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Creed checked all of his gear that was laid out on the bed. Next was possibly the most difficult thing of his mornings, looking in the mirror. Scabbed skin, burned and bumpy flesh, this was Creed's true face, the face he hated showing people. "Morning beautiful.." He mumbled, giving him a slight smirk. He wouldn't have to deal with his face for long though, for he grabbed what he felt was his real face now, the mask. Like a fine glove, the mask slips over his skin and makes it feel almost normal. "Oooh that is way better! Who is the sexy merc now!?" He shouted, followed by a fine leather glove being placed on his shoulder. "I know.." A slick feminine voice said from behind Creed, upon turning around, his eyes went wide, seeing it was the red haired beauty Ren. "Oh...Hey Ren! Your not here to kill me again are y-" Creed was silenced by her gentle finger going on his masked lips. "Shhhh..." She said while looking deeply into his eyes, moving him over towards the bed. "I just wanted to wish you good luck, I know you don't need it, considering how you are by far the best on the team..But good luck anyways, you damned fool". No more words, Ren attacked Creed's face in a bout of passion, pushing him onto the bed while still kissing him.

The holo-screen in Creed's room buzzed on, showing a rather disgusted Evander Slade. Creed was just on his bed, making out with the air, no doubt some osrt of bizzare hallucination of his. "Creed..Creed! AGENT CREED!" He shouted with his infamous drill sergeant tone. The maniac was quick to his feet, giving a salute "Captain! I mean Director!" He shouted formerly, making Slade rubbed his furled brow in frustration "Game face agent, game face. I see your ready for insertion into the operation". Creed tried not to laugh at the use of "insertion" while giving a nod. "While inside, there is the possibility that you could be taken down, if so, you have the distress beacon given to you for the operation...Good luck Creed, Slade out" He gave the merc one more glare with his eye before the screen buzzed off.

A few minutes after, Creed was all geared up and at the end of the aircraft that had taken him this far, some of the crew staring at the infamous madman. Hey look! Fans! Pretty sure they aren't fans...Ahh who cares what they think!? How often is it that a guy gets to go on a solo mission where you search for relics that could harm "THE TIN MAN". "Well whatever is on this island, it better be shiny, and rigged with deathtraps!" Creed shouted while strapping on his parachute, watching one of the crew giving him the twenty second count down. "...BORED!" He yelled before sprinting off the end of the open plane, way before the countdown was complete. Now THAT'S what i'm talking about! Screw countdowns, and hipsters. Annnd hipsters out of nowhere.

Creed fell through the sky, speeding closer and closer towards the island, closer to the power that made this island one of the most lethal places on earth.

Huh...Kinda almost sounds like the savage lan-*To be continued* Did I just get cut off!?

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LOL at Creed and Ren.

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I love the fourth wall stuff. Never gets old.

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lol nice