gods are the end of themselves, caught an endless cycle of hurting each other.  Licking her cherry flavored lips, the demigoddess begins to slowly evaporate.
"My dearest Zeus, you know very well of my capabilities.  I am here to give you an opportunity to prevent even deadlier warfare.  I am death in the form of a woman.  I am the very definition of perfection.  Far more suited to you than Hera would ever be.  I understand the needs of a man and how one woman is truly not enough to satisfy desires.  Why have one when we can have everything?  Make me the Queen of Olympus.....and I will murder this Olympian Champion."  Clara Mass said without one moment of humane hesitation.  
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Victor was home, in the realm of Olympus, with its golden floors, cracked from the aftermath of conflict, but not quite the way he could've ever thought, and never would it cross his mind to be in his current position as he waited for his brother to execute a seemingly clever plan that may just turn the tide of war. Yet here he was, he'd agreed to aid his brother to overthrow the corrupt, tyrannical father they had, Zeus. It seemed a common goal, an objective, and it had been inevitable as rebellion arises and revolution right around the corner, this day would go down in history as a turning point for the entire realm and its citizens

As of far, no doubt had ever crossed Victor's mind. the realm stood tall and the sky shone with colour that lit up the whole city with a bright, beautiful tone. Any doubt he would've had would immediately be overridden over by the drive of the war, the drive for change. The rush afforded him no time to think as the titan towered over him, how quickly he'd switched the tides of war. He'd commanded olympian wars that never got to see the light of history, he'd even fought in some of them too, but this was different.

His sword cut into the flesh of the titan Atlas with resistance, as the titan struggled to shake Victor free of his dense shoulder muscles, but the sword was already planted deep into the titans tissue, and nothing would shake his own grip of the sword free, he had his hand in lock around the handle as he tried to hang on to his own thick adamantine sword.

"Stop it! It tickles!" Victor mocked the repetitive style of the titan. Then his telepathy powers picked up on Park's psionic waves, it seemed Park had faith that the thoughts he'd been trying to transmit would be read by Victor. Tapping into Parks brainwaves and reading his thoughts, he picked up on the transmission as Parks echoing voice rang through his head.

Y'know Vic,We might just be able to get this guy to tear down Zeus' house by getting him to tear sh*t up. I mean look at what he did to the floor. Park was suggesting ideas on how they could use the titan to their advantage. The both had become accustomed to talking to each other through a state of mind, and was usually used when they were having secret communication. But in this case, all sound of war and state of distance made it almost impossible to hear verbally. Though one thing Park didn't seem to take account was that anyone here could be a telepath, and even if they couldn't pick up on Victor's replies, they could hear Park with ease. He played around with the idea of creating a telepathic hub for the team to talk through, use for communication.

Mind Control a massive titan to tear Zeus's palace? first of all, telepathy to that degree is way out of our league, that's among other reasons. Victor struggled to transmit his thoughts as he simultaneously transmitted his thoughts to Park. Victor reached for his back, unsheathing his great and mystical hammer Mjolnir. He tapped the titans shoulder muscle, building up momentum before thrusting his arm backward, then giving all the power he had into beating the titans muscle, making the titan shout out in pain, wailing as he fought off the internal pain. As the wailing died out slowly, the titan opened up his mouth once again to speak, this time with Zeus's powerful voice.

"Alceus, Victor, my two sons conspiring against me. Even you Heracles? All of you? Do you not want this cycle of hatred between father and son to end? Uranus hated his children, and so Cronus castrated him, Cronus hated my brothers and I, and so we defeated him and cast him to Tartarus. My rule was to bring an end to these tensions in our family. Do you not want this to end without your death? Halt your assault on my kingdom and leave Vasilias to his banishment like it destined to be. Do not oppose me my children. I gave you all life" Zeus spoke out loud as his voice bounced of the walls of the great kingdom for all to hear, clearly trying to manipulate his opposition and turn them over to his side. It wouldn't work.

"Yikes, don't remind me I have a man-wh#re for a father every now and then!" Victor laughed at his own joke, realising his spirits had been raised after their clear display of great success, and no longer was he feeling as nervous as he did prior to the war. He could sense another one of Park's transmissions coming through as he read his mind to see what he had to say.

Uh, actually Vic. You never did tell me why we were fighting big Daddy up there.I don't suppose it's too late to ask for an explanation. It seemed Park didn't know what this war was about, maybe enlightening him might help in his cause and motivation. But fighting a battle without convict is blind faith, but he'd assumed his friend came here trusting his own judgement.

Big daddy up there you see, has a brother we didn't know about, Vasilias. Now Vasilias was supposed to be the rightful king of Olympus, but upon hearing that he wouldn't demand mortal worship, the elder gods conspired against him, banishing him from his own kingdom. We're here to challenge Zeus for the rule of the Kingdom of Olympus and take it back for Vasilias. Victor gave a brief explanation of the treachery, reminding himself the war they fought was not for the faint of heart.

"Looks like Zeus has taken control of the titans. There's no mistaking the energy that I'm sensing in them now, is his" his brother Alceus brought the idea to Victor's attention, and as curiosity took him over, he tried to sense it too, to find out his brother had been right, Zeus is controlling the titans, using them against them. Not wise.

"Yea! what he said" Victor repeated for the rest of the team to hear, so why was he joking in a situation as grave as this? The team needed spirit, the team needed assurance. For these times one they'd doubt themselves, they needed the voice to be there to make them ignore the essence of the mind and open the pathway to spirit and convict. Logic and Faith shall triumph, only a golden heart can win this battle.

Victor removed his sword from the titans membranes and muscles, changing aim and plunging it into the titans neck, as Atlas lashed in spasm and pain, he lost his grip of his sword, the only thing keeping him from falling, losing grip of the body, he aimed his fingers as a last attempt to hold on, but simply missed, it seemed the ground was waiting to meet him. "Oh F*ck" he smiled and looked back up towards the titans face "It's a good thing you're tall!" Victor's fall came to a halt as he flew up again, reaching the titans head once more, he threw his sword in the same manner he would throw a knife, giving it more power. His sword hit his target with deadly accuracy. "Hey, you can play dead and we can call it a fight!" Victor grabbed the handle of his sword as he hung onto the titans shoulder once more

"Good job Park! Keep doing that!" Victor could hear Alceus encouraging the team, trying to instil spirit in them as Victor did. This was what they needed, no doubt there were members in the team nervous, scared maybe from the outcome of this battle. This made everyone feel useful, and not doubt themselves.

"Hey, Alc. I'm running on fumes here, but could you just do your Goddamn plan already!" Victor enjoyed his pun, but his chuckle was cut off by the titan throwing another swerve to shake Victor off. It was evident he was desperate, trying to get rid of him to regain control of his arm once more. Looking down at the battlefield, he realised how high he truly was. His allies looked minuscule from this distance, but he could see them with perfect clarity using his senses. All were fighting the war. A surge of energy made its way through the air, hitting the massive titan. Alceus's energy originating from his sphere seemed to hurt him. In his pain, Zeus could be heard speaking once more.

"Enough!" It seemed he was in pain. How much more punishment can Atlas take before he gives up? Surely not much, the combined might of the team will triumph. They fought with a golden heart.

"No, no! This is too fun, don't stop!" Victor made it evident he was being sarcastic as to give off the right impression to his friends. He turned his head to the titans other shoulder to see a gust of wind hitting Might Alceus, blowing him off the titans shoulder. Displaying manoeuvrability, Alceus repositioned himself back on his feet on the titans shoulder. The titan turned his head to Victor as the wind came for him, he hung on to his sword with all the grip he could, the vibrations tearing at his arm, but the more Victor vibrated, the more his sword dug into the titans muscles and nerves. Then suddenly a blinding light came over the group as an energy attack surged at Alceus, seeing his brother evading them with ease. Turning around to see the point of origin, it was Hyperion using his light powers. "Manners! God!" Victor enjoyed another pun.

By now, Alceus's plan had become clear. It seemed his brother Alceus was luring Hyperion towards Atlas, using his anger against him, and as Alceus executed a powerful jump into the air, he gestured for Victor to reciprocate the action. Withdrawing his sword from Atlas's muscles, without hesitation and putting his trust in the plan, Victor jumped off as Hyperions' light attack rendered Atlas weak and on his knees. It seemed one titan had been defeated.

"Clever Brother!" Victor turned around at a 180 degree angle to see Alceus drop to a single knee, weakened it seemed by Hyperions attack., with the Light Titan closing in on him.

"Hyperion is the titan of light... then he'll be much easier to defeat, I can advantage of his powers!" Alceus elevated his head upwards, staring Hyperion as he laughed. An idea of an attack flashed through Victor's mind, but decided not to act on it and waited for Alceus to finish off his calculated plan.

"You laugh boy?" The titan seemed angry, his sense of superiority used against him. Victor had braced himself to jump in at any second should his brother need defense.

"I just realized you can't harm me" Alceus seemed calm, playing on a gamble and making it evident that he had a plan, or was crazy. "Give me your best shot, I won't even sustain a scratch" Alceus was smirking. He better be that powerful, or he was doomed.

"So be it child" the titan braced himself for an energy attack, and fired a light blast that lit the whole place with light, leaving no corner shadowed. Victor closed his eyes and shielded them using his own hand As the beam fired with great speed towards his brother, Alceus absorbed it with perfect execution, only to be grabbed by Hyperion's physical essence in the aftermath of the blast. "That was it?! How pathetic... a son of Zeus reduced to this... then again you are not really... my son, you are a simple creation, one that I can recreate" This was when it was made clear that Hyperion was being controlled by Zeus as well. Victor braced himself his hammer to save Alceus from being crushed by the titan.

"I can't believe how easy this was" Alceus unleashed the energy he'd absorbed earlier upon the titan, dropping him to the floor comatose as Apollo approached. It was evident that Alceus was hurt, his arm even broken. Victor was just about to shout out to his brother when he was cut off by an approaching Apollo.

"Alceus!Do not worry, I am here" Apollo approached, using his gifted healing powers to save Alceus. It was evident that Alceus was healed when he gave a smile, a sign of relief came over Victor. His brother was still alive.

"Thanks" Alceus thanked Apollo as his strength returned to him.

"Unfortunately, I can only use my healing powers one more time so try not to take risks like that again" Apollo explained, leaving Victor to wonder when they'd need that one use. Then everyone came to the realisation that Atlas was still able to fight them, and they braced their weapons to finish off the titan. Then the air was shifted as a portal opened up to allow a powerful young olympian woman come through. He'd meet her earlier at a nightclub, and it seemed she wanted to join the war as well

"Titans? I can't believe he--Zeus you coward!" The powerful woman spoke to the team as she removed her Tiara and used it to finish off Atlas.

"Well, a little late to the party, but points for the entrance" Victor gave her a smile. Then he sensed the presence of two Olympian gods, Poseidon and Hades were approaching.

"Your triumph over the titans was impressive... but, it is time for the real battle to begin" Both of them spoke in unison, Victor was tiring from war, but he could go on forever, Alceus's energy signature fired up, ready for war. Victor dual wielded both of his weapons as a powerful tsunami and countless minions towards the group.

"Now the challenge begins" Victor rushed towards the minions of the underworld.

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Big daddy up there you see, has a brother we didn't know about, Vasilias. Now Vasilias was supposed to be the rightful king of Olympus, but upon hearing that he wouldn't demand mortal worship, the elder gods conspired against him, banishing him from his own kingdom. We're here to challenge Zeus for the rule of the Kingdom of Olympus and take it back for Vasilias. Victor's words echoed in Park's mind giving him a brief history behind their current conflict. The younger boy watched as the real fight went on high over his head, Alceus was electrocuting the Titan while Victor hammered away at his shoulder. Having reached Atlas' knee Park looked down and groaned.

"Here goes nothing..." Park muttered to himself as he pushed his feet off against Atlas' leg and leaped backwards diving towards the ground. You have a plan right? He thought to himself as gravity overtook him and he began to free fall. What? Oh yeah no, totally, there's always a plan... Park reassured himself. He could feel the wind rushing past his face and began to count the seconds. Timing would be everything on this one. 5...4...3...2..Now! Park pulled a detonator out of his pocket and pressed his thumb down on the button. Click...

The explosions were muffled by Atlas' thick skin but Park had planted the c4 shallow enough that the force carried outwards and changed Park's vector throwing him forward rather than downward just a few feet from the ground. Park grunted as he bounced across the marble and gold floor skidding to a stop on a roll. He stood up, ears ringing, and looked down at himself. His jacket was covered in Titan gore. Ugh. Nasty. Park thought to himself as he shook off the meatier bits. He turned around to see if his plan had any real affect and was please to see a steady stream of blood running down the giant's leg before his vision went blank. White hot energy blasted across the battlefield raging against Atlas' thick skin. When Park's eyes readjusted Atlas was on one knee and another portal was forming in the middle of the room. Oh now what? Park groaned anticipating some more goons they'd have to fight, but was relieved when a pretty woman stepped out and slit the Titan's throat.

"HOO-RAH!" Park's shout was muffled to his ears as Atlas began to fall, his celebration was short lived as he noted the direction Atlas' was falling. Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t! Park screamed to himself as he desperately ran to the side trying to avoid being crushed. He managed to get just outside Atlas' shadow as the Titan came crashing down onto the ground causing the earth to shake and tremble beneath his feet.

So... she's on our side I take it? Park asked Victor mentally as he looked around. He was on the opposite side of the area as his friends and allies. They all looked ready for a fight alerting Park to the danger behind him. He turned in time to see a giant wave of ocean coming towards him followed by death's minions. Park scrambled for his life climbing onto one of the fallen Titan's limbs as the water washed to either side. For once, you big f*ck, your size is working to my advantage. While the water subsided Park watched the foot soldiers advance.

"OH HELLS YES!" Park cried as he jumped into the fray. Giants and gods might be out of my league. Park thought as he felt the satisfying vibration and crunch of a metal helmet being crushed under his foot. But infantry I can take. He reveled in the flow of the violence as the dead surged forward, largely ignoring him save for the few who addressed him in combat. Park dove from corpse to corpse lashing out with knives and kicks to the exposed areas of bone. He fought one until he felt the sickening crack of bone giving way before jumping away and dropping grenades in his wake. "Let's put these f*ckers back in the ground!" He laughed maniacally as cut and blew up a path through the undead ranks.

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Angeni stood still as she watched Atlas collapse, falling into a pool of his own blood. "It worked? I guess my father did give me useful items." She chuckled, watching as everyone in the group stared at her due to not knowing who she was or they were just surprised to see her face. As she went to reclaim her tiara which was just used to slit the giant Titan throat, Alceus who was known as Olympian Champion, the man she had met at Loners Nightclub, approached her with a surprised look on his face."Angeni, you're here",He smiled. Helena couldn't help but to return the smile, she really liked Alceus, the two were members of the Trinity Foundation and they both had feelings for each other but Helena told him they should wait till the war is over to go further with their feelings toward each other. "I promised, I would come to aid you and your friends in battle." She smiled before turning towards her uncle, Victor who she had met at the Loners Nightclub.

"Well, a little late to the party, but points for the entrance"Victor gave her a smile. As she was about to reply to him she noticed both, Poseidon and Hades who were both fully body armored entered the battlefield."Your triumph over the titans was impressive... but, it is time for the real battle to begin". Both of them spoke in unison. "Why must you both fight for Zeus? He clearly doesn't care for neither of you and still you stand by his side." Helena tried to convince her grandfathers but they didn't seem to listen to her words. "Fine! I guess these two are that foolish." She said to the team with a smirk.

Without warning, Poseidon raised his arms, summoning forth a monstrous tsunami, while Hades summoned a horde of undead. "Have you forgotten Hades that I am the one who defeated your little army at the age of ten with my bare hands?". She commented toward him before watching Victor charge toward the army of the dead. "I promised myself I wouldn't watch any of my friends or relatives die at the hands of the gods." As she said those words, Helena charged along with her uncle into the horde of undead.

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Standing beside Alecus was sort of comforting considering what they were about to do, however he didn’t know any of the others until one of them though the rain welcomed him. He smiled a little at that it was a good sign in his books a friendly face is just what they need. For what he could tell everyone had finally arrived and Alecus turned towards the group he looked so Imposing and if he was being honest a little scary in the armour "Alright, we're going to be moving to in a few seconds. Now let me just say that we're not going to be fighting atop some mountain. is just the gateway to the dimension but we're not going to go through that gateway because it would be well... stupid. We'll all teleport there together. Oh and, for some of you this may be a little too much but hey, there's no turning back now. Expect a lot of bloodshed". Lot’s of bloodshed just what everyone wants to hear, surrounding them from all sides a vortex swallowed the group whole and sucked them through a portal landing on the other side through his disorientation Michael looked at his surroundings they were breathtaking if this was outside Olympus then inside must have been indescribably beautiful, however something blocked part of the view a humongous figure blocked their way, “Oh my god…” the Witch boy knew who he was it was Atlas the titan the being who supposedly held the supported the very sky… "You will pay for your insolence child. So speaks this realm's true ruler” a voice boomed out from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, he couldn’t distinguish who it was but from the looks of Alecus and a few other he guessed it was the top dog, the all father Zeus, behind the titan Atlas other gods and titans were closing in. From beside him he heard a younger member of the group charge at the titan brandishing..was that a knife and plain old knife what honestly did he expect to do with that give him the equivalent of a paper cut from behind him the younger Olympians on Alecus’s side charged into battle while Alecus and the other Olympian who had welcomed Michael earlier attacked Atlas,

A the teen magician and the rest of the group all attacked the Titans fist slammed into the jewel encrusted floor sending quakes across the surface, the tremors caused Michael to lose balance and fall, his hood fell back revealing his face but that didn’t matter at the present, getting up and surviving that was the main priority, deciding staying on the ground wouldn’t be his best option Michael controlled the winds to allow him to fly but something was wrong he couldn’t get as high up or as fast as he normally was able to, something was interfering with his weather controlling abilities, it didn’t take a genius to realise that if the All father didn’t want some type of weather condition on Olympus it was entirely in his power to stop it. As Alecus and the other Olympian attacked Atlas from above below electrical wire’s were attacked to the Titan’s legs it was the other boy before hand that had been slashing at his legs clearly he had more tricks up his sleeve than just a knife. Rushing to attack Atlas bolts of lightning flared from his hand striking the Titan in various places, he had to be careful however the amount of people moving and getting in his line of sight made it harder for him to aim and lightning at the best of times is volatile, suddenly the Sky Father’s voice again appeared out of nothing "Alceus, Victor, my two sons conspiring against me. Even you Heracles? All of you? Do you not want this cycle of hatred between father and son to end? Uranus hated his children, and so Cronus castrated him, Cronus hated my brothers and I, and so we defeated him and cast him to Tartarus. My rule was to bring an end to these tensions in our family. Do you not want this to end without your death? Halt your assault on my kingdom and leave Vasilias to his banishment like it destined to be. Do not oppose me my children. I gave you all life" most people would have took a threat from the King of the Gods seriously but Michael just remembered hearing one of the names Victor that was the other Olympian’s name.

Another Titan had involved himself however Michael didn’t recognise this one but this made him more dangerous at least with Atlas he knew of his strength. Through a bait and switch tactic the other Titans managed to harm Atlas and bring him to his knees. This other Titan shifted his focus back to Alecus and sent a blast of pure light his way Michael was about to run towards his friend but thankfully Alecus absorbed and redirected the attack taking one of the combatants out of the fight hopefully for good.

In the midst of battle a portal opened near to the combatants and a woman stepped through she was familiar to him and than it hit him it was Angeni, he’d meet her briefly when she was a member of the Champions but he should have realised that she would be involved her mother was Athena the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. He couldn’t hear her over the sound of steel cutting through the air, the hum of the electrical attacks and the general noise of battle but like the rest she charged forwards into battle throwing her tiara at the Titan it’s throat was slit and as the blood cascaded down it’s neck, Atlas collapsed on the ground two Titans down already they were making progress but it was just the beginning.

Without a break two of the big three Gods of Olympus pushed forwards both speaking in unison "Your triumph over the titans was impressive... but, it is time for the real battle to begin". Using his godly abilities Poseidon created a tsunami while Hades remained back and commanded the undead to attack. A majority of the tsunami was deflected by the collapsed Titan, Atlas’s body however waves still crashed down upon the team Michael used his mutant powers over the weather to amplify the temperature of the water and as it neared it evaporated into the air leaving himself unharmed and relatively dry. The next problem was the undead while they presented few problems the vast size of the army could easily over well the team. The Younger team member he saw earlier charged into the undead and an explosion cut a path through them, body parts from the attack were scattered through the air. Other’s joined him and charged into battle as well namely Angeni and Victor. There was still far too many for them to handle effectively they needed help and he would do everything in his power to help an ally. He contemplated taking out his grimoire to try and banish them from the playing field but seeing as they were being controlled by Hades himself it most likely wouldn’t have worked at least not permanently instead he used a spell he’d been practicing lately. As the minions of Hades closed in on them Michael outstretched his left hand and walked passed various members of the team, he concentrated as hard as he possibly could and vocally cast his spell:

“Ex Spiritum In Taculum, En Terrum Incendium!”

The groups of the undead closest to any individual member of their team even those in the midle of the army burst into flames, a large section of the army simply collapsed and their bodies turned to ash only to be scattered by the wind. As more of the undead charged forward completely under the control of Hades Michael summoned his soul dagger, appearing out of thin air the undetermined part metal, part soul dagger had special properties. Gripping it he plunged in straight into one of the undead’s chest causing him wither into nothing. As more of the army made their way across the battle field the teen magician began to stab, swing his way through the endless undead each withering and disappearing as the dagger tore through their bodies never relenting he pushed forward, he didn’t plan on it but if he was going to die here he’d try and stop the suffering of as many of these unfortunate tortured souls as possible.

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The apples of fate have fallen from the tree, only to be tasted by those awaiting there doom. Eris the Goddess of Discord sat in her room, cleansing her face from the foul trechary that Hera had done to her. "Foolish cow, you along with the other dumb founded goddess will share the same fate. May you taste the apples that dear Eris has set upon you b!tches and when this ends, only one goddess will stand triumphant." staring at her own reflection in the mirror she smiled with high intent, now she would begin to set her own agenda into place. Meanwhile a powerful endowed witch begins her ritual to gain the favors of goddesses and gods around to help her in her work with magic. A large pentacle stretched across the bare earth, with candles meeting each corner; fully lit. She dance and moved, twirling her body around the out side of the circle as she sprinkle salt around the area, to cleanse and purify the area and provide reinforce protection. The songs of the winds raise their voice in harmony as she channeled the power of nature around her, the elements corresponded with the spell, like perfect musical notes. The witch Meili attempts to make three connections to the Greek goddesses and one from the Titan.

The moon then rose fully and bright, which she took the next step to begin chanting the first spell to be of use. Linking the five candles' power and energy as one, "Phasmatos Intacurum Callas E Malon Felacius Accordum, Phasmatos Intacurum Callas E Malon Felacius Accordum, Phasmatos Intacurum Callas E Malon Felacius Accordum." a thrice chant and the wax from the candles melted, as it spreads evenly and thin on the lines that made up the pentagram. Her area was now dark along with with the rest of her surrounding to match the forest in the late night, "Incendia." her spell commanded the once lit flames to re-spark and enshroud where the wax were then to burst into fire. Now she stood in the middle of the flaming pentacle and progress further into the ritual. At this moment, the Goddess of Discord who watched her every action and knew her intent, took action and intervene in the ritual from afar. The statues that lay at the altar to represent the goddesses and mother Titan combust into flames and the altar along with it turned to ashes and continue to burn in fire. "Ooh no!" she said, as she began to shut the flames, quickly laying her spell forth, "Sutas incendia!" the once flaming altar now had died away and revealed the ashes. "I'm guessing this ritual was a fail..." the silence echoed in the forest, only the dancing flames glowed. "No, it was a success." a voice so soft and alluring spoke as the mystious female rose from the shadows and into the light.

"You must be a natural witch." she said, her words were true but how she knew of it remained a mystery. "You called and I answer, I come not without a price, you must know already the rules I take it." hinting the rules and consequences/price of magic, every witch knew of it, and so did practioners though practioners were the foolish one and sometimes learned magic but at the smalliest scale thus paying for their actions. "Who are you...." the enchantress questioned, "I am but Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Sex, and Intimacy. I hear your heart pounding at my sight, your passions to sustain magic and to use my power as your own. No man or women has ever resisted, and you are but a few people to see a goddesses in sight." she spoke in high arrogance, but yet she was right. With each passing second, Meili began to feel weak and tired, was it the magic she summon to for the ritual, or was it something else. The flaming pentacle began to rise and lower in flame intensity, signifying the witch's energy in trying to level the spell in place. "You seem not too well my child." the goddess said, as it was her doing, using her power to generate a wave of fatigue to the witch causing anger and high emotions, "You think? It's the very reason why I summoned you, and tried to the others. To strike a pact and gain favor of drawing your power into me, like countless of other witches has done with other gods and goddesses." her voice grew angry and back to her normal sweet tone, her emotions were rattling.

The Goddess of Love approached inside the circle stepping on top of the flames that gave her no pain and marks. Meili fell to her knees, tired and in pain, the flames around died down, barely risen and dimly litted the area. With her hands behind her back, the goddess slowly held one unknown object behind her back, hidden, and one to gently touch Meili's chin to slowly raise her to her feet. Meeting eye to eye, the goddess spoke what was needed to be done in order to have access, "For usage of spells under my jurisdiction and fullfillment of power, though I am indeed my own, I will and can at any moment declare no usage to you, agree or disagree?" she asked, "Agree." said the weakened witch, her nose bled more and more as she tried to enforce the dying flames, "Then to complete this transaction take a bite." finally the unknown object that was behind the beautiful diety was revealed, a golden apple. Her vision was blurry and her mind in confusion, she took the apple and slowly bit it. At that moment she felt her body regain it's strength and vitality the power pulsating in her, her eyes glowed a color that match the apple, the flame rose in high intensity to match the height of the trees around and returned to the normal knee length that it was originally intended to be at. "You've tasted the apple of discord, the sweet apple of destruction, you are now under the will of Eris." her appearance shifted back and the once Aphrodite looks turned to match that of the real Eris, lovely but not so lovely.

Dropping the apple to the ground in fear Meili made a small step backward, but not to far in fear of being burned by the fire. Eris eyes glowed a golden color similar to the apple and the one Meili had shown earlier, in that Eris had now place her control on the witch, "You know that they say the bad apple doesn't fall far from the tree." approachind towards the enchantress's ear, the Goddess of Discord whispers and spoke of her goals to her new slave, the duties she must fullfill or pay the price of death if failed. "Now child, Olympus await you, and may Hera pay the price, be sure to bring her head to me if possible, I do love souvenirs." she laughs as she transmogrify the clothing of her new servant with an outfit for the evening as well as opening a portal for the witch to walk through, taking her to the home of the Greek gods: to Mount Olympus. Her mind in a blank state the effect of Eris, she walks through only to meet the danger that lay ahead.

When she appears in the kingdom from the portal, it was already in war, deities pitted against one another and heroes intervening, as well as the Titans, some slain. Her mind returned to her will, but was instill with what Eris had place on her. A group would soon be at the mercy of Hades' minions, the servant of the deads, a spell was in use, another mystic was in midst of this battle not only Meili. "“Ex Spiritum In Taculum, En Terrum Incendium!" just as she head the first two words being in play she shouted, "NO YOU FOOL!" but it was too late, the spell sent the creatures to ashes. She had finally met the resistance in this war. The one who casted the spell summoned his soul-dagger, a weapon forged on the lost of one's own soul, a portion to create the weapon that would help one against mystical beings. She cross into battle, manipulating and stimulating growth in the vast florals that was inside the godly home, "Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras. Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras." once it was spoken the vines and flowers grew in immense size and wrapped some of the undead. Such magic to advance the spell in which others couldn't achieve meant she was indeed a powerful witch as well as the magic enhance she received. She moved herself to the air by using the winds to keep her aloft. Summoning the bolts from the heavens she lay them down. Mother nature was at her command and she used them to her will, moving down she lashed out at the group and especially towards the witch who used the inferno spell. "You idiotic novice, using any sort of flames on these forsaken soul have no effect on them, the ashes of their own bodies fuel their might and strength when they reform making it harder to kill! You have given the damned more power than they had before!" she informed, her left her rage drift until she finished. Returning her attention back to the battle she called forth the goddess Hera. "Hera I know your here, show yourself you wretched cow! Or must I brag about my godly beauty to which you nor Aphrodite can compete with. This time it won't be my fate to be shared with Queen Cassiopeia, but yours'." she awaited for the goddess to come and face her, for that is what Eris had wanted.

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The tension in the Olympian family only escalated with the arrival of wise Athena's daughter, Angeni. Her promise to aid Alceus and his allies in combat had come to fruition, and it made The Champion content, "I appreciate it Helena", he smiled. The two other most powerful Olympians, Poseidon and Hades were clearly not pleased by the emergence of Athena's daughter. In legendary fashion, Poseidon's anger rose beyond his limits in the form of a colossal tsunami that threatened the valiant band of heroes. Before engaging her grandfathers in deadly combat, brave Angeni attempted to appeal to their sense of reason and plausibility, by questioning their motives for aligning themselves with Zeus. Twisted Hades was the only one of the two who offered a response, "You do not understand our cause, child", he answered, his soulless deep voice, echoing throughout the divine realm. "Be careful", Alceus warned, as he took a brief glance at Angeni before she and Victor engaged Hades' immoral army in combat along with Park, one of Victor's allies.

Turning to face Poseidon's incoming tsunami of terrifying of size, The Champion readied himself, to counter his misguided uncle's attack with the element opposite of water, fire. However, before he could tap into his elemental powers, the young sorcerer known as Umbra channeled his mutant abilities and evaporated the threatening tsunami, much to Poseidon's frustration and annoyance. "Foolish child! You dare defy my will?", the Sea God roared, his enraged eyes locking on Umbra. However, mighty Alceus was quick to step in between Umbra, while he was a powerful ally in the war, he simply could net let his comrade fall prey to Poseidon's unforgiving rage. Umbra sought combat elsewhere, aiding the rest of the team against Hades' undead army of damned souls, even managing to burn a surprisingly large portion of the army with some sort of magical spell. "So you are the one who will face me? Alceus, I expected more wisdom from you. But it seems that you can only disappoint us this day", Poseidon said, his eyes pulsating with energy as he pierced his indestructible trident into the ground, generating a monstrous earthquake. Before losing balance on his feet, the Son of Olympus found solace in the air, "Spare me these speeches. You always were a condescending idiot anyway", Alceus responded boldly, shooting a vast array of explosive energy balls at his powerful uncle.

"I will not accept disrespect from a mere child!", Poseidon shouted, charging straight towards Alceus, easily deflecting his fearless nephew's energy-based attacks, sending them exploding into the beautiful Olympian sky. Pulling his fist back, it seemed as though The Champion intended to throw a thunderous right hook on the side of his uncle's head while Poseidon braced himself for the impact, a clear display of his bravado. Unleashing his full power for the most difficult battle in his life, Alceus instantly altered tactics as he was inches away from Poseidon. Utilizing his advantage in speed to compensate for paling in comparison to Poseidon's power, The Champion instantly flew past a surprised Poseidon, quickly turning in midair to discharge a colossal energy beam from his right palm. "You've improved since last we met boy", Poseidon smirked, narrowly dodging the energy beam. "But Zeus did not send us here without preparation", Poseidon declared triumphantly, as his body began radiating a blue flame-like aura of immense energy. This Poseidon was much stronger than the one Alceus had memories of. In a mere second, the two Olympians began trading blows, each punch generating tremendous amounts of energy in the form of bright energy bursts. "Is this all you can do?!", Poseidon taunted, sending Alceus crashing into the adamantine floor with a vicious kick.

Struggling to get to his feet, Alceus was awestruck by the power that Poseidon possessed. With blood dripping form his forehead, Alceus simply shrugged off the pain and quickly charged towards Poseidon, attacking his uncle with an overwhelming fast flurry of punches and kicks, terminating the onslaught with the strongest uppercut he could muster. However, as the dust settled, Poseidon was completely unscathed. "Hahaha! You fool!", the Sea God taunted, smacking Alceus through several pillars. "Stronger than Hercules, as fast Hermes, almost as wise as Athena, and a better fighter than Ares. But all of that is worthless against me", Poseidon laughed. Again refusing to concede, Alceus stood to his full height, "How have you become so strong Poseidon?", Alceus asked, still showing no fear. "I have amassed an enormous amount of energy my boy!", Poseidon laughed, seconds before he unleashed a wave of energy that pursued Alceus. Smirking, The Champion absorbed the energy wave however, pretended to have been wounded by his uncle's attack. As Poseidon loomed over Alceus' fallen body, The Champion quickly shot him with the energy attack he had absorbed, forcing Poseidon to his knees. "Gaaah! You insect!", Poseidon cried, managing to grab Alceus by the throat, snatch his spear and toss him into the midst of the battle between his teammates and Hades.

"Hades! Finish them!", Poseidon yelled, as Hades chuckled calmly, not having yet entered the battle, allowing his minions to fight for him. "Yes of course", he smirked, accessing the power that Zeus had bestowed on them from the collective energy of the Titans that the Olympian King had wrongfully obtained. Charging his body with this energy, Hades generated a colossal spherical wave of highly explosive energy, one that would have surely annihilated everyone in sight. His eyes widening, Alceus' body was strained as he absorbed the entire destructive force of the wave, much to Hades' curiosity. With his body surging with massive amounts of energy, Alceus released it in the form of a large lightning bolt that momentarily struck Poseidon down. Panting heavily, Alceus' surprised increased as Hades was out of sight, reappearing before him with Alceus' spear. Quickly thrusting the adamantine spear through Alceus' chest, Hades chuckled as his nephew bled, dropping to his knees, "Your soul will be of use to me Alceus. Your spear is an excellent medium for my powers. While I might not have taken your life, the fact that I pierced your heart while channeling my power... means that I've stripped you of your immortality", Hades laughed. Pulling out the spear from his wounded chest, The Champion winced in pain. While Poseidon was unconscious and temporarily defeated, Hades was not. But all hope was not lost. Clutching his wound, Alceus lamely got to his feet, remembering that Apollo's healing powers must not be abused.

Looking over to his teammates, he declared, "I have a plan, but you must all distract him for me. It'll only take a few minutes", he spoke weakly, but refused to fall and bleed to death, "Helena, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Remember our promise. I only have eyes for you", he smiled weakly. Slowly walking over to Poseidon's body, Alceus mustered up his remaining strength and stabbed his uncle through the chest with his spear, absorbing the energy that Zeus had awarded him into his spear. While the process was not complete due to it's immense energy, Alceus sincerely hoped that his teammates would manage to distract Hades for the time being. As his spear vibrated from the awesomeness of Poseidon's power, electricity surged around it, as Alceus' bleeding continued, but his will to survive did not allow him to fall. "Well well, looks like I have a diversity of souls to collect hehehe", Hades murmured arrogantly, looking at the group of heroes. "Helena, I have not forgotten about your crimes against me", Hades continued, his eyes glowing a fearsome red. "Victor, it's been a while", Hades calmly taunted them as tinted-red demonic ethereal arms radiated around Hades. Raising his arms, Hades generated a gigantic vortex of supernatural flames aimed at burning the souls of the heroes.

Alceus' however, had faith in them, despite their circumstance. The Greek Gods too charged at Hades. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, a portal tore open in the battlefield, an unknown woman emerging from it, readily criticizing Umbra for his effort against Hades and within seconds, the burnt undead army returned fully replenished for combat. The woman began calling out for Hera as she aided the heroes by controlling the forces of nature. Alceus however, focused on his plan, Poseidon's energy was nearly absorbed into his spear, he had to be quick, his life was on the line. He then remembered the promise he made to Helena, that he was not going to die, that nobody was going to die, suddenly, his eyes flashed with determination as he slowly rose to his feet, ready to fight. "I can't lose". Slowly his wound began to heal but his immortality was gone for now at least.

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Lock horns, I push and I strive. 
He lay on this marbleized floor, swatted like a fruit fly.  Years of training, months of hypocrisy, and days without recognition.  His eyes now awaken as red as his crimson colored lips.  Instead of panicking, his muscular reflexes push his perfected frame upward and onto his feet.  Blood slithers down his chin, the taste of blood is bittersweet.  Thee Queen is no doubt injured.  And as the war wages abroad, she frantically searches for a weapon that will bring forth an end to these sporadic bouts.  What can he do but chase after the selfish twit?  Ripping away his armor, the Son of Thunder marvels at the sight of his own chest.
Somehow I feel more alive.
Nothing but shorts, boots, and knee guards.  A new sense of morality courses through his veins.  Yes, he's been through this phase before.  Acting up and shifting alignments has been his way since childhood.  What fun is the world if gimmicks and revelations aren't permitted?  Walking out and onto the balcony, he leans over only to examine the battles below.  There are many insignificant faces but one of which catches his fair eyes.  Alceus, the Olympian Champion and resident of Utopia.  A known teammate to the cause of Maya Lopez.  His appearance makes his ponder the thought if other allies are here as well.  Biting on his lower lip, Noah can only strain his eyes as a familiar woman rips across the field.
"Maya's lackey and now Angeni.  Funny."  He said while his heart beats rapidly.  She is a woman he knew once upon a time.  Their paths had first crossed when working as Champions of Peace.  An affection toward one another hinted too during an adventure against three sirens.  A love that was never exposed.  A relationship that never happened.  In a fit of anger does he scream at the very top of his lungs.  With that done, a sonic blast of epic proportions is aimed in the direction of all these tiny warriors.  Somewhat embarrassed does the Son of Thunder return into the shade.
He can feel that urge to jump over the gravity defy balcony.  Visages of making love among the dead scurry along in his thoughts.  Professing his love for Helena is something he's always desired.  However, she abandoned him just like Chaos Agent and the others.  Rescuing this damsel was a mission he would not accept.  She is but a part of his past life.  Snickering at the possibility of death being caused by his scream is awfully humorous.  Succumbing to the hate has always been expected.  No one really cares of Noah Zeraz.  Soon every soul will realize why they should have mustered empathy for this young man.
Bury the need for it, bury the seed
"Cannot stop this train from rolling!" He yells out in a burst of joyous excitement.  It is like he's been through these halls prior to the unfolding crisis.  Finding the goddess of marriage with the slightest of ease.  Sweat stained flooring.  How nervous could she be?  Maybe it is the machine she has planned to use if there had ever been a problem such as this one.  The machine she hopes to use is only known as annihilation.  Utter the target's characteristics and it will die instantaneously.
"Nothing brings me down.  I am Hera.  I am--"  Her talkative nature is what brings this contest to a sadly swift ending.  Pulling her head backward, Closure lightly kisses the aged beauty's forehead.  He glaces into her eyes before shoving her face straight into the ground.  Blood splatters onto  his face.  No reaction is guaranteed when the known heroic lad gets sensually excited from a devastating blow.  Jerking back onto his feet, he dances to a whistling tune.  Flicking his throat, he accordingly adjusts his vocal frequency level.
Bury me deep when there's no will to be
"Shatter the control Zeus has whomever he touches.  Allow these pretentious heroes to believe it is their valiance that has defeated unconscious Gods when it is my voice that has murdered these foul creatures.  Weaken Zeus from the touch of Clara Mass..." His words are said but if they are exacted is yet to be seen.  Although he feels dizzy, he musters the strength to carry on.  Yanking the left leg of Queen Hera, he drags her out to the every so gory battle scene.
"There is a woman who wants you Hera.  She's a very special lady indeed.  I do hope you're listening.  Stay alive a little longer.  I'm sure when this is over, my great grandchildren will never know what it is to have a Queen who is so stupid." 
He's gone mad.  He's lost his moral guidelines.  And it is all because of a woman dressed in silver.  Personality endearing eyes, a calculating mind, and a heart as cold as the winter snow.  She is the matron of the Zeraz legacy.  Watch now as the horns of war bellow out, the footsteps of a manipulative demigoddess grow even closer.  Her name is Clara Mass.  The world will fear her.  Olympus will accept her.  Others will worship her.   As it is written.  A crisis near its finale. 
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"In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons"

Victor rushed into the hordes of Hades army, entering the abyss, out of the sight of his teammates and into the heart of the undead. With his dual-wield weapons, an adamantine sword and a mystical hammer, his goal was to advance forward rather than take out the army he was at the heart of. Throwing powerful uppercuts and lethal slashes, the undead had their strength in numbers, but died quickly when faced by powerful forces. Stretching his arms apart, Victor began to rotate and spin, maiming all the undead around him as he gained momentum and made his way towards Hades himself.

"I have a plan, but you must all distract him for me. It'll only take a few minutes" Alceus's voice was faint from his distance, but clearly understandable. suddenly the forces around him started to evaporate into ash, the magic of Umbra no doubt. He could hear a dispute between Charmix and Umbra, but ignored them as he advanced forward.

"Victor, it's been a while" Hades sounded calm as Victor made his way through his forces with ease, they were of no trouble to someone with Victor's power, but his teammates might encounter difficulty. Digging his sword into the ground to give it balance, Victor twirled his own hammer in the air, the clouds above him spinning with its might. For a moment, it seemed as if a tornado was forming in the sky, and he'd never pushed the Mjolnir so far, the violet sky roared as he lowered his hammer to the ground with great strength, dropping great lightning from the violet sky, it created a spreading wave out to clear his path to Hades, and hurting a good amount of his army. He had however underplayed his own thunder as to not hurt his teammate Park, who was already in battle.

With a clear path to Hades, Victor ran forward, jumping above the forces that had come to block his way. To his teammates, he was now a blur, with great distance between them. Reaching Hades, Victor brought his hammer forward for an uppercut, as he performed a horizontal sword strike in succession. The hammer had only staggered Hades, and he managed to grab Victor's sword attack, throwing him away in the air easily.

"You dare challenge me boy?" Hades taunted Victor, boasting a display of power as he watched Victor fly into the air due to his attack. Making his way high into the air, he swung his hammer to control his own direction, making his way down to Hades once more, but picking up kinetic energy as he made his way down. The greater the distance he travelled, the more powerful the attack became. Making his way down, Hades dodged Victor's kinetic attack, leaving a crack in the adamantine floor. Victor resumed his position, he would need to continue distracting Hades as he threw a horizontal strike with both his weapons for double the damage. Hades simply sidestepped, using Victors balance against him as he grabbed him, and easily plunging him into the adamantine floor.

"AGHH!!" Victor hit the adamantine floor with such force that he'd never felt before, he had stamped his own figure down. He was certain he'd broke his back as he shouted out in pain. Hades grinned at his own success, feeling his own power and pinning Victor down, giving him a strong punch to the face "AGH!!" Victor cracked his nose with the force of the punch, his arms lay limp at his side, remembering the Mjolnir he'd been holding. Charging it up with his own energy, he'd managed to get a hit on Hades's waist, which did nothing but slide him off Victor, allowing him to escape Hades's hold

Getting up to regain his balance, he'd almost tripped to the adamantine ground, using his sword as support. Four minutes had passed by for Alceus to complete his plan. Victor immediately fell to the ground, his back and nose broken as he spat out blood to the adamantine ground.

"Now... Alceus" Victor took a heavy breath between his words, his broken nose interfering with his vocals, and his back interfering with his balance and walking. Hades had already started walking towards Victor, intending to take it all the way.

"You've made a mistake to confront me young one, and you shall pay for it now" Hades prepared to give Victor a beating, as Victor turned his head back towards his team, intending them to do something. He was helpless to defend himself due to his broken back, and it would take at least an hour for his bones to heal themselves.

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Park was a mix of instinct and anger in the middle of an army of dead. He launched his small frame at larger enemies and carried his attacks with brute force no one would have expected him to be capable of. For a little while it was working. The dead around him became really dead, falling to his knives and hits, but just as it felt like his momentum was running out all the undead soldiers around him burst into flames and crumbled to the marble ground under his feet. "Well sh!t." Park smirked, glad to be able to hear again. "Thanks to whoever did that."

His relief was short lived, immediately the piles of ash began to reform into stronger looking bodies. ...Or maybe not... Park thought as he charged the grey skinned man standing in front of him. He lashed out with a heavy kick that would've normally crippled the soldiers, only to bounce of harmlessly and hit the floor. Ow. Park stood up and took a second to reexamine his situation. Unfortunately, that was a second he couldn't afford. Park screamed in pain as a spear tore through his shoulder knocking him back down to the hard floor. Gritting his teeth Park tore the spear out of his torso and shouted unintelligibly. Groaning in pain he stood up to face the man who had thrown the spear. Standing in front of him, and apart from the rest of the dead, was a tall man adorned in golden armor. He wielded a short sword that ended in a nasty point and bore a shield decorated with scenes of peaceful existence.

"You'd be well advised to turn and flee newcomer." He spoke with his own voice, not the hollowed rattle of the dead or the booming echo of Zeus. "You face Achilles, and I will not show mercy should you remain."

"I'll keep that in mind." Park glowered at the myth. Ok come one, I've made a Titan bleed, I've survived having my neck eaten by a succubus, I've gone toe-to-toe with some nutjob in a bird suit. I can take Brad Pitt. Park talked himself up silently gauging the distance between him and Achilles. All around him the dead had drawn back to other battles, confident that he'd be crushed. Park grinned savagely and pulled out a toy he'd managed to reverse engineer from the fight club. "But just for the record, you face Park, and I'm not big on the mercy thing either."

With that Park fired a taser at the legendary warrior. Achilles blocked the twin spikes easily with his shield but Park was already running. He charged up and pushed off the shield with his feet before flipping over Achilles and latching the inhibitor collar around the man's neck. Please let this work. Park begged any non-Olympian god he could think of and pulled out a gun firing at Achilles' bronze chest plate. The bullets didn't penetrate the armor but made a serious impact causing Achilles to clutch his chest in surprise. Oh yeah, I can hurt you now you little twit. Park trash talked to nobody and charged again. He swung his knife out with his left and Achilles moved to counter it with his sword hand but as he did Park brought the pistol up to Achilles chin and grinned. Checkmate b!tch. Park thought as he squeezed the trigger.

He had a second to breath as most of the undead had left him alone to fight Achilles. Looking around to take in the new situation Park saw Victor lying on the ground before Hades. Sh!tsh!tsh!t Park thought running towards his fallen friend. He was almost there when a line of shields formed up between him and the real fight. Park lamented his poor luck. Facing him were several heroes of Greek Myth long dead but brought back by Hades. Odysseus, Ajax, Perseus, Paris and Hector stood on the same side for the first time all with the intent to kill Park.

"Victor!" Park shouted reaching into his bag and pulling out the apple his friend had given him. He threw the red orb over the heads of his enemies and watched it roll to a stop by Victor's neck. I really hope he can move enough to eat it. Park thought before turning all his attention to the mythic soldiers. "Ok you ambiguously homosexual legends. Let's get on with it."

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Simply Flawless

A sigh of relief escapes her mouth as Titans crumble per the request of the formerly rumored annihilation machine.   This city rumbles in fear but her body has yet to quiver.  Rubble beneath her boots, happiness exuding from her pours.  A bargain forged through the touch of her lips and the tantalizing scent of perfection.  Instead of worrying the flawless temptress knows just how to handle the inner workings of man and god with the slightest of ease.  Pulling down her diamond studded hood, the redheaded mystery revels in the atmosphere caused by her strategic planning.   
Her fingers slide across a cracked wall and the structure heals from temporary contact.  Peering into a minuscule hole, the redhead takes notice to the groans of a defeated goddess.  Stuck within the stench of death, this woman tries her very best to gain footing among chaos.  Instead she is rewarded with a fastened blow from a wrestling attired boot.  CRACK! The sounds of her neck ends all hopes of survival.  Taking a knee besides the dying goddess, Clarice chuckles at thought of women such as this being her competition.  
"Adrastea has yielded to Clara Mass.  Rather easy but it's totally understandable.   Ever since my rebirth there has been no one capable of stepping to my level.  Now sleep deary, today has been an eventful evening.  The likes of Alceus hope to dethrone Zeus and place Vasilias in his place.  And it seems you the unknowing imps are forced to drown in the mistakes of a whoreish King.  Please don't get teary eyed.  I promise when I am Vasilias Queen...I will resurrect the accursed.  But first I must do what I do best.  Manipulation but shhh don't tell anybody."  She said giggling like a child.  Before leaving the sympathetic mercenary lightly kisses the forehead of the deceased. 
Curly crimson hair is wrapped upward as the granddaughter of Hera, prepares for the second phase of her ever so complex plan of action.  Feeling the energy signature of her nephew, Clarice converges with the Son of Thunder as he nonchalantly drags Hera across an oddly quiet hot spot.  Clarice happily applauds Noah for succeeding in his note worthy assignment.  Though there is a sense of awkwardness between the two, the family duo act as if this event is actually an act of natural selection.   
"Give her to me and leave. Zeus wants me to end these bouts and I know just how to handle it all while accomplishing our dre--" 
"No, your dreams Clarice.  Continue this as you must.  I'll be in the catacombs searching for the Book of Prophecies.  I have my own shit to worry about." 
"Whatever.  Thanks for nothing you fruit tart." 
Dragging her grandmother by the vile witch's discolored roots, Clarice lunges the hag in the war zone.  Stretching out her arms, Clarice Zeraz shouts out to the already occupied heroes.  She watched on as Park valiantly handled soldiers of the cause, the saddening injuries of Victory Grey, how Angeni somehow managed to rip through her opponents, even the animosity shown from Alceus' face.  This war felt personal.  However, it was not.  This was just a rushed effort to abdicate Zeus, all because these infantile retards have only now figured out his unnatural existence.  Some came to fight the fight, others for personal reasons, while only one female had an actual purpose.  Succeeding to the throne has always been her dream, her destiny, her utmost desire. 
Aiming her reality gun at the head of Hera, Clarice smirks with a sense of satisfaction.  "I've always wanted this moment, you crazy bitch."  BLAM! BLAM!  Her bullets miss the flesh by centimeters, a distraction caused by the entrance of another.  Sensing the presence of Charmix, the eyes of the fiery redhead dart to the lovely lady's location.  "Why do people complicate my path all the time?"  She said, placing the weapon back into its holster.  She nibbles on her nail, thinking thoughts in case of defeat, contingency plans galore spread across her thoughts. 
"Alceus!"  She screams out playfully.  It was time for the beginning of phase two.   
Main Objective: Engage Alceus. Execute triple-cross maneuver 
Secondary Objective: Talk to Charmix.  Acquire new asset accordingly.  
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Helena rushed into the horde of undead, battering the enemies that were in her path with her bare hands. The Undead Army were basic soldiers of the Gods on Olympus in their great war against the Titans. Hades and Zeus controlled countless hordes of these foes, and sent them after Helena long ago in unrelenting waves to kill her and destroy Athens, but these soldiers had failed and were killed by the Athenians and Helena. They appear as gaunt, skeletal beings, adorned in rusted armor, and armed with standard swords and spears. "Uncle be careful, I have battled against these undead soldiers and they are proven to be worthy opponents." Helena called out to her uncle, who was slashing his way out of the undead trying to make his way toward Hades.

"I have a plan, but you must all distract him for me. It'll only take a few minutes"Alceus shouted, but the young goddess could not hear him clearly due to the undead trying to restrain her as she battered rammed them out of her path. "I will not be so easily defeated!". She roared as a group of undead from behind jumped onto her back to restrain her, but even though she was slowing down due to the weight of the undead on her back, Helena continued ramming her enemies not stopping even though more enemies added onto her back. Angeni knew she was going to collapse very shortly but as this was just about to happen,suddenly the forces around her and on her back turned to ash. "Umbra? I thank you." She whispered before continuing to deal with the other remaining undead soldiers while Victor proceeded toward Hades.

After finally defeating the enemies that surrounded her, Angeni turned to Alceus who seemed badly wounded while Poseidon laid unconsciously."Helena, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Remember our promise. I only have eyes for you",He smiled weakly. "What are you insane? you need medical attention and fast." She said with a concerned look on her face, showing that she did care for him.As she was about to rush to aid him, Alceus slowly walked over to Poseidon's body and stabbed his uncle through the chest with his spear, absorbing energy that Zeus had awarded him into his spear.

"Well well, looks like I have a diversity of souls to collect hehehe",Hades said with a low voice arrogantly, looking at the group."Helena, I have not forgottenabout your crimes against me".Hades smirked, his eyes glowing bright red. "Hades, this is the last warning I'm going to give you and it's best you listen to me. I do not wish to fight you because we are family and I do not wish for you to be killed. All I ask is for you to fight by our side and change your ways. " Helena tried to reason with him knowing that she could defeat her grandfather easily."Foolish girl! You dare threaten me? Seward take care of her while I attend to the others".He smirked while turning his attention to her friends and family, as tinted-red demonic ethereal arms radiated around him. Raising his arms, Hades generated a gigantic vortex of supernatural flames aimed at burning her teammates.

Before she could turn around to face her cousin who was a traitor this whole time, a three-pronged spear penetrated the back of her torso."Helena, Helena, Helena. I always thought you were the most powerful of the Olympian Gods because the way they talked about you and feared you it was terrifying, guess I was wrong. Anyway how does it feel to know you will die by the hands of the Son of Poseidon?".Seward taunted her before removing his trident from the back of her torso which brought her down to her knees. Athena's gray eyes widen as she saw a trident impale her only child in the torso."HELENA!!!".The Goddess of Wisdom shouted and as she was about to go help her daughter, Hephaestus grabbed his wife hand and shook his head."You really think our daughter would lose to that parasite? We are talking about the child who defeated Hercules at the age of five and many other times, we are talking about the child who slayed every single creature in Greece and Rome, we are talking about the child who is feared by our kind. Do you not see my wife? Helena was born to overthrow the gods with the help of friends and family. Now watch our daughter take this fool down."Hephaestus smiled, hugging his wife tightly.

"Any last words, Helena?". Seward yawned, wanting to kill her already. Helena spat out some blood from her mouth and let out a laugh. "How does it feel to know that you will lose to the Goddess of War and a woman?". She asked with a smirk. "What the hell are you--". Before the young sea god could even finish his sentence, Angeni got up and quickly turned around now facing him. "I will not die today." She said those last words to him before gouging out his eyes and snapping his neck with her hands. "Any other traitors would like to share his fate?". She called out to the group before tossing the body of Seward off of Olympus.

Athena and Hephaestus rushed to their daughter and noticed the wound on her torso began to heal very slowly. "It's a good thing your breastplate was blessed with the healing of Apollo." Hephaestus chuckled before hugging his daughter. Helena nodded before giving both her parents a hug. "Yes, but the next time this happens my breastplate won't be able to heal me because I could only be healed once." She instructed before noticing her teammates still facing Hades. "We must help them and this time Hades will be killed." She said to her parents before leaving their side.

As she went to aid her teammates in battle against Hades, Helena blue eyes darted toward a familiar figure who stood on the balcony watching the war go on. "Noah?". She whispered before he let out a sonic scream which was directed at everybody. "AGH!". She shouted in pain.The scream was so powerful that it brought the goddess down on the floor. "Noah.....a.....traitor...". As she mumbled those words, Helena went unconscious leaving her teammates to face Hades alone and deal with the sonic blast.

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Was the fearless band of courageous heroes doomed? It certainly seemed so. Victor Grey, one of Alceus' many siblings has found himself severely injured, nearly as horribly as mighty Alceus himself, all thanks to the ruthless doings of soulless Hades. Park with all of his resourcefulness and tenacity was no match for the sheer divine might that Hades possessed. Umbra was perhaps too young and simply not imposing enough to even dare to challenge the Greek god of the Underworld. Charmix... well she was not even known to be an ally yet. Clara Mass was nowhere to be found. His other siblings were fending off the collective forces of Hades' undead supernatural army. Only, Helena was still standing. Her concern for Alceus' condition became apparent as her intention of rushing to his aid was clear. However, Hades would have none of it. "I can't believe she's trying to reason him", Alceus said just above a whisper, knowing fully well of Hades' stubborn attitude and overwhelming arrogance. "At least she's stalling", he concluded, returning his focus to completely draining Poseidon dry of the energy almighty Zeus had gifted him with. However, the process would not conclude there, Poseidon's own energy was to be absorbed as well, rendering the Sea God virtually mortal.

As his blood continued to drip from his chest, The Champion temporarily shifted his gaze from a battling Helena to the beautiful violet sky in the divine dimension. "He must be smirking right now. Laughing triumphantly", Alceus thought, sighing, "There's no way I'm going to lose here", Alceus concluded, determination brimming in his eyes as his gaze returned to an unconscious Poseidon. Alceus watched in horror as Helena was stabbed by his cousin Seward, the group's traitor. Anger coursed through The Champion's veins, not simply because his trust was betrayed but because Helena was injured. Athena's daughter however, managed to shrug off her injury and swiftly brought Seward to his death. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, his ears were assaulted by a powerful sonic scream, further weakening his virtually powerless condition. Wincing in pain, Alceus managed to catch a glimpse of the culprit as he fled the scene. It was his Trinity Foundation teammate, Closure. Helena had spoken before of her past relationship with him, and no doubt the current romantic situation between Alceus and Helena has instilled great anger in Closure, it was understandable but the place where he chose to direct his frustrations was simply inappropriate. Nearly losing consciousness, the Son of Olympus managed to remain conscious through sheer willpower alone.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Helena. She was knocked unconscious by the powerful sonic scream which only worsened her already injured condition. His eyes widening at the sight of a collapsing Helena, Alceus gritted his teeth angrily, "No!", he shouted, managing though lamely to get to his feet. "It seems I have no choice", he murmured, looking across the battlefield scattered with his fallen comrades. Reaching into his small satchel, Alceus pulled out his Green Power Ring. Putting it on without a doubt in his mind, the heroic Olympian's body coursed with the ring's immense energy, instantly accelerating his healing factor as his wounds and injuries were no more, his power was fully restored. "That's much better", he said, having regained his strength as a glowing green rim surrounded his body. While Helena was protected by her parents, Hephaestus, and Athena who had sustained a scar, Alceus dashed over to Hades' side, quickly overwhelming his malicious uncle with a flurry of devastating punches and kicks. "Gaaah!", Hades cried in pain, having underestimated his opponents by not fully tapping into the power that Zeus had gifted him with. "Kill me fine, but your immortality will never be yours again. Always remember that it was I who took it from you hehehe", the Underworld's ruler boasted before being stabbed through the chest by Alceus, absorbing the god's energy into his adamantine spear. "I can deal with my own mortality", Alceus replied, his calmness prominent, implying his readiness to live without the privilege of immortality.

While Hades' body dissolved into a mass of fading black feathers, Poseidon remained completely unconscious but now completely mortal as all of his power as well as Hades' coursed through The Champion's mighty spear. With yet another challenge defeated, Alceus realized that they could not continue like this. While they have all fought bravely, they all required rest and some planning was in order. Walking over to his injured brother, Alceus aimed his power ring on Victor's forehead, using the ring's healing powers to better his brother's condition, healing his wounds completely. "You're going to be fine, Victor", he said, patting his brother on the back. Walking over to Helena's unconscious body, Alceus looked at her with concern and care as Athena gently placed her daughter in Alceus' arms. "I think we all need to return to my dimension for some rest. Some need to replenish their energies and perhaps plan some attacks", Vasilias recommended, staying true to his nonviolent nature by not fighting in the war. Nodding his head in agreement along with the others, Alceus again used his power ring's healing ability to heal Helena who he carried while turning to his teammates, "We need to replenish our energies like Vasilias said. And maybe rearm a little", he said, addressing everyone in the group.

Seconds before his departure, The Champion spotted Clara Mass who was absent for most of the important parts of the war. It was almost like she had left them there to die and was returning to finish the job herself. Alceus could only shake his head in disappointment as Vasilias teleported the rest of the entire group to his dimension, with the exception of Clara Mass and Charmix, however, before his departure, Alceus tapping into the psionic energy he can command, sent a telepathic message to Clarice, "I don't know what you were doing but we almost died, not that I expect you to care. Anyway, if you really want to help, find out what Zeus is using to increase the power of those who are fighting for him. But do it stealthily. Your appearance should give you an advantage against him. He's weak against people like you". However, he could say nothing to Charmix, he didn't know her and Vasilias simply could not trust her enough to allow her entry into his dimension. Emerging from the portal, Alceus placed Helena on the soft wet grass of Vasilias' dimension, waiting for her to regain consciousness.

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We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

As his spine broke under the pure strength of Hades alone, for a moment he saw red, the edge of his eyes blood struck. Raising his body once more and using his sword for support, it was evident that Hades was closing in for a kill. Rolling over the ground, a golden apple made its way to Victor, the one he'd plucked off from the Tree of Life just a while back, entrust to his friend Park. It would instantly heal him from any injury he'd have sustained, his spine would repair itself and he would be able to have a second chance at ending Hades, he wouldn't die today. But his body fought against his commands, resisting his desires to grab the apple and save himself. Raising his head with great difficulty to see Hades advancing towards him, and the few seconds felt like a lifetime.

Just as Hades was about to strike, sound waves made their way to everyone in sight, and Victor lost his footing and dropped to the ground underneath. Hades was barely coping with the force of the waves, buying Victor more time to live. His hearing had started to fade, and his ears began to bleed. Toning down his senses to keep himself conscious, he instinctively reached for his ears to shield them from this intrusion. His mind began to daze, his head leaning to his right side as he began to lose consciousness. On a usual day he could remain conscious during such an attack, but his pain was working with this attack to ensure otherwise. He was too dazed to even feel a hand on his back, he was sure it was the end. Suddenly power flowed through him once more as he could feel his bones mend each other, his nose restored as he took in whiffs of the fine air around him tainted by the smell of the dead.

"You're going to be fine, Victor" Alceus spoke as the sonic attack slowly died out. Victor slowly rose up once again, his left ear still recovering as he lost his balance once more, landing face first to the ground, the golden apple still laying near him as he grabbed it with his now recovered hand, concealing it into his armour. Around him were falling comrades and brothers-in-arms, they'd thought themselves prepared for the war, he did too, underestimating the threat of olympus.

"We need to replenish our energies like Vasilias said. And maybe rearm a little" Alceus announced to the group as Victor stepped up, leaning on his right side to avoid falling once more. It was then he'd noticed Hades was gone, in his place a series of black feathers instead. His brother was snowballing all the energy from several gods and titans into his spear. Having no time to recover, the whole group was transported to a dimension unlike Olympus, one more peaceful and beautiful. Victors power was once more at its prime, but his mind was burning up due to all the stress.

"I need some weapons Alceus, do you have anything for me? Powerful ones" Victor's mind was focusing only on all his overlapping thoughts, his lip twitched for a second, and suddenly his eyes became distant as all his expressions went blank. He seemed distant and unresponsive...

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Dancing, yeah dancing is what you could have confused it with of course minus the slash of a blade and the other sounds of battle. Lunging and swiping his way through the hordes of the Undead it seemed relentless until the floral and plant life rose up and ensnared the army of Hades’ above them was a woman vaguely familiar he could have swore he’d seen her before. However he didn’t get the time to think in a instant she was moving down on him, lightning lashed out at Michael thankfully he was able to mute it’s effect if it had have been anyone else they may not have been so lucky. "You idiotic novice, using any sort of flames on these forsaken soul have no effect on them, the ashes of their own bodies fuel their might and strength when they reform making it harder to kill! You have given the damned more power than they had before!" finally seeing her face he knew it was Charmix the witch that he’d fought, looking over to the now destroyed Undead army she was right those that he had destroyed were reforming from their ashes and just like a Phoenix they returned stronger and more powerful. ”What does it matter all they needed was a distraction and they got it”. Across the battlefield everything he saw was becoming confusing the goddess Angeni snapped Seward’s neck one of the their allies and then a piercing sonic scream tore his through his ears making him fall to the ground in pain, it felt like it would never stop he could barely keep himself conscious, his vision became blurred until a green blur ran past him.

On his knee Michael tried to regain his balance, his ears were ringing and his vision was still blurry. Assuming and hoping that Charmix was near him he spoke, he couldn’t really hear his own voice it was muted “Look Charmix I know were not the best of friends but were witches we have to look out for each other, remember we both want the same thing and two witches are more powerful than one I can help just keep that in mind !”

"We need to replenish our energies like Vasilias said. And maybe rearm a little" Alecus words were muted just like his own but he could make out the words through the ringing, and with that simple command the team was teleported to an entirely separate dimension, free from the battle.

Getting to his feet he was still unsteady but it was……manageable "I need some weapons Alceus, do you have anything for me? Powerful ones" did he hear that correctly surely he couldn’t be going back into battle that quickly they all needed time to recuperate. Walking over to Alecus and Victor to protest he noticed something odd about Victor, something about facial expression “Alecus do you see that…what the hell’s wrong with him?”

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Park charged forward hoping whatever energy he had left would see him through when a loud scream literally lifted him off the ground and sent him crashing headlong into Odysseus' shield. He could feel a warm sensation flooding his ears and realized they were bleeding, his knee popped out of place on impact and he looked up to see the points of spears and swords filling his vision. Crap, what just happened. Looking past the blades and warriors Park saw Alceus kneel besides Victor. He couldn't hear the words but he was happy just to have friends nearby. I think I might die here..

Then everything stopped, no more spears, not more swords or skeletons that wanted to skewer him. In fact all the gore and violence was replaced with a very peaceful scenery. "Hey what happened?" Park asked turning to his friends and allies. "I had them, I totally had them!"Liar. The first thing he noticed was that he could hear again, the second was that Alceus was... glowing? "Uh... are you supposed to be green man?" Park asked.

"I need some weapons Alceus, do you have anything for me? Powerful ones" Victor said walking up looking, well, not handicapped. Park looked around, wherever the hell they were it seemed nice and relaxing. It's sure as sh!t not an armory... Park thought before realizing that he was sharing a... realm or something with three gods and two witches. Oh, heh, right, they can probably just magic something up.

"I second that idea." Park said with a nod before turning to Victor, his friend seemed dazed and out of it. Park snapped his fingers a couple times and waved his hand in Victor's face. "Yo... buddy, hello? Anybody home?"

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After falling unconscious, Helena woke up to a place surrounded by darkness. "Where am I?". She mumbled to herself while getting back up on her feet."Welcome, Princess! Come in! Make yourself at home. This time, you won't be leaving."The man said with a humorous or taunting tone of voice. Helena didn't know where she was but it was not Olympus for sure. "Reveal yourself to me, coward!". She shouted at the mysterious voice. "I will see you suffer as I have suffered! Your soul is mine!". The voice threatened and suddenlyemerging from complete darkness, Hades immediately attempted to steal Helena's soul, but fails as she was able to dodge hischained weapon which was known as the Soul Taker. "You want my soul come and obtain it!". She mocked while running into the shadows. "Your in my world now, Princess! There is no escape from me! The taste of your soul will be sweet." He laughed while trying to search for her. "This would be your last laugh--". Helena stated appearing from the shadows behind him but before she could wrap her lasso around his neck everything suddenly faded and Helena felt her body being healed.

"We need to replenish our energies like Vasilias said. And maybe rearm a little". Alceus addressed to the group. Angeni now knew she was still alive but unconscious this whole time which meant her battle with Hades was only a dream or you can say a nightmare. "I must wake up! My family needs me and so does my friends." She said in her head while trying to wake up but it seemed that the sonic scream and her wound effected her badly.

After a few minutes of staying unconscious the young goddess finally awoken as she was laid on the soft wet grass. "Where are we?". She asked curiously before her eyes came in contact with Alceus who was waiting for her to waken. "Closure?!". She shouted with rage now remembering it was he who put her unconscious. "Where is that coward! I will make him pay for what he has done!".

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Arriving in Vasilias' divine realm, mighty Alceus felt the drastic change in environment, his skin bombarded by the warm life-nurturing rays of the dimension's version of Earth's sun. Gently dropping his energy-infused adamantine spear, The Champion let out a relieving sigh, taking a seat on a large nearby rock as he waited for Helena to regain consciousness as she lay peacefully on the soft cut grass. "Surprisingly, the first bit of the war was easier than I expected. It was still difficult though", Alceus thought, leaning his head on a nearby tree, as Vasilias approached him. "I know you may not be pleased with my decision not to fight but I do hope you understand my view on the matter", reasonable Vasilias spoke. Nodding his head, his fatigue evident, Alceus replied, "It's okay, I understand. You're a peaceful and gentle soul, you'd never fight in something like this", Alceus pointed out. Smiling at Alceus' satisfactory answer, Vasilias left his nephew to tend to Helena, a woman who has so strongly grasped Alceus' feelings like no woman has before.

Suddenly, in a heartbeat, his brother Victor Grey approached him, requesting any additional weaponry, preferably powerful ones. On the verge of offering his response in regards to Victor's request, the Son of Olympus noticed something odd about Victor. Peering into his brother's eyes, Alceus could see that the mental stress of the war had impaired Victor, he was emotionally distant, soulless even. They say the eyes are the gates to one's soul, and Alceus was seeing into Victor's. "You clearly aren't in your right state of mind to be making requests like that", Alceus observed, "Victor, the war has clearly put a heavy load of stress on you. Mental stress. You need some time to recover. While I could just have Vasilias or some other magic-abled person cleanse you of your stress, I won't be doing you any favors. You need to find a way to deal with this stress because you're gonna be involved in a lot more wars, trust me on that", Alceus concluded, shifting to a more concerned and caring tone, "Please go get some rest. It'll ease your mind. You'll be getting new weapons once you return. Until then, rest", while Alceus spoke out of concern, he also spoke as the group's leader, Victor in his current mental condition was in no position to be making requests of that caliber. He needed some rest, and fortunately due to his godly physiology, his mental recovery process should be much faster than expected, and Alceus hoped that it would be.

Turning his attention away from Victor, Alceus was confronted by Umbra with the same concern about Victor. "It's the stress of the war. He's not used to this kind of stress level I'm guessing. Some long rest will ease his mind up. Same thing happened to me when I fought in my first big war. But anyway, don't worry about that", Alceus responded, quickly asking Hercules and Hermes to escort Victor to a place where he can rest and to monitor his mental stress level for the time being. Park, Victor's ally and seemingly best friend, also agreed with Victor's idea. Nodding his head, Alceus assured Park that new weapons will be given. "Don't worry Park, you guys will be given new weapons. In your case, guns that fire adamantine bullets", he revealed. "And maybe some adamantine swords and daggers. Just tell me what you want made. Oh and the green is because of the power ring", he said, removing his Lantern Ring, slipping into his satchel. While he addressed all of the issues he was faced with, The Champion wondered why Clarice drifted away from the group during the more intense periods of battle. He knew that anything was possible with one as cryptic as her and a backup plan in case she chooses to betray him must be necessary. In fact he had one in case of betrayal. Alceus however, sincerely hoped that nobody would make him question their trust.

Grabbing his spear, he could feel the tremendous amount of energy surging through it, it was almost uncontrollable really. Leaning against the tree, Alceus then focused his attention on Helena, the only woman he had eyes for. "Where are we?", she asked, awakening from her brief spell of unconsciousness. A faint smile came across a fatigued Alceus' face, he was glad that she was fine. However, Helena was enraged at none other than Closure, the man who nearly ruined their chances of victory against Poseidon and Hades. "Relax Helena. Closure is in Olympus", Alceus replied, disappointed that his Trinity Foundation teammate had done such a thing to them. "He nearly got us killed", Alceus whispered, gritting his teeth in a rare and brief moment of anger as he crushed part of the rock he was sitting on with his hand's tight grip on it's side. Extending his arm towards Helena, Alceus offered to help her get to her feet, "We need to rearm. And I have to talk to you about how we're going to defeat Zeus. I have a plan that involves me, you and Victor. Victor currently needs to rest, the mental stress of the war has really gotten to him. So I've decided to let you know about my plan first", he revealed, grabbing his spear in the process.

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Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

Victor could hear nothing, see nothing but a blur and hear the whispers. Those voices he could comprehend at first quickly turned into jibberish and basic thoughts had dissolved into a scatter of recollections. Once the half minute state came to pass, the voices became less distant and his vision was restored. He wasn't walking, yet he was moving, supported up by Heracles and Hermes the two great gods. Quickly breaking their hold of him free, he turned around to get a look at all his supporting teammates, hearing all of them asking for different requests, some desired weapons and others wanted nothing more than to rest. Taking a look at the grassy surface underneath him that folded underneath his boots, Victor turned back to Hermes, who seemed to be worried about the gods mental state.

"Victor, you must rest, come with us" Hermes instructed calmly with a look of concern on his face, mainly worried about Victor's state of mind. He extended his arm for Victor to take shall he choose to do so, getting ready to escort him to a resting area as by Alceus's command. Victor observed the gods hand for a moment, before looking back into his eyes and returning his elders gaze.

"What happened to me?" Victor seemed worried as he scanned the place once more, a place of tranquility, a Shangri-La. Being followed by Hermes and Heracles back into the field where all his teammates rested and rearmed, he took long strides across the field as he observed his teammates, some with deep injuries and others flawless almost as if they've never even been in battle. Regardless, from his point of view, it seemed like the war had affected everyone in different ways.

"It's the stress of war, it's perfectly fine Victor, your mind is just coping with all the stress. You did suffer many injuries from Hades" Heracles explained as he rushed forward to Victor, catching up with the youths fast and impatient pace "You were lucky your brother Alceus was able to heal you in time, you should thank him" Heracles smiled. Despite the both not knowing each other very well, Victor was a comrade and brother-in-arms to him, and he'd help him should he need it.

"Brother Alceus? Where is he?" Victor turned around to the two gods in confusion with a brow raised, His hair messy and his armor worn out from battle. He'd been in many wars before, but never this personal. This was a direct strike against Zeus to overthrow the Olympian Political system, this was different than anything he'd ever been in before. Most of the wars he'd been in had been from a commanding position, but he'd seen the glory from the front lines as well.

"Maybe you should allow me to assess your mental state first" Hermes asked with a tone of care making gestures with his hands as began to think of some mental exercises for Victor to assess his state of mind. The elder god was however cut short by the young ones impatient tone, raising his hand to alert Hermes that he chose to skip this stage.

"No time" Victor concentrated on his enhanced sense of hearing, his senses reaching godly levels. He was able to hear the heart of the comrades around him and hear the winds take flight as it changed directions, but only one person out of the group was truly speaking.

"Oh and the green is because of the power ring" He could hear his brother Alceus speaking from the distance as he turned around to get a sense of direction towards him. His brother was clad in great armour and his powerful spear in arm. He began to approach Alceus, noticing his brother was walking over to Helena, the colourfully dressed goddess who'd seemed to have taken a beating from the war that raged on just a moment ago. Choosing to eavesdrop on their conversation, Victor sat down casually on the green grass so no one would suspect, and patched into his own hearing as the two spoke from afar.

"We need to rearm. And I have to talk to you about how we're going to defeat Zeus. I have a plan that involves me, you and Victor. Victor currently needs to rest, the mental stress of the war has really gotten to him. So I've d-" Victor was suddenly interrupted by Hermes with a rough pat on the shoulder. His hands were big, but he didn't intend to hurt Victor rather than catch his attention.

"Let the two speak Victor" Hermes sincerely smiled, giving Victor a pause as he soon nodded, his head swaying to his left side. Being stopped in his efforts, he had heard a good amount though, grasping it in his mind so he wouldn't forget. He decided to wander around the area, talking with the gods around as he walked by his battle exhausted teammates, all rearming, getting ready for the next segment of this Great War.

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"Relax Helena. Closure is in Olympus", Alceus replied. Helena sat up from the grassy wet floor and placed her hand on his shoulder as she noticed how disappointed he was toward Closure actions. "You need to relax as well. Forgive me for shouting out like that when I woke up. I just wasn't expecting a betrayal from a man I once.......". She frowned for a moment thinking about her past feelings for the Demigod. "He nearly got us killed", She heard Alceus whisper with a bit anger. "We cannot allow anger to consume us because anger will not achieve our victory." Helena stated with her wise words something her mother would be proud of if she heard.

Angeni smirked as he offered his hand to help her up. "Thank you." She said kindly taking his hand and pulling herself back on her feet.Helena's blue eyes darted toward her wounded teammates who were mentally effected by stress of war and possibly other things. "We need to rearm. And I have to talk to you about how we're going to defeat Zeus. I have a plan that involves me, you and Victor. Victor currently needs to rest, the mental stress of the war has really gotten to him. So I've decided to let you know about my plan first", Alceus revealed while grabbing his spear. "Alright. I'm just wondering though are you gonna discuss the plan with everyone else?". She asked curiously.

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”What does it matter all they needed was a distraction and they got it” Umbra said, "A distraction that may very well have your soul ensnared by Hades himself!" she responded back looking for the mihgty goddess she challenged. Not a single sign or word was from Hera to answer her call, a battle. But those of the on going war between the the gods and heroes. “Look Charmix I know were not the best of friends but were witches we have to look out for each other, remember we both want the same thing and two witches are more powerful than one I can help just keep that in mind !” his push for her to help and recognize his skill in the battle that lay in front of them, but she simply refuted them "Every witch for themselves, you wanted to burn them, then burn you shall." she said as she left his side, of course this was under the influence from the Goddess of Chaos and Discord. She continue to move forward and not facing back to look, but if she did she would see that the resistance that was lead by the Champion was on for a retreat. Yet she could feel them drifting away, being teleported, "Cowards." she said whispered to herself as she made it to the area where she sensed the strong essence of Hera... and another.

The sound of her heels follow behind as every step she took brought her closer to the Goddess of all Goddess, Hera. She could hear the repeat, the command instill in her mind, the invading privacy that was open, the loss of control and self thought, eradicated. Shots, two rounds fired, Meili steeps in and sees a vicious redhead nealy shooting at the blood stained Hera. "Why do people complicate my path all the time?" the familar lady spoke, "Paths are ment to be step upon consider it a privelage for me to stumble on your journey" she says, just as she meet direct eye contact Meili remembers. The red head vixen, Clarice Mass aka Clara Mass, devious little snake that spins her webs, full of fluid futures and roads. Her sight caused a trigger, Meili from within struggle to retain control of her own mind and body, she moved slower in an akward movement towards the redhead. A kiss, a kiss to break a spell of the mind bender, like how sleeping beauty ever regain consciouness from her eternal slumber. "Filthy WITCH!" a voice screamed within her mind, but Meili tried her best to fight it off, forcefuly she grabbed the head of Clara by surprise and sunk her soft tender lips to the moist assassin. Whispering an unknown spell, she broke the enchantment, disenchanting herself from the control of Eris. But this was also what Eris had known to come, she allowed the enchatress to break free via the kiss removal spell, but at the same time pushing a spell through Clarice added with a spell from Meili which amplified her reality warping power. Compressing the heart within the might goddess, her organs soon imploded from within, thus the might have falled and the lovely cow that Eris would say was now finally killed, Hera. Meili unknowingly knew of this, but it was her magic that spelled blood or at least helped in the process.

"A spell of mine cannot easily be broken. How silly of a witch, I've live more life times than you can live for." Eris said through the mind to the witch, Meili was now back under her influences. Impossible she thought was while secluded in a tight area in her mind, no way of breaking free. "How is this possible, she has something! I'm sure of it, some sort of enhancer or weapon...." a helpless prisioner within her own mind. "Play the game and hopefully you'll come out alive." one of Eris words reached her again, filled with a new goal, she was to go along in this war, and play side by side with the notorious red head. A zombie with a new set of persona she was more vicious and lustful than Meili, but it was Eris default, her spell crafted a mind within another mind. While all she could do was watch through her own eyes, to see the horror her new persona would inflict. Moving closer to Clara, she wraps her arms around the lady and faced her eye to eye. Lifting her right leg behind, like a clueless school girl who had her first kiss, "I know we'll be the best of play bunnies. What should we do next?" she grin while giving off a lick to her lips first, her grin was full of malice and so was her mind, she wanted action and soon she was about to get what she had coming.

While somwhere else the masterminded goddess Eris attempts to subdue another goddess on her own. A golden shimmer dissipates her body as she teleports in the same area as Aphrodite. "Why isn't it the attention wh0r3 of the gods and goddesses, plotting something as usual to try and catch someone's eye when we all see you as nothing but a filthy sl*t." she commented, "I see jealousy has not been your down fall yet, don't worry I'll make sure of it this time." the beautiful goddesses responded. The air between them grew heated, not even the cold breezing blown from the outside war would cool them. Some one was about to die, to join the smell of ashes out side and be marked as a damned soul, suffering in eternal flames of torture and the feeling the wraith of constant slashes of the furies.

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"Don't worry Park, you guys will be given new weapons. In your case, guns that fire adamantine bullets", Alceus responded to Park's request. "And maybe some adamantine swords and daggers. Just tell me what you want made. Oh and the green is because of the power ring."

Well I guess that settles that then. Park thought walking off to examine the new are before turning around and doing a head count. He noticed that their little war coalition was down in their original numbers, one bright red head was missing from the group to be exact. The redhead who was at Redemption. Park realized remembering the conversation that they had shared, something about being her knight. So, I guess she was real... And we totally just abandoned her back there. Park thought walking back up to Alceus angrily. Park's past meant he had some serious serious issues when it came to bailing on people. And yet here I am with the people that just ran off with their tails between their legs leaving others behind.

"Am I interrupting something?" Park spat angrily standing between Angeni and Alceus. Alceus was about to divulge his secret plan to her or something. "Maybe you should share with the whole class then? Oh wait, I forgot we're not the whole class anymore." Park felt rage rising in him. "You forgot one of our people when you conjured up that nice little escape. So what then, are we all expendable in your family pissing contest?" Park's voice was rising "I mean sh!t dude, your brother is numbing up right now, there's a girl back there still in the war and you wanna play let's-get-the-girl's-trust? Dick move! Take us back! And you!" Park shouted turning to face Vasilias. "I never understood pacifism, but that's personal philosophy. We have different views, and that's ok, but you're having us go to war so why aren't you helping? I mean we could die out there and you refuse to get your hands dirty? Why? Am I the only one who realizes how shady that is?" Park shouted to everyone at this point before turning back to Alceus and focusing his rage. "Get our arms, tell us the plan, and you. Get. Us. Back. There. Now." Park's anger was spent so he added more calmly at the end. "Or screw it... just send me back if you have to, but I'm not comfortable leaving people behind while I run."

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With Victor and the rest being rested, it seemed that the only people other than himself with remaining energy and mental sanity were Park, Umbra, Vasilias and Helena. While Alceus' brief moment of anger in regards to Closure's attack on them had wavered, mostly thanks to Helena managing to calm him down, Alceus too was beginning to feel the weight of the war's mental stress. However, he was recovering, and at an alarmingly fast rate. The Champion was on seconds away from discussing his plan to defeat almighty Zeus until one of his allies decided to voice their opinion on the current situation, specifically regarding Clara Mass. It was none other than Park. Sighing as a clearly angered Park marched his way towards Alceus and Helena, Alceus braced himself for whatever Park had in mind. Taking his time, the resourceful youth didn't hesitate to criticize the process of operating in the group.

As every second went by, Park's words only added to mighty Alceus' frustration and perhaps even annoyance. Once the Cash Inc. member was done venting, Vasilias' mouth opened, ready to reply to the young man's statements however, he was interrupted by Alceus who quickly turned to face Park, a slightly angered and serious look on his face. His patience had been tested throughout the entire war, having to battle against his family and nearly losing his life twice, The Champion simply would not accept this kind of criticism, especially from one so inexperienced in events this grand. "You don't know what you're talking about!", The Champion snapped, remaining somewhat calm but his words bold and meaningful. "This plan I'm discussing doesn't involve you. It involves me, Victor and Helena. You guys are going to be part of something else and you'll know soon enough so cool it!", he continued, "You think I forgot about Clarice? No I didn't. But you don't even know her well enough to be talking like this. I assigned her a special task, one that suits her talents of manipulation. In case you forgot, she ran off when we were all fighting for our lives against the Titans and against Poseidon and Hades. I'm not taking us back until we're all ready to go back. You are someone that Victor brought to help, I don't have a problem sending you back to Earth right now. I asked Victor to pick who he trusts enough to go on this kind of mission with us and he brought you. You're a soldier in this group, you don't order anyone so shut the hell up and let me think so that you and everyone else live through this", Alceus said, calming down.

"And secondly, you don't get to question Vasilias. Do you have any idea what he's been through? I'm guessing you don't because if you did then you wouldn't for a moment think of questioning his pacifism. I'm not gonna ask you to shut your mouth again because you're really testing my patience. Most of us are here because we have no choice. We have no choice but to fight against our family. I had to kill one of my uncles minutes ago. I have to deal with the fact that my father, uncles and aunts want me and the rest of my family dead. I nearly died twice over there keeping all of you alive. So don't give me any crap about some bailing issue you might have", Alceus said, having vented. "Clarice will be fine. You don't know what she's capable of. Don't interrupt me again", mighty Alceus said, almost as if he was warning the youth. Grabbing Helena's hand, Alceus decided to discuss the plan with her underneath the nearby tree. "Sorry you had to see that", he apologized. "This spear contains a lot of energy. I'm going to transfer half of the energy into you and the other half into Victor. And I'll use my power ring to enhance my own powers. Together with our combined power we'll be able to overwhelm Zeus with the number's game", he explained.

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Strictly Business

The touch of her lips catches the redheaded beauty off guard but her heart warms from the tingling sensation that is Charmix.  Magics beyond her control course through her flesh, amplifying the very powers that permit her entire existence.   They've definitely met before.  Maybe during another lifetime.  That is why she does react spitefully.  Misconduct is unnecessary.  Hera implodes like a balloon.  Clarice can only snicker at the justified murder.

"I think I'm gonna like you a lot but as you've seen, Alceus and the band have abandoned us in hopes of me discovering whatever is increasing Zeus' power levels.  Little do our warriors know, I already solved that riddle.  As the Gods fall like flies it is I who stands without a care.  Listen closely my newest companion, the King of Olympus garners all his power from the very might being enforced in this war.  Death, brutality, and screams galore.  Fighting in his name or against...he wins either way.  This assault is all in his name.  And there is only one way to win this battle.  Charmix you're incredibly lovely but would you mind watching my back as I create a telepathic link?" 
Caressing the cheek of the young sorceress, the manipulative demigoddess lightly kisses her savory lips.  "I find you familiar.  Very familiar.  I see great things for us."  Startled by an emppty gaze, Clarice feels as though for a mere second she can see another being looking through the eyes of Charmix.  However, that is story to be told on another day.  Until than the redheaded mystery blows a kiss and spins around.  Untied crimson hair shines as her violet eyes stare into oblivion.   
Vasilias.  I like how you have yet to mention our training sessions from long ago to your faithful followers.  Have the toy solidiers become tiresome yet?  I can hear the commanding voice of Alceus.  Does it bother you that he may steal the throne from underneath your nose?  Funny in my opinion but is that anger I feel?  Oh, I am so sorry you're still not use to the upgrade in my personality.  Whether or not you like it, Olympus' most wanted has exceeded everyone's expectations.  There is only one way to win this war.  Reveal yourselves to Zeus and attack him on my say so.   
Bound to chains and shackles but have no fear for Clarice is here.  Zeus and his kin will taunt, congratulate me for defeating Alceus' forces, but than I will act!  Breaking the bonds and allowing you the instant kill.  Worried?  There is no need.  Zeus has tasted my lips.  He will follow my every whim.  Vasilias! I would never double cross you in a million years.  That's a lot of time filled with controversy but you have my word.   
There is a catch however.  I will give you this opening so long as I am by your side on Olympus' throne.  Afraid of me being Queen, I'll even settle for the position of being your right hand woman, that is if I have proper placement in the oncoming hierarchy.  You know for a fact that I have been long denied my place in this family.  It is time I reclaim my destiny.  Warn Athena that if she or her daughter dare touch me....I need not remind her of that scar she wears for the last time we met.  
Clara Mass holds her stomach tightly because her chuckles have made breathing rather difficult.  It seems surrender is their only option to shift the tides of warfare.  Moving her hand onto her hip, she strides confidently and stands beside the bloody body of Queen Hera.  Looking down at the petty woman, Clarice looks back at Charmix with a sinister smirk. 
"Hit me as hard as you can.  Zeus will arrive shorty.  We must tell him Alceus' forces are deadly and are returning at any minute.  Victor Grey's mother is dead...as we rally our strength and watch the two factions bicker, it is up to you to make a false memory in Victor's mind of Hera dying by the hands of Alceus.  Whichever way this bout happens..we will end up victorious.  We're gonna have so much fun.  Now hit me as hard as you can!" 
Zeus will arrive and find our battered bodies, thinking it was us who fought so valiantly against the imps.  He will grow angry and when the forces of Vasilias return, they will see surrender because they are weak.  I...I mean we will be praised for our actions of drawing that out.  Chained down to the ground and I'll watch arguments erupt.  If all goes according to plan...tomorrow will be marvelous for our brand new lives. 
Clutching her ebony blade the redheaded mercenary slashes the thighs of her ally.  "Eighteen seconds.  Make it believable."  
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The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.

As he took long strides across the razor sharp grass with its water drops accumulating in the ground below, his impatience rose, it was time to take the next step forward, to reposition themselves once more, but his teammates safety would need to come first, you cannot fight a war with broken men. He'd been assessing the teams state for the past few minutes, most were deep in thought, others proved to be deep in wounds. The strain of war was difficult on everybody, with the exception of a few. A certain team member that had something else to say, his friend Park. Park took long strides across the grass, His anger evident and his expressions did nothing to hide it. Reaching the couple Alceus and Helena, his mouth opened and he spoke angrily, giving them a piece of his mind without any display of hesitation, the whole group could hear their conversation.

Victor observed as Park seemed to be breaking the team from the inside, creating doubt among the team may crumble them before their enemies do. He heard his name mentioned, a reference to his previous condition in which he didn't fully understand yet. Park then proceeded to criticise their uncle Vasillias. Once Park had calmed down, it seemed Alceus had something to say himself, responding to Park loudly, but with a calm tone. It seemed the whole team would be listening to their conversation. Once Alceus had gave out his last warning, he resumed his attention to Helena, the black haired goddess beside him as they continued to speak. Victor would need to speak with his brother immediately. Grabbing a soaked rag, he walked over to Alceus as he polished his armour.

"Hello brother" he sat down on a grey hard rock beside him and Helena, observing Helena's wounds mending themselves for a brief while. "I'm sorry for Park's behaviour, had I know I wouldn't have asked him to come. I didn't want to cause any trouble to you, and I know this war is affecting us all" Victor placed his hand on Alceus's shoulder. "It's tough on all of us, i'm not sure if Park is cut out for this though, gods and titans might be out of his league anyway. He's going to get hurt"

He turned back to Helena "Are you recovering well? I know the war is hard on you too, and i'm here to support everyone." his gaze returned to Alceus as he stepped up from the rock once more "if there is anything you need brother, i'm here" Victor gave a warm smile to comfort his brother from all that had happened. He then turned his head to Vasillias, and gave him an apologetic nod. It seemed everyone was handling this war in their own way, working with people they've never even met in their lives before, and then they find themselves soldiers in war. Soon it would be evident if the team rises, or spectacularly fails.

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Helena ran her fingers through her long black hair before taking a deep breath. "I should have brought my army into battle but I could not risk leaving Athens unprotected." She stated while looking into his blue eyes. "The war is effecting you too, I think you need to--". Before she could finish her sentence, Park approached them out of nowhere and began shouting at Alceus and Vasillias about everything that has happened during this war. "How dare y--". Helena was yet again interrupted but this time by an upset, Alceus."You don't know what you're talking about!", Alceus snapped at the mortal."This plan I'm discussing doesn't involve you. It involves me, Victor and Helena. You guys are going to be part of something else and you'll know soon enough so cool it!", he continued to shout at Park,"You think I forgot about Clarice? No I didn't. But you don't even know her well enough to be talking like this. I assigned her a special task, one that suits her talents of manipulation. In case you forgot, she ran off when we were all fighting for our lives against the Titans and against Poseidon and Hades. I'm not taking us back until we're all ready to go back. You are someone that Victor brought to help, I don't have a problem sending you back to Earth right now. I asked Victor to pick who he trusts enough to go on this kind of mission with us and he brought you. You're a soldier in this group, you don't order anyone so shut the hell up and let me think so that you and everyone else live through this", Alceus instructed. Helena placed her hand on Alceus shoulder to remind him that they were in the middle of a war and there was no need to be arguing because they all had to work together.

"And secondly, you don't get to question Vasilias. Do you have any idea what he's been through? I'm guessing you don't because if you did then you wouldn't for a moment think of questioning his pacifism. I'm not gonna ask you to shut your mouth again because you're really testing my patience. Most of us are here because we have no choice. We have no choice but to fight against our family. I had to kill one of my uncles minutes ago. I have to deal with the fact that my father, uncles and aunts want me and the rest of my family dead. I nearly died twice over there keeping all of you alive. So don't give me any crap about some bailing issue you might have", Alceus said with a serious look on his face which shocked Helena because this wasn't like him.

As the young goddess was about to get up and approach her parents, Alceus grabbed her hand. "Sorry you had to see that", he apologized to her. "Alceus? I told you we must not let anger consume us. I know what he said was wrong but have you forgotten that we all must work together to beat Zeus? Look at me......I know how you feel about killing our own blood because I feel the same way but we have to work together." She placed her hand on his cheek before turning her attention to Park. "I advise you do the same because if you do leave and we lose this war, Zeus will come for you and he will find you." She suggested, her face now serious.

"This spear contains a lot of energy. I'm going to transfer half of the energy into you and the other half into Victor. And I'll use my power ring to enhance my own powers. Together with our combined power we'll be able to overwhelm Zeus with the number's game", She turned her attention back to Alceus as he explained the plan. "Are you certain this would be safe? I don't want to be taken over by so much power I can't handle." She joked, knowing that she could easily handle the energy from the spear.

"Hello brother"Victor said while taking a seat on a grey hard rock beside Alceus and herself. "I am glad your okay uncle." Helena said as she allowed him to mend her wounds for a moment."I'm sorry for Park's behavior, had I know I wouldn't have asked him to come. I didn't want to cause any trouble to you, and I know this war is affecting us all" Helena watched as her uncle placed his hand on Alceus's shoulder."It's tough on all of us, I'm not sure if Park is cut out for this though, gods and titans might be out of his league anyway. He's going to get hurt".Victor said to his brother before turning his attention on her."Are you recovering well? I know the war is hard on you too, and I'm here to support everyone."Helena nodded before getting up from the grassy floor and giving him a bright smile. "Thank you for your concern uncle, I am doing well." She said before joining her mother and father to armor up.

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Park rolled his eyes at Alceus long winded reprimand that essentially added up to very round about 'shut-up-cause-I'm-in-charge.' However Park understood he was the man out of place in this war and the affects it had on people's patience. His anger having subsided in the face of reason he folded his arms.

"I advise you do the same because if you do leave and we lose this war, Zeus will come for you and he will find you." Angeni said shooting Park a look. He just shook his head in response and smiled. Don't talk back dude, you're not here to be right you're here to help your friend.Still though, Zeus can come at me anytime. He thought to himself as he grabbed his pack and checked the contents. I'm armed.

This is not good generalship. He thought very privately so as to not affect any telepath's morale. Speaking of telepaths... Park turned to see if Victor was alright, but he and the rest of the god squad were plotting together so he must have been alright. No love for the uppity mortals, whatever. Park had come along to make sure Victor wouldn't get himself killed but he made a mental note about loyalties among Olympians and knew it would affect how he acted to his... 'friend' in the future. If you have a future. He teased himself, unfortunately his normally confident psyche was not free from the scars of war either. Park reached into his jacket and pulled out his phone to send a quick message to a long unused number in his contacts. Harvey. Park said in his head as he saw his brother's name pop up. The name was enough to leave a sour taste in his mouth so Park sent the message quickly before packing up and getting ready.

"Hey, uh sorry for snapping before." Park said walking up to Vasilias apologetically. "You'll have to excuse my rudeness, we mortals don't have the time you guys do and sometimes we sacrifice manners in favor of expediency. I would still ask you though, why have us fight on your behalf but refuse to fight with us? Isn't violence still violence no matter who commits it?" The first sentence was a true apology, and it showed in his tone over his choice of words. The second was the question Park really wanted to know the answer to though. "Everything I've been told of you would suggest that you're on the level, but it just confuses me is all."

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Having calmed down but still mentally exhausted from the war's immense stress, heroic Alceus silently nodded his head as lovely Helena advised him to retain his composure and not allow anger to obtain an ugly control over him. She was absolutely right, the effort of teamwork would require the full undivided attention and cooperation of the group, and in order for such a thing to take place, The Champion would soon have to set things right with Park, after all the two were not on entirely amicable terms after their recent war of words. Smiling warmly for a brief moment as Helena placed her hand on his cheek, Alceus replied, "You're right. It's just the tension of the war, it's getting to me. Or at least it was. But I have to keep a cool head, like I was taught to in these situations", he responded, before exhaling satisfyingly. Chuckling somewhat at Helena's joke regarding the immense divine energies surging through the spear, Alceus assured her that nothing would disrupt his plan, "Don't worry. You're strong enough. I know it", he smiled, before Victor arrived, apologizing for Park's recent outburst.

Victor's entire apology, it was sincere and surprisingly did not contain a joke. Warmly placing his hand on his brother's shoulder, mighty Alceus smiled brightly, "Thanks Victor. It means a lot to me that you'll apologize for your friend like that. You're right the war was tough on us all. I was too busy trying to get you all eased from the stress but I forgot that I was affected by it too. Thanks for reminding me brother", he said, his smile genuine as he called for everyone in the group to gather close to the divine trio, Alceus, Helena and Victor. "It's time to discuss the plan to defeat Zeus", the Son of Olympus announced. Wise Vasilias was on the verge of answering Park's question regarding his pacifism but in respect he whispered as silently as possible, "I will tell you soon. This announcement. It seems important", Vasilias said, maintaining his voice at a low and calm tone. Turning to face his trusted uncle, Alceus nodded, signaling that there is no problem if he chooses to answer the young Cash Inc. member's question. Looking Park in the eye, a serious expression loomed over Vasilias' face, "You are forgiven Park but you are right, you do owe an explanation as to why I choose not to fight. And honestly, it is due to the level of power I possess. It may not be a valid enough reason for you but I have spent a very long time in exile", Vasilias began.

The wise and powerful skyfather continued, offering the true explanation as to why he does not engage in the battle. "Thousands of years devoted to staying away from my family, away from violence and anything threatening. My skills and mastery over my power had vanished. I no longer had the control that I once possessed. And the consequences are immense. Dare I use my power now and I risk destroying you all. My divine energies are caged in a body that cannot control it. While I might defeat Zeus, my power is without a master and the moment I unleash... it will be destructive. True I look down on violence in general but this is the real reason why I choose not to fight", Vasilias explained. Then Alceus felt that it was his time to cleanse all ill thoughts in his relationship with Park. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, a total silence fell upon the environment, not even the tree leaves dared rustle. Walking over to Park, the words that would emerge from Alceus' mouth were sincere ones, it was a genuine apology that was to come. While Park was not innocent in his outburst, Alceus cared not for that, he simply wanted for the group to remain effective and in order for that to happen, they had to be respectful towards one another.

"Park, you'll have to forgive me for the way I dismissed you. I'm sorry. The stress of the war has gotten to us all. Victor was the first to suffer from it. I thought I was safe from it but I wasn't it. Normally I wouldn't have reacted that way. I was too focused on the plan, too stressed after having killed my family members, too stressed from almost dying twice, too stressed from to keep some of you alive and from having to deal with the fact that my very father wants us all dead. It was a hard thing to deal with and I took it out on you. I'm sorry", he apologized, feeling like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders as he continued, "And you're right. The plans have to be discussed with everyone. And if you have any questions afterwards, feel free to ask", he said, before returning his attention to the entire group. "Alright guys! The plan is this. No doubt Zeus still has some minions to keep us busy, that's where you all come in, except for Victor and Helena. Hephaestus will give you all new armor and weapons. I've been collecting a lot of energy in this spear and I plan to distribute it equally among Helena and Victor. I'll then use my Power Ring to increase my own power. The number's game will be to our advantage and together we'll be able to overwhelm Zeus", he explained.

After roughly a day of rest, preparation and rearming. The group had reached the final point in the war. They were to defeat Zeus. Vasilias meanwhile was somewhat bothered by Clarice's telepathic message. He offered no response at the time of it's creation but he now felt that his decision was made. "No Clara. You are an untrustworthy woman. It is a pity that you are no longer who you once were. You are a different person. Devious, manipulative, always shifty, always working some sort of angle. These warriors here that stand with me, they are fighting for the right cause. To remove a tyrant from his reign, you however, fight for your own selfish purpose, your so called destiny. I will not agree to your terms, you have strayed too far from the path of righteousness. While I am no power hungry ruler, I cannot allow Olympus to fall under your leadership. You are too unpredictable, malicious. You cannot be trusted", Vasilias concluded, finally responding to Clarice's telepath message across dimensional boundaries. Readying the portal to arrive at Olympus, The Champion was the first to step into the portal, the instant transportation had returned him to the divine realm of Olympus. And standing before him was an enraged Zeus, surging with immense power.

"So you have come my son. There is no point reasoning with you anymore. It seems like you will only understand your mistakes through my fists. Like an animal, I will beat you and teach you a lesson in obedience", the Lord of the Gods spoke, the sky roaring with relentless thunder. "I've been waiting for this you condescending bastard", Alceus said, cracking his knuckles, awaiting the arrival of his comrades through the portal. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a large group of lesser divine creatures and secondary gods marched behind Zeus, ready to attack as the King of Gods called down the most massive of lightning storms with the intention of utterly obliterating Alceus and anyone who stood before him and his throne. Meanwhile, a patient Aphrodite waited to seize the moment for her grand plan.

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It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

"Thank you for your concern uncle, I am doing well" Helena nodded and stepped up with a bright smile, her posture indicating she was able to handle her injuries effectively and could handle the strains of war once more. Victor returned her nod and turned his attention back to brother Alceus, his powerful and charismatic brother who was dealing with the strain of war more effectively than anyone here, his state of mind built like a fortress that can repel any doubt effectively.

"Thanks Victor. It means a lot to me that you'll apologize for your friend like that. You're right the war was tough on us all. I was too busy trying to get you all eased from the stress but I forgot that I was affected by it too. Thanks for reminding me brother" his brother spoke in reply to his polite apology in regards to his friend Park who'd seemed to be recovering quite well, already apologising to their uncle Vasillias. Victor simply gave a nod to Alceus, giving a confident smile making it evident that however the war impaired him, he was ready to bounce back, powerful as he'd ever been.

By now the sunlight bounced off his flawless armour, polished to the highest of standards, his weapons brandished flawlessly. Victor turned his gaze to the armoury besides them, grabbing adamantine throwing knives and testing their tip against his own finger flesh, making a small nick to test its effectiveness and sharpness. Slinging 25 of these small weapons on a belt strapped across his chest, it was only now he noticed Alceus seemed to be speaking from afar.

Quickly grabbing ten adamantine bullets, Victor approached Park, tossing him the bullets in packs of three to give the young man a fighting chance. He was quick to give a nod to his friend as he walked away to hear Alceus's speech, sitting in a shady corner to avoid the sun as he began to enchant the throwing knives, allowing them to follow their targets and never lose speed. The tree above him swayed left and right with the wind currents as tensions rose.

"Alright guys! The plan is this. No doubt Zeus still has some minions to keep us busy, that's where you all come in, except for Victor and Helena. Hephaestus will give you all new armor and weapons. I've been collecting a lot of energy in this spear and I plan to distribute it equally among Helena and Victor. I'll then use my Power Ring to increase my own power. The number's game will be to our advantage and together we'll be able to overwhelm Zeus"

Alceus spoke as the team began to wander into their own thoughts, returning the sharp throwing knives into the leather holding belt, everyone would have a days rest, able to do whatever they want until the climax comes, tomorrow, the day it'll all end. Victor himself wandered into the resting areas, grabbing three syringes filled of enchanted medicine, able to seal fatal wounds almost instantly. Concealing them into his armour, he fumbled through the wooden cabinets to find other items, much to his disappointment, there wasn't much but an empty syringe which he was quick to grab.

Returning to the armoury once more, Victor took a pair of dual knives, used in close combat to deliver several wounds in a short amount of time, of course with the usual supply of adamantine. Finding his way back to the beautiful green field of grass, he made his way to a nearby tree, plucking a thick leaf the size of his palm. Doing some quick magic enchantment, he pointed its north end at his brother Alceus for a while as it remembered his energy signature. Whenever the leaf would be lay on a flat surface, its north end would indicate to him the direction in which he'd find his brother, like a compass. With a touch he turned it to stone, making it more resistible to unintentional damage as he sheathed it in his pockets. The leaf would only handle the enchantments for an hour after use however before crumbling to dust.

He was ready to rest for the next 24 hours, laying down on the grass under the shady tree, he preferred to rest under nature. Closing his eyes, the next day would be a difficult one.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The next day started with the sound of footsteps, his team ready to continue forward in the rough war that had been a series of unfortunate events. Taking a stance up, he quickly rubbed his hair free of the dirt and grass of natures terrain. It seemed as if everyone was ready. Taking a deep breath in, holding it for a few seconds as he exhale. He walked towards the dimensional rift that had opened up. This was it, all or nothing. Stepping in, the change of altitude, temperature and wind rushed upon him in a pleasurable sensation.

In front of them stood Zeus himself, their father, their enemy, and more enraged than he has ever been. Fear of losing power, he couldn't fathom what it would have been powerless, humiliated and defeated by his own children. He could only imagine how their old man would feel now, perhaps pride blinded him, perhaps he believed he could win. Or perhaps Victor himself is being overconfident right now.

"So you have come my son. There is no point reasoning with you anymore. It seems like you will only understand your mistakes through my fists. Like an animal, I will beat you and teach you a lesson in obedience" Zeus wasted no time in starting his own attack, followed by creatures and gods joining the war, it seemed he had the advantage of numbers. It was made evident that this fight will not be an easy one as Victor drew out his Mighty Mjolnir and Adamantine sword.

"It seems we can't play the number game because they'd win, they're also closing in on us as we are the smaller group, so they're at an advantage here. We need to distribute the team equally, you, me and Helena will deal with Zeus directly however, push him back into the castle and fight him in our own grounds" Victor was quick to propose a battle plan to Alceus, without commanding him or telling him how to do his job, but more as a suggestion. He had great experience in the field, but hadn't touched on it for decades.

The lightning bolt was coming fast from the sky, one would act out of instinct, but he was more knowledgeable than that. Acting calmly and with efficiency, he used his dual weapons to attempt an absorption of energy, but only of his own portion. As the lightning collided with his hammer and sword, they coursed with their new energy as he redirected it back at his father, intending to use his own power against him.

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"Hit me as hard as you can. Zeus will arrive shorty. We must tell him Alceus' forces are deadly and are returning at any minute. Victor Grey's mother is dead...as we rally our strength and watch the two factions bicker, it is up to you to make a false memory in Victor's mind of Hera dying by the hands of Alceus. Whichever way this bout happens..we will end up victorious. We're gonna have so much fun. Now hit me as hard as you can!" Clara explained, then she unsheathed her sword and swung it in the air towards Meli and slashes her thigh, "Eighteen seconds. Make it believable." . She squeals in pain as her blood soaks the bottom part of her attire, "My turn." she said as she stretched her hands forward and with two fingers from her right hand struck the nerves on Clara's neck, paralyzing her from the waist done and sent a shock of electricity to jolt her body. Next she grabs the head of her new ally and knees her to jaw, leaving a mark that would swell in no time. "Now for the final touches, incendia." her voice was sharp and flames shot from her hands to scorch both their bodies. The air stirs and ionized, static ripple causing minimal hair to stand up, "Here's here..." the enchantress spoke as they were both fell to the ground and were ready to give false emotions when he arrived. The sound of thunder shook the area and a flash of strained lightning revealed the presence of Zues as he teleported in, in his grand entrance. He viewed the three defeated bodies and rushed over to his wife.

His hands stained with her blood and her eyes shut closed, peacefully she lied. Feeling the heart beat of both Clara and Meili due to the vibrations they gave off he awoken them and demanded to know who had done this. Pretending to be daze and hurt, Clara played off and blame Alceus and his forces were the cause and the two tried their best to protect her. Her urged Meili to use a spell to resurrect his decease wife grabbing on to her arm to drag her body in front of Hera, "GET YOU HANDS OFF OF ME!" she violently protested "I can't bring back the dead, it's beyond any witch or mystic you will ever come across, unless you want to lose one more on your side, get over it! The only one capable of doing so is Hades! Her soul is his domain not mines!" her harsh words were true yet she cracked whenever she spoke. Zeus was not to be trifled with, his strength was more than she could imagine. A spark of silence arose but was shattered, Clara continue to feed him false information, using this Meili interrupted and inform them of the resistance being teleported away, into a different dimension. "If I can find them... maybe you, Zeus, would so kind enough to help m-" he cut her off like some commoner who wasn't meant to speak before him "No, let they come, the air grows more colder as we speak, the heat of my body aches for their blood in retribution. Prepare yourselves ladies for they take the fight to us." he finished off.

He lead the girls to an infirmary where he sent them to bath in a spring, where the water was pure and warm. The liquid was of mystical property and Meili contained large amount of them in her veils for future uses. The purpose of the eternal spring was for it's healing properties, healing the wounds that the two ladies had inflicted upon one another to sway Zeus. "Tomorrow, my luck charm. Tomorrow is the day when all of this becomes our." Clarice said telepathically to keep their conversation private from any open ears around that wasn't welcome to listen in. The next had began and it was time to make the final stand. A telepathic message was transmitted to Clarice from Vasilias, of course Meili intercepted and place herself to receive the connection as well, unknown to the two. "No Clara. You are an untrustworthy woman. It is a pity that you are no longer who you once were. You are a different person. Devious, manipulative, always shifty, always working some sort of angle. These warriors here that stand with me, they are fighting for the right cause. To remove a tyrant from his reign, you however, fight for your own selfish purpose, your so called destiny. I will not agree to your terms, you have strayed too far from the path of righteousness. While I am no power hungry ruler, I cannot allow Olympus to fall under your leadership. You are too unpredictable, malicious. You cannot be trusted" his words, valiant as any other hero yet all the same, complete bull.

A portal emerge in thin air, obvious that the group was too arrive, there first to show himself, Alceus. "So you have come my son. There is no point reasoning with you anymore. It seems like you will only understand your mistakes through my fists. Like an animal, I will beat you and teach you a lesson in obedience" Zeus spoke to his untrained puppy, Meili hid behind a pillar viewing everything that was happening. Mythological creatures and lesser known gods emerge as Zeus army and called down his lightning to make the first shot, to begin this pressing war. She witness Hera's beloved son, Victor, who pulled his weapon forged from the greatest crafts maker, his Mjolnir and Adamantine sword. The first once belonged to the Thunder God Thor, but she did not care for mythology at this time, she heard hiscommanded tactic while she delve into his mind subtly, "It seems we can't play the number game because they'd win, they're also closing in on us as we are the smaller group, so they're at an advantage here. We need to distribute the team equally, you, me and Helena will deal with Zeus directly however, push him back into the castle and fight him in our own grounds". With the use of his weapons he absorbed the impact of the lightning and redirected against Zeus.
"The light shows are in work, better to steal it while I can." she said as she was referring to the lightning that Zeus had summon to come redirected back towards him. "Contigo." she whispered, in mere seconds after a shield formed and protected Zeus, much to the surprise of others. Normally she would of targeted Umbra but Victor was her main prey then if she was bored Umbra would be next, but if she got lucky she would face the two simultaneously. "Victor, a pleasure to meet you." she said in person, appearing before him in distance. "I do apologize for killing your mother but that won't be my problem for long." she said to his head, her lips didn't even in the slightest move, she was in his head. She could sense his confusion, "No point in trying to block me out, I was already in your head the minute you arrive, and you are but a flea to my might, a mind more superior to your's." she informed. "You and me." she telepathically said as she formed a magical barrier between the two, preventing any outside force from penetrating in. She then subjected him to telepathic illusions, her body crumbled into flower petals and flew with the winds and enshrouded him. His senses reacted to them as real and physical, then a familiar voice spoke to Victor was now trapped in a field full of dead corpses both old and new "Why didn't you save me, Victor, why, why..." a bloody Hera cried out, "Pathetic little boy, I should of killed you long ago." Ares spoke as he ready his axed, the plan was to torture him slowly before indulging herself into his mind.

"Your in my territory now." she taunted, feeling his attempt to convince himself this wasn't real, yet he felt drawn, anything in the mind was real. She then dragged his mind into the astral plane which he had no offense and defense against. "But first let's tie you down, you do like BDSM, right?" mental chains formed and prevent any movement from his spiritual body, his physical body was nothing but a helpless statue. "Now let's do what I like to call "psychic surgery". Don't be scared, this won't hurt one bit.." before she could hear his response but his own screams in pain, she created and plunge her psychic knives into his astral mind, and worse, she lied about the pain. She continue on attacking his mind for the fun of it, skinning every layer in his astral mind, the pain was unbearable, she was the only telepath to accomplish this feat. With his defenses lowered even more, in mere moments the two traveled deeper into his mind, the area where his memories lies. She dragged him like like dog, a psychic collar around his neck and restraints around his person. What paused them from going further was a psychic door. A natural shielding that every being have present that keeps memories, knowledge, and other resources that benefits the humans ability to function in life. The door was massive and it's properties were like steel or diamond, but psychic in nature. "I bet you never knew about this did you? A psychic wall, or chamber you can say, it prevents any information from flowing out and being kept tight inside, luckily me, a strong telepath can breach through it... with a few touches.". Her psychic knives appeared around her fist once again, then she struck the walls, repeatedly. Every strike weakened the walls. "You know the best analogy to this would be like the wolf and three little piggies, this is your brick and final wall, while I've already torn down your other defenses." she explained and with one last attack his mental walls collapse and she was now in, the memory zone.

"Every mind is different, it's a bit complicated to explain but if you were a psychic you would understand what I'm talking about, but your not." the two walked further down, the path filled with many obstacles, Victor's own mind defense, she easily fought her way through, nothing but distractions to her. Finally the two stood before an old wooden door, twisting the knob the two enter the white room, a room where all memories a person could remember lied out in the white walls, like picture frames, lied in a sequence pattern. But as she walked closer and closer the pictures around the room scattered and switched orders, once again the natural defense of Victor's mind. She could hear Victor's anger and the violation he felt, "Ughnnn.." outside the realms of the mind, she could feel constant pressure against her magical barriers, but she shook the pain off and continue bearing the strain "Your friend's are trying to save you, but of course there no help when I'm around." she teased while she continue modifying though his thought processes and mind. Minutes of trying to piece his memories in order in it's correct pattern, but each time she touched the image and place them in sequence it scrambled, like a constantly moving puzzle, changing orders. "Okay, I've tried doing this delicately, but I guess I'll have to play by my terms now." she then subjected her own mental gifts and lay the mobile memories frozen in place. Using her telepathic gifts she then force them to arranged them in the order they were originally, once they were, she walked over to the moment when Victor was during the war in Olympus. Touching the mind painting, she then dragged the coloring out from it's frame and it attached to her fingers like hot melted glue as she removed her hands from the frame. Blank, white, nothing but a blank canvas, this was a perfect blank sheet for which now Meili would create her own art inside Victor's mind. As she touched the the white sheets again with an open palm, her hands glowed a pastel pink color and soon it enveloped the whole frame, using her mental gits she then crafted her own image to replace the old ones.
"Almost there..... perfect, just perfect." she said as she finished installing new memories and placing his mind-state in an inescapable maze, effectively making it hard for other's to reverse the process or his own psyche from trying to reprogram his own mind. Reattaching his and her body back to their physical bodies she approaches his body, still adjusting from having his mind ejected from his physical shell, she place her hand on his forehead and release a shock of electricity, psychic electricity, what she refers to as a psychic chaff, impairing his cognition, and reacting in a state to those with no sense. Leaving him alone, she then breaks down her barrier and casts a spell towards Angeni "Crucio." a green electrical energy shot from the tips of her nicely manicured nails and fingers towards the young goddess, "Oh Clarice, it's your move now." she ended, hoping her pain infliction would bring the goddess to her knees for Clarice to subdue.