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Creed narrowly escaped the jaws of a T-rex (losing his legs in the process), quickly discovering that a type of energy is making this island one of the worst places to be, of all time. Taking down the massive dino was enough to get the attention of the order that guards the weapon Creed is looking for! Luckily, Creed was captured by a horde of the order's ninjas, bringing him right where he needs to be...

"Surprise!" The members of HARD came out from under the meeting table and threw confetti in the air, a banner on the ceiling said "welcome back Creed". "Awww you guys!" Creed laughed while taking a seat in the directors chair, receiving handshakes from all of the members, including a big hug from Ren. Evander patted the agent on the shoulder a few times before a respectful nod. "You did good out there kid, getting that artifact was the MOST impressive thing I have seen in all of my pirate years!" He laughed heartily while looking out the window. "Now that we have the loot, LETS PARTY!" Creed shouted while throwing on his pirate hat. Next thing he knew, him and the team were on the deck of the aircraft, a massive pirate flag hanging off the side while the crew played jaunty tunes, and the team drank a bountiful amount of ale while dancing and frolicking on the ship. "Ho ho! A pirate's life fo-"

"-r me.." Creed mumbled in his sleep, hung upside down by thick vines. "Ren, Ellie! Please ladies one at a t-WHA!? HMM!?" Creed snapped out of his daze and looked around in a panic, seeing that he was in a temple of some sort. Ah glad to see you have finally woken up "Where am I!? Why is this temple built like it's upside down!?" Creed screamed while looking downwards "Oh..Well great..". Within moments of Creed's banter, three ninjas jumped down on front of the merc, along with the gran master, and his teleporting right hand man. "You know, I saw a porno start like this and it did NOT end well.." Creed said, eyeing the ninjas as if he was worried. The grand master merely chuckled, nodding at his minions to leave him with Creed, and they did just that in seconds. "I see you are a jester much more than you are, a warrior ." He said while walking around Creed in circles, his hands firmly folded in front of his chest. "And I see you took martial arts cliches 101 from Impero, please don't tell me your going to talk about the artifact you guys clearly have..It would kill me..".

The man smirked, grabbing Creed by his shoulder and turning him around so he could feast his eyes on the god's bane. "That's it!? It looks like a hunk of junk" He yelled, almost disappointing The old man chuckled, walking over a bit more to the blade of legend. "It would seem to to the untrained eye..But the god's bane is perhaps one of the most powerful tings that has ever been on this earth..A weapon made for man to use against god..". "Holy grail, Nazi's gotcha" Creed mumbled. "The weapon was said to have been forged before Christ, before the Christian god. A weapon unusable by the gods, it is literally impossible to touch, as if made of mist to those of great power, however, in the hands of a man? It's only purpose is to strike down gods, make them flesh and bone".

Creed nodded while gawking at the sword. "So what's stopping someone from just killin' all the gods? I mean I don't think their insurance coveres this sorta thing". The grand master chuckled while walking a bit closer to the blade. "Once the man has struck down the god it that made said man search for the weapon, it vanishes, off to some place on this earth where it must be found again. Creed stared at the man with a raised brow under his mask "You realize you almost described the plot to Dragon ball Z right?". The grand master's brow furled slightly, growing a little tired of Creed's antics and babble. "It matters not, for you see I am going to have you executed, for your crimes of intruding this sacred island, killing it's wild li-" Creed clutched the man's head in his gloved hands and violently snapped his neck, killing him instantly. "Look, im not a hero alright? Im a gun for hire..I don't do the profound and deep convos with people! I JUST ANNOY THEM!...And..Well kill them". Enhanced strength>Vines "Yeah I know right? Crazy tree hugger ninjas".

The teleporting ninja walked into the sword room just in time to see Creed grabbing the sword off it's mantle, and the grand master's body on the ground. Little did Creed know, the gran master was also the teleporter's "FATHER!" He screamed as he ran over to his lifeless body and held him, Creed just standing there awkwardly. "Uhh..Oh, well that is really awkward. Talk about a violent retirement plan eh?". The young assassin looked up with a powerful rage, drawing his sword and going to strike his chest, only to teleport at the last second and slide the blade through his back, where he was now standing. "AWW! Cheater!" Creed grunted while pulling off a one liner, quickly moving forward to get the sword out and then went to behead him with the god's bane, only for it to phase through his neck. "What gives!?" Only works on gods, remember!? "Right! I thought he was just being deep and stuff". Creed dodged a few more teleporting sword slashes from the assassin, noticing rather quickly that the ninjas stripped him of his weapons, only having the weapon useless on mortals, strapped to his back. After a while of playing cat and mouse though, Creed started to slip up, getting slashed all over as well as stabbed. "Ow! Jeez! No no not the back of the kneecaps! AAUGH!". This was not by accident though, Creed was simply learning that pattern. "You really think you have a chance against me!? I WILL avenge my father!" The teen yelled just before Creed stood still and put his fist out to the left, the assassin teleporting his head right into Creed's fist, blowing it up into a gory mess. After wiping himself off, he grabbed the ear from the boy's head and tapped on it. "Is this thing on? Hello? Tell your dad that he fought really well! I mean his neck snapped with just the hypest skills!"

The lunatic tossed the ear behind him. Creed grabbed his gear that was hung up on a branch on the side of the room and turned around. "Well that was a lot easier then I expe-...Well hola!" He waved at the massive horde of ninjas that stood right in front of him, all of their blades drawn and thirsty for revenge. "Well since I just beat the main boss, is this a bonus round?". The ninjas didn't wait any longer, lunging at Creed full tilt. The merc quickly dropped a few grenades where he was and lunged into the horde of ninjas, the ones that landed where he just was got blown apart by the explosion. Creed hasn't been in this much pain in a while, and yet he hasn't killed this many people in one day in a while, his sword sliced through so many of them that he was losing count. Look we can't take them ALL down! We really just need to get the hell out of here!. Creed continued to get buried by more and more ninjas.

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Mission accomplished. Well done man.

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Nice man :)

Guess i should find a new look for OxeRed new dp guy. Lol