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The mad merc, the Canadian comedian, Creed, has been assigned by his team leader to hunt down an artifact that has the potential to harm the god-like Warsman, and it seems he may have picked the right place to look. After getting prepped (and making out with a hallucination of Ren) Creed jumped from the plane and is now falling towards "God's limbo". The island is infamous for it's strange and lethal habitat, all presumed to be caused by one mystic weapon, they same one Creed is searching for.

Creed landed into the thick jungle, his parachute getting caught up in the canopy of the trees. Dangling there, he crossed his arms and had a think. "Ok! So! No information on where to start a all, no idea what's out there in the jungle..Annnd I am dangling like meat on a string.." Creed continued to ramble, all while a literal T-rex stomped up behind him, it's massive head parallel with the merc s body. "I mean what's next? I ridiculous chase scene involving me running through the jungle while being perused by dinos-.." Creed stopped as soon as he felt a puff of warm breath on his back, Creed grabbed onto the parachute strings so he could spin himself around to see. "Oh boy.." He mumbled as he stared into the eyes of the not so extinct apex predator. "Good boy, staaay.." Do I even need to make a Jurassic park joke here?. The beast roared as it unleashed it's gaping jaw upon Creed, trapping him inside of it's mouth. However the rex had trouble for creed managed to break a branch off from the tree and stick it upwards into the monster's mouth, making it impossible to close it's mouth. It's gunna snap! "I KNOW I KNOW!" Creed yelled while trying to crawl out of the mouth, repeatedly slipping on it's tongue. Finally though, the lunatic leaped out of the T-rex's mouth just as the branch snapped, slamming it's jaw down like a steel door. Creed fell face first onto the ground. "Cheese it!" He yelled as he tried to stand up, only to discover that his legs from the knee down didn't make the trip out of the mouth...Looks like your not...Walking out of this one! "A pun!? REALLY!?" Creed complained to the words while crawling like a zombie, his intense upper body strength giving him impressive (and creepy) speed. The prehistoric predator wasn't far behind, giving chase to the rest of his food. "Must..Become..Monkey!" Creed pushed off of the ground and grabbed onto a few tree branches, swinging from one to the other to keep distance from his teeth filled fate. After a few more seconds however, he let go of the branches and landed on his new set of legs that finished growing, now it was child's play outrunning the beast. Do you see it? "Yeah I see it!". Creed sprinted a little faster until he reached the edge of the treeline, and also the edge of a cliff that dropped about a few hundred feet. In a powerslide, the merc drew his katana, stuck it onto the edge of the cliff and hung off the side just as the rex bursted from thye treeline, going way to fast to stop and ended up slipping off the cliff. "Ok..How cool was that!?" Pretty cool I suppose. You mean friggin' rad!. Creed took a few breathes before standing back up on the cliff, quickly pulling out a tiny roll of red and black cloth, unraveling to be a spare pair boots for Creed's costume. Now no longer wearing tattered leggings, the merc pulled out his GPS and scanned the area. "Ok! So according to this..This is where I was supposed to land.." So THAT'S why the countdown was important! "Yeah thanks Holmes, brilliant". Creed stuffed the GPS back into his pocket and rubbed his gut, he was craving some waffles right about now. "Alright let's get back on track to find the weapon, the quicker we find it, the quicker we can hit up a waffle house" He spoke to the words as he started to walk back into the jungle.

Green clad ninjas expertly descended down trees and old stone, into a vine ridden temple. Inside were many more ninjas, all meditating in front of a old rusty sword, covered in moss and leaves, at the front of the horde of them was a green hooded man, old and scarred from many years of battle. A pair of the ninjas walked up beside him, giving a respectful bow along with kneeling. "Grand master, we have distressing news.." One of them spoke with their heads hung low. The regal grand master ceased his calming breathes to slowly look over to the ninja. "What is it my child?" He spoke, his voice was as calm as a flowing creek. "A man, a warrior of some kind, has fallen from the sky, we heard him speaking of finding a weapon.." The young warrior spoke again, unsure of how his master would respond. "Hmm! He is but a man, while we are a clan, a force of nature. What makes you so worried of this lone warrior, child?" The grand master almost sounded amused of the ninja's unsettled behavior. "..He..He seems to be immortal, he faced one of nature's beasts, his legs were removed from his body. And yet, they grew back..". The grand master's eyes opened, revealing them to be a beautiful glowing green. "Most interesting, and distressing this information is..We must find this warrior, we must prevent him from getting close to the god's bane.." He spoke while pointing his hand over to the mantled sword. "Use your powers that the word grants us with it's very presence show the man what force of nature means.." The ninja nodded, the rest of them as well, quickly hopping up on the trees and darting away in all directions.

Creed leaped from branch to branch, expressing his acrobatic prowess. "How cool would it be if the weapon was like a comic water gun, or a cattle prod..Or even a stapler! Imagine just stapling Warsman to death!" Creed landed on one more branch before slipping off and landing at a camp site, making him rub his chin. "Now, if I leaned anything from movies...Always check out an abandoned camp site..". The merc walked around and investigated a bit, seeing that the site was rather old fashioned, no tech or modern tents. If he didn't know any better this was a traditional oriental camp site, the kettle on over the still lit fire along with the type of fabric for the tents all led to that being true. Are you thinking what I am thinking? "Yup.." Creed managed to say before a shuriken flew out of the forest from nowhere and hit him right in his left eye, making him stumble back a bit. "..Ninjas". Creed didn't have time to pull the shuriken out of his eye before the ninjas dropped from the trees and attempted to kill him right then and there, only for Creed to dodge them swiftly while drawing his own blade. For a second, they were all wearing Impero's mask, but after a head shake, he saw what they really looked like. "Damn you Impero for being the only thing I know about when it comes to ninjas and stuff!" He yelled while parrying sword strikes from a due of green ninjas, out of the side view of his good eye, Creed saw a third on in the distance charge up some sort of energy blast, making him dodge it in time for it to strike a ninja beside him. "That looked alot like tin man's energy!" He yelled while pulling the shuriken out of his eye and hurling it into the throat of the energy casting warrior, turning his attention back to cutting off the arm of a ninja closer to him, "May need a hand picking that up!". The mad man quickly got grappled from behind and the tip of a short sword held at his chest. "If you move, my blade goes through your he-GACK!" The ninja's threat was cut short by Creed grabbing the end of the blade, forcing it through his chest and into the heart of the ninja. After the ninja fell, Creed slowly pulled out the blade and put it beside the ninja, "Creed wins, fatality!". "OK! So at least I know what im up-" A ninja teleported above Creed and forced his blade through his head, killing him instantly. Upon cleaning his blade, he spoke to the ninjas that landed around the teleporter. "Have him bound before he awakens, we are bringing him to the temple..".

*To be con-* HAH! How do you like being cut off! To be continued!

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I liked this creed very mucho

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@Closure said:

I liked this creed very mucho

Thank you! ^_^

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This was better than the last one.

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@Evander_Slade said:

This was better than the last one.

Well I hope to do more and get even better :D

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@_Creed_: You're killing it already these are straight comedy. Looking forward to the next one

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@Evander_Slade: Well thanks anyhow man ^_^