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Our lovable (but insane) mercenary Creed was captured by the order of the god's bane! But after a lengthy explanation and reveal of the sacred blade, Creed revealed that it was his intention to be captured (he could just be lying though) and killed the clan's beloved grand master, as well as his prodigy son. Now the Canadian comedian is underneath a dog pile of sword wielding ninjas, with the god's bane itself on his back. Will he escape to give the solution of Warsman to his team!? Find out! In this awesome finale of this story arc!

"Was I the only one that heard that in like a 60's cartoon announcer sort of way!?" Creed whelped as he kept on getting stabbed with swords from all angles, feeling a hand grab onto the god's bane. "MINE MINE MINE!" He shouted as he pulled out his combat knife and cut the grasping hand clean off. "Shatner..Voice..For...Reaching...Something...Difficult!" Creed barely managed to move his arms enough to reach into his satchel to grab an explosive charge, literally placing it on his chest. "It's ok! I read this in a comic book the other week! It's bound to work!" Oh boy... Creed pulled out the detonator, wasting no time to press his thumb on the top, creating a rather large explosion, ninjas flying in all directions like human shrapnel. The merc himself got enough force from the blast to be sent hurling backwards, around twenty feet like a missile. "Looks like team rocket is blasting offf agaaaaaaain!" He managed to quip just before crashing through a stained glass window of the temple, leading to the outside cliff where he started to fall down. We did it! "Hell yeah we did!". Creed looked down at his chest, ripped open violently from the explosion, his rib cage now visible not for long however, for the healing factor was a already kicking in to make it a few minute fix. "Time to deploy the parachute!" We don't HAVE a parachute "I know...I just really wish one sorta, I dunno, appeared when I-" Creed fell on a branch, breaking it, and continued a painful descent to the jungle floor with a branch hitting his body every second. Finally though, he fell face first into the ground. "Im...Going to need a moment to heal up.." He mumbled as he could already hear his broken bones shifting back into place. Alright lets do a sit rep "Like a workout? Dude I just said my bones ar-" He means a review of stuff man! "Oh..I knew that..Groaaaaan". Ok, so, we have the blade, we now need to get off the islandBut the homing beacon was in your shoeWhich was bitten off by the T-rex "Sooo what your implying is.." ..We need to get our homing beacon back.. "Yeeah I guessed as much.." Creed said as he heard the last of his bones pop back into place, hopping to his feet. "So! Back to the whole Jurassic park theme I guess!".

Creed roamed the jungle, using a tracker device that was in his left boot, to find the homing beacon that was in his right boot. "Man transitions are nice!" He commented while looking down at the tracker, seeing he was in the right area. "Alright Rexy, lets see your insides!". Jumping up on a tree, Creed got on a sturdy branch and pulled out his binoculars, observing the T-rex that was seemingly sleeping among a pile of bones. "Aww, the widdle wex is havin' nappy times..Be a weaaaal shwame if some bad man blew it up.." He said in his best toddler voice while pulling out his grenade launcher, and the single round he had for it. Propping it up on his knee, he closed one eye and took aim. However, just as he was going to take the shot, he heard something land on a branch right beside him. Upon looking over, it was a rather agile raptor, about to pounce on it's next meal. Come oonnnn...You know you wanna say it! "Sigh...Clever girl.." Creed said while looking over at it, what followed was the raptor screeching and pouncing on Creed, making him blindly fire off the round and fall off the branch along with the crafty creature. The grenade missed the T-rex by a few feet, no harm done. What it did do however, was wake it up. Creed fell to the ground, the raptor was on his chest with it's feet talons digging into his upper body while trying to bite at his face, Creed grabbing at it's throat to hold it back. "Why can't I ever get attacked by Emma Stone or something!? I mean I wouldn't even fight back!" Creed stuck his hands right through the raptor's teeth to get a sturdy grip, quickly snapping it's jaw and neck at the same time, Creed throwing the body off of him. "Ok! Now to deal with th-" Creed was quickly eaten by the T-rex as it bursted out from a grove of trees, swallowing him whole. Uh oh..

A H.A.R.D carrier ship slowly descended down onto the beach of the island, a platoon of soldiers marching out to meet up with Creed for evac. "Where the hell is that freak show " The sergeant asked while looking around for Creed, nowhere in sight. "Sir, the tracker says he is heading right this way.." One of the men said just as they started to hear large footsteps, making them take defense positions. They waited and waited, until the T-rex sprinted out of the treeline and was charging straight for the platoon. "Is..Is that-!?" A corporal said as his gun started to shake. "No time to be surprised, just light it up!" The sergeants command was followed with the Rex's gut literally exploding open, showering the platoon in organs and gore. "Best ride EVER!" Creed shouted as he slid across the beach almost completely nude for his costume melted away in the body acid of the beast, his mask being the only thing that partially survived. The guts he was drenched in helped him slide for a good while before stopping right in front of the pissed off platoon. "The party has officially started, right guys? Am I right? Guys? You following me? Eh? EH!?". "SHUT UP!" The men all yelled in unison.

Creed would suffer from some serious stomach acid burns, trivial due to his healing factor. He made it, he fought ninjas, dinosaurs, a teleporting ninja, and also killed a defenseless old man in the process. However...There was still one more thing on his check list before he left this god forsaken island for good...

The clan of green ninjas huddled in the temple, all kneeling and praying for their fallen leader and his son, their graves overlooking a cliff side where you could see all of the island. The sound of silence wouldn't last long, for the song "Gangnam style" started to fill the air in the distance, making a few ninjas look up from their prayer. A few more seconds, and the song was louder then ever as it was being played on large speakers, and Creed was standing on the open bay door of the H.A.R.D air craft, waving at the clan as the aircraft floated just a few feet from the cliff side "You think I would leave without paying my respects!? I really heard the old man LOVED fireworks!" He shouted while grabbing an experimental RPG launcher, with some "special" ammo Creed made himself. The ninjas drew their blades and started to run towards the aircraft, only to see Creed give a wink and fire off the massive swarm of missiles that launcher produced, decimating the entire clan in a massive fireball. The lunatic turned back to the H.A.R.D soldiers that were watching Creed, now horrified, they witnessed him as he started to do the Gangnam style, fireworks emerging from the explosion and filling the night sky. "Can I get a WOOP WOOP!? No!? Alright that's cool I guess...". The aircraft switched from hover mode to jet mode and blasted off into the night sky.


Thanks all for reading this ^_^ It was a blast to write, and it has convinced me to right more story arcs! Starting today! With a a whole new story arc! Stayed tuned later for "Creed's day off" Taking place on the day Evander commanded his team to go have an "off day" before they set out the day after into "hell" AKA "Warsman's play land". So where does Creed go to celebrate a good story arc? DISNEY LAND OF COURSE! Of course it won't just be simple shenanigans, will he be prepared to deal with a high class drug cartel that is using Disney land as their home ring? Disguised as the staff and mascots? Find out for yourself!

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I was expecting T-Rex riding. What I got was infinitely better.

Great read.

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@Decoy Elite: Good to know I have A fan!

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I think this one is my fav out of the three.

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@Tranquil: Wait until you read #5 lol